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Hello everyone! I am Master Strategist, and I created this wiki back in 2012 with the goal of uploading some alternate history content from the Total War video game series. This website has evolved very much since then, and it has exploded into a website with around 50,000 pages covering topics from video games to books, real history, movies, television shows, and other forms of historical and semi-historical knowledge.

I would like to thank various sources for allowing me to use their information to create an educational and historical environment :

  • Wikipedia
  • Creative Assembly
  • Ubisoft
  • University professors
  • Rockstar Games
  • Dorling Kindersley
  • And many, many more great companies!

These organizations have provided me with materials or intellectual property which I can use on the website to further educate or entertain others, and I would like to credit them for all of the resources which they provide. I would also like to credit the users on this wiki for helping to make it functional and a great community, and the viewers for supporting this passion project of mine!

Get to know me!

While it is my policy to remain impartial while writing about politics on this wiki, as many of you may be fans of international politics and history, I thought I'd include my "I Side With" party affiliation results for all the countries listed, just so that you can get to know me and my personal views better! Disclaimer: The results of this test do not necessarily indicate any personal affinity for these parties, their histories, or their leaders, and the India, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, and several other countries represented on the test have only one party to compare my results to.

Country Party Ideology Percentage in common
USA.png United States Democrats.png Democratic Party Social liberalism 88%
UK.png United Kingdom Labour.png Labour Party Social democracy 84%
Flag of Canada.png Canada Liberal Party of Canada.png Liberal Party Social liberalism 88%
Flag of Espana.png Spain PSOE.png Spanish Socialist Workers' Party Social democracy 89%
Flag of Australia.png Australia Australian Labor Party.png Australian Labor Party Social democracy 86%
Flag of Russia.png Russia Yabloko.png Yabloko Social democracy 82%
Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand New Zealand Labor Party.png Labour Party Social democracy 89%
Flag of France 2.png France En Marche!.png La République En Marche! Liberalism 71%
Flag of Italy.png Italy Democratic Party of Italy.png Democratic Party Social democracy 87%
Flag of Brazil.png Brazil Democratic Labor Party of Brazil.png Democratic Labour Party Social democracy 84%
Flag of Germany 2.png Germany SPD.png Social Democratic Party (tied)

Die Grunen.png Alliance 90/The Greens (tied)

Social democracy

Green politics

Flag of Argentina 2.png Argentina Justicialist Party.png Justicialist Party Democratic socialism 85%
Flag of Ireland.png Ireland Green Party of Ireland.png Green Party Green politics 87%
Flag of Greece.png Greece PASOK.png Panhellenic Socialist Movement Social democracy 89%
Flag of Mexico.png Mexico Convergencia.png Citizens' Movement Social democracy 80%
Flag of Sweden.png Sweden SAP.png Social Democratic Party Social democracy 86%
Flag of Turkey.png Turkey TKP.png Communist Party Communism 74%
Flag of Netherlands.png Netherlands D66.png Democrats 66 Social liberalism 87%
Flag of Colombia.png Colombia Green Alliance of Colombia.png Green Party Green politics 73%
Flag of Peru.png Peru Accion Popular.jpg Popular Action Liberalism 75%
Flag of Portugal.png Portugal Socialist Party of Portugal.png Socialist Party Social democracy 88%
Flag of Chile.png Chile Socialist Party of Chile.png Socialist Party Democratic socialism 79%
Flag of Norway.png Norway Norwegian Labor Party.png Norwegian Labour Party Social democracy 83%
Flag of Denmark.png Denmark Social Democrats of Denmark.png Social Democrats Social democracy 85%
Flag of South Korea.png South Korea Minjoo.png Democratic Party Social liberalism 80%
Flag of Israel.png Israel Yesh Atid.png Yesh Atid Social liberalism 88%
Flag of Indonesia.png Indonesia PDI-P.png Democratic Party of Struggle Social democracy 74%
Flag of Philippines.png Philippines Liberal Party of the Philippines.png Liberal Party Social liberalism 81%
Flag of Finland.png Finland Left Alliance of Finland.png Left Alliance Democratic socialism 91%
Flag of Thailand.png Thailand Pheu Thai Party.png Pheu Thai Party Social democracy 92%