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Kazuma Kiryu (born 17 June 1968) was a Japanese yakuza crime boss who served as chairman of the Tojo-kai in December 2005, succeeding Masaru Sera and preceding Yukio Terada. Under the tutelage of his foster father Shintaro Kazama, Kiryu rose in the ranks of the Dojima-gumi subsidiary of the Tojo-kai during the 1980s and 1990s, making a name for himself during Kabukicho's 1988 "Empty Lot dispute", during which Kiryu briefly left the Tojo-kai to take on the Dojima-gumi and rescue both his foster father and himself from being framed and expelled by the power-hungry family patriarch Sohei Dojima. Kiryu made a fortune from his real estate business and other side ventures, and he was being groomed to head his own subsidiary of the Tojo-kai by 1995, when he took the fall for his sworn brother Akira Nishikiyama's murder of Dojima and served ten years in prison as a result. When Kiryu was released, he found himself again framed for murder, this time by Nishikiyama, who had grown jealous and resentful of the legendary Kiryu during the latter's time in prison. The ensuing crisis within the Tojo-kai left almost all of Kiryu's loved ones dead, as Kazama, Nishikiyama, and Kiryu's childhood love Yumi Sawamura were all killed before the crisis came to an end. Sera willed Kiryu the chairmanship of the Tojo-kai, but Kiryu handed over the seat to Kazama's right-hand man, the Chief of Omi Alliance headquarters, Yukio Terada just a day later. Kiryu attempted to leave the yakuza and take care of Yumi's orphan, Haruka Sawamura, but he was dragged back into the family's affairs in 2006 after Terada's apparent murder, forcing Kiryu to become the guardian of the new Tojo-kai chairman, Daigo Dojima, Kiryu's old friend. Kiryu helped to repel the Omi Alliance invasion of Kabukicho before retiring to serve as proprietor of the Sunshine Orphanage on Okinawa from 2007 to 2012, during which time he was again dragged into Tojo-kai internal struggles in 2007, 2010, and 2012. Kiryu again moved, this time to Fukuoka, where he lived under a fake name and worked as a taxi driver. Kiryu was once again dragged into the Tojo-kai's affairs by Daigo Dojima, and he returned to prison from 2012 to 2016 after being convicted of assaulting yakuza in Kabukicho. Upon his release, he found that his foster daughter Haruka had been kidnapped, forcing him to travel to Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture to rescue her from the Saio Triad and Yomei Alliance, before going into hiding. He briefly resurfaced in 2019 to help Ichiban Kasuga, his groomed successor, oversee the dissolution of both the Tojo-kai and the Omi Alliance to restore peace to Japan's underworld. During his many years of involvement with the Tojo-kai, Kiryu became a legend of Japan's criminal underworld as the "Dragon of Dojima".



Early life


Kazuma and Nishikiyama begging Kazama to let them join the yakuza, 1985

Kazuma Kiryu was born in Yokohama, Japan on 17 June 1968, and he lost his parents at a young age and was raised at the Sunflower Orphanage alongside fellow youths Akira Nishikiyama and Yumi Sawamura. They were fostered by the Dojima-gumi yakuza captain Shintaro Kazama, and Kiryu and Nishikiyama (whom Kiryu nicknamed "Nishiki") were inspired by Kazama to become yakuza themselves. Kiryu even followed Kazama to a raid on the Korean Jingweon Mafia, where Kiryu interrupted Kazama's negotiations with two of the Jingweon Mafia members, resulting in a fight which resulted in the death of one of the Jingweon mobsters. Kazama was initially steadfastly opposed to his adoptive sons becoming gangsters like him, but, after they showed resolve and an intense desire to follow in Kazama's footsteps, Kazama reluctantly took them under his wing as members of the Dojima-gumi subsidiary of the Tojo-kai yakuza organization.

Starting out

Kiryu in Kabukicho, December 1988

In 1985, the 17-year-old Kiryu swore an oath of allegiance to the Tojo-kai yakuza, becoming a formal member of the organization alongside his old friend Nishiki. Kiryu started out his career as a low-level "heavy" for Kazama's crew in the Kabukicho red-light district of Tokyo, as well as working for the President of Toko Credit, Gennosuke Kawada, who used Kiryu to collect money from his debtors. Kiryu became a well-respected and feared street brawler on the streets of Kabukicho, and, while he had a callous appearance, he was deeply committed to his friends and adoptive family and felt bound to his personal honor throughout his years in the yakuza. This sense of honor and loyalty motivated him to be on his best behavior during Kazama's prison sentence in the late 1980s, as he was aware that his own mistakes might reflect poorly on Kazama.

The Empty Lot

Bound by oath

One Night in Kabukicho

Kiryu after beating down Taichi Kurihara

On the night of 9 December 1988, Kiryu was sent by Kawada to collect a debt from Taichi Kurihara at an empty lot in Kabukicho. Kiryu savagely beat the man and warned him against picking a fight while holding a full wallet, and he took the money from Kurihara's wallet before abandoning him at the scene. He then headed to meet with Nishikiyama in the downtown area of Kabukicho, and, along the way, he intimidated the college student Yoshio Furuta after Furuta - angry at Kiryu brushing shoulders with him - attempted to pick a fight before becoming aware that Kiryu was a yakuza. When Kiryu arrived at the meeting spot with Nishikiyama, he found that Nishikiyama had not yet arrived, and, while walking around, he came across Yocchan Okagami, Mitsuzuka Nishiyama, Matsuyo Arakawa, and Kenji Muraoka harassing the student Arinori Ishihara for money. Annoyed at the sight of a bunch of street hoodlums beating up a schoolboy, presumably only to blow the money on drinks and women, Kazuma interceded by telling Yocchan to leave the boy alone. Yocchan decided to pick a fight with Kiryu, and, while Kenji warned Yocchan that Kiryu looked to be a yakuza, Yocchan said that Kiryu looked more like an errand boy, and insisted on fighting. In the ensuing brawl, Kazuma beat down the four thugs by himself, rescuing the very grateful schoolboy.

Kiryu watching the alley fight between the drunkards

It was then that Nishikiyama found Kiryu, joking that Kiryu couldn't pass up an opportunity to fight, even if it meant being late to hang out with him. Kiryu told Nishikiyama that Nishikiyama was the one who was late, and the two then walked off as Ishihara profoundly thanked Kiryu for saving him. Nishikiyama decided to take Kiryu to go out drinking, singing karaoke, and eating with him, and, as the two men walked to the bar, they came across a drunken fight between the trendy youth Naomichi Tagami and the middle-aged man Haruhiro Itoda in an alleyway. Rather than take a detour as Nishikiyama suggested, Kiryu decided to knock their heads together, beating both of them down and sobering them up. The two men came to their senses and realized that they - despite being strangers - had gotten into an argument over their favorite pop idol, and Tagami offered to escort Itoda to the train station to ensure his safe passage home. Nishikiyama joked that Kiryu must be sadistic for always picking fights, and the two men continued to walk down the alley.

Kiryu drinking with Nishiyama

There, as Nishikiyama walked ahead and waited for Kiryu, Kiryu was accosted by an elderly American man who advised Kiryu to invest in himself and his own personal development, and to keep wine and women on a budget. Kiryu was confused by the random stranger taking an interest in him, and he hurriedly bade him farewell and continued to walk with Nishikiyama. During their walk, Kiryu lamented how Kabukicho had become "a perfect fit for the newly-minted playboys this economy's turned out. They come thirsty for booze and women, and Kabukicho's got both in spades." Just then, Nishikiyama was greeted by two hostesses, Madoka-chan and Yui-chan, who begged for Nishikiyama to visit them later; Nishikiyama gave them each ¥20,000, and they ran off, asking Nishikayama to visit them. Kiryu expressed disbelief that Nishikiyama would fall for simple swooning, but Nishikiyama told Kiryu that he was consciously cultivating a ladies' man image so that the yakuza's lieutenants - none of whom were ladies' men - would acquire respect for him and help his rise to power. The two men then enjoyed a night on the town, with Kiryu and Nishikiyama lamenting Kazama's imprisonment, and Kiryu later singing "Bakamitai" at the bar at Nishikiyama's behest.

Kiryu and Nishikiyama watching the news at the ramen shop

The two men then walked to a nearby ramen shop, where Nishikiyama intended to eat; Kiryu refused to eat his noodles, as he claimed to be full. They stayed at the ramen shop until 6:00 AM the next morning, and their conversation was interrupted when the shop's television show was interrupted by a breaking news report. It was reported that, at 11:00 PM the previous night, the body of a young salaryman, Taichi Kurihara, was found in an empty lot in Kabukicho. Kiryu recognized the man as the one he had just beaten, shocking Nishikiyama, although Kiryu assured Nishikiyama that he had only given the man a good beating and not killed him. The news also reported that the empty lot was a rare remaining plot of undeveloped land. Nishikiyama and Kiryu feared that Kiryu's "screw-up" would become Kazama's responsibility as his captain, and, when Kiryu theorized that he had been set up, Nishikiyama told Kiryu that it had been rumored that Kazama himself had been sold out by one of his colleagues, Daisaku Kuze of the Kenno-kai crew, as Kazama ran a travelling gambling den which could only have been shut down with inside help. Nishikiyama also told Kiryu that Kuze had been on a power trip ever since Kazama had been locked up, and, shortly after, Kiryu received a buzz on his beeper. Kiryu bade Nishikiyama farewell as he searched for a payphone to call the Dojima-gumi headquarters back.

Meeting the lieutenants

Kiryu confronting Kinji Tsuchiya and his gang

Kiryu found the nearest payphone and heard from the man on phone duty, Sanjiro Asato, that Kuze wanted Kiryu to come down to the office right away, and added that all three Dojima-gumi lieutenants were waiting for him. Along the way, Kiryu took out his anger in a street brawl with the hoodlums Kinji Tsuchiya, Hideyori Shirakawa, and Eisen Saeki and later with the hooligans Toshi Sekiguchi, Yujiro Inagaki, and Yosai Sakaguchi. He then found a taxi on Showa Street, and he took it to the Dojima-gumi headquarters.

Kiryu meeting with Daisaku Kuze, Keiji Shibusawa, and Hiroki Awano

Kiryu arrived at the headquarters after a brief taxi ride and found that Kuze of the Kenno-kai, Keiji Shibusawa of the Shibusawa-gumi, and Hiroki Awano of the Taihei Association were waiting for him. The three lieutenants confirmed that they had called to meet Kiryu because of the news report, and they asked him why he chose the empty lot as the site of his extortion of Kurihara, and why he killed him. Kiryu repeatedly emphasized that he had not killed the man, and he said that the loan shark had ordered him to use the site. Kuze told Kiryu that, whatever the reason, Kiryu would have to make things right for "murdering a civilian". Awano said that, while the man Kiryu had "killed" was "debt-riddled scum", he said that Kiryu would have to make amends by spending 7–8 years "eatin' the government's sh*t food" to square away the "murder business" with the cops. Kiryu was aghast, and, when the lieutenants asked if Kazama had arranged for Kiryu to use the empty lot for the extortion and asked why he had shot the man in the empty lot, Kiryu asked what Kazama had to do with the empty lot, and also emphatically said that he was not carrying a gun. Shibusawa informed Kiryu that, when the police found the body, they found that he had been "beat to hell", but it was a bullet to the face that ended him. Kiryu insisted that he had not shot him, and Shibusawa asked if Kiryu was insinuating that someone had set him up. Awano claimed that Kiryu was lying and was trying to "worm" his way out of the situation, asking who would bother to frame a "nobody" like Kiryu. Shibusawa concluded that they would have to question the President of Toko Credit about if he had set Kiryu up.

Kuze smoking while talking with Kiryu

Kuze then asked the other lieutenants to leave as he had a private discussion with Kiryu, and he told Kiryu about the importance of the "Empty Lot" as the last piece of undeveloped real estate in Kabukicho. He also said that the family's patriarch Sohei Dojima was offering a hefty prize for the lieutenant who could ensure the empty lot's development, namely the takeover of Kazama's crew. Kiryu was shocked that the lieutenants were jockeying for Kazama's job, and Kuze told Kiryu to turn himself in to the police that same night and leave his pinky finger behind as a tribute to the boss.

Meeting Bacchus

Kiryu standing over a beaten-down Bruno

Kiryu left the headquarters, and, rather than commit yubitsume and turn himself in, he resolved to question the loan shark who had set him up. Shortly after leaving his taxi on Showa Street, Kazuma came across the aging foreigner and his homeless associate Yoichi Kamoji, who were being confronted by the thug Shigeki Hoashi and his burly enforcer, Bruno Tobe. The foreigner refused to pay his debts to the thugs, even after Shigeki warned him that Bruno was locally famous for busting heads. He then proposed that he would pay double his debt to Shigeki if Bruno defeated Kamoji in a fight, a challenge which a shocked Shigeki accepted. Kamoji easily beat Bruno with a volley of hits and kicks, surprising Shigeki and Kiryu, who was awed by Kamoji's "Essence of Relentless Barrage" fighting technique. Kiryu then accepted the foreigner's invitation to continue the fight with Bruno, and Kiryu beat down Bruno before Bruno could land a single punch on him. The foreigner then thanked Kiryu for his help, and the thugs fled in terror upon hearing that they had just fought Kiryu, a yakuza. The thugs also admitted that they worked for Toko Credit, and, when Kiryu asked them where their president was, they said that he was at his office at Taihei Boulevard East, and they then ran off.

Kiryu meeting Bacchus and Yoichi Kamoji

The foreigner then formally introduced himself to Kiryu as "Bacchus", a reference to his drinking habit. He also introduced Kiryu to Kamoji, calling him a "fisting artist" (leading to an amused Kiryu asking if that was some sort of S&M profession, before Kamoji corrected Bacchus to call him a "punchout artist"), and Kamoji told Kiryu that he operated from the Shichifuku Parking Lot if Kiryu ever wanted to practice with him. Bacchus warned Kiryu to stay away from dark alleys and not take knives or bullets to the ribs, and he bade Kiryu farewell.


Kazuma Kiryu facing off with the Toko Credit men

Kiryu then decided to travel to the Toko Credit office on Taihei Boulevard East, and, along the way, he punched out the delinquents Nariakira Ebara, Kakuei Kawaguchi, and Sotatsu Furuya when they tried to pick a fight with him. He then entered the Toko Credit office building, where three yakuza - Kojuro Okane, Tadakuni Koizumi, and Ikki Nobara - confronted him with steel rods. Kiryu acknowledged that the President of Toko Credit must have been waiting for him, so he fought his way through two floors full of yakuza before bursting into Kawada's office.

Kiryu in the Toko Credit office

Kawada was startled, pointing a handgun at Kiryu before being intimidated into lowering it and talking with Kiryu. Kiryu accised him of setting him up, and the president said that he knew nothing about any setup, and that a man had merely told him to have Kiryu collect the cash at a certain location. When Kiryu asked who the man was, Kawada began to answer him, but Kuze suddenly entered the room and asked Kawada what he was talking about. Kawada said that he did not know what was going on, and Kuze berated Kiryu for ignoring his order to turn himself in and instead do "dumb sh*t" on his own. Kuze then sucker-punched Kiryu in the abdomen, and he confessed that he must be getting soft, as he used to be able to straighten out young men with a single punch. Kuze then had Kawada leave the room, and he asked Kiryu about his upbringing and his adoption. He then criticized Kazama for being "cruel", accusing him of using Kiryu and Nishikiyama as his "human shields". Kuze then asked Kiryu to spy on Kazama for him, as he needed a key piece of information from Kazama if he was to resolve the Empty Lot dispute and become the next captain of the Dojima-gumi, promising to ensure that Kiryu had a bright future in the family. Kiryu was angered when Kuze also offered to give Kazuma the man who set him up, as Kuze confirmed that he had been responsible, and Kiryu refused to betray his adoptive father and turned down Kuze's offer before storming out.

Leaving the Yakuza

Kiryu bumping into Hiroaki Okano

Kiryu then received a pager call from Nishikiyama, so he decided to search for a payphone and call Nishikiyama back. Along the way, he beat down the delinquents Takeo Yoshimoto, Utaemon Haramoto, and Hitomaro Eguchi when they provoked a fight with him, and he then found a payphone and called Nishikiyama, who told him to meet him at the Kazama-gumi office on Tenkaichi Street, where Nishikiyama had been talking with the Kazama-gumi's captain, Osamu Kashiwagi. Along the way, he beat up the young criminals Hiroaki Okano, Jo Koido, and Ichisuke Ikegami, who also tried to pick a fight with him. He then reached the Kazama-gumi office, entering the apartment as Kashiwagi ate his dinner.

Kiryu talking with Osamu Kashiwagi at his office

After Kashiwagi finished slurping his soba noodles, he talked with Kiryu, predicting that Kuze had asked Kiryu to sell out Kazama, and revealing to Nishikiyama that the man whom Kiryu had supposedly killed in the Empty Lot had been shot, something which Kiryu would never do. Nishikiyama was relieved, and Kashiwagi then had Kiryu explain his conversation with the lieutenants to him. Kashiwagi deduced that the three Dojima-gumi lieutenants were jockeying for Kazama's place while he was out of the picture in prison, and he explained to Kiryu that they were fighting over a massive revitalization project in Kabukicho. The Dojima-gumi had already spent ¥3 billion to buy the rest of Kabukicho with the goal of bundling up the real estate and selling it for a major profit, but the small Empty Lot was the only piece of real estate not yet sold to them, and the owner had gone missing, causing the Dojima-gumi to offer ¥1 billion for information on its owner. Kiryu then told Kashiwagi that Kuze had told him that Kazama had a key piece of info on the lot, and Nishikiyama guessed that Kazama knew the location of the missing owner.

Kashiwagi yelling at Kiryu

Kashiwagi then told Kiryu that the situation meant that Kazama was in the crosshairs, as the lieutenants had made Kiryu out to be a murderer, and the responsibility fell on Kiryu's adoptive father, Kazama. Kashiwagi also warned Kiryu that, if Kuze took over the Empty Lot and became the Dojima-gumi's captain, he would drive Kazama out of the family entirely, as Kazama was powerless while still in prison. Kashiwagi then warned Kiryu that "ex-yakuza" was a common phrase in the obituaries for homeless suicides, as the yakuza were stigmatized in society. However, Kashiwagi warned Kiryu against picking a fight with a lieutenant, and he said that, if the Kazama-gumi acted, it would hurt Kazama's standing even more, as one mistake could lead to Kazama's expulsion. Kiryu then came up with a plan of his own: he would leave the Yakuza in order to rid Kazama of any blame for his actions, and he would take responsibility for his own actions. Kashiwagi yelled at Kiryu for his supposedly irrational decision, calling him an idiot and sending him across the room with a strong punch to the face after Kiryu told Kashiwagi that neither he nor Kazama could stop him from making his decision. Kiryu apologized to Kashiwagi, but he still insisted on leaving the yakuza and seeking answers while protecting Kazama.

The Headquarters

Kiryu fighting the Dojima guards

Kiryu then asked Nishikiyama to drive him to the Tojo-kai headquarters, and Nishikiyama warned Kiryu that, just because Kiryu wanted to leave, Kuze would not be likely to simply let Kiryu go. Kiryu still insisted on going, and Nishikiyama drove him to the headquarters, where the guard at the entrance, Omezo Kajiwara, was surprised that Kiryu was preparing to leave. Kiryu entered the conference room, where he found Kuze and a large number of guards waiting for him. Kuze told Kiryu that the boss, Sohei Dojima, was busy watching television, and told Kiryu that he would have to talk with him instead. Kiryu announced that he was planning to leave the yakuza, and Kuze grew angry when Kiryu showed up with neither his pinky finger nor cash as a parting gift, punching Kiryu in the stomach and telling him that the yakuza was not sone "after-school club" he could just quit when he got bored. He then told Kiryu to pump Kazama for his information on the Empty Lot if he wanted to leave the headquarters alive, but Kazama again refused, so Kuze beat Kiryu down and ordered Gengyo Yoneda to discreetly murder Kiryu now that he had professed his desire to leave the yakuza. Kiryu instead stood and punched down Yoneda, and, when Kuze reminded Kiryu that Yoneda outranked him, Kiryu said that he was now a civilian. Kuze then dismissed Kiryu, telling him that he would meet him again if Kiryu survived, but assured him that he would die in the conference room. Kiryu went on to beat down the dozen Dojima guards sent to kill him, and he fought his way through around a dozen more guards as he made his way upstairs, including the burly guard Toshikuni Omori. He also fought off Yoneda as he repeatedly tried to ambush Kiryu.

Kiryu fighting the yakuza in the bathroom

Upon reaching the next floor via the fire escape, Kiryu found that the door was locked, so he jumped through a nearby window and landed in a bathroom full of Dojima-gumi guards. He proceeded to beat all of them down, and Yoneda then burst in with a sheathed knife; Kiryu succeeded in defeating him, slamming his face into a urinal, and kicking him out of a window. Kiryu then made his way into the nearby dojo, where he found Kuze meditating. Kuze lamented that he might have once offered to be Kiryu's promoter had he still been a boxer, and Kiryu demanded to know who had set him up. Kuze refused to bend, and he told Kiryu that the "idiots" downstairs might have given Kiryu the wrong idea. He then shed his robe, revealing his muscles and yakuza tattoos, and he proceeded to engage Kiryu in a fistfight.

