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Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi (27 April 1961-15 September 1994) was an Italian actress and model who ran for Mayor of Rome in 1993 as a member of the libertarian Love Party of Italy.


Moana Pozzi was born in Genoa, Italy on 27 April 1961, and her name means "where the sea is deepest" in native Hawaiian. As a teen, she lived in Canada, Brazil, and Italy, and she decided to live independently in Rome at the age of 19 when her family decided to move to Lyon, France. She became a model and acting student in Rome, and she was suspended from appearing on a children's television show after she appeared in a hardcore porn film in 1981. She became a famous adult film actress and a pinup girl, appearing in 100 films, but she was also known for having distinctive intelligence, cultivating intellectuals, writers, and artists. In 1992, Pozzi and fellow actress Ilona Staller co-founded the libertarian Love Party of Italy, and she received 1% of the vote during her run for Mayor of Rome in 1993. Soon after, she became sick with liver cancer, and she died in a clinic in Lyon, France on 15 September 1994.