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Sebastiano Domingo

Sebastiano "Buster from Chicago" Domingo (1910-30 May 1933) was an American Mafia assassin hired by crime boss Salvatore Maranzano during the Castellammarese War.


Sebastiano Domingo was born in 1910 in Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, and his family immigrated to the United States when he was just three years old. Domingo first lived in New York, and he later moved to Benton Harbor, Michigan and settled on a farm there. Several of his family members were killed as a result of the violence caused by Prohibition, and he became a hitman in Chicago. "Bastiano" became known as "Buster from Chicago", and he was hired as a hitman by Salvatore Maranzano. In 1930, he was the gunman behind the murder of Giuseppe Morello during the Castellammarese War, a major blow to the Masseria crime family. On 30 May 1933, the Masseria family decided to strike back as Domingo was playing cards at a Lower East Side cafe. Four gunmen opened fire on Domingo and the other card players, and he staggered out of the cafe, dying on the sidewalk. 200 friends and family members attended his funeral.