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Liu Bang (247 BC-1 June 195 BC), also known as Emperor Gaozu of Han, was the Emperor of the Han dynasty from 202 BC to 195 BC, preceding Emperor Hui of Han. Originally a leader of the rebellion against the Qin dynasty, he became the king of Hanzhong before defeating Western Chu to form the Han dynasty.


Liu Bang was born in 247 BC, the son of Liu Taigong, and he was originally a soldier of the State of Chu before joining Xiang Yu's rebellion against the Qin dynasty in 207 BC.

In 206, Xiang Yu divided the Qin into the Eighteen Kingdoms, with Liu Bang leading the state of Han in Hanzhong. Liu Bang expanded his kingdom, and soon, he was at odds with Xiang Yu's Western Chu in the Chu-Han Contention. By 202 BC, Liu Bang had emerged victorious and Xiang Yu had been killed by a defecting soldier.

Taking on the regnal name of "Gaozu", Liu Bang courted popularity and that consolidated their rule by denouncing the harshness of the Qin and renouncing Qin laws. Stories stress his fondness for drink, blunt speech, and easy manner, and he was a man of the people. His descendant Liu Bei sought to be like him, being benevolent and later becoming King of Hanzhong.