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Maria Claudia Latore (born 19 October 1972) was the wife of Salvatore Leone, boss of the Leone crime family of New York City. She frequently got him into trouble, and she ultimately ran away with his hired gun Claude Speed in 2001.


Maria was born in New York City in 1972 and moved to Las Vegas in the 1990s to be a waitress at the Mafia-owned Caligula's Palace casino. She married her boss, the Mafia crime boss Salvatore Leone, in 1992, but only to enjoy his wealth.


By 1998, the married between Maria and Salvatore had hit rock bottom after only 6 years. Maria began using heavy drugs and began to live away from Salvatore. She began dating Cedric Fotheringay and several other men, and she sent inside scoops to reporter Ned Burner via email. When Toni Cipriani tried to help her she developed feelings for him, but after she realized he didn't have enough money, she decided to stay with Salvatore.


By 2001, Maria had moved back with Salvatore and the two were getting along much better. She was introduced to Claude Speed by her husband and began making Claude do her bidding. Maria called him "Fido" and after he saved her from being chased by the police and several other small things, she began to develop feelings for Claude, despite the fact he did not have much money. She eventually got mad and told Salvatore Leone that her and Claude were an "Item" and she saved Claude from a car bomb set by Leone. Maria introduced him to Asuka Kasen, head of the local Yakuza, who had Claude kill Salvatore. Maria was eventually kidnapped by Claude's rival Catalina Vialpando, and Claude rescued her and killed Catalina. She and Claude then ran away together and left New York.