Raedwald of East Anglia
Raedwald of East Anglia (570-627) was King of East Anglia from 616 to 627, succeeding Tytila of East Anglia and preceding Eorpwald of East Anglia.


Raedwald was born in East Anglia in 570, the son of King Tytila of East Anglia. He succeeded his father as King in 616, and, that same year, the young Deiran prince Edwin came to Raedwald's court to flee from the usurper Aethelfrith of Northumbria. Raedwald refused to hand over Edwin to Aethelfrith, causing Aethelfrith to declare war. Raedwald attacked him at the River Idle before he could assemble his army, and Aethelfrith was slain in the ensuing battle. Edwin went on to become King of Bernicia and Deira, and Raedwald - now a kingmaker - became the bretwalda, overlord of Anglo-Saxon England. Raedwald died in 627 and was succeeded by Eorpwald of East Anglia.

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