Fight with Kuze

Kuze after committing yubitsume

Kiryu proceeded to fight off and beat down the former boxing champion, and Sohei Dojima, Keiji Shibusawa, and Hiroki Awano then entered the room. Dojima berated Kuze for acting on his own in letting Kiryu out of the family, and, when Kuze denied the allegations, Shibusawa and Awano revealed that they had clearly heard Kuze say that, now that Kiryu was "out" of the yakuza, he could be killed. Dojima then forced Kuze to offer his pinky finger as recompense, and Shibusawa oversaw Kuze's yubitsume and wrapped up his severed finger once the defiant Kuze chopped it off on the cutting board. Kuze was then forced to leave the room, and Dojima told Kiryu that, as a lieutenant had already answered Kiryu's request, Kiryu was now banished from the family.

Kiryu bowing before Dojima

Kiryu then bowed before Dojima, and, when Dojima asked why Kiryu was leaving, Kiryu said that he had done so to prove that he and Kazama were innocent, and because he was taking responsibility for causing the family trouble by being implicated in the murder in the Empty Lot. Kiryu asked Dojima to leave Kazama out of the situation, but Dojima instead turned his back and began to walk away. He then asked Kiryu how he planned to take responsibility for the murder, and Kiryu promised to catch the man who set him and Kazama up. Shibusawa told Kiryu to let the police sort it out, as Kiryu was officially a civilian now. When Kiryu said that he wanted to make things right, Shibusawa told him to get it through his head that he was a civilian, and to stop whining. Dojima told Kiryu that he would make sure that responsibility was taken, but said that accountability fell on Kazama for Kiryu making it harder for the family to acquire the Empty Lot. Dojima then told Kiryu that there was no returning to the yakuza, and told him to find a "nice little job" and live a "nice little life".

The Broker in the Shadows

Meeting Tachibana

Kiryu kneeling in the rain

Kiryu then returned to Kabukicho, devastated by his failure to protect Kazama, and he fell to his knees in the middle of the street as the rain poured on him. He was then approached by Tetsu Tachibana, who told Kiryu that he was aware of his present circumstances and offered him a place to stay for the night. Kiryu agreed to come to Tachibana's apartment, where he showered as Tachibana had his clothing cleaned and dinner of steak, soup, and vegetables prepared.

Kiryu at Tachibana's apartment

When Kazuma came out of the shower and asked Tachibana why he - a stranger - took an interest in his situation, Tachibana revealed that he was a real estate broker in Kabukicho. He told Kiryu that he knew about his upbringing at the Sunflower Orphanage, revealing that he knew extensively about Kiryu and his fighting skills. Tachibana offered him a partnership, as he also wanted the Empty Lot, and he told Kiryu that keeping the Dojima-gumi from acquiring the plot would ensure that Kazama was not deposed from his captaincy. He said that he could thus prevent Kazama's expulsion from the yakuza and protect him, as well as ensuring that Kiryu's name was cleared of the murder allegation. He promised that his network in Kabukicho was extensive and promised Kiryu that, if he joined him, Kiryu would have the means to bring the culprit to light. Kiryu told Tachibana that his offer was too good and too convenient, and that he had learned that, in Tokyo, he would need to be careful if he wanted to survive. However, Tachibana insisted that Kiryu keep his card, and he then had Kiryu's clothing retrieved so that Kiryu could return home.

Return to Kabukicho

Kiryu bumping into Yoichibei Nakanishi

Kiryu decided to search for a payphone to call Nishikiyama and tell him that he wasn't killed, and, along the way, he bumped into the yakuza Yoichibei Nakanishi, Hideo Sega, and Tomokazu Soma, leading to a street brawl which he won. He also beat down the yakuza Higashikuni Tsuchiya, Tadasuke Hiramatsu, and Sanzo Miyazawa when they challenged him. Before accessing a payphone, he beat down the drunkard Toson Nagata, who was blocking it. Nishikiyama told Kiryu to come meet with him at Kashiwagi's office, and Kiryu set out for the Kazama-gumi office building. Along the way, he came across some "Men in Black" from the Snake Flower Triad, beating down Benjiro Yamamoto, Eizo Shimizu, and Akio Moriyama when they tried to jump him. He also beat down the delinquents Munemori Sekine, Shintaro Yoshihara, and Naruhiko Ohira, and then the drunkard Shunichi Yamada in front of the Tenkaichi Street office of the Kazama-gumi.

Kashiwagi looking down on Kazuma from his office

Kiryu then walked to the doorstep of the office, where he saw Kashiwagi looking down on him from his office window. Nishikiyama ran out of the office to meet with Kiryu on the street, and Nishikiyama was relieved to see that Kiryu was not dead. Kiryu told Nishikiyama that he was officially out of the Dojima family, and, when Nishikiyama asked if this meant that Kazama was now off the hook, Kiryu said that Kazama was not safe yet, but that his exiting the family was still a step forward, as he was free to take action now that he was out of the yakuza, and could question Kuze about the identity of the killer. Nishikiyama asked Kiryu to come into the office and explain the situation to Kashiwagi, but Kiryu said that, now that he was out of the family, he could not be in the Kazama-gumi office, as he said that he needed to take responsibility for himself without dragging anyone else into his predicament. However, Kiryu invited Nishikiyama to join him at his apartment later that night so he could tell him more about what had transpired.

Mr. Shakedown

Kiryu meeting Hiroya Egashira

While walking down Tenkaichi Street towards the taxi, Kiryu was confronted by a giant man, Hiroya Egashira, who asked him if he thought he could walk by him without a word. Kiryu asked if he knew Egashira, but Egashira then warned Kiryu that, if he didn't want to get hurt, he should leave all the cash he had and get lost. Kiryu fought against the large man, but the large man felled him with just four massive punches. Still, Egashira was surprised that Kiryu managed to land several punches on him, and he decided to let Kiryu off the hook as he buffed up his training regimen to prepare for his next fight with Kiryu. He then ran off, and a businessman, Mitsuzuka Ishida, ran up to Kiryu and asked if he was alright. He then told Kiryu that he had been attacked by Hiroya Egashira, who was better known as "Mr. Shakedown" for shaking down passers-by of all of their cash, and that Egashira had taken his entire holiday pay one time. Ishida also suggested that, if Kiryu could take down Egashira, he could take all of the money Egashira had stolen, but advised him to run at the sight of Egashira rather than try to take him on. He then warned Kiryu that Egashira was not the only "Mr. Shakedown" and that they were not just a Kabukicho thing, but also existed outside of town.

Kiryu playing an arcade game

Kiryu was then accosted by the yakuza Tomoyuki Tominaga, Tomomi Okazaki, and Shogo Mizuno, and he beat them down in a street brawl. While walking home, he came across a SEGA arcade, so he decided to stop by and play some arcade games and use the claw machine, winning a blue zombie plushie after several tries. While leaving the arcade, he came across the Snake Flower gangsters Teriuihi Ono, Fumio Imai, and Masamune Kanamori, and he beat them down on the street after they decided to pick a fight with him. He then hailed a cab and was taken back to his apartment.

Meeting with Nishikiyama

Kiryu meeting with Nishikiyama at his apartment

At his apartment, Kazuma met with Nishikiyama over food, and Kazuma told Nishikiyama what had happened earlier that day. He also told Nishikiyama that, if any of the Dojima lieutenants got their hands on the Empty Lot, Kazama was out of the family. Kazuma then mentioned that the President of Toko Credit had turned up dead a few hours ago, having been shot in the office. Recalling that Kawada had sent Kiryu to the Empty Lot on Kuze's orders, Nishikiyama said that Kuze must have wanted Kawada to keep quiet, and thus had him murdered; he then warned Kiryu against conducting any interrogation of Kuze by himself. Seeking an ally, Kiryu then asked Nishikiyama if he knew anything about Tachibana Real Estate, saying that Tachibana could help him prove his innocence if Kiryu would work with him. Nishikiyama recognized Tachibana Real Estate as "property acquisition specialists" who were homing in on Kabukicho and poking holes in the Tojo-kai's iron wall of control over the neighborhood's businesses through either buying out or intimidating local businesses and tenants into leaving. Nishikiyama also said that they were "more yakuza than the yakuza" and that they were not the kind of company with offices, but said that, if Kiryu had them on his side, things would get interesting. Nishikiyama then said that, the next day, they would work together to look into Tachibana Real Estate, but Kiryu said that, if Nishikiyama helped him, the eyes of the whole family would be on them, and said that he needed to conduct his investigation alone.

Hitting the streets

Kiryu listening in on Tomomi Maebara reporting to Kinji Wakuni

The next day, 12 December 1988, Kiryu took a taxi back to Kabukicho, where he found two yakuza, Kinji Wakuni and Tomomi Maebara, discussing Maebara's failed attempts to investigate Tachibana Real Estate due to Tachibana bribing all of the Dojima-gumi informants. Maebara said that the informants were willing to talk about anything but Tachibana Real Estate, and Wakuni responded by telling Maebara to forget the informants and hit up one of the businesses Tachibana had bought out in order to find information for him.

Kiryu and Egashira's rematch

While walking down the street in search of more clues, Kiryu once again bumped into Egashira, who ran over to him. Egashira then explained that he was working on becoming the strongest living creature and wanted to "stand at the apex of ALL organisms" after receiving costly special training. Egashira and Kiryu then readied themselves for battle, and, in the ensuing public brawl, Kiryu dodged many of Egashira's powerful haymakers and landed several hits, nearly succeeding in defeating Egashira. However, Egashira took Kiryu down with a powerful swing, knocking him out and taking the ¥6.5 million ($137,906 in 1988) which Kiryu was carrying on his person. Kiryu, now penniless, took out his anger on the thugs Yozo Oki, Toshiyuki Kanamori, and Shinkichi Otake when they tried to jump him.


Tasuku Kawaguchi cheering Kiryu's outfit

While walking through an alleyway, Kiryu walked past a director's assistant, Yoshida Mori, and a cameraman, Tasuku Kawaguchi, as they expressed their worry about their producer not showing up for their shoot, and Mori told Kawaguchi that they needed to find, "A guy with an aura of toughness. A guy who can command respect just by being in the room." As Kiryu walked by, Mori called out to him, "Wait! Please wait! Our savior-- I mean, you, sir! You with the cool aura and magnificent poise!" Kiryu turned around, and Mori told him that they were going to be shooting a short segment at a restaurant in town for a gourmet food program, and expressed their need for a producer, a man who could look authoritative and help with the shoot. Kiryu expressed doubt that he could help, but Mori said that it was "a total fluff job", and he and Kawaguchi then introduced themselves. Kiryu reluctantly agreed to help the strangers, and they had him change into pink suit pants, a white dress shirt, and a yellow scarf to look the part. Mori then warned Kiryu that the director was eccentric and often said strange things, but he asked Kiryu to be patient and go along with things.

Kiryu at the restaurant for the filming

Shortly after, the three men headed into the restaurant, where they were soon joined by the director, Papillon Kato, who proved to be as strange as Mori and Kawaguchi had described. Kato spoke in foreign slang and used some phrases such as the Italian ciao and capiche, the German guten morgen, and the French c'est la vie and magnifique. When Mori and Kawaguchi had Kiryu introduce himself to Mori, Kiryu awkwardly observed tradition by bowing, initially intimidating Kato, who said that, for a second, he thought that Kiryu was yakuza. Shortly after, the crew's reporter, Aisa Nagasawa, arrived, and she sat at a table as Kato gave Kiryu instructions in filmmaking lingo, such as bringing over the "erasable" (a prop which could be eaten or consumed, in this case the food Nagasawa was to eat), "grocer" the prop (leaning the plate of food towards the camera as a grocer would do to show off his produce), and then "jeer" the props and "strike the set" (putting away the props once the set was struck). Mori was impressed by Kiryu, calling him "the world's greatest producer".

Kiryu confronting the mutinying film crew

Afterwards, Kato, Mori, and Kawaguchi met with Kiryu outside and thanked Kiryu for his help, and Mori gave Kiryu a magnetic necklace as a token of his appreciation. Kato also thanked Kiryu, but their conversation was interrupted when the missing producer, Kazuki Iida, showed up with the mutinous staff members Yamato Nakanichi and Kunihiko Goto and confronted Kato. Iida said that the three of them were on strike, and the staffers said that they were tired of being overworked. Kato criticized Iida for calling his actions a "boycott", saying that the three men let their "personal drama" get in the way of work. Iida told Kato to "yap" all he wanted, and said that he would end the "sh**show" on a happy note for the mutinying crew, preparing to beat Kato down. Kiryu stepped in, however, and Iida taunted him, saying that it would be double the fun to take on his replacement. In the ensuing fight, Kiryu took down all three of his attackers, and an astonished Iida asked Kato if he had pulled Kiryu from a bodybuilding show, before he and his lackeys fled the scene. Kato then thanked Kiryu, having realized that he faked being a producer the entire time, saying that Kiryu did the best he could with passion, and talked about the power of television in helping people to change their lives. Kato then talked about how he wanted to bring out the passion in his employees, no matter how hellish the process, and Mori and Kawaguchi emotionally pledged themselves to support their boss. The mood suddenly changed when a smiling Kato said that it was time for a production meeting, although Mori and Kawaguchi begged for mercy, as they had just finished filming.

Street fighter

Kiryu rescuing Saikaku Miyano

Kiryu then walked off, and he found the Snake Flower Triad members Naonobu Fujikawa, Masayuki Minami, and Gidayu Kasai intimidating the local resident Saikaku Miyano. He intervened and beat down the three triads, and a grateful Miyano gave Kiryu a valuable ruby plate as a token of his gratitude. While walking through the Golden Gai neighborhood, he was challenged by the Snake Flower Triad members Hirotsugu Imamura, Izo Kamei, and Sumiteru Arai, and he beat them into submission. He also beat down the yanki hoodlums Yoshiiku Takahashi, Kiyoshi Tsuchiya, and Sosuke Obi before making his way onto the main street.

Kiryu eavesdropping on Kanbe Akiyama and Eichi Shinsato

Kiryu then came across the rookie real estate agent Kanbe Akiyama and sales director Eichi Shinsato discussing their latest acquisition in Kabukicho, and asking about the business in Theater Square which had recently closed down; Shinsato said that Tachibana Real Estate had beaten them to it. With this in mind, Kazuma narrowed down Tachibana Real Estate's trail to the Theater District of western Kabukicho.

The Yokomichi Silvers

Kiryu fighting with Toyoaki Tanaka

As Kiryu walked down the street, he bumped into the yakuza Toyoaki Tanaka, who attempted to jump him alongside his friends Shihei Ono and Shogochiyo Matsuo. Kiryu defeated the three men before entering the Theater Square district, where he bumped into a hardcore hooligan who called him an "old man" and insulted him. Kiryu then got into a fight with the yakuza Tokutomi Shibuya, Hirofumi Adachi, and Hideki Nemoto, beating them down as well.

Kiryu observing the gathering of yankis

Shortly after, Kiryu came across a large gathering of hooligans in the Theater Square, and he overheard that they were awaiting a performance by the Yokomichi Silvers yanki rock band. He then spotted the hooligan from earlier nervously spying on the gathering, and Kiryu confronted the man. He introduced himself as Krazy Kyo, the vocalist in a band, although he was shocked that Kiryu did not know of him. He explained to Kiryu that he was part of a famous punk rock band, the "Yokomichi Silvers", and that the band had become heroes to the rebellious youth of Japan, although he and his friends were only pretending to be hardcore hooligans, while they were really well-meaning musicians at heart. The nervous Kyo then asked Kiryu for help with teaching him how to be a hardcore hooligan ahead of a Q&A event to be held at the Theater Square after the performance. Kiryu was initially hesitant, but Kyo explained that he and his bandmates were "law-abiding choir boys" who had never even shoplifted. He then explained that Kiryu appeared to exude a sense of kindness from within his rough exterior, and that he must be a man who extended a helping hand to the weak, saying that he aspired to be "a hooligan with a heart of gold" like Kiryu. Kyo beseeched Kiryu for his "yanki wisdom", so Kiryu agreed to help Kyo and his band.

The Yokomichi Silvers meeting Kiryu

Kyo then brought his bandmates Sleazy Tarashi (the drummer, who claimed to have had no experience with the ladies) and Bad Boy Aku (the guitarist, whose hobby was caring for elders). Kyo then introduced them to Kiryu, who would impart them with "the ways of true, yanki-style hooliganism" unto them. Kiryu suggested that they start their post-performance speech with "Start your engines," as yanki culture was inspired by the American "greaser" motorcycle culture of the 1950s and 1960s, and making references to motorcycles would sell well. Tarashi then said that the record company wanted him to share his hobbies, and asked Kiryu for his help with naming his hobbies. When Kiryu asked Tarashi about his hobbies, he said that he made pancakes for breakfast, took his "darling puppy" Chibi-chan to the park for a mid-morning stroll, had lunch at a chic cafe, went window-shopping, and binged dramas on his VCR until it was his bedtime. Kiryu made Tarashi cry when he said that Tarashi "just described a typical girl's day," but he then apologized and suggested that Tarashi should tell the crowd that he spent his whole day fighting, as yankis were ready to fight anyone on the street, even another punk who looked at them the wrong way. Tarashi then said that Kabukicho must be a brutal community, and said that he could not walk his dog in that "war zone". Finally, Bad Boy Aku asked for a backstory, so Kiryu suggested that he should tell the audience how he crushed a gang during a fight over a childhood friend. Just then, the Yokomichi Silvers were called to the stage, and Kiryu agreed to be there for them in the audience.

The Yokomichi Silvers on stage

The Yokomichi Silvers then took to the stage, where the crowd went wild for Kyo's "start your engines" opening, as well as for his ESP guitar and for his yanki look. After the performance, Kyo thanked the crowd for getting his "pistons pumping". Tarashi then told the crowd how he fought all day long, and an audience member shouted that he would pay to get his "ass kicked" by Tarashi, even just once. Bad Boy Aku then said that he "smashed gangs", and told a fictitious story of how he had "wrecked eight gangs" to save his childhood sweetheart Non-chan on top of a tower while shirtless. After the concert crowd dispersed, Kyo thanked Kiryu for his help, as he said that he was still in shock over the crowd's fabulous response. Kyo gave Kiryu a "wild shirt" as a token of his gratitude, and Kyo told Kiryu to keep an eye on the band, saying, "The Yokomichi Silvers are kicking it up another gear!" As the band left, Kiryu smiled and thought to himself that, because of the band's diligence, they should survive the rough road of the entertainment world, somehow.

Miss Tatsu

Miss Tatsu fighting Jin Okamoto

Kiryu then decided to resume his investigation of Tachibana Real Estate, and he beat down the yakuza Narahiko Ishii, Sanraku Inaba, and Shihei Arakawa along the way. Upon reaching the Theater District, he found a woman debt collector confronting an obese man, Jin Okamoto, over debts he owed to her. Jin disrespected Tatsu, saying that he was broke, while she said that she had watched him go to a soapland with his friends the night before, meaning that he must have money. Bacchus then showed up, and he told Kiryu that Miss Tatsu was his friend, and that she was a legend from Yokohama who had once almost caved in his face for a debt he owed her. Kiryu was astonished to see Jin pull a knife on Tatsu, calling her "sugar t*ts" and ordering her to drop the tough act, while warning her that he had hospitalized a dozen men with his knife. Miss Tatsu responded by calling him "sugar moobs" (referring to his "man boobs") and warned him that he would soon be dead, and, while Kiryu insisted on helping Tatsu, Bacchus had him stand back and watch as Tatsu destroyed Jin in a one-sided fight.

Kiryu after beating up the thugs

Just then, Bacchus alerted Kiryu to the arrival of some of Jin's friends, who planned to jump Tatsu from behind. Kiryu told Bacchus that it was fitting that they would be friends with a man who would pull a knife on a woman, and he challenged the men to a fight, with Bacchus praising him for "keeping chivalry alive". Kiryu beat down Korekiyo Komari, Fukusaburu Kobayashi, Sekien Nakamura, Masazumi Ishii, and Yoshinobu Nishikiri with signboards and other nearby objects, and, when Tatsu turned around to face them, they agreed to flee with their beaten-down friend Jin. Tatsu then had Bacchus introduce her to her "knight in shining armor", Kiryu, and she entertained herself with the thought that Bacchus was trying to turn Kiryu into a professional boxer to get rich and pay off his debts to her. Bacchus suggested that Kiryu partner with Tatsu, and she invited him to hop a cab to the pier sometime so that she could train him. Tatsu then ran off, and, while Kiryu told Bacchus that he would not become a boxer, Bacchus told Kiryu that he would someday stop being a nuisance to Kiryu and told him that he was off to have his afternoon drink. Kiryu warned Bacchus against continuing to drink, but Bacchus asked Kiryu if a man named Bacchus couldn't hold his wine, and reminded Kiryu, "Keep those ribs knife-free, now!"

