Talal bin Musa (12 September 1157 - 1191), born as Talal Eberle, was a slave trader in the Ayyubid Caliphate. Talal was known to be a great bowman in addition to an infamous slaver, and he ran slaves from Jerusalem to Acre. He is also Tamir bin Musa's nephew on his father Ahmet's side.


Talal was the son of Ahmet bin Musa by Maud Ebrele, a Christian woman. He is also the nephew of Tamir bin Musa. He was the owner of a large slave ring in Jerusalem, ignored by the Kingdom of Jerusalem's guards. He captured people and shipped them to Acre so that Knights Hospitaller Grand Master Garnier de Naplouse could experiment on them, using beggars, prostitutes, and thieves. As a member of the Knights Templar, he was one of "The Nine" opponents of the Assassins Order.

Assassin Altair Ibn-La'Ahad found out from a pickpocketed map and from an interrogation that Talal had a warehouse filled with slaves that would be sent to Acre as medicinal patients for testing medicines by the Knights Hospitallers


Talal's death

Altair entered the slave warehouse, but he heard Talal step overhead. He insulted his slave ownership, and Talal tried to convince him to see and understand. He tried to send seven men to kill him, but Altair finished them and chased him out of the warehouse to a guard tower. He found him there with four other guards, and he fought him in a sword duel. He tripped him and hacked at his neck, mortally wounding him. He told him that he did what he could do best, ironically.

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