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Khan Yelu-Zhilugu of Kara-Khitai Khanate (1165-1213) was the Khan of the Kara-Khitai Khanate from 1178 to 1211, succeeding Khatun Yelu-Pusuwan of Kara-Khitai Khanate and preceding Kuchlug.


Yelu-Zhilugu was born in 1165 to the Kara-Khitai, a dynasty of Buddhist Khitans. He was given power by Xiao Wolila, the father-in-law of Khatun Yelu-Pusuwan of Kara-Khitai Khanate, who executed Yelu-Pusuwan and his son Xiao Fuguzhi for cheating on his other son Xiao Duolubu (who had been sent on military campaigns while Yelu-Pusuwan loved Fuguzhi). Yelu-Zhilugu fought against the Mongols, and in 1211 he was overthrown by rebellious Naiman leader Kuchlug and died two years later. In 1218, Kuchlug was defeated and executed by Genghis Khan, and by 1220 the Kara-Khitans had been conquered by the Mongol Empire.