Kiryu hitting Yukichi Kodama with a signboard

Kiryu would go on to try out his new, beast-like fighting style on the thugs Kenkichi Sano, Yukichi Kodama, and Eijiro Ishihara, using a large signboard as a blunt weapon against them and knocking them all to the ground. He then walked down Tenkaichi Street, where he was handed pocket tissues by several saleswomen. While there, he got into a brawl with the thugs Toru Yokota, Hirobumi Sugano, and Ebizo Shirai, and he also came across the yakuza Yoshida Iijima, Shunsuke Shoji, and Matsuta Nagai beating down on Kuri Natsukawa, and he intervened and beat down the yakuza; Natsukawa gave Kiryu a ruby plate out of gratitude.

Kiryu going bowling

Shortly after, he beat down the Snake Flower gangsters Isei Umeda, Yoshida Ochi, and Masanobu Maekawa after they tried to jump him in an alleyway. Kiryu went on to punch out the yakuza thugs Katsuhito Nishimoto, Tadayuki Akita, and Kuniyoshi Ebara, and he then went to a nearby bowling alley to play three frames by himself. After leaving, he asked himself whether he should fall in with Tachibana Real Estate or not, and he decided to check out Theater Alley.

Finding Tachibana

Kiryu confronting Konosuke Nakajima after defeating him

There, across from the Pachinko store, he came across the yakuza Konosuke Nakajima intimidating the Cafe Blend proprietor Shunsuke Sekiguchi. Nakajima demanded protection money from Sekiguchi, but Sekiguchi said that Nakajima's yakuza had failed to protect him from Tachibana Real Estate and refused to pay up. Kiryu interrupted the conversation after hearing that Tachibana Real Estate had been mentioned, and he asked to know more. Nakajima mistook Kiryu for a rival yakuza and told him that his family had been protecting Cafe Blend for 30 years, and he provoked a fight with Kiryu. Kiryu beat him down, forcing him to flee. Sekiguchi initially feared that Kiryu was there to extort him on behalf of Tachibana, but Kiryu instead asked for information on them, and Sekiguchi said that Tachibana had found out all of his personal details and was next moving in on the Hakua Building on Shichifuku Street, threatening to bring the owner of the last business out in a casket if he did not stop being stubborn.

Kiryu fighting Saemon Oka

Kiryu decided to head to Shichifuku, and, along the way, he took down the Snake Flower gangsters Saemon Oka, Kinmochi Kudo, and Takahiro Mizuno, who had attempted to ambush him. He made short work of them in a public fight, cheered on by the nearby crowd, and a defeated Oka remarked that Kiryu must not be human.

The Hakua Building

Kiryu arriving at the Hakua Building

Kiryu proceeded to make his way to the Hakua Building, and he found that several homeless men were sitting outside. Looking at the list of businesses occupying the building, he found that the Namase Bar was the last holdout. Kiryu made his way upstairs and knocked on the door of the Namase Bar, forcing his way into the room after the frightened manager Ryushi Namase attempted to close the door on Kiryu.

Kiryu talking with Ryushi Namase

Namase asked if Kiryu was from the Jinsei-gumi, but Kiryu said that he was not from any gang, and was looking for information on Tachibana Real Estate. Namase explained that the Jinsei-gumi were four tiers down the ladder of the Tojo-kai, and that the Tachibana henchmen sent them running from their protection racket. He also explained that many other tenants had fled as soon as they heard the name "Tachibana". When Kiryu heard a baby crying in the other room, he asked Namase if he kept his family in the bar, and Namase explained that he did not have enough money to afford a separate apartment and said that his wife had not left the back room in weeks, as she was too afraid of the homeless men who had taken much of the building over. Namase explained that the homeless men, too, were on the Tachibana payroll, as he paid them to "scream and shout and piss in the halls," even having them attempt arson a day earlier. He also said that he received hundreds of silent phone calls throughout the night in order to intimidate him.

Kiryu facing off with Jun Oda

Just then, Namase heard a knock at the door and looked through the peephole, seeing between and five six men waiting for him. He reluctantly let the men in, and was terrified to see that Tachibana's chief enforcer Jun Oda was with his henchmen Maresuke Takishima and Masaru Yamaha. Oda asked if Namase had given some thought to moving out, and when Namase behaved defiantly, Oda reminded him that Tachibana Real Estate now owned the building, and told Namase that he should not stick around for selfish reasons. Namase accused Oda of harassing him for days, despite having an infant at home, and, when Oda attempted to muscle in on Namase, Kiryu stood in front of Namase and told Oda to consider him Namase's bodyguard. Oda ignored Kiryu and told Namase that he had a gift for him: the ¥2 million he had paid the Jinsei-gumi in protection, another ¥2 million as a gift from Tachibana, and another ¥2 million as "milk money for the baby". Namase responded that his defiance wasn't about money, as he wanted to take a stand against those who sought to take advantage of the "little people". Oda responded by throwing the money in Namase's face, and Kiryu berated Oda for causing a scene while Namase's child was in the other room. Oda faced off with Kiryu before deciding to leave with his men, telling Namase to call him later that night. Oda then warned Kiryu that his desire to play the hero would get him killed, and he then left and closed the door.

Kiryu talking with Shotaro Ogawa

Kiryu asked Namase if he was alright, and Namase gleefully said that he was certainly alright, saying that all the guys who packed up and left the minute they were told to were idiots, and that his stand against Tachibana had earned him ¥6 million for his patience. Kiryu then left the shop and found a homeless man, Shotaro Ogawa, downstairs, although he noticed that the others had left. He asked Ogawa where the others had gone, and Ogawa said that they had gone onto the next job, as Tachibana had told them that the job at the Hakua Building was all done. Ogawa then warned Kiryu that he should be careful, as he said that Tachibana Real Estate was scarier than any yakuza, and that they had eyes and ears on every corner. Kiryu deduced that this was how they had chased off the Jinsei-gumi, and Ogawa told Kiryu that, last he heard, the Tojo headquarters made the Jinsei-gumi boss commit yubitsume because of an anonymous tip that he had been skimming off the top of his profits. He also said that, if the Tojo-kai had the full scope of how much the Jinsei-gumi boss had stolen, he would be dead. Kiryu figured that Tachibana was the tip, and that he had the Jinsei-gumi boss on a leash, and, while Ogawa said that he hadn't named Tachibana, he said that there was nobody else in Kabukicho who could dig up that kind of dirt on the yakuza. He then warned Kiryu to steer clear of the Tachibana, and he walked off.

Kiryu meeting with Kamoji at the Shichifuku parking lot

While leaving the apartment, Kiryu passed by the Shichifuku parking lot and ran into Kamoji, remembering him as the "punchout artist" Bacchus had introduced him to. Kamoji then explained his business: the customer would put up ¥10,000, and, if they won, Kamoji would give them ¥20,000. He also explained that frustrated drunks were his most frequent customers, and he explained that nobody had taken him down before (having turned down a wealthy customer with ¥10 million because he felt that the man might beat him), and that he was "a pretty good teacher". As Kiryu had not invested enough in his fighting skills, Kamoji told Kiryu to come back when he was ready.

Kiryu overhearing Takeji Kitabayashi and Gekko Kugimiya

Kiryu then came across the homeless men Takeji Kitabayashi and Gekko Kugimiya, mentioning that their friend Saku had just gotten back from a job for Tachibana Real Estate and was hanging out at Public Park 3 with his friends. While headed to the parking lot, Kazuma fought off the Snake Flower Triad members Katsunan Tokuda, Tatsuzo Kubota, and Shiba Kanamori, and then three more triads, Kane Fujiwara, Gonkuro Mizuno, and Shiba Tsunematsu.

Training a dominatrix

Ayu Sakurai and Yoshitomo Kotake having a public S&M session

Kiryu later ran into an unusual scene, with a man, Yoshitomo Kotake, prostrating himself before the dominatrix Ayu Sakurai and calling on her to publicly abuse him as he left her dungeon. She called him a "middle-aged man" and "lusty", and she then told him to "please visit again"; this led to an unsatisfied Kotake telling her that she was not being a good dominatrix (both during their earlier role-play and now during their goodbye), as she had merely stated two facts and treated him with proper business etiquette as he was leaving. He then told her, "Other than your terrible humiliation skills, you're the girl of my dreams. But I don't know if I can keep this up."

The two chauvinists interrupting Ayu-chan and Kiryu

Kiryu walked up to the distraught Ayu-chan after Kotake walked off, and she apologized for making a scene in public, saying that she was a poor dominatrix who found it hard to berate someone without coming off as rude. Kiryu explained that her customers paid her because they wanted to be abused by her, and she explained that, ever since she was a child, she could never rebuke anyone, even forgiving her friends when they betrayed her, and seeking to transform herself into an assertive person by working as a dominatrix. Just then, two male passers-by, Shunko Okuno and Orinosuke Suga, made fun of Ayu-chan for being a dominatrix, claiming that she was not "regal" enough to be an "S&M queen". Kiryu tried to intimidate them, but they decided to pick a fight with him (wrongly perceiving him to be a customer of Ayu's), so he was forced to beat down both of them. Upon being beaten down, Okuno said that Kiryu was supposed to like getting his "a** spanked", and the two men then ran off. Ayu then thanked Kiryu for telling the men what she wanted to say, and she asked Kiryu to teach her how to punish people, taking a reluctant Kiryu to a nearby park to practice.

Ayu-chan practicing with Kiryu as the children watch

At the park, Ayu-chan had Kiryu pretend to be a customer, and he gave her ideal greetings and responses for her customer. For instance, for a greeting, he suggested that she lay down the rules and treat the customer like an animal, asking them, "Who gave you the right to speak, you pig?" He then suggested that, when a customer asked for a certain form of abuse, she should not make them feel guilty by asking them about their kink, instead having her say, "I bet you'd like that, you pervert!" Just then, two young boys, Yasunari Kanai and Masakazu Tanikawa, and their female friend, Michi Sonoda, came up to the two and asked if they could join in their game, unaware of what was going on. Ayu suggested that she and Kiryu move their practice somewhere else, but Kiryu told her to use the children's presence as an example of a spontaneous event which could help shame the client. He suggested that, in the case that her client was being watched by strangers, she say, "They're watching you get humiliated!" Kiryu told Ayu that part of him felt real humiliation, and Ayu apologized, saying that she did not mean to actually humiliate Kiryu during the process. Kiryu told her not to apologize, as that could potentially turn off some of her customers, and he told her to deliver harsh goodbyes to them. Grateful for Kiryu's help, Ayu invited him to come back with her to the dungeon, as she wanted to give him a token of her appreciation.

Kotake meeting Ayu in the dungeon

On their arrival, however, Ayu was told that she had a customer waiting for her, so she convinced Kiryu to hide and watch her in order to observe her putting what she had learned into practice. Sure enough, it was Kotake who had come back to her, and he was surprised when she greeted him by calling him an insolent pig. Kotake was pleased by this, making oinking and squealing noises while talking to her. He asked for her to step all over him with her heels, and she called him a pervert, saying that he must be a pervert to want someone his daughter's age to humiliate him. Kiryu, feeling increasingly uncomfortable, whispered to himself that he should turn away so he would not see what was to happen next, but Kotake overheard him and forced him to come out from his hiding spot. Kotake panicked, asking if Kiryu worked there, but Ayu rescued the situation by saying that she asked him to watch Kotake be humiliated, and Kotake was pleased by the idea of being humiliated through voyeurism. After the session was over, Kotake complimented Ayu (whom he called "Your Majesty Queen Ayu-sama"), saying, "Your demeanor was truly regal, and your behavior the height of haughty scornfulness!" After Kotake left, Ayu thanked Kiryu for his help and gave him a fur belly warmer as a token of her appreciation, and she invited him to come meet her again as a client, promising to pleasure him with her whip.

A Round for the Homeless

Kiryu meeting the homeless men

Kiryu then made his way to the homeless encampment at Public Park 3, but, while walking through the Nakamichi Alley, he was forced to beat down the delinquents Yohachi Tashiro, Hoshiko Hada, and Yoshitora Endo when they tried to jump him. He also beat down the yanki thugs Takeru Wakahashi, Tomiji Mizuno, and Joji Ikegami on Nakamichi Street. Shortly after, he found the homeless men sharing a barrel fire, and he heard them celebrating their money-making with Tachibana Real Estate. Kiryu approached one of them, Suezo Hirata, who said that his lips were frozen, and he would only talk to Kiryu if he bought a round of drinks for him and his homeless friends. Kiryu asked which of them were employed by Tachibana Real Estate, and, when all of them raised their hands, Kiryu was forced to go around and take their orders. Hirata ordered a beer, Tamotsu Ito ordered a sweet potato shochu (and attempted to relate how he used to get girls drunk and take advantage of them), Yukio Shiraki ordered scotch whiskey, Yakamochi Yonamine ordered champagne to commemorate Christmas, and Kunimatsu Sakiyama requested sake.

Kiryu visiting the Don Quixote store

Kiryu then travelled around Kabukicho to buy the drinks from several convenience stores; along the way, he fought off the thugs Takehide Hanada, Roku Sugano, and Morihiro Yamagami, and he also befriended the nervous young store clerk Miho Tono, with Kiryu wishing her good luck as she got used to her job. While walking through another alleyway, he was accosted by the delinquents Tsukasa Yanagida, Yoritomo Tezuka, and Kenichi Muranaka, using a bicycle to beat the three of them down. Finally, he made his way to the Don Quixote convenience store to finish off his drink orders, and, on his way back, he sold his two ruby plates at the pawn shop for ¥10 million each. Upon returning to the lot, Kiryu gave the homeless men their drinks, and he began to question them. Sakiyama said that Tachibana was sending them on to the next place the next day, while Hirata confirmed that Tachibana approached them for jobs rather than the other way around. Sakiyama said that they didn't care who employed them, working for both Tachibana and the yakuza. Crucially, Hirata told Kiryu that Tachibana and his men were operating in the Golden Gai district, calling it "a gold mine for land speculators," but Sakiyama warned Kiryu that the locals would all clam up once a yakuza set foot in their neighborhood.

Saving Bacchus

Kiryu and Bacchus confronting the defeated Shunsuke Kayumi

Kiryu then bade farewell to the homeless men and attempted to make his way to the Golden Gai, only to run into Bacchus, who summoned him into a nearby alleyway. There, Bacchus told Kiryu that he was in need of help, as he was in imminent danger. Kiryu said that Bacchus would only be inviting more trouble by asking help from a wanted man, but Bacchus explained that his enemies abroad were attempting to kill him. Just then, a mysterious hitman, Okura Abo, arrived, and he told Bacchus that he was just doing his job by seeking Bacchus' head and asked him not to hold it against him. Bacchus cowered and cried for help, so Kiryu beat down the hitman after a brief fight. Kiryu told Abo to go back to whoever ordered the hit and tell them to forget about Bacchus, and he then asked Bacchus to help train him in new moves before the next hitman inevitably showed up. Bacchus told Kiryu that the most important thing in a fight was tenacity, and taught him to throw an opponent's punch back at him with his own weight. Just then, a freelance street fighter, Shunsuke Kayumi, showed up and said that he had been instructed to kill Bacchus. Kiryu tested out his new moves on Kayumi, beating him down. He then interrogated Kayumi about who had sent him, and Kayumi said that he was unable to identify his patron through the shadows, although he guessed from the way that he walked that he was a foreigner. Kiryu then let Kayumi off as well, and Bacchus thanked Kiryu for helping him and invited him to meet him at the same spot later on.

Investigating the Golden Gai

Kiryu meeting Kantaro Kikuchi

Kiryu went on to travel to the Golden Gai district, but, before he entered the neighborhood, he was stopped by Officer Kantaro Kikuchi for a routine stop-and-search. Kiryu told Kikuchi that officers like him were inconveniencing normal people, but Kikuchi was friendly and assured Kikuchi that the search would not take long. He then asked him to hand over what he was carrying on him, so Kiryu handed over a plushie; Kikuchi deduced that Kiryu must be harmless, so he let him be on his way and introduced himself as Officer Kikuchi.

Kiryu facing off with the Golden Gai residents

With Kikuchi off his back, Kiryu then walked into the Golden Gai neighborhood, where he was confronted by three locals, Noriyuki Maeda, Yasujiro Murakami, and Shoko Yuki, who armed themselves with baseball bats and knives. They mistook Kiryu for a yakuza and told him that they were sick and tired of the yakuza, and that their neighborhood was all that they had left; they invited Kiryu to kill them if the yakuza wanted them gone so badly. Kiryu proceeded to beat down all three men and question them about Tachibana Real Estate, only to be surprised when Maeda explained that Tachibana Real Estate was the only reason their district was still standing.

Kiryu meeting Jun Oda

Just then, Jun Oda arrived with a bodyguard, and he recognized Kiryu from the Hakua Building. He questioned Kiryu's earlier statement that he wasn't a yakuza, and Kiryu said that, while it might be hard for people to believe, he was not a yakuza, although he used to be in the Dojima family; this caused the local residents to whine about, of all the yakuza families, why the Dojima family had to show up in their neighborhood. Oda then asked Kiryu about the purpose of his visit, and Kiryu explained that Tachibana had reached out to him with an offer of employment. Oda said that he hadn't heard a word about the arrangement, and he called Tachibana on his phone to ask for confirmation. He then told Kiryu to meet with Tachibana at his penthouse, but he warned Kiryu not to come back around Golden Gai, as the locals didn't take kindly to yakuza. Oda also explained that the people in the district had been around since before Kabukicho burned down during World War II, and that the Golden Gai was the root the whole town had grown out of. Kiryu said that Oda's attitude had changed from earlier, at the other place, but Oda explained that the residents of the Hakua Building had drifted into town looking to cash in, and Namase had only been able to open his bar after chasing the former occupants out; he justified Tachibana's actions as karma. Oda then formally introduced himself to Kiryu, saying that he ran "on-site acquisitions" for his longtime employer. Kiryu bade him farewell, and told him that he would meet with Tachibana and see if he could learn more.

Partnering with Tachibana

Kiryu being confronted by the guards at Tachibana's penthouse

Kiryu beat down the punks Natsu Ogata, Kuemon Seki, and Shoda Koyama when they tried to jump him in an alleyway, and he then reached the entrance of the penthouse. There, he was greeted by three guards, and their leader Tadakuni Yoichi said that the president wasn't in, and that Kiryu was mistaken in thinking that he could meet him. Yoichi then reported that Oda had told him that a young thug would come barging in, and had ordered him and the guards to greet him with a gentle bruising. Kiryu soon found himself faced by six men, but he resolved to fight them, and he was able to beat down all six of them and fight his way to Tachibana's penthouse door.

Oda laying defeated on the floor

Upon entering Tachibana's room, Kiryu found that Oda was waiting for him. He asked Oda if he had the men downstairs attack him, and Oda said that, as Kiryu had done his homework on Tachibana Real Estate, it was only fair that they took a look at "the goods". However, Oda said that he was unsure if Kiryu being a good fighter merited a partnership with Tachibana, and sarcastically lamented that, "It's tough not being able to delegate." Oda then produced nunchuks, and he and Kiryu proceeded to have a destructive fight in Tachibana's penthouse, with Kiryu using furniture and quick jabs to take down Oda after an intense fight.

Kiryu meeting with Tachibana

Oda lamented his defeat at Kiryu's hands, but Kiryu's confrontation with his defeated foe was interrupted when Tachibana arrived. Kiryu angrily asked if Tachibana had signed off on Oda testing him, and Tachibana explained that Oda was like one of his limbs, and that he needed Oda's approval before he could officially welcome Kiryu into his circle. Kiryu expressed his feeling of a loss of trust for Tachibana, but Tachibana then walked to the window and told Kiryu that he saw Kabukicho as a feeding ground for the Tojo-kai, who drank up all of its wealth. However, he then showed Kiryu his power by initiating a ten-second blackout across the neighborhood.

Shintaro Kazama's locket

Kiryu then asked Tachibana if he had a mole in the Tojo-kai, and Tachibana revealed that the man who had sought for the two to ally was none other than Shintaro Kazama. He explained that Kuze must have asked Kiryu to win Kazama's trust and obtain a secret from him, and Tachibana said that this secret was the identity of the owner of the Empty Lot, before revealing that he owned the Empty Lot. Tachibana warned Kiryu that, the second the Dojima family found out about his advantage, they would turn their full attention to destroying him. He then said that Kazama's ultimate wish was for Kiryu and Tachibana to join hands despite his rivalry with the Dojima family, and, when Kiryu asked for proof, Tachibana handed him a locket which contained a photo of Kazama, Kazuma, and Yuki Sawamura, and told Kiryu that Kazama had given it a few months earlier before he was sent to prison. He then instructed Kiryu to return the locket to Kazama once he was out of prison, and Kiryu said that, if Kazama wanted him to do something, he would do it, even if it was at the cost of his life.

