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Venetia Scott (died 8 December 1952) was the secretary to Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill.


Venetia Scott was the daughter of an Anglican clergyman from Suffolk, and she was hired as a secretary by Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1951. She carried papers to and from Churchill, who took a liking to her due to her youthful charisma and her admiration for him. During the Great Smog of London in December 1952, Scott attempted to balance working for Churchill with ensuring that her sick flatmate was cared for, and she took her to an overcrowded hospital. She told the doctor that she would talk to the Prime Minister about increasing his support for the hospital, but the doctor, not knowing who Scott was, angrily rebuked her for "joking". An angered Scott decided to "show him" by hurrying over to Downing Street to speak with Churchill, only to be struck by a bus, whose driver's view of the road was obscured by the road. Scott's death spurred Churchill on to tackle the smog after days of inaction. He made an impassioned speech urging Londoners to remain hopeful and announced a string of measures to prevent a repeat of the deadly pollution, and the fog lifted on 9 December.

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