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Walter Eli Clark (7 January 1869-4 February 1950) was the Republican Governor of the Alaska Territory from 18 May 1909 to 21 May 1913, succeeding Wilford Bacon Hoggatt and preceding John Franklin Alexander Strong.


Walter Eli Clark was born in Ashford, Connecticut in 1869, and he taught school in Waterville and Manchester before becoming a reporter for The Hartford Post in Hartford and moving to Washington DC to work as a telegraph editor for the Washington Times. He worked as Washington correspondent for several newspapers until 1909, when President William Howard Taft appointed him Governor of the District of Alaska, as Clark had previously prospected for gold near Nome in 1900. Clark opposed territorial status for the district because of its small population (36,556 whites) and lack of transportation infrastructure, but the Democratic US Congress granted Alaska territorial status in 1912. Clark was replaced in 1913, and he then moved to Charleston, West Virginia, where he worked as publisher and editor-in-chief for the Daily Mail for the rest of his life. He died in 1950.