An Honest Living

Shopping with Nishikiyama

Kiryu and Nishikiyama meeting at the batting center

Over the next two days, Kiryu was welcomed into Tachibana Real Estate, and, on the afternoon of 14 December 1988, he invited Nishikiyama to meet him at the batting club. There, Nishikiyama expressed his amazement that Kiryu had gone legitimate as a "real estate agent", and asked about Kiryu's progress. Kiryu said that Tachibana was already digging around for information using his agency's real estate network, that Tachibana had discovered that the police found Kiryu's prints on the body at the Empty Lot, and that Tachibana was pulling strings around the force to slow down their investigation and give him a respite of around two to three days. He then told Nishikiyama that Tachibana had invited him to participate in the agency's work as they conducted their investigation, and he couldn't say no to such an offer. Kiryu shared that he had an appointment to meet with Jun Oda for lunch at the Cafe Alps, and that Oda had told him that he could not show up dressed like a yakuza. Nishikiyama realized that Kiryu had called him because of his fashion sense, and Kiryu said that he wanted Nishikiyama to find him something classy that made him look less like a criminal. The two men then left the batting center, and Kiryu told Nishikiyama that he wanted to take care of the clothing shopping in Kabukicho; Nishikiyama said that it left him with few options, but he suggested Men's Suits in Nakamichi Alley.

Nishikiyama laughing at Kiryu

The two friends were confronted by the yakuza Hirohisa Miwa, Yuki Matsuzaki, Danno Ohira, and Soseki Fujino along the way, and Kiryu and Nishikiyama beat down the four yakuza in a public street brawl. They also took down the delinquents Kenji Sega, Kantaro Oyama, Ryuichi Sakai, and Roku Murai. The two men then reached Men's Suits, where Nishikiyama told Kiryu to look at suits as he passed judgment. Nishikiyama dismissed many of Kiryu's early choices, calling them too "loud", but he suggested that Kiryu try on a white pinstripe suit Kiryu had taken a liking to. When Kiryu put it on, Nishikiyama broke out into laughter, deducing that nothing Kiryu wore could ever make him look legitimate. Kiryu told the hysterically laughing Nishikiyama that he liked the suite anyway, and he decided to buy it. As the two men left, Nishikiyama warned Kiryu that Kuze was on the warpath and was dead set on ending Kiryu, telling Kiryu, "Your last run-in left him short on fingers AND on patience." Kiryu then thanked Nishikiyama and bade him farewell, and he set out for the cafe to meet with Oda.

Learning business etiquette

Oda and Kiryu outside the cafe

Along the way, Kiryu was confronted by the thug Nariaki Nagano and his hooligan friends Ken Kojima, Benkei Takeshita, and Koan Fukui, but Kiryu was able to beat down Nagano and his men and make his way to the cafe. There, he found Oda waiting for him outside, and, when Kazuma greeted him as "Oda", Oda asked for Kiryu to call him "Oda-san" and display more business etiquette, before saying that Kiryu still looked like a yakuza; Kiryu said that Oda, who was dressed in his usual outfit, was one to talk. Kiryu then asked if there was anyone who would be more qualified to train him, and Oda laughed and said that only he could keep Kiryu in check. He then warned "Kiryu-kun" that he was a "tough love" type of teacher, and he gave Kiryu "vanity specs" to look more professional and less intimidating.

Oda and Kiryu finding a table

Oda then told Kiryu that their client was "Naive, though, and too rich for his own good," and that he had trouble with squatters who took over his building in between the mortgage owner defaulting on the property and the building being put up for auction, and the building being bought by a new owner. Oda explained that squatters often took over the building to force the owner to pay a sizable relocation fee, and said that squatters were often in cahoots with the old owners. The old owners would tip off their friends that their place was auctioned in exchange for a cut of whatever the squatters extorted. Kiryu asked if their job was to kick the squatters to the curb, but Oda warned Kiryu that they could not afford for the squatting issue to become a police matter (as squatters had legal rights), and their client sought for them to resolve the matter by paying the squatters a bribe of as little money as possible. Oda then gave Kiryu his own business card, telling him that he could not afford to let his clients forget him and move on.

Helping Yamanoi

Kiryu meeting Sojuro Yamanoi

The two men then entered the cafe, where Kiryu picked out a table on the side of the cafe away from the door, with the guest being reserved the farthest-away seat (the head of the table) and the hosts getting the "foot" (the seats closest to the door). When a waiter came over for drinks, Oda said that they would wait for their client, as was business etiquette. Oda then explained to Kiryu that both the yakuza and the business world has strict codes of etiquette. Just then, their client Sojuro Yamanoi arrived, and Kiryu bowed and introduced himself to Yamanoi, also giving him a business card. Yamanoi was impressed by Kiryu, even though Oda pointed out that Kiryu had accidentally handed over his business card upside-down.

The meeting at Cafe Alps

The three men then sat to discuss business, and Yamanoi said that an apparently homeless man in his forties, Yasuhide Tsuji, had taken over his old real estate office. He told Oda that he wanted the situation resolved as soon as possible, and he was willing to pay ¥8 million to Tsuji in order to convince him to move out. Kiryu was shocked, saying that he would have kicked out the squatter without restitution, but Oda calmed him, and Yamanoi told them that Tsuji had yakuza backers. Oda told Yamanoi not to worry, as he claimed that Kiryu was a "yakuza expert" who often dressed as a yakuza out of fascination and occasionally pretended to be one. Yamanoi then told the two men that he had set aside funds as a means to thank the men for their trouble, but Oda assured Tsuji that Tachibana would not accept payment, as he wished to thank Yamanoi for his kindness. Yamanoi was touched by the gesture, saying that Tachibana Real Estate always went the extra mile. He then told the two men that the office was in the Sugita Building on Tenkaichi Street, and the two men left to deal with the squatter.

Kiryu and Oda regrouping outside the restaurant

Kiryu and Oda regrouped outside the restaurant, and Oda told Kiryu that he would handle the negotiations as Kiryu would watch and learn. He then told Kiryu to run along and fetch a confectionery box as a gift to Tsuji, saying that people making business deals should never show up empty-handed, as per etiquette. Kiryu then ran out to grab the chocolate box, and, along the way, he beat down the thugs Utamara Tanizaki, Kyuso Negishi, and Norishige Mitani. He also visited Miho at her shop and bought some food for himself before heading back out to search for a dessert box.

Kiryu facing Hiroya Egashira

Kiryu beat down the delinquents Rai Yamakawa, Tadayoshi Sakaguchi, and Tsugumichi Sada after they attempted to ambush him, only to come across Hiroya Egashira once again. This time, Kiryu was able to dodge most of Egashira's punches and drink medicine whenever he was injured, and he was able to beat down Egashira and take his ¥25,006,327 of stolen money. Egashira said that he knew that the path to becoming the strongest living creature would not be a walk in the park, and he told Kiryu that he would come back stronger than before, and that Kiryu should get some cash ready for next time. Kiryu then continued his journey to the store, beating down the goons Koryusai Ikeda, Matsuyo Okamura, Yasuhide Takada, and Sadahige Morita, and he purchased a confectionery box at the M-Store before returning to Oda.

Kiryu and Oda at the Sugita Building

Kiryu then rendezvoused with Oda at the Sugita Building, and, when they went to Yamanoi's old office, they found that Tsuji had turned the office into a pigsty. Oda handed Tsuji a box of chocolates before forcing his way into the room and telling Tsuji that the room was Yamanoi's, as he owned the building. Tsuji decided to cite the Civil Code, Article 395 as justification for his squatting in the room, telling the two men that, "In the case of mortgaged property, short-term rental tenants are legally protected from the mortgagee's demands." When Tsuji asked the two men if they wanted to take the dispute to court, Kiryu mocked Tsuji for only being in it for a relocation payment, and Oda told Tsuji to bring out the yakuza he worked for.

The confrontation at the Sugita Building

The two men left as Tsuji called the yakuza, and Oda told Kiryu that they weren't really there for Tsuji, but for the yakuza whom they were actually dealing with; he revealed to Kiryu that step one was merely to bring the yakuza to the table. Shortly after, three yakuza arrived, and Oda told Kiryu to meet their real negotiation partners, who were more punctual than Oda had expected. Their leader Sadahige Ebara told Oda that they could have Tsuji packed up and moved out in no time, but Ebara said that, as the building was worth ¥100 million, the yakuza wanted a cut of ¥7 million. Ebara then said that both sides were making easy money, saying that "real estate fat cats" like Oda and Kiryu were "tripping over piles of (their) cash."

A defeated Sadahige Ebara confronting Kiryu and Oda

Oda and Kiryu refused to pay the yakuza that much, causing Ebara to demand an extra convenience fee of ¥3 million for the removal. Instead, Oda and Kiryu provoked a fight with the yakuza, who were not legally protected, unlike Tsuji. Kiryu beat down Ebara and his henchmen Shigenobu Nomura and Yoshiyuki Kikuchi, using a bicycle in the ensuing brawl. Ebara warned the two men that he would not forget their faces, and that he came from the Tojo-kai's Taihei Association, causing Kiryu to panic, as Dojima lieutenant Hiroki Awano was in charge of that crew. Ebara told Oda and Kiryu, "Too late to unf**k yourselves now. You made the wrong enemies. All you can do now is wait for the hammer to fall!" The yakuza then left, and Oda lamented to Kiryu, "Kabukicho's got more yakuza than friggin' stars in the sky, and we had to bump into a Dojima man's goons. That certainly makes things messier." However, Oda reasoned that, the moment they both started going after the Empty Lot, they were bound to butt heads with the Dojima family anyway, saying that the confrontation could serve as a friendly greeting between the two organizations.

Oda and Kiryu confronting Tsuji

Shortly after, Tsuji ran downstairs and was shocked that his protectors had been beaten down. Oda then asked a terrified Tsuji if he wanted to pick up the conversation where they had left off, and Tsuji told them that he would move out immediately. Oda told Tsuji to be out of the room that night, and warned Tsuji that, if Yamanoi found Tsuji there the next morning, there was no telling what Kiryu might do to him. Tsuji then ran off, and Oda commended Kiryu on his first job. He then asked him if it was easier than his yakuza job, and said that it must feel good to have people also thank him for his work, but Kiryu said that he did not join the yakuza because he thought it would be fun, or because people would thank him. Oda then asked Kiryu if he would rejoin the yakuza once the Empty Lot dispute was over, but Kiryu said that he hadn't made up his mind yet, and he then refocused the conversation on the present. Oda told Kiryu to report to "old man Yamanoi" and then meet him at the Serena bar on Tenkaichi Street once he was done. Oda then gave Kiryu some money as recompense for his work, but also told him that it meant Kiryu giving a solo report to Yamanoi, and told him that Yamanoi was a hardcore bowler with his own ball, and that he would probably be at the Mach Bowl.

Kiryu meeting Katsumi Shitara, the "Leisure King"

Along the way to the Mach Bowl, however, Kazuma came across Maresuke Takeshita and Katsumi Shitara talking of how, despite the "encouragement" they gave to Yamanoi, he still wouldn't back down from fighting for the few properties he still held. Shitara said that he hoped that a few bruised ribs would serve as a reminder the next time Yamanoi forgot his "place", and Takeshita said that, once Yamanoi was out of the game, Shitara would have the whole patch of the city to himself, and said that it was no wonder why people called Shitara the "Leisure King". Shitara laughed and said that his defeat of Yamanoi would inevitably earn him bragging rights among the "Five Billionaires". The two men then bumped into Kiryu as they walked away, and Shitara warned him never to get in his way again.

Real estate business

Kiryu rescuing Yamanoi

Kiryu then reached the bowling alley, where he found Yamaoi sitting in front of the building, still in pain from his beating. Yamanoi rejected Kiryu's offer of calling him a doctor and instead asked him to walk him back to the Sugita Building, where Yamanoi told Kiryu that there was a group of men looking to drive him out of business, and his longtime refusal of their demands brought about his beating. Kiryu asked if the men were related to the "Leisure King", and, when Yamanoi asked Kiryu how he knew about him, Kiryu explained that he had run into the man as he talked about beating down and driving out Yamanoi, and he put two and two together.

Kiryu talking with Yamanoi in the Sugita Building

Yamanoi explained that the "Leisure King" was a tycoon who made his fortune running pachinko parlors and other attractions, and was one of the "Five Billionaires", a group of five businessmen who dominated Kabukicho. He then explained that the Leisure King was just one of the billionaires, alongside the Pleasure King, the Electronics King, the Gambling King, and the Media King, who snatched up every property in Kabukicho they could, and used violence and extortion through hired thugs when their overwhelming capital failed to seal a deal. Yamanoi explained that they had carved up Kabukicho into five areas, and that he had become enemies with the Leisure King because he prevented him from completing his monopoly of the Tenkaichi Street area. Yamanoi said that, in the "bizarre bubble economy" they were living in, money seemed to grow on trees in Asia's largest pleasure district, and he theorized that the upward economic trend would someday come crashing down, and, if Kabukicho continued to serve as the board for the Five Billionaires to play on, it would end up a wasteland, stripped-bare once the bubble burst.

Kiryu outside the Sugita Building

Yamanoi then told Kiryu that he was getting too old to resist the Five Billionaires alone, and he convinced Kiryu to partner with him, as Yamanoi told Kiryu, "You have the physical strength to match their goons, and a strong sense of uncompromising justice. You also have the personal skills to minimize loss and resolve conflict." Yamanoi then invited Kiryu to take over the office, and said that he was committed to supporting Kiryu along the way. Kiryu was reluctant, but Yamanoi revealed that Tachibana had suggested that he partner with Kiryu, and, after Yamanoi mentioned how Kiryu was loyal to Shintaro Kazama, Kiryu asked Yamanoi how he knew Kazama. Yamanoi said that his knowledge of Kazama was "ancient history" and that he could not give Kiryu too many details, but said that Kazama was the man he trusted most in the world, and said that Kiryu shared Kazama's "clear eyes and piercing gaze" during his youth. Kiryu then agreed to help Yamanoi, who told Kiryu that he would get the office cleaned up and restored to its original state in a short while.

Kiryu and Bacchus confronting Keita Tamaki

During Kiryu's walk, he beat down the delinquents Naosuke Sugimoto, Hideki Murata, and Jurobei Horiuchi in the Tenkaichi Alley, and he then came across Bacchus in his alleyway hideout. There, Bacchus decided to teach Kiryu a new move, grabbing an opponent's face to grab and wrench down an opponent with a solid defense. Shortly after, a hitman calling himself the "Unassailable Assassin", Keita Tamaki, arrived and warned Bacchus that he would not be like the other "second-rate hitmen" whom Kiryu had taken down thus far. Kiryu used his new technique to break Tamaki's collar-bone, and Tamaki promised he would not come back. Bacchus then thanked Kiryu for his help, and Kiryu bade him farewell.

Kiryu rescuing Naizen Kuramoto

As Kiryu walked back to the Sugita Building, he came across the criminals Bairei Iwai, Noburo Hiramatsu, and Kunimatsu Nakagawa harassing Naizen Kuramoto, and he intervened and proceeded to beat down the thugs and rescue Kuramoto. A grateful Kuramoto gave Kiryu a slightly battered platinum plate as a reward for his kind assistance. Having rescued Kuramoto, Kiryu then decided to return to the Sugita Building to rendezvous with Yamanoi.

Kiryu meeting Marina Shiraishi

When Kiryu arrived, he found that the place had been totally refurbished, and Yamanoi introduced Kiryu to his secretary, Marina Shiraishi. Yamanoi told Kiryu that the office was now his, and he then taught him the basics of real estate, such as collecting payouts from his businesses, assigning managers and security guards to certain areas, and sending advisors to help improve properties. Firstly, Kiryu sent Hiro Chiba to manage the Yurizake restaurant, Yamanoi's last business, and to collect its profits. Marina also announced that Yamanoi had given Kiryu ¥15 million as startup capital, and Yamanoi said that the startup capital and Yurizake on the bottom floor of the building would serve as Kiryu's nest egg. He then had Kiryu spend much of the startup capital on Sukiyaki Muranaka on Tenkaichi Street, and, when Kiryu visited the store, he found that it was booked solid, so he purchased the restaurant.

Kiryu discussing the real estate business in his office

Kiryu then returned to his office, where Marina said that his profits were ready and waiting for him. Yamanoi also told Kiryu to expand his holdings, grow his properties, and enhance his personal roster, as it would ensure that he made great profits, and he advised Kiryu to invest wisely, including in himself. When Marina called Kiryu "Mr. President", Kiryu asked if Yamanoi wasn't the president, and Marina said that she felt more secretarial if she called Kiryu "Mr. President", and Yamanoi said that it was harmless to let Marina call Kiryu the president. She then said that it was her first secretarial job, and, when Kiryu asked what she had done before, she said that it was a "big, juicy secret," causing Kiryu to worry that she would give him headaches in the future.

Kiryu hiring Krazy Kyo

With his own real estate business set up, Kiryu decided to meet with Oda at Serena. As he left the Sugita Building, he found that Krazy Kyo from the Yokomichi Silvers was waiting for him. Kiryu warmly greeting Kiryu, who said that he could hardly tell whether Kyo was acting like a gentleman or a yanki. He then asked what Kyo was doing outside of his office, and Kyo said that he wanted to learn more about being a hooligan, and asked Kiryu if he could let him work at his office and help his business. Kiryu told Kyo that it would not be much of a hooligan job, but Kyo said that he would work for free if it meant learning from Kiryu. Kiryu insisted on paying Kyo a salary if he worked with him, and he decided to hire his old friend as an advisor for his business.

Kiryu and Nishikiyama drinking at Serena

Kiryu then walked into the Serena Executive Lounge, where he was greeted by its owner, Reina Tsuru, who asked if it was Kiryu's first time there. Kiryu was surprised to see Nishikiyama at the bar, and Reina asked if Kazuma was a friend of Nishikiyama's. Nishikiyama revealed to Kiryu that Serena was his favorite bar in town, and Kiryu and Nishikiyama went on to have a few drinks. Kiryu was initially reluctant to get festive, as he did not want to be plastered by the time Oda arrived, but, when it became clear that Oda was running late, Nishikiyama convinced Kiryu to sing karaoke with him. Reina encouraged Kiryu to sing, so he sang "Judgement", after which Nishikiyama commended Kiryu for being into the karaoke, despite his earlier "bellyaching".

Kiryu confronting Awano's men

Just then, Oda entered the bar, staggering in with blood and bruises covering his body. He collapsed on the floor, and he was followed by a group of yakuza, with Hiroki Awano entering the room as well and greeting both Nishikiyama and Kiryu. Awano asked Kiryu if he recognized Sadahige Ebara, and Kiryu recognized him as the man who was with the squatter earlier that day. Awano then told Kiryu that Tachibana Real Estate had been pecking at the Tojo Clan from the shadows for a while, and showed Kiryu the business cards Oda had made for Kiryu, before an angry Awano asked Kiryu how he could join Tachibana Real Estate right after leaving the Dojima family, and asked him if he had any gratitude in him. Awano then showed Kiryu to his associate Isoshi Okabe, who had been forced to take accountability for the failed deal with the squatter through yubitsume. When Nishikiyama asked Kiryu what he had done, Awano angrily told Kiryu that lackeys should not interrupt the boss, and he slammed his head into the bar, breaking his nose.

Kiryu facing the thugs in the alleyway

Awano then told Kiryu to have a talk with his men outside as he had a drink with Nishikiyama, and Kiryu followed the bat-wielding thugs to the alleyway outside. There, Okabe confronted Kiryu over costing the family ¥10 million, and he attempted to have Kiryu get on his knees and grovel. Kiryu refused, and he instead insisted on fighting the men, although they wielded knives and baseball bats. Kiryu beat down Okabe, Ebara, and the other thugs from earlier after a brief fight in the alleyway

Awano confronting Kiryu

Awano exited the building down the same fire exit and joked that Kiryu had ironically become more yakuza than when he was in the yakuza. Awano then told Kiryu that he had dragged himself to meet Kiryu because he heard that he was now wrapped up with Tachibana, and he claimed that Kazama was using Tachibana Real Estate to make a move on the Empty Lot. When he asked if Tachibana had found the lot's owner, Kiryu remained silent, and Awano deduced that Tachibana must have been unsuccessful thus far. As Kiryu attempted to walk away, Awano told him to set up a meeting between him and Tachibana, saying that he would forget about the squatter business and the Empty Lot conspiracy if Kiryu would betray Tachibana. When Kiryu continued to look away from Awano, Awano warned him that, if he refused, the Dojima-gumi would paint a target on Kiryu's back, and warned Kiryu that he could not escape to prison, saying that Kiryu's death would be a slow one. He then warned that the vendetta would not stop with Kiryu, and that he would also retaliate against Nishikiyama, whom he considered "collateral damage". Awano then delivered Kiryu an ultimatum: "Hand over Tachibana, or die in his place. Take your pick and call me tonight."


