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Nick "Goose" Bradshaw (1962-1986) was a naval aviator of the US Navy who attended the elite "Top Gun" school of aviation in Miramar, California. He served as the wingman of Pete "Maverick" Mitchell until his death in a flight accident.


Nick Bradshaw was born in 1962, and he joined the aviation wing of the US Navy. Bradshaw was good friends with Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, and he served as his radio intercept officer (RIO) on his F-14 Tomcat. "Goose" and "Maverick" attended the "Top Gun" school in Miramar, California after top pilot Bill Cortell quit, and Bradshaw accompanied his friend as he made cocky attempts to become the best pilot in the US Navy at school. On one occasion, their plane was caught in the jetwash of Tom Kazanski's plane, forcing the two of them to eject. Bradshaw ejected into the aircraft canopy, smashing his head on the roof of it and dying instantly. Mitchell was absolved of guilt for Goose's death, but it was a while before he felt confidence in himself again.