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Jorge Luis Ochoa and his family watching Fabio Ochoa at a rodeo

The Ochoa Brothers was a Colombian drug smuggling family that operated in the 1980s.

The Ochoa brothers, Jorge and Fabio Ochoa, were smart and very wealthy, and they were one of the three major operations in Colombia in the 1980s, with the others being Jose Rodriguez Gacha's group and Pablo Escobar's operation.

The Ochoa formed an alliance with Escobar's operation, forming the Medellin Cartel in 1982 as a conglomerate. However, the Ochoa Brothers later had doubts about the path that Escobar had chosen in the mid-1980s, as his rash actions had led to the Medellin leaders being exiled to Panama or being hunted down back in Colombia.

Eventually, they decided to work with Helmer Herrera and the Cali Cartel to defeat Pablo, and they surrendered to the police in 1988 on the condition that they be charged with illegally importing bulls from Spain and serving reduced sentences. The Ochoas decided to give up Escobar's cousin Gustavo Gaviria to General Augusto Jaramillo as a way to have Escobar's operations interrupted, as well as a way to stop Gaviria from having a secret sexual relationship with their sister Marina Ochoa.

They succeeded in this goal in 1990, with Search Bloc killing Gaviria for them.