Choosing a side

Kiryu checking on Oda

Kiryu then returned to the bar, where he checked in on Oda, seeing that Reina was taking care of his bleeding nose. Nishikiyama apologized for not helping Kiryu during the fight, but Kiryu forgave him, accepting that Nishikiyama was limited by his active role in the family. Oda then asked Kiryu if Awano had asked him to betray Tachibana, and Nishikiyama said that Awano had mentioned it while Kiryu was "busting heads downstairs." Nishikiyama also reported that the Dojima family was kicking off an all-hands search for the President of Tachibana Real Estate, and that Awano had attempted to convince him to recruit Kiryu to join the effort. Oda told Nishikiyama that, as they spoke, Tachibana was digging up enough info to end the murder investigation against Kiryu, leading to an argument between Nishikiyama and Oda, with Nishikiyama seeking to protect his friend's life at the expense of Tachibana, and Oda attempting to defend his boss and appeal to Kiryu's sense of loyalty. Kiryu said that he knew that it was about time he made enemies with the Dojima family, as he had anticipated it for days. Nishikiyama berated Kiryu for planning to go head-to-head with the Dojima family, saying that not even Kazama could have known things would get that bad. Oda said that Tachibana, too, was hoping to have the Empty Lot in his pocket long before going to war with the Dojima family. Oda then said that having the Empty Lot would be a trump card Tachibana could use to temper the Dojima family's might, but he never figured the Dojima lieutenants would force Tachibana's hand so early in the game.

Kiryu leaving Serena

Nishikiyama told Kiryu that he shouldn't underestimate Awano and lump him in with Kuze, saying that Awano was "actually pretty sharp". Just then, Tachibana called Oda's satellite phone, and Oda told Tachibana that the Dojima family knew they were after the Empty Lot, and told his boss that he needed to hide, saying that they could not trust Kiryu because he might sell Tachibana out to Dojima. When Oda hung up, he explained that telling Tachibana that Kiryu couldn't be trusted would ensure that he would completely disappear for the time being, and apologized to Kiryu for what might have seemed like an accusation. Kiryu then thanked Reina for putting up with their trouble, but Reina said that she did not feel at all troubled in helping them. Nishikiyama then asked Kiryu what he intended to do, and Kiryu declared, "I'll nab Kuze, and then clear my name. Back to square one."

Tachibana meeting Kiryu at the Empty Lot

Kiryu decided to give the Empty Lot a proper once-over before returning home, and, along the way, he beat down the goons Nobuharu Abe, Takesi Saita, Tadao Furuya, and Yoshitake Kotani. He then reached the Empty Lot, where he was confronted by Tetsu Tachibana. Tachibana told Kiryu that the police had already scoured the place and removed all evidence which could lead to the real perpetrator, and he suggested that Kuze must have hired a killer to carry out the assassination. He then informed Kiryu that there was no indication that Kuze had hired any killer, meaning that the one who had set Kiryu up was not likely to have been Kuze. Tachibana promised Kiryu that he had no intention of leaving Kabukicho, and he also said that he had located the owner of the Empty Lot and said that, if he could find them and acquire the Empty Lot, the Dojima family would come to him begging him to sell it. He then asked Kiryu to stay alive until they could broker such a deal. When Kazuma asked how long it would take for Tachibana to pin down the lot's owner, he told Kiryu to give him one day, and he told Kiryu not to tell even Nishikiyama or Kashiwagi about this development. Kiryu told Tachibana that he could just sell him out and be welcomed back to the Dojima family, but Tachibana correctly anticipated that Kiryu was not the kind of man to do that, and told him to stay out of the Dojima family's clutches until then.

Rich man's paradise

Kiryu watching Hisanobu Fukushima deal with the thugs

Kiryu decided to return to his apartment and await Tachibana's call, but, while leaving the lot, he found the wealthy young man Hisanobu Fukushima being confronted by two yanki thugs who attempted to rob him. He was surprised when Fukushima, rather than hand over his wallet, threw cash in the air to distract the two thugs. Fukushima then noticed Kiryu watching the scene, and, when Kiryu asked how Fukushima could just throw away money, Fukushima said that, when one was "obscenely rich, physical capital is like dust. It just accumulates. Gets in the way, really. That was loose change. I won't miss it." He then invited Kiryu to give it a try as well, giving Kiryu some extra cash. Kiryu tried it out on some girls walking down the alley, and they went wild trying to pick up the bills. He then did the same with some thugs at the end of the alley. Fukushima explained to Kiryu that "time is money" was a dull slogan, as he said that time was much more valuable. He then told Kiryu to head for Theater Square if he wanted to become obscenely rich like him, promising him "a paradise exclusively reserved for the upper echelons of wealth and taste." He also invited him to meet him at "Vincent" if he ever wanted to learn more, and he bade Kiryu farewell.

Mina-chan running from Tat-chan

Kiryu decided to check out the fabled place before going home, and, along the way, he overheard an argument between two high school students, with the male, Tat-chan, accusing the female, Mina-chan, of hiding something from him. Tat-chan told Mina-chan that he had found ¥200,000 in her purse, despite her not coming from a rich family, and she ran off rather than answer him. Kiryu walked over to Tat-chan and told him that he didn't like what he heard from the high school spat, and Tat-chan explained that his girlfriend had begun to turn him down a lot, bought lingerie by the bagful whenever they did go on a date, and said that he suspected that his girlfriend was selling herself. Tat-chan then asked Kiryu if he could check in on Mina for him, as he feared what he might see if he found her with another man. He told Kiryu that she hung out around Senryo Avenue a lot, and begged Kiryu to find out what she was up to.

Kiryu looking at the Japan Catfight Club

Kiryu then walked over to Theater Square, where he saw a homeless man, Junichiro Miyano, admit a wealthy man, Yoshitsune Konno, to an underground passageway in a subway entrance. Kiryu walked down the stairs, and Miyano told Kiryu that he would not be let in without first showing Miyano that he had money to burn. Kiryu tossed a handful of money in the air, impressing Miyano, who gave Kiryu his money back and welcomed him into the club. He explained that Kiryu was looking at the Japan Catfight Club (JCC), where men bet big wages on the winner of fights between young women. Kiryu was fascinated, and he then walked out of the club, contemplating its high-risk, high-return nature, and his ability to make a hefty profit quick. He then took a taxi back to his apartment, and he went to sleep, ignoring Awano's offer of clemency if he betrayed Awano.

The hunt begins

The manhunt begins

At dawn on 15 December 1988, Awano and the other lieutenants at the Dojima-gumi headquarters realized that Kiryu would not call back, and Awano decided that every family - including Kashiwagi's Kazama-gumi - should participate in the manhunt for Kiryu. Kuze was to serve as the infantry, while Awano's Taihei Association would take the lead in tracking down Kiryu and killing him. He also called Dojima to tell him that he would ensure that ingratitude (which he had accused Kiryu of) would not be tolerated in the family.

Kiryu confronting the Dojima hitmen

When Kiryu woke up that afternoon, he knew that he would run into Dojima's men at any moment, as the Dojima family had sent hundreds of men to scour the streets for Kiryu. He first beat down the Snake Flower Triad members Hyosuke Fujimoto, Hideyori Ogino, and Shigematsu Hoshi, and he then beat down the yakuza thugs Shukishi Amano, Hiroya Senda, Kafu Muramatsu, and Yasuoka Oka before coming across the famished man Katsumi Chijimatsu, who warned Kiryu that the restaurant up ahead was blocked off by several thugs. Kiryu decided to bypass the restaurant through the alleyway, where he was confronted by the thugs Hirotsugu Furukawa, Shozo Yamagami, Yushiro Nishida, Shusake Kitamura, and Yuichi Hamada. Furukawa taunted him, asking if Kiryu was that desperate to delay his execution, but Kiryu insisted on fighting, and he took down the five hitmen in an alleyway fight.

Kiryu standing over a defeated Ryoko Morimoto

Kiryu then found himself confronted by Kuniyoshi Honda, Kojuro Kawaguchi, and Kanbe Yoshimura, and he tore his way through a crowd of onlookers to make his escape. He was then confronted by Sadakuno Yamanaka, Hirokazu Nagai, and Samba Taguchi, but he beat them down as well and continued his alleyway escape. He then fought off Samba Tsuchiya, Kensaku Yano, and Ryoko Morimoto, only to continue his flight and face off against Kimi Yoshioka, Yoshiteru Matsuura, Rei Ohashi, and Keishi Muratagi in the next alleyway. Their reinforcements arrived 30 seconds later, and Kiryu was forced to fight off the rest of the gangsters, namely Chikao Matsushita, Michio Arai, Toju Ishihara, Shukishi Azuma, and Terao Yokota. In the next alleyway, he faced off with the burly enforcer Aki Kawamura and his henchmen Keiki Araki, Toshi Hoshino, Tetsuyuki Kumagai, Hiroaki Noda, and Ebizo Koike, beating all of them down before they could kill him.

Kiryu meeting Aomi Hattori

As Kiryu ran down the next street, he was stopped by a stripper, Aomi Hattori, who told Kiryu that, if he stayed out on the streets, he would be found in no time. She told him that her strip club's backdoor led directly to the sewers, and, when Kiryu asked why Aomi was helping him, she said that there was not one honest person in Kabukicho who did not hate the yakuza "lowlifes". Hattori persuaded Kiryu to trust her by asking him if he had a better offer, and she then showed him to the sewer entrance. She told him that the previous owner wasn't exactly upstanding, so he had an escape route prepared, apparently leading to Theater Square. She also warned him that, on the ground level, the Dojima hitmen were probably parked outside the club looking to kill Kiryu. Kiryu thanked Hattori for her help and promised to come back one day as a paying customer, but, as Kiryu made his way into the sewer, Hattori muttered to herself, "Sorry, stud. I don't think that day's coming."

Taking on the lieutenants

Kuze confronting Kiryu in the sewers

As Kiryu ran through the sewers, he heard rumbling and was blinded by a flash of light, which he then noticed was Kuze driving a motorcycle straight at him. Kuze shouted Kiryu's name, and he let his iron pipe scrape along the tunnel's side and create sparks. When he came past Kiryu, Kuze struck Kiryu with his iron pipe, knocking the wind out of Kiryu, and also knocking him off of his motorcycle. Kuze then stood and confronted Kiryu, telling him that the yakuza was not like boxing, as the one who was knocked down did not lose; instead, the winner in the yakuza life was the one who could come back again and again in spite of any setbacks. Kuze told Kiryu, "The guy who can't tough it out to the end, he's the one who loses. To me, a finger or two don't meant s**t."

Kiryu fighting Kuze

Kuze then approached Kiryu and told him that he could care less if Awano or Shibusawa took over the job of captain, and he contented himself with killing Kiryu. Before Kuze could strike a killing blow with his pipe, Kiryu put up his arms to block the pipe's blow, deflecting the pipe before getting off his knees and preparing to fight Kuze. In the ensuing fight, Kuze failed to land a single hit on Kiryu, who laid beatings on Kuze before Kuze could even respond. He also picked a felled Kuze up by his hair and laid on extra blows while he was still on the ground, destroying him.

Kiryu confronting a defeated Kuze

A weakened Kuze fell to his face, coughing up sewer water before lifting his head to face what he thought would be his imminent death. Kiryu picked up Kuze's iron pipe, only to drop it and turn around. Kuze told Kiryu to turn around, and warned him that he was making a big mistake by letting Kuze live. Kiryu told Kuze that he was right in saying that he could never hack it as a yakuza, and that even Kazama knew that, and he explained that a real yakuza was probably someone like Kuze. However, Kiryu said that even a man like him had his own brand of pride, and that he planned on sticking to it. Before Kuze could insult him, Kiryu turned to him and added, "No matter how many times you stand up in my way." He then walked off, leaving a defeated Kuze by himself.

Kiryu finding Awano in the nightclub

When Kiryu emerged from the sewers, he found that he had entered another (empty) nightclub, where he found Awano dancing with a girl, Okimi Yoshiya, on the dance floor. Awano stopped the music to talk to Kiryu, thanking him for giving him the ammunition to take down his two rival lieutenants, and offering to "repay a little of that debt". When Kiryu asked Awano to cut to the chase, Awano told Kiryu that he had visited the Sunflower Orphanage and greeted its owner, who started crying when Awano said that he worked with Kazama and gave the old man ¥1 million to help with the orphanage's upkeep. He then asked Kiryu, "You wouldn't want to make an innocent guy like that sad because of somethin' you did, wouldya?" Kiryu was angered by Awano's not-so-subtle threat, and Awano then explained that Kiryu had nowhere to run. He clarified that, "The Kazama Family writes the script, the Kenno Clan's the muscle. Boring paperwork's Shibusawa's game. And me...'Public relations.' Extortion's my department." He told Kiryu of how he joined the yakuza to live a life in search of pleasure, and told Kiryu to join him on the winning team by giving him Tachibana, or else he would die a "painful, pointless death."

Nishikiyama driving Kiryu out of Kabukicho

Kiryu decided to walk away rather than help Awano, but he was alarmed when Awano shot the girl he had been dancing with, and Awano warned Kiryu that he had "a hundred Dojima boys parked out front, all of 'em packing heat." Kiryu rebuked Awano's advertising of his life of pleasure, saying that he lived his life based on what he loved and hated, and he said that he would hate to join Awano, and that he would rather be shot. He then braced himself for what lay beyond the doors, only to see that it appeared to be a normal Kabukicho evening. Kiryu then noticed Nishikiyama pull up in a car, and Nishikiyama told Kiryu to get in; Nishikiyama then drove Kiryu out of Kabukicho, telling him that it was the last time he could help Kiryu out.

Losing a brother

Nishikiyama aiming at Kiryu

Nishikiyama drove Kiryu to the woods, where he and Kiryu exited the vehicle for smokes; Nishikiyama told Kiryu that he didn't know where they were, and that he had just kept driving. As Kiryu lit his own cigarette, Nishikiyama walked behind him and cocked a handgun behind Kiryu's head, tearfully telling him that the Dojima-gumi was scouring Kabukicho for him, and that he would be inevitably captured and tortured to death. Nishikiyama said that he could not stop Dojima's men from killing Kiryu, and that all he could do was to give Kiryu a quick death. Kiryu turned around and looked Nishikiyama in the eyes, and he told him to bring his head to Dojima to ensure that he could rise to a poisiton in thte family where he could change things around for the Tojo clan.

Nishikiyama crying before Kiryu

Nishikiyama ruefully told Kiryu to turn around and not look at him, and, when Kiryu told him to shoot, Nishikiyama took a potshot which wildly missed, and he fell to his knees and loudly sobbed that he had nearly killed his brother, and lamented that, without Kiryu, he was nothing, and was useless. Kiryu told Nishikiyama that they were the same, meaning that they were both just kids getting caught up in something over their heads, and making trouble for Kazama. Nishikiyama then berated himself for talking cool while preparing to shoot Kiryu, calling himself pathetic. Kiryu told Nishikiyama to let him do what he had to do, and he told Nishikiyama that, from then on, their relationship ended, and that they were no longer sworn brothers, as he did not want Nishikiyama to have anything to do with him. Kiryu then drove off in Nishikiyama's car, leaving a despondent Nishikiyama alone in the woods.

Returning for Tachibana

Return to Kabukicho

Kiryu's apartment burning

Kiryu drove back to Kabukicho that same night, although the massive manhunt was still underway. The henchmen Koki Yanagida, Rikiya Otake, and Arata Nagasawa beat down a lookalike of Kiryu in the street after they mistook him for Kiryu, and another group of yakuza torched Kiryu's apartment. Kiryu watched from an alleyway as his apartment burned, and he decided that he needed to find a place to lay low and wait for Tachibana.

Kiyotaka Tamon stumbling into Kiryu

Kiryu walked the streets of Kabukicho with the objective of reaching the Sugita Building, and, along the way, he beat down the triads Nariakira Fukui, Hiro Nishioka, Keiki Iida, Tasuku Itoda, and Haruko Mogi. He then took a taxi to Tenkaichi Street, and he briefly considered using the Kazama-gumi office before deciding that it would be unfair to drag Kashiwagi and his men into the dispute, and unwise to risk them betraying him. Shortly after, the drunkard Kiyotaka Tamon bumped into Kiryu on the street, stumbling over and angrily shouting at Kiryu. This nearly attracted the nearby Dojima henchmen Kageyasu Nakauchi and Shojiro Tanimoto, but Kiyotaka's employee Hiro Aguni prevented him from picking a fight with Kiryu and instead lifted him up. As Kiryu began to walk past Tamon, Tamon used a broken bottle to smash Kiryu's head, giving him a large cut across his eyebrow.

Refuge at Serena

Reina meeting Kiryu at the playground

Kiryu still managed to get up and escape through an alleyway, where he was confronted by Reina Tsuru, who demanded that Kiryu let her take him to her bar to hide out. Kiryu insisted that he needed to go it alone and not risk compromising Reina's safety, but Reina forced Kiryu to oblige by threatening to scream and attract the Dojima henchmen to the alleyway. She told him that she would not leave Nishikiyama's brother to the wolves, but Kiryu revealed that he had cut ties with Nishikiyama, but Reina deduced that Kiryu had only done so to help Nishikiyama. She then told Kiryu to enter the bar through the back alley.

Kiryu confronting the Leisure King's defeated goons

Kiryu found the Leisure King's thugs Takeji Tanikawa, Norihisa Nakazawa, and Nobuo Hoshi in the back alley of Serena, and they recognized him as Yamanoi's man and announced that they would beat him up. However, Kiryu defeated the three men and sent them running, sending a message to the Leisure King. The goons' defeat enabled his real estate business to continue raking in its profits unhindered.

Dojima's goons searching Serena for Kiryu

Kiryu then entered the bar, and he told Reina that he wouldn't stay long, only staying until Tachibana got in touch with him. Reina then asked him about his relationship with Nishikiyama, and was touched by Kiryu's explanation that, at the moment, it was best that Nishikiyama had nothing to do with him anymore, as the whole Dojima family was after him. Reina told Kiryu that she had last seen Nishikiyama at the Kazama family's office, and he appeared to be distraught. Reina told Kiryu that they made quite a pair, as they worried more about each other than they did about themselves. She also warned Kiryu that the police were now after him, and Kiryu said that his "grace period" must have ended; he then explained to Reina that he had been framed for murder.

Kiryu giving Reina Kazama's locket

Just then, Reina heard a violent knock at the door, and she deduced that they must be Dojima men, as nobody came to the bar that late at night. had Kiryu hide in the back, but Hisamitsu Narita, Norishige Miyata, and Naoki Yoshimi barged into the club, and Miyata slapped Reina to the floor after she feigned ignorance about their purpose there. Kiryu then came out of his hiding place, against Reina's wishes, and Miyata had Yoshimi summon the rest of their crew as he and Narita took on Kiryu. Kiryu proceeded to beat down the two men in the club, and he then apologized to Reina for making a mess of her bar. Reina told Kiryu that she could call the police to ensure that Kiryu would be safe from harm in prison, but Kiryu decided to brave the odds by himself. Before he left, he gave Reina the locket that Tachibana had given to him from Kazama, telling Reina to ensure that it went to Nishikiyama.

Kiryu confronting the Dojima henchmen in the alley

Kiryu then exited via the fire escape, and he found that the Dojima goons Nobuhiko Miyake, Yoshihiro Fukui, Shuzo Kurihara, Haruhiro Ozawa, Yoshino Goto, Hisamitsu Negishi, Makoto Konishi, Yasujiro Nishihara, and Yoshii Miyake were waiting for him. While the thugs taunted Kiryu about the odds, Kiryu insisted on fighting, using his bare fists to take on thugs equipped with planks, knives, swords, and other melee weapons. He was able to overwhelm all of the men set before him, causing them to fear that they had come up against a monster, and Kiryu was then forced to run out into the street to make his escape.

Rematch with Kuze

Dojima family confronting Kiryu in the street

When Kiryu ran into the street, he found that almost the entire Dojima family was waiting for him. Awano, Shibusawa, and Kuze waited for him on one side of the street, while Kashiwagi and Nishikiyama waited on the other; both groups stood before roadblocks manned by Dojima thugs. Awano taunted Kiryu, telling him that they would make their way to Tachibana's hideout after killing Kiryu. Awano then asked Kiryu where he figured Tachibana was hiding out, but Kiryu refused to sell out Tachibana once again. Awano warned Kiryu that his cocky attitude would hurt him, and Kuze told Awano that he wanted to fulfill the task of fighting Kiryu for a third time.

Kiryu looking over a defeated Kuze

Kiryu proceeded to face off against Kuze and his henchmen Reizo Kurasawa, Bussho Ideguchi, Fukusaburu Yamakawa, Hanshiro Okuno, Kyoden Tsunoda, Kyuichi Iwai, Takeru Takase, and Yakamochi Takaki in between the two roadblocks, and, by a miracle, he was able to defeat all of the henchmen. He also repeatedly lifted Kuze by his hair and dealt massive blows to his body, causing him to crumple to the pavement in defeat. The lieutenants were silently awed that Kiryu had been able to defeat both Kuze and his henchmen, but Kuze was able to get back up and punch Kiryu in the face, knocking him to his knees. Kuze then had a henchman of his give him a baseball bat, and Kuze told Kiryu that he would spray his brains all over the pavement.

