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Battle of Kanto
Great Kanto Defense
Conflict: Campaigns of Shingen Takeda
Date: 1573
Place: Kanto, Shinano Province
Outcome: Hojo victory

Hojo Hojo
Uesugi Uesugi
Takeda Takeda

Date Date
Tokugawa Tokugawa


Hojo Ujiyasu Hojo
Uesugi Aya
Takeda Kunoichi

Tokugawa Ieyasu Tokugawa
Date Masamune Date







The Great Kanto Defense was the nickname given to a defensive operation launched by Ujiyasu Hojo to defend the Kanto while Shingen Takeda and Kenshin Uesugi were on the move to Kyoto. He defended Kanto against the Tokugawa and Date, who wanted to take it over from the inferior Hojo-Uesugi, but they defeated the enemy.


Recognizing their opponent's strength, Ujiyasu Hojo, Shingen Takeda, and Kenshin Uesugi made peace in the Kanto region. However, Shingen and Kenshin raised armies to march on the capital of Kyoto, leaving Ujiyasu to defend their home territories. With support from Nobunaga Oda, Masamune Date of Oshu decided to attack Kanto during Shingen and Kenshin's absence, and Ujiyasu was left to defend Kanto from Masamune and from his generals Magoichi Saika and Keiji Maeda. Ujiyasu managed to quickly defeat Masamune himself, and Masamune's generals Magoichi and Keiji went on to advance on the Hojo main camp. Ujiyasu succeeded in defeating them before they could infiltrate the main camp, throwing the Date army into disarray.

At the same time, Ieyasu Tokugawa, who was also interested in staking a claim on the Kanto region, arrived with his army. The Hojo also received reinforcements, with the Takeda loaning him the ninja Kunoichi and her unit, while the Uesugi loaned him Aya and her unit. Aya attempted to show Ujiyasu up by saying that her brother could quickly defeat Tadakatsu Honda, and Ujiyasu displayed his ability to defeat him quickly as well. Immediately after, Kunoichi ambushed Ieyasu with her ninja unit. Ujiyasu helped her in this process, defeating Ina before defeating Ieyasu in his main camp.

Just then, Masamune Date and his army reappeared, and Kai - jealous of the attention that Ujiyasu gave to Kunoichi and Aya - decided to charge Keiji Maeda by herself. Worried about Kai, Ujiyasu helped her defeat Keiji. He then defeated Masamune and then Magoichi, returning peace to Kanto. Kunoichi returned to Shingen's army, and Ujiyasu waited for word of Shingen's success.