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Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David (18 October 1978-) is an Iranian-American entrepreneur and financial advisor.


Patrick Bet-David was born in Tehran, Iran on 18 October 1978; he is of half Armenian and half Assyrian descent. His parents fled the Iran-Iraq War, and Bet-David and his family settled in the United States in 1988. Bet-David served in the 101st Airborne Division before entering the financial services industry, later founding his own insurance sales, marketing, and distribution company. He later created the Valuetainment media brand, and he promoted entrepreneurship, the idea of the "American Dream", and personal development. Bet-David interviewed conservative guests such as Joshua Philipp of the Epoch Times and, in January 2021, criticized Twitter founder Jack Dorsey for banning Donald Trump from Twitter, accusing Dorsey of only targeting one side of politics (such as allegedly "giving a pass" to Ali Khamenei) and saying, "...If your idea is to only please one political party and silence independents/republicans (sic), then your strategy is effective." He also criticized homelessness in California, supported a tough foreign policy against Iran, China, and Russia, criticized Governor Andrew Cuomo for New York's COVID-19 response, opposed taxes, criticized "cancel culture" and "wokeness", criticized Joe Biden for his withdrawal from Afghanistan (even unfavorably comparing him to Jimmy Carter), praised Robert Kiyosaki for "fighting for free enterprise & (sic) capitalism," encouraged COVID vaccine skepticism on his Twitter feed, and criticized New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for planning to mandate COVID-19 vaccines. In spite of his staunchly fiscally conservative and moderately social conservative opinions, Bet-David claimed to be neither a Democrat nor a Republican.