Tachibana driving Kiryu away from the ambush

Before Kuze could finish off Kiryu, a sports car tore through the roadblock, struck and injured Kuze, and crashed into a nearby pole, and the driver rolled down his window, revealing himself to be Tachibana. He then had Kiryu get in the car, and they sped off through the torn-open roadblock and to safety, with Awano firing potshots at the car in anger. Tachibana then drove Kiryu to a parking garage where he planned to rendezvous with Oda. During the wait in the car, Tachibana told Kiryu that it had been hard to keep track of his situation, let alone to pass instructions to Oda; he then joked that this led to his "impromptu debut as the world's worst chauffeur." Tachibana confided to Kiryu that his rescue of Kiryu was the first time he had driven since he had first been licensed, but Kiryu thanked Tachibana for saving him, saying that it would have been the end of the line for him had Tachibana not arrived in the nick of time. Kiryu then lamented how he nearly brought down his friends in the process, and said that he had been blind to that for so long.

Kiryu and Tachibana talking in the car

Tachibana told Kiryu that he would not have felt guilty, and he expressed his philosophy that one must use everyone and everything around them. He then explained to Kiryu that he and Oda had once operated their own gang of extortionists before going into real estate. Tachibana said that, "the only question was how to extract the most from others, whether through money, force, or any other means," but he said that Kiryu must have grown up in a different world, and said that he had no friends who would risk their lives for his sake, and that he aspired to be like Kiryu, describing selfless people like him as "exceedingly rare...especially in this day and age." Tachibana then told Kiryu, "I regret to admit that I am still unable to risk my own life in order to protect yours. However, I can place my trust in you, and place my life in your hands." Tachibana then apologized to Kiryu for his dramatic speech, saying that it might have been better said after a few drinks, but Kiryu assured Tachibana that the first round would be on him. As Oda arrived, Tachibana told Kiryu that they would abandon their car and head to a part of Kabukicho which was beyond the Tojo clan's reach, but, just as Oda pulled up, Tachibana winced and fell against the steering wheel, and a worried Oda then ran over to the car and took Kiryu and Tachibana with him as he drove off to their next safe haven.

Clearing his name

Hiding in Little Asia

Kiryu and Oda talking at Tachibana's hideout

Kiryu was then taken to a safehouse where Tachibana was put in a cot with medical equipment. On the morning of 16 December 1988, Kiryu and Oda looked over the unconscious Tachibana, and Oda told Kiryu that Tachibana had suffered from kidney problems for years, ever since he lost his right hand and took too long to get a blood transfusion. Oda told Kiryu that a rival Chinese mafia gang had done the "hack job" to Tachibana years ago; he then said that, with two good kidneys, Tachibana wouldn't have even needed the real estate firm for his war with the Dojima family. Kiryu then asked what their next move was, and Oda said that everything was on hold until Tachibana woke up. He then told Kiryu to relax, saying that they were in Little Asia, the only place in Kabukicho where the Tojo-kai did not have "eyes". Kiryu asked if Oda and Tachibana had connections there, and Oda revealed that neither he nor the boss were Japanese, and that they were ex-Chinese mafia living in Japan. The hospital they were in was underground, as neither of them had the papers for a legitimate doctor. He revealed that the only reason Tachibana Real Estate had survived for so long was because Little Asia was "sacred ground", and the locals paid the mafia for protection. He explained that the local mafia boss gave Tachibana protection in exchange for a fee which offset the risk of the Tojo clan attacking.

Oda bringing Kiryu to the Chinese restaurant

Just then, Zhu Huiqing entered the room and told Oda (in Mandarin) that the boss, Elder Chen, wanted to see him, and to bring the Japanese man with him. Oda told Kiryu that the boss was in a nearby restaurant, and they walked through the slum's cramped alleyways to meet the boss. Oda told Kiryu that the locals wouldn't take kindly to Kiryu wandering around, and another triad, Xie Yaozu, berated Oda for bringing a yakuza into the neighborhood (as Chen hated yakuza), only for Oda to tell Xie that he was headed to the boss to clear things with him.

Kiryu meeting Elder Chen

The two men then entered the restaurant and found Elder Chen waiting for them at a table in the corner, and Chen knew Kiryu as the ex-Dojima yakuza; Oda told Kiryu that Elder Chen was one of the three elders leading the Chinese immigrant population in Japan, and that his network was a major part of how Tachibana Real Estate stayed informed. Chen then apologized to Kiryu that Little Asia was a "cramped, run-down place" which could not offer much in the way of hospitality, and said that the neighborhood once stood on equal footing with Kabukicho's yakuza. However, Sohei Dojima and Shintaro Kazama had broken that balance with force, with Chen telling Kiryu, "Much blood was spilled that day. Women and children were butchered. In the end, we were all driven underground." Oda explained that those events occurred before Kiryu's tenure with the Dojima family, but he apologized when Chen told Oda that he was just making small talk. He then said that, "Ever since, we have been left in this gutter to watch as the changing times brought wealth to the Japanese, our own slum crumbling around us."

Tachibana arriving at the restaurant

Chen then told Oda that he could not welcome his guest to Little Asia, saying that hiding him from the Dojima family and the police invited disaster upon Little Asia's residents. Oda said that he and Tachibana were also being chased, but Chen said that, while Little Asia did not turn away "its own", Kiryu was a Japanese yakuza, and Tachibana Real Estate did not advise Little Asia of Kiryu's arrival ahead of time. Oda said that leaving Kiryu out in the open would lead to his death, and Chen responded, "A sad fact that will cause us no inconvenience." Oda asked Chen to reconsider and think about all of the years that Tachibana Real Estate had helped Little Asia, saying that years of good faith surely merited one favor. Chen retorted that Little Asia had provided Tachibana Real Estate with information which merited the price they had paid, and that he owed Tachibana Real Estate no favors. When Oda offered to pay Chen, Chen asked him, "When you look at my face, do you see a 'for sale' sign?" Oda then angrily asked what Chen could want if not money, but Tachibana then entered the restaurant and chided Oda for his lack of courtesy, and he then apologized to Chen and told Oda that Chen was not the kind to reverse a decision once made. Kiryu resigned to his fate and said that he would find somewhere else, and he rejected Chen's offer of a cup of tea.

Tachibana, Oda, and Kiryu meeting in the alley

Outside the restaurant, Tachibana apologized to Kiryu for underestimating Chen's fear of the Dojima family, and Kiryu told Tachibana that Kazama had once related to him that the family grew to its current size by taking foreigners' turf. Tachibana then suggested that Kiryu could seek refuge at West Park among the homeless, which would offer him a degree of camouflage from Dojima's men. Kiryu agreed, but said that he felt that all he was doing was hiding, and he asked Tachibana if he had made any progress on the Empty Lot. Tachibana said that he would have more to speak on that later, and told Kiryu to head to West Park and weather the night there before he would return for him the next day. Tachibana also told Kiryu to stay off the Dojima family's radar until next they met.

Living among the homeless

Kiryu finding Suezo Hirata in the park

Kiryu then walked across the street from Little Asia to the West Park, and he immediately set about finding somewhere where he could stay the night. While walking through the park, he bumped into Suezo Hirata, who reminded Kiryu that he had bought him and his friends a round of drinks a while back. Kiryu explained that he had just lost his home as well, and Hirata agreed to let Kiryu stay in his tent, although he joked, "No funny business, yeah? I don't swing that way." He again joked that it would cost Kiryu 100 grand per night, but he then told Kiryu that, if Kiryu would bring him a drink again sometime in the future, they would be square.

Kiryu beholding the Homeless Hunters

Kiryu spent the night in the tent, only to be woken up by shouts targeted at the homeless men. Kiryu left his place on the ground and looked out of the tent, finding a few men with bats looking over the bodies of a few homeless men they had killed. Kiryu asked if they were Dojima men, but Hirata identified them as the "Homeless Hunters". The men then turned and noted the "two live ones" they now saw, and, while Konoye Yasuda noticed that Kiryu was dressed differently and didn't look homeless, Kenjiro Kitagawa said that, because he was in the camp, he was "just more garbage." The leader of the gang, Toshinobu Koga, knocked Hirata to the ground and prepared to finish him off with a blow of his baseball bat, but Kiryu punched Koga in the face, starting a fight with Koga and his friends and beating them all down as the other homeless men cheered for him.

Kiryu looking over the defeated Homeless Hunters

Kiryu then confronted Koga, who said that Kiryu would never get away, but, when Kiryu asked who he would never get away from, a defeated Koga apologized. Kiryu then threw him to the ground, and Hirata picked up Koga's bat and split his head open with it, saying that Koga had been planning to do the same to him. Kiryu and Hirata then went back to the tent, and Hirata thanked Kiryu for saving his life. Kiryu then formally introduced himself, and Hirata said that he had heard that a "Kiryu-san" was being chased down by the Dojima family. The two then went to sleep for the night.

Dealing with Nihara

Oda driving Kiryu to their destination

The next morning, the morning of 17 December 1988, Hirata told Kiryu that a man who said he was with Tachibana Real Estate was looking for him. Kiryu thanked Hirata for his help and went over to the man's car, finding that Oda was waiting for him. Oda asked Kiryu how he slept before telling him that they were headed to somewhere Kiryu was familiar with, but he told Kiryu that it would be a surprise. During the ensuing drive, Oda told Kiryu that Tachibana had decided to make his own proactive move to make the Tojo-kai shut its search down, giving Kiryu hope.

Kiryu arriving at the Tojo headquarters

At 2:16 PM, the van took an exit off the highway, and Kiryu realized that they were headed to the Tojo Clan headquarters. Oda explained that Tachibana was meeting with the Tojo chairman Takashi Nihara to bargain for Kiryu's life, and, while Kiryu asked if it wasn't the case that Tachibana Real Estate and the Tojo Clan were rivals, Oda said that Tachibana knew that coming to the headquarters was a risk, but said that any business deal carried a certain amount of risk. Kiryu then told Oda to let him know next time before Oda would do anything risky, and he was then escorted into the building by two men.

Kiryu walking in on the negotiations

Kiryu was guided into the main room, where he found that Tachibana and Nihara were talking to each other from across the room. Tachibana introduced Kiryu to, "the Acting Second Chairman of the Tojo Clan, Nihara-san...The highest authority within Japanese yakuza organizations." Nihara told Kiryu that the look in his eyes reminded him of a young Kazama, and, while he invited Kiryu to sit anywhere he liked, Kiryu insisted on standing. Tachibana then resumed his conversation with Nihara, saying that his goal was for his company and the Tojo-kai to coexist peacefully in Kabukicho; Nihara said that Tachibana Real Estate was the one company which had violated the Tojo-kai's rule of letting companies have free reign unless they disrespected the greater clan. Tachibana then asked Nihara to instruct Dojima to halt the pursuit of Kiryu, confirming that he brought gifts, but Nihara said that Dojima was no idiot and that Kiryu must have earned Dojima's ire for some good reason. Tachibana then revealed that he had information on the Empty Lot, and Nihara said that Dojima could scarce afford to let an outsider beat him to the plot, and said that, as the Tojo Clan would receive the profits, he had no reason to help Dojima's rivals.

Kazuma looking at Tachibana in shock after his jab at Nihara

Tachibana then asked Nihara if it was true that the Dojima-gumi was his top earner, saying that there was no on even within the Tojo Clan headquarters who was equal in power to the Dojima-gumi, including the chairman. Nihara responded by saying that Dojima tithed a massive amount to the clan, calling him "a competent and loyal subordinate." Tachibana added that Dojima was the likeliest successor to the chairmanship and would probably soon become chairman, warning about the rise of an autocrat within the Tojo Clan, and suggesting that Dojima would force Nihara into "a retirement spent impotent and forgotten." He then urged Nihara not to let Dojima secure the Empty Lot, warning that, if an officer of the clan grew more powerful than the entire clan above him, the Tojo Clan would undergo a drastic change. Nihara countered that Dojima's development project was a "huge piece of business" which would inevitably benefit the Tojo headquarters. Tachibana bluntly said, "Anyone blinded by such short-term concerns is unfit to lead such a grand operation...'Acting' Chairman."

Oda presenting the gift to Nihara

Just then, a knock at the door was heard, and Tachibana announced that his gift had arrived, and Oda brought in a large suitcase. Oda then opened it as Tachibana announced that he was presenting Nihara with ¥500 million for Kiryu's life, and promised another ¥500 million when it was verified that Dojima's men had stopped, and, from then on, 30% of Tachibana Real Estate's profits would go to the Tojo Clan headquarters. Nihara was surprised, asking why Tachibana would pay ¥1 billion for "a single yakuza...a failed one at that," so Tachibana explained that he needed Kiryu to help him with obtaining the Empty Lot. Tachibana then said that Nihara also had the choice of offering up their heads to Dojima, but said that he would probably receive less recompense. Tachibana then said that his company could perhaps ensure that Dojima would remain a loyal subordinate and stay there. Nihara complimented Tachibana, saying, "You know how to spread a yakuza's legs. Know how to use money, too." He then concluded, "Kazuma Kiryu is Tojo Headquarters property now," and he then told Kiryu that, when Kazama was young, he was unrivalled, and set a new standard for manhood. He said that he would gladly pay ¥1 billion to get Kazama back, and asked Kiryu if he was worth ¥1 billion. He then let the three men leave the room, but they found that, once the doors had closed and they looked down the stairs, the entrance was blocked by a score of guards. Oda grew worried that Nihara had double-crossed them, but Kiryu explained that it was yakuza protocol to walk a gauntlet to prove one's worth. He then had Oda stick with Tachibana as he headed to confront the men alone.

Escape from Tojo HQ

Kiryu confronting the Tojo yakuza

Kiryu proceeded to brawl with the horde of Tojo yakuza guarding the entrance, namely Hiroyasu Oyama, Saionji Nishi, Yachi Kawashima, Soetsu Iida, Kagetoki Yagi, Sadakuno Shiraishi, Yatsuhiro Adachi, Raidon Ogura, Yodo Miyashita, Chikao Tada, Kan Takeda, Michizane Uemura, Monzaemon Hirata, Kakuzo Nakao, Niou Imamura, Sadatake Uehara, Hisayuki Amano, and Ikki Murayama. He defeated all of them despite the odds, and he then led Oda and Tachibana through the back of the house, bursting through a hallway door and into the garden entrance. There, he took down Yoshihiro Sugimura, Kafu Obara, and Mito Sakata before opening the gates and into the main garden. Kiryu beat down Atasuke Gondo, Hidehira Nemoto, Bunzo Toyoda, Toshiharu Kawamura, Tetsuyuki Sekine, Sho Mizutani, and Waotaka Tsunoda, and he and Tachibana worked together to take down the burly guard Heizo Morishita. At the exit, they took down Katzumi Tajima, Yoshida Abe, Dai Tsukamoto, Hitomaro Maekawa, Tokuma Iizuka, and Gaho Nakashima. Kiryu then took down the swordsman Masahiko Mikoshiba before he, Oda, and Tachibana fought their way to the parking lot. There, they took down the yakuza Norihide Yamane, Jiro Miyagawa, Daisuke Osawa, Toin Shirai, Kitahachi Okawa, and Yoichibei Uehashi before turning a corner and beating down Shihi Sada, Atsumichi Kamiya, Hiroya Enomoto, Sukejuro Horiuchi, Naizen Inagaki, Shuichi Tanizaki, Toyonobu Yonezawa, Tatsui Teramoto, Sachi Eguchi, Shumei Kawahara, Shusui Mizuno, Tomoyuki Naru, and Rinji Nakatani.

Tachibana, Kiryu, and Oda recovering after the fight

Kiryu, Tachibana, and Oda then made it to the exit, where they stopped to recover from their wounds. Nihara and two of his bodyguards observed the three visitors from a distance, and Nihara commented to himself, "Kazuma Kiryu...I can see why Kazama would take an interest. He, too, may turn into a real monster one day." Kiryu, Tachibana, and Oda then left in Oda's van, leaving the headquarters. Meanwhile, Shibusawa reported to Sohei Dojima that "Tojo HQ have gone and stuck their noses in the Kiryu situation," and that Dojima's orders not to touch Kiryu were Tachibana Real Estate's doing. Shibusawa anticipated that Tachibana would go to the Tojo-kai headquarters once the pressure was too much for him, and he confidently told Dojima that he could see how Tachibana planned to use Kiryu next. Dojima decided to entrust Shibusawa with leading the hunt for Makoto, hoping that he would succeed where Kuze and Awano had failed.

A New Plan

Kiryu and Tachibana meeting at the docks

That sunset, Oda drove Kiryu and Tachibana to the docks, where Tachibana told Kiryu that he was finally able to rest. Kiryu asked Tachibana why he would pay ¥1 billion for his life and owe Tojo HQ a favor on top of that, as Tachibana had previously said that he would use his money and power to gun for the Tojo Clan and take the Empty Lot. Kiryu then asked if Tachibana had another motive, and if there was another meaning to the plot he was not seeing, but Tachibana told Kiryu that it was a "trade secret". He then told Kiryu that he had located the owner of the Empty Lot in Dotonbori, Osaka, although he said that another faction in Dotonbori was already in pursuit there. When Kiryu asked Tachibana if somebody else already knew the owner of the Empty Lot, Tachibana guessed that the Shibusawa-kai must know. This surprised Kiryu, and Tachibana added that the Omi Alliance had begun to move as well, although Tachibana did not know the scale of the efforts.

Oda and Tachibana dropping off Kiryu in Kabukicho

Tachibana concluded that Dotonbori was, to them, more dangerous of a place at the moment than Kamurocho, and he decided to wait until they could have a clear picture of the situation. Kiryu told Tachibana that Oda had once told him that every business deal had its risks, and he also said that Tachibana's kidneys might get in the way, and he told Tachibana that he was going to Dotonbori, whether Tachibana liked it or not. Oda then approached Kiryu and said that he was with Kiryu, as he said that it was because the situation in Dotonbori was so murky that they should go and take direct action themselves. Tachibana warned them that there would not be workman's compensation, as going to Dotonbori was not a company order, but Kiryu said that Tachibana had already shelled out ¥1 billion for him, and he considered that his fair share. Tachibana then concluded that he was on board with Kiryu's plan. Oda and Tachibana dropped Kiryu off in Dotonbori, and Tachibana told Kiryu to make any last preparations before meeting him in Little Asia when he was ready to leave.

Kiryu confronting a defeated Yuki Sato

Kiryu made his way to Little Asia, and he was confronted by an angry passer-by, Yuki Sato, along the way. Yuki told Kiryu that he didn't like his face, and told Kiryu that he wanted to fight him because Kiryu made him angry. Kiryu was confused as to why Yuki disliked him, but, when Yuki asked for his wallet, Kiryu deduced that Yuki was just another robber, and he proceeded to take him on in a street brawl. He succeeded in beating down Yuki and taking ¥9,350,000, and Sato told Kiryu that he would leave him alone until he couldn't hold in his rage anymore, warning Kiryu to leave town if he wanted to reach a "ripe old age".

Kiryu meeting Tachibana at the restaurant

Kiryu then ran through the tight alleys before reaching the Chinese restaurant. He found Elder Chen and Tachibana sitting there, and Kiryu ignored Chen and listened to Tachibana as he reported that the owner of the Empty Lot was in the care of an organization allied to their cause. When Kiryu asked what organization he was referring to, Tachibana told Kiryu that Oda could give him the details at a later date. Tachibana added that Osaka was the Omi Alliance's backyard, and it was impossible to hide anything from them for long. He then declared that the success of their plan lay in how quietly they were able to extract the Lot's owner from the city, and how quickly. Tachibana said that he only trusted Oda and Kiryu with the mission, and he told Kiryu that he would tell him the "trade secret" from earlier upon his return from Dotonbori, telling him to consider it one more reason to make it back from Kabukicho alive. Kiryu agreed, and he then asked what Tachibana wanted him to know about the Empty Lot's owner. Tachibana said that the owner was a young woman who was sight-impaired and functionally blind, and revealed the owner's name to be Makoto Makimura.

Trip to Dotonbori

Arrival in Dotonbori

Kiryu in Dotonbori

Kiryu and Oda then drove to Dotonbori, and the two of them walked along the canal, where Oda told Kiryu that the city had changed since he had grown up there, revealing that he and Tachibana had lived there until a year and a half ago. He told Kiryu that they had called themselves "a mafia outfit", but said that they were a small outfit of up to five men; still, the Omi Alliance yakuza respected Tachibana as the boss of his own organization. Kiryu asked if that was around the time that Tachibana lost his arm, and Oda replied, "More or less." Oda then mentioned that one of the guys from the old group ran the CAL Videos video shop in Soemoncho West, and he asked Kiryu to go ahead of him and meet the man as he had a look around the old neighborhood and sniffed around for leads. Oda told Kiryu that he would gather info on what Shibusawa and the Omi were up to, while he told Kiryu to head to the video store and wait for a call from a man named Sera, who was the one looking after Makimura at the moment. Kiryu asked who Sera was, and Oda said that he was president of the Nikkyo Consortium and who was tracking down Makoto on the orders of Kazama. Oda then decided to disperse, and Kiryu joked that, "In other words, you're going to hang around town while I sit and wait by the phone." The two then parted ways, and Kiryu set out for the video store.

