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Yusuf Mohammed Siad (), also called Indho Ade, was Minister of Defense of Somalia from 2009 to 9 June 2010, succeeding Mohamed Abdi Mohamed and preceding Abdihakim Mohamoud Haji-Faqi. Siad was a powerful warlord who was originally loyal to al-Shabaab, only to defect to the government with his militia after he was granted the rank of General.


Yusuf Mohammed Siad was Governor of Lower Shabelle in Somalia in 2002, and he allied himself with the Islamic Courts Union during the Somali Civil War. Nicknamed "Indho Ade" ("white-eyed"), he fought alongside the ICU and then Hizbul Islam against President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed's Transitional Federal Government and was a jihadist until he began an internal conflict with Omar Iman Abubakar's faction, saying that he was the new Hizbul Islam leader. In 2009, he defected to the government and fought against the terrorists as Minister of Defense, but in 2010 he left office after disagreeing with the government's policies. Siad became one of the best-known Somali warlords, as he never wore body armor; at one point, he had more gun trucks than anyone in Mogadishu. Siad would fight against his former al-Shabaab allies in the following years, and he believed that they had deviated from Islam and become infidels.

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