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Maximo Alvarez was a Cuban-American businessman who served as President of Sunshine Gasoline.


Maximo Alvarez was born in Cuba, the son of a Spanish refugee from the Spanish Civil War whose emigration he attributed to communism. He was evacuated to the United States at the age of 13 during Operation Pedro Pan, fleeing the Cuban Revolution; he remembered many other Cubans his age who had "swallowed the communist poison pill" and starved or died as a result. He went on to become a businessman in Florida, becoming President of Sunshine Gasoline. On 24 August 2020, he spoke at the Republican National Convention to condemn the Democrats, saying that their economic policies did not sound "radical" to him, but "familiar". He also claimed that Joe Biden was "mostly concerned about power...but not for the benefit of all Americans," and he said that he saw history being rewritten amid the George Floyd protests, claiming that they were echoes of a former life that he did not want to live again. He also praised Donald Trump and warned voters that it was up to America to choose "freedom over oppression", claiming that Trump was "fighting the forces of anarchy and communism" and that Biden would "hand the country over to those dangerous forces."

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