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Tolui Khan (1191-1232) was the regent of the Mongol Empire from 1227 to 1229, succeeding Genghis Khan and preceding Ogedei Khan. He was never the real khagan, but he fathered Mongke Khan, Kublai Khan, Hulegu Khan, and Ariq Boke, the former three of which would be khans and the latter of which would fight Kublai over the title of Great Khan.


Tolui in battle

Tolui was born in around 1191 to Genghis Khan and Borte, and he was from the Tengri Borjigin clan of Mongols. He was too young to fight in his father's campaigns, but his sister Altani saved him from some Tatars who nearly killed him when he was five. In 1203, at age 12 or 13, he married Sorghaghatani Beki, and in 1209 their son Mongke Khan was born. In 1213 he held a combat role for the first time when he seized the city of Dexing from the Great Jin dynasty of China. He was a very successful general, but Genghis Khan chose Ogedei Khan as his successor due to his better politics; Tolui would be too cautious. In 1227 he accompanied his father on campaign against the Xi Xia, when Genghis died. Tolui served Ogedei as a general and took part in the siege of Kaifeng in 1232, but he died from alcoholism at the age of 41. His sons Mongke Khan, Kublai Khan, Hulegu Khan, and Ariq Boke would all be major figures in Mongol history.

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