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Oscar Wallace (1896-1930) was a Treasury Department accountant from Washington DC who was sent to Chicago in 1930 to assist Eliot Ness with taking down the Chicago Outfit. Unfortunately, he was killed by Frank Nitti in the process.


Oscar Wallace was born in 1896, and he found work as an accountant for the Treasury Department's Washington DC bureau. In 1930, he was assigned to Chicago to assist Treasury agent Eliot Ness with forming a task force to take down Chicago Outfit boss Al Capone. He crafted the idea of arresting Capone and trying him for tax evasion, as he had not filed any income tax returns since 1926. He later helped Ness with several raids against the Chicago Outfit, including a raid on the Montana-Canada border. Wallace convinced Capone's bookkeeper George Moretti to turn states against Capone and help him go through Capone's financial irregularities, but Wallace and Moretti were shot dead by Chicago hitman Frank Nitti (disguised as an elevator attendant) as they took an elevator in the Chicago police station while en route to a safehouse. Nitti wrote "Touchable" on the wall with Wallace's blood, warning Ness that the Chicago Outfit had strong political and police connections.