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Murad Bey

Murad Bey (1750-Early July 1798) was a general of the Mamelukes during the Egypt Campaign of the French Revolutionary Wars.


Murad Bey 2

Murad Bey was the brother of Ibrahim Bey, and was a public servant of the Mamelukes that ruled Egypt. Murad was the Governor of Egypt under the Ottoman Empire, and served them as a vassal. Murad also served under Farrukhsiyar and Akbar Abaza as a general.

During the French Revolutionary Wars' Egyptian Campaign, Murad Bey fought the French at the Battle of the Pyramids as the commander of the Ottoman army, while his brother commanded the Mamelukes. Murad Bey was defeated in the battle when General Napoleon Bonaparte's French army deployed in square formations, used grapeshot to repel the Mameluke cavalry, and sent dragoons in to repel Mameluke cavalry attacks.


Afterwards, Napoleon Bonaparte laid siege to the city of Mahalla al-Kubra, which was held by Murad Bey and his army. Murad Bey's army was encircled and its routes of escape cut off. Murad Bey was killed in the siege and his army crushed, weakening the Mameluke cause. However, the news of his death was greeted by the Cairo Revolt, which was crushed brutally.