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Lamar Davis (5 December 1987-) was an African-American drug dealer, car thief, fraudster, and cannabis entrepreneur affiliated with The Families gang of Los Angeles, California until 2021.


Early life

Lamar Davis was born in the Baldwin Village neighborhood of Crenshaw, Los Angeles, California, on December 5, 1987, and he attended school in Compton with Franklin Clinton from kindergarten to high school. Davis and Clinton became best friends and joined The Families gang, and Davis became a drug dealer.

Events of 2013

He and Clinton later became vehicle repossession men for Simeon Yetarian, but Lamar's instability led the duo into trouble, as Lamar made the mistake of kidnapping the Ballas OG Chilli D and calling his gang with the ransom demands; because the phone was tapped by the LAPD, Davis was forced to let D go free rather than face prison time for kidnapping. His relationship with Clinton was slightly strained due to Clinton's move to Beverly Hills and his abandonment of The Families lifestyle, and Davis convinced him to trust the recently-released OG Harold Joseph (nicknamed "Stretch"), who led the gang into a shootout with the Ballas at a scrapyard.

Davis and Clinton were later nearly killed during a drug deal gone wrong on Grove Street, but they were saved by Trevor Philips, a friend of Clinton's who wanted to come along with them and take part in criminal activities. Davis later helped Clinton with stealing cars for Devin Weston, hoping to make extra money. However, his big mouth got him into trouble with Stretch, who had the Ballas kidnap him and take him to a sawmill in the Paleto Forest. Clinton, Philips, and Michael De Santa later rescued Davis from the sawmill, and Clinton advised Davis to find real work rather than continue his gang lifestyle.

Further activity

However, Davis continued to be involved with crime, assigning jobs to criminal newcomers to the area, including the theft of lowriders. He renewed his ties to Simeon Yetarian, who was in need of repossession men after De Santa nearly destroyed his business, and Lamar sent several of his newfound criminal associates to Yetarian for easy employment.

In 2021, Davis left the Families and established LD Organics, a cannabis business formed in the wake of recreational legalization. Due to the lack of business and his rivalry with the Vagos, he came in contact with his friend Franklin Clinton, now an independent talent agent, for help promoting his business, only for Clinton to refuse. He later helped Clinton and Dr. Dre recover Dre's stolen phone that he lost in 2020 before a trip to Cayo Perico.

Later, Clinton and Davis participated in a string of attacks on the Vagos, including the recovery of stolen goods from the LD Organics storefront, the destruction of the Vagos' marijuana plants in Blaine County, and surviving a retribution attack at a deal between the Epsilonists and LD Organics for promotion. Davis' van, made of hemp bioplastic and full of LD Organics-produced cannabis, exploded near the TCL Chinese Theater due to the accumulated damage. Despite Davis' initial sulking, pedestrians and those in line for the movie theater quickly became high due to the cannabis smoke and wanted more of that high, going to Davis to buy more weed; as a result, his business was successfully promoted.