Kiryu and Oda parting ways

Kiryu then made his way across the bridge, and, along the way, he brawled with the triads Hirotada Kodama, Heizo Tsuda, Yuji Matsunaga, Toshiyuki Miyagi, and Kiyohira Shimizu before continuing on his way to the store. While walking through Ashitaba Park, he took down the bikers Akio Katagiri, Torio Noguchi, Eichi Komori, and Tatsui Takase.

The Video Store

Kuemon Hamasaki showing Kiryu to the backroom

Kiryu then reached CAL Videos, which he found to be a pornographic video store. He talked with the store's owner, Kuemon Hamasaki, who initially asked him what videos he was into, before Kiryu said that Oda had sent him. Hamasaki recognized Kiryu from Oda's earlier instructions and showed him to a backrooom which he had arranged for special customers. He explained that Kiryu could contact Sera through the backroom's phone.

Kiryu talking to Hamasaki in the backroom

Kiryu was amazed at the luxurious backroom, and Hamasaki told him that Tachibana was a big fan as well, as he had laid out the money to build it in the first place. He then told Kiryu that he had known Tachibana for a while, as he, Tachibana, and a couple other men once ran a "two-bit gang". Hamasaki recountde how he had first met Tachibana when Tachibana, then an independent punk, bumped shoulders with one of Hamasaki's friends and started a fight, and Tachibana took down Hamasaki and his three friends in the ensuing brawl. He also joked that Oda, who had been one of the gang members, was "schooled like a kid" by Tachibana, and said that an impressed Oda had successfully begged Tachibana to become the leader of their gang.

Oda talking to Kiryu in the backroom

Hamasaki also told Kiryu more about Tachibana's early life, revealing that Tachibana was the son of a Japanese war orphan stranded in China after World War II. Just after Tachibana's mother was born in China, the Second Sino-Japanese War "took a turn for the crazy", and she was separated from her parents and was stranded in Manchuria. Some local Chinese farmers had taken her in and married her off to their son, who fathered Tachibana. Tachibana would face discrimination in China as a half-Japanese boy, but the only ones who did not care about his parentage were the Triads, who were themselves outcasts who came from bad or poor families. Tachibana went down that road from a young age, and later moved to Japan, where he met his future gang. Just then, Oda entered the room and told Hamasaki that he had a confused customer waiting at the desk, and Hamasaki decided to excuse himself to manage the desk as Oda talked with Kiryu. Oda asked Kiryu if Hamasaki had told him about their past, and Kiryu said that he had indeed told him about Tachibana's crew's backstory. Oda joked that Hamasaki must have told him some exaggerated tales such as the one how he "j***ed his pants over the boss". Oda then told Kiryu that he had heard that Makimura's corpse turned up floating in the river a few days back, but he said that the real one was alive, and the body must have been someone else's. Oda deduced that the Omi, the Shibusawa-gumi, or both of them must still be after Makimura. Oda then told Kiryu to grab a bite as he waited by the phone, and Kiryu decided to get a taste of Osaka until the phone call came in.

Waiting for Oda's call

Kiryu rescuing Mabuchi Daigo

Kiryu decided to walk the streets as he awaited Oda's call, and he found the triads Fumimaro Fukuda, Shuko Sekine, and Eiichi Kurosawa harassing the student Mabuchi Daigo on a bridge, causing him to intervene. He took down the triads and rescued Mabuchi, who commended Kiryu for teaching the "dirtbags" a lesson and gave him a bottle of medicine as a gift.

Kiryu looking at the Cabaret Grand

Kiryu then spent some time playing "Out Run" at Club SEGA before admiring the exterior of the Cabaret Grand, where he was greeted by the barker Tetsuo Serizawa. Serizawa asked if Kiryu was there for the grand, but Kiryu said that it appeared to be closed. Serizawa apologized for the inconvenience, but he invited Kiryu to come back and visit the Grand once it opened that evening. Shortly after, Kiryu was paged by Oda, and he set out for the video store to meet with Oda. Along the way, Kiryu came across the triads Orinosuke Inaba, Daisuke Ishibashi, and Naoki Sekiguchi harassing Koiso Utsumi, but he dealt with them out of sympathy for Utsumi, who gifted him a French wallet.

Kiryu returning to the store

Kiryu then returned to the video store, where Hamasaki told Kiryu that Oda was waiting for him in the back. Hamasaki then warned Kiryu that they must be taking on something big, as he had deduced that Oda and Kiryu's arrival in Dotonbori had been related to a string of yakuza incidents in the town. He said that if Tachibana was involved in something, it was almost guaranteed that the situation was not pretty, and Kiryu suggested that Hamasaki might be right. Hamasaki told Kiryu to take all the time he needed to get good and ready, and let Kiryu into the back room.

Kiryu and Oda visiting the Benten Inn

Kiryu then met with Oda in the back room, and Oda reported that he had just gotten off the phone with Sera, and that Sera would hand over Makimura at a place called the Benten Inn in the Camellia Grove neighborhood. Oda then told Kiryu that they should be heading out to meet Sera, and, once the coast was clear, they would take custody of the girl. He then explained that Makimura didn't know that she had inherited the Empty Lot until Sera told her, revealing that the previous owner, her grandfather, had died two years earlier, by which time Makimura had already run away and lost touch. Because of Makimura running away from home, nobody had a clue where she had been the whole time, and he explained that Makimura had also gone blind for some reason. Oda decided that he would wait outside as Kiryu would meet with Sera at the Benten Inn, and they would take the bullet train from Kyoto, with Kiryu deducing that the Shin-Osaka station must be too dangerous. Oda warned Kiryu that their mission was the whole reason Kiryu was welcomed into Tachibana Real Estate, and he expected him to deliver. He also reminded him that securing the Empty Lot for Tachibana would ensure that he would have the leverage to protect Kazama.

Meeting Sera

Kiryu meeting Masaru Sera

Oda and Kiryu then took a taxi to the Camellia Grove, where they reached the Benten Inn. Oda told Kiryu not to stare at the inn like a tourist and instead go in and meet Sera as he stood guard outside. Kiryu found Sera waiting for him at a table inside the inn, and he initiated his introduction with the presentation of a business card, only for Sera to tell Kiryu to skip the formalities, as Kazama had already briefed him on the situation. Sera then brought in Makoto, and Kiryu introduced himself. Makoto told Kiryu and Sera that she hadn't heard that her grandfather had died until just then, and lamented how she had been dragged into a deadly situation by some piece of land her grandfather had held that she had never heard of. She then told Kiryu that a man who had been protecting her had been killed, and she asked Sera to let her be done with the land already.

Escape from Osaka

Kiryu escorting Makoto

Kiryu then left the inn with Makoto, and found Oda waiting by the taxi. Makoto shuddered upon hearing Oda's voice, falling behind as Oda entered the cab. Kiryu asked her what was wrong, and she said that she recognized that voice, only for Kiryu to convince her to enter the cab with him. Oda sat in the front passenger seat, while Kiryu and Makoto sat in the back. Oda then had the driver take the freeway towards Kyoto.

Kiryu recognizing Shibusawa as the pursuer

During the drive, Oda noticed that one particular car had been tailing them for quite some time, and the tailing car eventually sped up and pulled up alongside the taxi. Kiryu noticed that the passenger in the other car was Keiji Shibusawa himself, and that several more cars were pulling up behind the taxi. Shibusawa then pulled out a gun and shot the taxi's driver, forcing Oda to take the wheel and to throw Kiryu his handgun. Kiryu was surprised that Oda had a handgun, as guns were uncommon in Japan, but he reluctantly decided to help fend off the attackers as Oda drove.

Oda driving away from the explosion

Kiryu used the handgun to shoot several drivers and the gunmen in the backseats; he occasionally ducked back into the taxi for cover or to reload. He also took out several motorcycles carrying bikers with RPGs, and, later, Kiryu was forced to battle an attack helicopter carrying hitmen and rockets. Kiryu shot several of the rockets in mid-air to protect the taxi, and he also gunned down the hitmen inside the helicopter. He then shot the pilot as the pilot opened the hatch to use a handgun against Kiryu, and the pilot was ultimately gunned down, causing the helicopter to crash and block off the rest of the freeway. This gave Oda the opportunity to take an exit and stop at a nearby construction site so that he, Kiryu, and Makimura could recuperate.

Oda's betrayal and redemption

Kiryu preventing Oda from attacking Makoto

There, the three exited the taxi and entered the construction site, and, when Kiryu asked Makoto if she was alright, Oda angrily shouted that he was not, and he attempted to smack Makoto. However, Kiryu blocked Oda's arm, and Oda then excused himself to check the downstairs. Makimura, believing herself safe for the moment, began to tell Kiryu the truth about Oda, saying that she knew him. Oda then returned with a gun, aiming at Kiryu and Makimura and saying that he supposed that the cat was now out of the bag. Oda told Kiryu not to move as he grabbed Makoto and held her at gunpoint, and, when Kiryu asked what Oda was doing, Oda said that he could not let Makoto be brought to Tachibana. He also said that Kiryu and Makoto would have to die there, but Makoto drew a concealed knife from her cane and stabbed Oda in the leg, crippling him and allowing for Kiryu to take his gun and turn it on Oda. Makoto explained to Kiryu that Sera had given her the knife-cane just in case, but she said that she did not expect she would have to use it on someone from Tachibana Real Estate.

Kiryu confronting Oda

Kiryu then demanded answers from Oda, and Makoto forced Oda to show his arm, revealing a bat tattoo which she recognized as the tattoo which her abductor from years earlier had featured. When Kiryu asked what was going on, Makoto tearfully responded, "Two years ago, that man abducted me, kept me prisoner...Sold me like cattle." Kiryu asked Oda if what Makoto said was true, and Oda responded, "You heard the woman. To her, I'm the scum of the earth. Killing me'd probably be letting me off easy..." Kiryu then asked why Oda couldn't let Makoto see Tachibana, and Oda explained that he and his fellow gang members wore the bat tattoo, that he had stowed away on a ship to Japan five years ago after borrowing from the mainland mafia, took any work that would pay in Dotonbori (burglary, armed robbery, and human trafficking), conned girls and sold them off (as he had done in Makoto's case), and befriended Tachibana not long after, only to recognize Makoto on a documentary about the reunion of Chinese war orphans with their Japanese parents, and for Tachibana to recognize the same girl as "Xiao Qiao", his sister. Oda told Makoto that he was thus presented with two choices: "Let you meet him, knowing it would be the end of me...or double down. Erase you from the equation permanently, like none of it ever happened." Kiryu asked if this was the real reason Oda had tagged along to Osaka, and admitted that he had sought to murder Makimura and pass it off as Shibusawa's men or the Omi Alliance's deed.

Kiryu bidding farewell to Oda

Just then, the trio heard the arrival of several Shibusawa-gumi men, and Makoto asked Oda to get up and escape with them. Oda called her naive and instead asked Kiryu for his gun back, promising to hold them off as Kiryu and Makoto escaped. He then explained, "Look at my leg. If I'm gonna die here, I want...I want to go out being useful to Tachibana-san." He then asked Kiryu to tell Tachibana that he "honestly loved him", and Kiryu swore that he would, but asked Oda to not play the hero and instead go easy so that there was a chance that he wouldn't die. Oda said "Yeah, maybe," and Kiryu then gave Oda back his gun and began to leave with a worried Makoto.

Kiryu and Makoto escaping the construction site

Makoto and Kiryu ran downstairs, where they were confronted by Suketsune Yamanaka, Kenji Kawai, and Hidehira Wakabayashi. Yamanaka shouted, "Give us the girl, Kiryu! This is the last stop for you, anyway!" However, Kiryu swore to protect Makimura, and he went on to take down the yakuza Akihiro Taniguchi, Chikao Imai, Shunji Ono, Kafu Kojima, Shusaku Maruyama, Sumitomo Takada, and Yakamochi Kinjo. He was then attacked by Hideo Fujimoto, wielding an electric buzzer, fightng him across two floors before facing Fujimoto's fellow yakuza Hirokazu Kanamori, Yoshitomo Takemoto, Manzo Kotani, Sen Miyauchi, and Yoshitsune Fujimura and defeating them as well. With Shibusawa's men dealt with, Kiryu and Makoto made their escape, ultimately making it to safety.

Bonding with Makoto

Kiryu and Makoto at the hotel

Kiryu and Makoto made their way to a luxurious hotel room, where they planned to stay until the heat died down; Kiryu assured Makoto that he wasn't trying to make a pass at her, but she said that she understood. She then asked Kiryu what her brother was like, and Kiryu told her, "Well, most of the time he's extremely calm. Smart. Keeps his emotions in check pretty much all the time." Makoto said that her brother must have changed since last they met, which she revealed had been ten years ago, when Tachibana was just 15 and she was 10. Makoto explained that he had left her and their mother to settle in Osaka, Japan, and Kiryu correctly guessed that she must have come to Dotonbori to search for her brother. She then said that, two years earlier, she had run away from home in Tokyo to search for her brother, asking every Chinese person in Dotonbori if she knew her brother. The man with the bat tattoo - Oda - had claimed that he knew her brother, only to kidnap her and sell her; he would not know Tachibana until later.

Kiryu comforting Makoto

Makoto then said that she was scared to see how her brother had changed, as she remembered him as a weak person, and the two of them were bullied back in China for being half-Japanese; she related how, at movie theaters, the people in the other seats would spit on them throughout the film. She said that joining the mafia must have been her brother's only way to defend himself, and she said that she and her mother had moved in with her grandfather in Tokyo, only to find that it was difficult to communicate, as her grandfather only spoke Japanese and she and her mother only spoke Chinese. Makoto said that she had studied Japanese so hard she practically forgot Chinese, but that her mother killed herself before she could learn Japanese. she then broke down in tears as she related how the only other people who protected her (Wen Hai Lee and Goro Majima) had also been killed (unaware that Majima was still alive and looking for her). A tearful Makoto lamented how her life was a "train wreck", but Kiryu told her that, while it was easy to become immersed in darkness and depression, not a person in the world knew what was waiting down the road. Kiryu promised to get Makoto to the starting line of a new life, and Makoto committed to going with him to Kabukicho.

Return to Kabukicho

Hiding Makoto

Kiryu bringing Makoto to West Park

By the early evening of 18 December 1988, Kiryu and Makoto had finally arrived back in Kabukicho, and Kiryu decided that West Park was the best place for Makimura to hide out. He went to Suezo Hirata's plywood hut, and, while Hirata said that the homeless camp was nowhere for a girl to stay, and that the smell might bother her, Makoto said that she wasn't bothered, and apologized for the intrusion. Hirata told her not to worry, but was himself worried that Makoto didn't belong in the camp. Kiryu assured Hirata that she would only stay at the camp until he could take her to her brother, and he told Hirata that her brother should be in Little Asia. Hirata was relieved, as he initially expected that Makoto would be staying with him for days. Hirata asked Kiryu why he couldn't take Makimura with him to Little Asia, and Kiryu explained that the Dojima-gumi was after him, and told Hirata that he was better off not knowing why. Hirata told Kiryu that he owed Kiryu for saving him from the "homeless hunter" punks, and he promised to take care of Makimura until Kiryu came back.

Reuniting with Tachibana

Kiryu visiting Tachibana

Kiryu then headed to Little Asia, where he was greeted by a Chinese man, Ye Liwei, who told him that Elder Chen had asked him to wait for Kiryu's arrival. He then took him to Tachibana's safehouse, where Tachibana was being treated for his kidney problems, and Ye told Kiryu that Tachibana was weaker for a few days, before stabilizing by then. Kiryu told Tachibana that Makimura was in Kabukicho, and she was waiting at West Park for her brother to come to get her. Kiryu was then forced to break the news of how Oda had tried to kill Makoto, and that he had last seen Oda when he decided to hold off Shibusawa's men; Tachibana predicted that Oda was dead. Tachibana expressed his regret that he had left behind his family in China, and that his choice to flee rather than grapple with his own fate had also killed Oda. He also lamented how he had taken up a life of crime, and told Kiryu that he had formed his information network in a bid to locate his mother and sister after they settled in Tokyo. He said that, in the end, all he had learned was that his mother and grandfather had already died, and that his sister had vanished from Kabukicho just before he could find her.

Tachibana telling Kiryu of Kazama's plans

Tachibana also said that he had discovered that his sister owned the Empty Lot, which is why he approached Kazama to help him protect his sister, hence the creation of Tachibana Real Estate to protect the Empty Lot. Kiryu was surprised to hear of Kazama's role in the founding of Tachibana Real Estate, and Tachibana clarified that Kazama "feared the sort of rampage unique to small men drunk on disproportionately large power," and thus sought to prevent Dojima from using the proceeds from the revitalization project to buy the chairmanship of the Tojo-kai on Nihara's retirement. He commented that all of the events which had transpired since then were "the perfect play, penned by a genius", Shintaro Kazama. He concluded that the reason that Kiryu stood before him was because he and Kazama had joined hands, Tachibana to protect his sister, and Kazama to control the Tojo-kai from behind the scenes.

Tachibana lamenting his abandonment of his sister

Tachibana then wistfully told Kiryu that his sister had every right to hate him for walking out on their family, and said that, a few days earlier, Sera had informed him that Makoto had lost the sight in both her eyes. He then said he thought it best that he keep the fact that he was her brother silent, but, when Kiryu asked if Tachibana now felt differently, Tachibana said that he did, and he said that Makoto Makimura was every bit the sister he remembered. He tearfully said that the whole reason Makoto was in Dotonbori was to look for him, and he told Kiryu that he wanted to see his sister again. He then wistfully shouted, "That's the only reason I've hung on to life for this long! I won't run again...Not ever again!" Kiryu told Tachibana that his sister still needed his help, and Tachibana resolved to help her.

Tachibana's kidnapping

Kiryu confronting Koki Yanagida and his men

Just then, Ye Liwei burst in and warned Kiryu and Tachibana that the Dojima family was there, and that they had asked the locals to hand over Tachibana. Koki Yanagida and his enforcers Sachio Ota, Hirokazu Matsui, Kinzo Irie, Kenji Nishizawa, and Zenko Nagano then arrived, with Yanagida summoning his men after reporting that Tachibana was in the room. Kiryu asked if Tachibana was able to stand, and Tachibana rose from his bed to help Kiryu fight off the kidnappers. The two successfully took down all of the Dojima hitmen in the ensuing brawl, and they then headed outside, where Tachibana said that they could not stay in Little Asia any longer, and told Kiryu that they should hurry to West Park and hurry to get Makimura to release the ownership of the Empty Lot to stop Dojima from pursuing her.

Tachibana leaving Kiryu

Just then, Tachibana noticed that they were being watched, and the assassin Lao Gui, perched on a nearby rooftop, shot Kiryu in the left breast and right leg with a silenced pistol. Tachibana escorted him to cover in a nearby staircase, and Tachibana identified the killer as the best hitman in Asia. He then deduced that, if Dojima had Lao Gui in his service, Lao Gui must have been the one to kill Taichi Kurihara and arrange the scene so that it appeared as if it had been an amateur murder, as Lao Gui was professional enough to make the murder look "easy". Just then, Lao Gui bellowed that he was ordered to take Tachibana alive, and Tachibana declared that they could not escape together. Against Kiryu's wishes, Tachibana decided to hand himself over so that Kiryu could survive and rescue his sister, and Lao Gui assured Tachibana that he would not harm Kiryu, as Kiryu was not in his contract. Tachibana then left with Lao Gui, and a heavily wounded Kiryu passed out on the alleyway staircase.

Recovering in Little Asia

Kiryu recovering in Little Asia

Three hours later, Kiryu woke up to Elder Chen sitting by his bedside. Kiryu was shocked to see that Chen had taken care of him, and Chen explained that Tachibana had been taken by the Dojima family about three hours earlier, and that he had men looking for where Tachibana was taken. He revealed that Shibusawa knew that Tachibana was receiving dialysis in Little Asia, and that Oda must have been leaking information to Shibusawa. Kiryu asked if Shibusawa had been letting Tachibana run free until then, and Chen declared, "Oda was Shibusawa's lapdog. I assume his plan was to let Tachibana-san do the work of finding Makoto Makimura, then swoop in and take her." He then told Kiryu that he had considered making Tachibana his successor, and said that he was doing all he could to find him.

