The Symbionisian Communist Party was a communist party in Symbionisia which existed from 1960 to 2016, when it merged into the Union of Socialist and Communist Parties (USCP). The SCP was founded by Martin Yoshikazi and Ignazio Cox in 1960 during the Cold War, and it was a traditional Marxist-Leninist party. Some of the party's stances were equal rights for men and women, civil rights, state atheism, and the nationalization of all businesses in the country. The SCP was rivals with the Pan-Pacific National Movement, a fascist party, and the SCP was one of the major parties in the country. It never won control of the government, although it did hold some cabinet seats. In 2016, the SCP merged into the USCP electoral alliance, but it would hold little power in the USCP, as the moderate Symbionisian Social Democratic Party held more influence during the resolution of issues.

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