Takeda crest

The Takeda clan were a powerful clan from Kai Province famed for their horsemanship. They were led by Shingen Takeda from 1545 to 1573, and Katsuyori Takeda from 1573 to 1582, when the Takeda clan were destroyed by the Oda at the Siege of Ueda Castle.


Takeda 2
The Takeda were from Kai Province and had their capital at Fuefuki. They were around during the Heian Empire-era of Japanese history and had a long-lasting friendship with the Kamakura Minamoto clan, and made an alliance and trade agreement with them. The Takeda clan were horse-breeders, and their armies consisted mainly of cavalrymen. They were conquered by the Kiso Minamoto clan, who were treacherous, despite the Takeda's alliance with the Kamakura branch of the family. However, they were eventually made vassals of the Kamakura when the Kiso were conquered, and they were brought back to existance.

In the early 1500s their empire was expanded by Shingen Takeda, who took over Shinano from the Murakami clan. Shingen mastered the arts of cavalry warfare and competed over the Kanto region with the Uesugi and Hojo while in alliance with the Imagawa. But after the 1560 Battle of Okehazama the Imagawa clan evaporated and the Takeda made an alliance with the Hojo and Uesugi in 1570. They marched on Kyoto with the aid of their allies, intent on bringing down the Ashikaga Shogunate, but they were halted at the Battle of Mikatagahara in 1573 and defeated at the Battle of Nagashino in 1575. In 1582 Nobunaga Oda, an enemy of the Takeda, ended the clan by reducing their last fortress of Ueda.