Kiryu waking up to Elder Chen

Chen also revealed that the Empty Lot had been owned by Tachibana's grandfather Genzo Makimura, who had sold off most of his property after World War II, only to keep the Empty Lot so that his family could track him down and reunite with him in Japan. He then noted how it was ironic that a father's love for his daughter would condemn her children to be placed at the center of a yakuza power struggle, and he said that it was Kiryu's yakuza who were to blame. Chen then warned Kiryu that, by then, the Dojima family was likely subjecting Tachibana to extreme torture in order to capture Makoto Makimura, and Kiryu promised to rescue Tachibana at any cost. Chen instructed Kiryu to do so, saying that, while Kiryu's wounds may still hurt, he was only healed to assist Chen in that task. Chen then told Kiryu to watch over Tachibana's sister until they could locate him.

Nishikiyama's return

Arata Nagasawa confronting Kiryu on the street

Kiryu then got up and dressed himself, and, as he left Little Asia, he was confronted by Arata Nagasawa and several Dojima henchmen on the street. Nagasawa told Kiryu that his superiors had grown tired of chasing Kiryu and ordered him to kill Kiryu on sight, asking how long Kiryu planned on taking to die. He then taunted Kiryu about Tachibana's likely fate, but their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Nishikiyama. Nagasawa believed that Nishikiyama was there to help take down Kiryu, and told Kiryu that he had no friends left.

Kiryu and Nishikiyama teaming up

Nishikiyama then told Kiryu that Kuze was torturing Tachibana at the moment, and that it was only a matter of time before he acquired the Empty Lot. Nishikiyama then asked Kiryu if he still thought there was any hope, but Kiryu asked him if he knew were Tachibana was, to which Nishikiyama responded by saying that the lieutenants were not telling the rank-and-file members of the Dojima family. Nagasawa then laughed at the confrontation, proposing that Nishikiyama and Kiryu fight to the death. However, Nishikiyama responded, "I tell you...Yakuza are some of the dumbest sons of b****es I've ever seen," angering Nagasawa, who asked Nishikiyama for an explanation. Nishikiyama told Nagasawa that, once Dojima acquired the Empty Lot, it spelled the end for Kazama, and he asked Nagasawa if he thought he was going to sit back and watch that happen. Nishikiyama then told Kiryu that he had his back, and, while Kiryu was initially reluctant to let his friend be dragged into his fight, Nishikiyama said that he was uninterested in climbing the ranks of a Tojo Clan without Kiryu at the helm. The two sworn brothers then tore off their suits and prepared to fight Nagasawa and his men in the street.

Kiryu and Nishikiyama overlooking the defeated yakuza

The two sworn brothers then took down Nagasawa, Tsuginori Soma, Yuko Sakai, and Yunosuke Yuasa, and Nishikiyama commented that he forgot how invincible he felt around Kiryu. Kiryu then told Nishikiyama that they needed to head to the West Park, where Makimura was hiding. Nishikiyama accompanied Kiryu to West Park, where he updated both Nishikiyama and Makoto on the situation, telling Nishikiyama that Makoto was the Empty Lot's owner and Tachibana's sibling, and telling Makoto that her brother had been kidnapped. He then revealed that Shibusawa was the man calling the shots in the family at the moment, as he had led the attack on Kiryu and Makoto in Osaka. Kiryu then swore to Makoto that he would bring Tachibana back to her, even if it meant giving his life.

Kiryu calling Elder Chen

Just then, Elder Chen paged Kiryu, and Kiryu decided to call him back. Makoto asked for Kiryu to help her brother, saying that she couldn't lose him while she was so close to reuniting with him. Kiryu found a payphone in West Park and called Chen, who reported that Tachibana was being held at the Crescendo Building on Shichifuku Street, an abandoned building next to the Empty Lot. He also reported that there were only around seven guards there, but that Kuze was among them. Chen added that Kuze seemed to be acting on Shibusawa's orders, and that Shibusawa was now more powerful than Awano. Kiryu and Nishikiyama then set out for the building, taking down the triads Teijo Ohira, Toshimichi Irie, and Yataro Takemoto along the way.

Rescuing Tachibana

Kiryu battling Kuze in the basement

The two men then reached the Crescendo Building, where he and Nishikiyama found that Kuze's torturer Gengyo Yoneda had fatally wounded Tachibana with a sledgehammer blow to the temple before Kuze killed Yoneda in retribution for his insubordination. An infuriated Kiryu clenched his fists at the site of the unresponsive Tachibana strapped to a chair, and Kuze callously told Kiryu, "Guess these things have a way of working out." An infuriated Kiryu proceeded to charge and powerfully punch Kuze in the face, knocking his glasses to the floor and felling Kuze to his knees. Kuze then returned to his feet and prepared to face off with Kiryu in yet another showdown.

Tachibana's body in Kiryu's arms

Kiryu and Nishikiyama proceeded to brawl against Kuze and his henchmen Isamu Kudo, Hakuseki Kosaka, Taikan Yokoyama, and Konoye Miyazaki in the basement, with Kiryu again wiping the floor with Kuze, and he and Nishikiyama taking down his henchmen shortly after. Nishikiyama then cut Tachibana free of his bonds, and Kiryu held a dying Tachibana, telling him to stay awake as he sent Nishikiyama to retrieve Makoto to reunite with her brother. However, Tachibana muttered that he had found out from Kuze that Dojima was the man who had set up Kiryu, and that Dojima himself had pulled the strings behind Kiryu's framing in order to expel Kazama from the family. Tachibana then died in Kiryu's arms, causing Kiryu to loudly wail at the loss of his friend.

Kiryu leaving with Tachibana's body

Kuze then awoke from his unconscious state and told Kiryu that he had only done what he had to do, and warned Kiryu that the Empty Lot dispute was no longer just a Dojima family problem, but now a problem of the Tojo Clan. He explained that somebody within the Tojo Clan was attempting to sell the Empty Lot to the Omi Alliance, upon which the Omi Alliance would march into Tokyo, take over the revitalization project and sweep Kabukicho from under the Tojo Clan's feet, and enter into an all-out war with the Tojo Clan. He then asked Kiryu if he intended to make an enemy of the whole Tojo Clan, but Kiryu warned Kuze that, if he laid a finger on Makoto, Kiryu would "bury the Tojo Clan" and "crush it down to the last man." Kiryu then picked up Tachibana's body and left the basement, and a defeated and amazed Kuze remarked, "The punk kid's finally turned. Turned into a real yakuza."

Makoto reuniting with her late brother

Kiryu then held Tachibana's body as Nishikiyama brought Makoto to reunite with her brother at the Empty Lot. Makoto grew worried when she did not hear her brother's voice, and she then reached out and felt her brother's lifeless body. A distraught Makoto dropped her cane and wailed, holding onto her dead brother's body and mourning his loss before telling her late brother, "I'm home," as she had finally succeeded in reuniting with him, albeit after his death.

Clash of the Dragons

Kiryu meeting with Nishikiyama at the Empty Lot

Three hours later, Makoto managed to give her rescuers the slip, and Kiryu and Nishikiyama unsuccessfully searched for her that night. On the evening of 19 December, Nishikiyama reported to Kiryu at the Empty Lot, where he said that there was still no word on Makoto, and that, while Little Asia was helping their search, nobody had any leads yet. Nishikiyama also asked Kiryu if he knew a man named Goro Majima, but Kiryu said that he had only heard the name, and never met him. Nishikiyama said that Majima had stormed the Kazama-gumi office and beat down Kashiwagi one-on-one and then him himself, saying that he never stood a chance against Majima. Kiryu was worried about why a man like Majima was looking for Makoto, but Nishikiyama said that it didn't sound like Majima was on Dojima's payroll, but that he claimed that he was seeking to protect Makoto. Kiryu said that they wouldn't know anything until they found Makoto and regrouped, and he said that he couldn't let Makoto die, for Tachibana's sake.

Reunion with Sera

Kiryu arriving at the restaurant to meet Sera

Just then, Kiryu's pager went off, so he headed to the phone to call the caller back. He found out that the caller was Masaru Sera from the Nikkyo Consortium, and Sera told Kiryu that he was at Elder Chen's restaurant, and that he wanted to speak with Kiryu one-on-one. Kiryu then headed to the restaurant, where Chen directed Kiryu to Sera's table. Before Kiryu met with Sera, Kiryu lamented how Tachibana had died before he could reunite with his sister, and he told Kiryu that he spoke for all of Little Asia when he thanked him for his efforts.

Sera meeting with Kiryu in Little Asia

Kiryu then sat with Sera, who reported that Makoto had been shot by Dojima's men, and that, while she had undergone surgery, she was still unconscious. Kiryu asked what had happened, and Sera explained that she had voluntarily gone to meet with Dojima at the Sebastian Building to negotiate the sale of the Empty Lot in exchange for the heads of Dojima's three lieutenants. Dojima refused and instead told her that his bureaucratic allies no longer required the Empty Lot to be signed over to him in order for him to go ahead with the sale (as long as the lot's owner did not protest), enabling him to kill Makoto instead. He had his assassin Lao Gui shoot Makoto, but Goro Majima rescued her after beating down Dojima's guards. Kiryu was surprised that Makoto was no longer blind, and that Sera explained that Majima could be trusted, as it seemed that he genuinely wanted to protect her, despite Futoshi Shimano having originally ordered him to kill her. Sera also informed Kiryu that Shibusawa had been officially promoted to Captain of the Dojima-gumi and was now the one calling the shots, warning Kiryu, "He's never been the type to work out in the open. He's kept quiet and built up his forces, patient and thorough." Sera added that the Shibusawa-gumi was still a young organization, and that they needed a show of strength to stand atop the Kenno-kai and the Taihei Association. Sera predicted that Shibusawa would try to purge the Kazama-gumi, and he advised Kiryu to leave Kabukicho and lie low for a while.

Sera telling Kiryu about his past

Sera then explained that, when Makimura woke up, she would sign over the Empty Lot to the Nikkyo Consortium, and revealed that Kazama wanted to prevent the Dojima-gumi from growing any more powerful, so he chose Sera and the Nikkyo Consortium as the counterbalance. Tachibana had also intended to hand over the Empty Lot to the Nikkyo, and Sera revealed that the ultimate goal was to thwart Dojima by establishing Sera as the Tojo-kai's successor instead of Dojima. Kazuma was surprised by the depth of Kazama and Sera's relationship, and Sera said that it was Kazama who had shown him the ropes of the yakuza in the first place. Sera told Kiryu that Kazama had also asked him to do all that he was able to for Kiryu, and he promised to find a way to take care of Kiryu's false murder charge. Sera said that, in the meantime, they should both pray that Makoto would wake up. Kiryu asked if there was anything else he could do in the meantime, and Sera said that he had already done enough, and that he was the reason why Makoto was still alive. Sera revealed that he had moved Makoto to a ship docked at the Shibaura wharf in Tokyo Bay, where she would be safer, and he told Kiryu to worry about getting out of town, where he would be safer.

Saving the Kazama Family

Kiryu confronting the Dojima-gumi thugs outside of West Park

Kazuma decided to return to West Park to wait for Nishikiyama, but he was intercepted by Nishikiyama along the way. A worried Nishikiyama reported that the Dojima-gumi was headed for the Kazama-gumi office, and he explained, "It's Shibusawa...He's been named the next captain. He's putting every last Kazama loyalist to the sword. You and me both are basically walking targets." Nishikiyama warned Kiryu that the city would soon be flooded with Dojima muscle, and they were then confronted by a gang of Dojima thugs. Kiryu told Nishikiyama that Makoto was alive and safe, and that, if she remained so, the lot would be Sera and Kazama's ace in the hole. Kiryu then told Nishikiyama to run on ahead to warn Kashiwagi of the impending attack on the Kazama-gumi office as he held off the yakuza by himself. Kiryu warned the thugs that they all got to deal with him, but Sadakuno Yajima insulted him as "Kazama's little errand boy". Kiryu proceeded to take down Yajima, Togai Shimura, Shinichi Kosaka, Tetsuyuki Kurata, and Hisamitsu Yasui, and he then headed off to the Kazama-gumi office.

Takamori Oshima picking a fight with Kiryu

Along the way, Kiryu was jumped by the yakuza Takamori Oshima, Yoshitoki Yokoi, Gidayu Ono, Hirotsugu Inage, and Kyushichi Asai, beating them down in a public brawl. He was also attacked by another band of Dojima yakuza, but he took down Yasuari Kitajima, Shoko Hirota, and Yoritomo Kajiwara in yet another fight. With the Dojima thugs dealt with, he continued to make his way to the Kazama-gumi offices on Tenkaichi Street.

Kiryu confronting Kuze for the last time

Kiryu reached the Kazama-gumi offices, where he found that a lone Daisaku Kuze was waiting for him. Kiryu asked if Kuze was alone, and Kuze said that he could not risk his men botching the job. Kuze told Kiryu that he hadn't made a move on the Kazama family office yet, and that Nishikiyama was up there as they spoke. Kiryu asked Kuze what he planned to do with the Kazama family, and what their plan for Kazama was, and Kuze bluntly said, "They're all gonna die, dumba**. Both the Kazama Family and you." He commented that Shibusawa was now in charge, and said that, "The way the Dojima Family's going now, the entire Tojo Clan's gonna be under us soon enough. That means we've got all the ground troops we could want to force you rats outta your holes." Kiryu taunted Kuze, saying, "Maybe so...But I'd rather fight a hundred Tojo punks than go one-on-one with you right now." Kuze was surprised, and Kiryu explained, "You're here for one reason...to break me. There's no worse fight than going up against somebody who'll risk his neck without a thought to what he stands to gain or lose." Kuze explained that pride was what got him to that point, and that, "As long as a man's got pride, he can die with a smile on his face. Be fun to see whose pride dies harder here...Yours or mine."

Kiryu slamming Kuze to the ground

Kiryu and Kuze proceeded to engage in an epic final round between them, with Kiryu again easily defeating Kuze, slamming him to the ground and laying several punches on him before Kuze could even respond. A defeated and floored Kuze commented, "Huff...hah...You're a damn monster, kid...You just...keep getting tougher." He admitted that Kazama knew that Kiryu would eventually grow to be very powerful, and that Kazama sought to prevent Kiryu from becoming "a true yakuza". Kuze conceded that it was the Dojima family who had broken the seal, but he said that Kiryu was not the only one fighting to become a real yakuza.

Kiryu bidding farewell to Kuze for the last time

Kuze, having a change of heart about his rivalry with Kiryu, told Kiryu to go to the Nikkyo Consortium, revealing that Shibusawa was there. He revealed that, while Shibusawa had ordered the hitman to shoot Makoto, he didn't intend to kill her, a tactic which he had kept secret, even from Dojima himself. He then revealed that Shibusawa had followed Makoto back to the Nikkyo Consortium's base, and that he intended to kill "everyone who ever so much as blinked at Captain Kazama. That's the only way Shibusawa can take control as Dojima captain...The only way he becomes a real yakuza." Just then, Nishikiyama emerged from the office to report the same news to Kiryu, and Kuze warned Kiryu that he was about to step into "the deepest, darkest sh** pit of the yakuza world." Kiryu said that he was ready for whatever would come, and he addressed Kuze as "sir" and bowed to him before leaving.

Battle at the wharf

Kiryu and Nishikiyama facing off against the Shibusawa-gumi hitmen

Kiryu and Nishikiyama then took a taxi to the Shibaura wharf, which they found had been blocked off by a fleet of Shibusawa-gumi cars and an army of gunmen. They caught the notice of Shibusawa on their arrival, and, just as Shibusawa and his men prepared to massacre the sworn brothers, Nikkyo gunmen from the ship ambushed the Shibusawa-gumi army with small arms fire, initiating a shootout which resulted in the Shibusawa-gumi army storming the ship and battling the Nikkyo Consortium men there.

Kashiwagi coming to Kiryu's aid at the pier

Kazuma and Nishikiyama were then surprised to see two dump trucks full of Kazama-gumi men led by Kashiwagi arrive, with the Kazama-gumi men hurling Molotov cocktails at the Shibusawa-gumi men, and Kashiwagi declaring that the "trash" on the pier was his responsibility. With Kashiwagi and his men helping to fight off the majority of the Shibusawa-gumi army on the pier, Kiryu and Nishikiyama set out to fight their way through the other, large number of Shibusawa-gumi men between them and the ship.

Kiryu and Nishikiyama joining the battle at the wharf

Kiryu and Nishikiyama proceeded to charge into battle, taking down Hiroharu Akita and his men Taki Mitani, Hiroya Haraguchi, Tadashi Honma, Toki Koyanagi, and Hokichi Tadokoro amid a sea of burning cars. He then made his way onto Sera's yacht, where he took down Subaru Sakashita, Yutaka Haramoto, Yoritoki Sekiya, Kazushige Kaneko, Matsuyo Okamoto, Nakamaro Shibata, Eiichi Hara, Utamuro Ishikawa, Masahiro Hashimoto, and Shuichi Onuma. As Nishikiyama and Kiryu attemppted to make their way to the side of the ship, they came under small arms fire, so Nishikiyama volunteered to stay behind and hold off the Shibusawa gunmen with his own handgun as Kiryu headed topside to confront Shibusawa himself.

Nishikiyama holding off the Shibusawa gunmen

Kiryu was reluctant to leave Nishikiyama in danger, but Nishikiyama said that Shibusawa would kill Kiryu if he didn't act quickly, and said that they couldn't face Kazama - or Tachibana, when the time came - if they failed to stop Shibusawa. The second Nishikiyama started firing, Kiryu made a beeline around the corner, heading towards the staircase to the next deck. Along the way, he took down Ukyo Sato, Akio Takahashi, Keishi Murata, Kuniaki Watanabe, Mieko Takei, and Shusake Tanaka, and he was then confronted by the elite guards Yasuyuki Yoshikawa, Kiminobu Mori, and Kojuro Ide, whom he took down after a three-on-one fight.

Becoming the Dragon of Dojima

Kiryu confronting Shibusawa on the deck

Kiryu then made his way to the top deck, where he found Shibusawa standing next to the doctor Ine Hashira, who was attending to the unconscious Makoto in her wheelchair. Shibusawa turned and told Kiryu that he now understood what Kazama saw in Kiryu, lamenting that he should have noticed it sooner. He then told Kiryu, "You were just a punk...And yet now...You've nearly become a dragon." An infuriated Kiryu told Shibusawa to spare him the poetry and demanded that he let the girl go, deducing that, if Shibusawa wanted to kill Makoto, she would already be dead. Shibusawa then ordered the doctor to take the girl and leave, and Shibusawa then confronted Kiryu by himself.

Kiryu talking to Shibusawa

Shibusawa told Kiryu that Makoto could die later, saying that Makoto's death would be the final nail in Kazama's coffin; he bragged that he would have all the time in the world to deal with Sera. He then told Kiryu that, at the moment, his main priority was to take down Kiryu himself, tearing him down with his own hands. Shibusawa then told Kiryu that he sought one thing: glory. He justified this motive by saying that, while he had money and power, he wanted a legacy. Kiryu asked how Shibusawa could go to war with Kazama over something so trivial, and Shibusawa reasoned that some men would give their lives for it, sharing that his father was an aide to a politician in the House of Representatives and had a bright political future, only for the credit for all of his accomplishments to go to his boss, and his father was made to take the fall for his boss' corruption and kill himself due to his ruined future. Shibusawa declared, "Anyone who takes the high road in a world that answers diligence with indifference is a fool."

Kiryu berating Shibusawa for his ambition

Kiryu added that he had found a new world, one in which power was everything, and where he could author his own fate. He lamented how he had spent his life earning money and getting for his boss whatever he wanted, and said that the thing which ultimately brought yakuza to heel was a title that commanded yakuza's respect. Kiryu said that Kazama was more than his title, and said that he was more than the legend, having slaved under a "sh** boss" and grew the Dojima-gumi to be the biggest in the Tojo-kai. Kiryu said that Kazama was nothing like the politician who killed Shibusawa's father, and Shibusawa said that he knew that, and that Kazama was in a league of his own. He decided that he would have to mint his own title, but Kiryu said that any title a man created for himself wasn't worth wearing, and that titles and glory followed on their own. Shibusawa said that diligence was his version of effort, but Kiryu criticized him for seeing the shooting of a blind girl as diligent, as well as killing Tachibana and Oda.

Kiryu and Shibusawa preparing for battle

Shibusawa said that Kazama used to be a Tojo hitman and had killed plenty, telling Kiryu that Kazama was not the paragon Kiryu thought he was, asking who dragged civilians to their deaths in the once-internal dispute over the Empty Lot. He said that it had been Kazama, working against his boss, Dojima. He then asked Kiryu if Kazama didn't think that Tachibana and Makoto would be in grave danger when he involved them, and accused him of using the two as sacrificial pawns. He declared, "We write in other people's blood. That's the yakuza's way." Shibusawa then ripped off his suit and told Kiryu, "You're not the only one with a dragon on his back, boy." He then stated his intent to kill Kiryu, surpass Kazama, and become the "Dragon of Dojima". Kiryu told Shibusawa that he could keep the "cute nickname", concluding that, "There can only be one dragon." Shibusawa said that he couldn't agree more, and Kiryu vowed to end Shibusawa's war, tearing off his own shirt.

Kiryu sending Shibusawa flying

Kiryu and Shibusawa proceeded to engage in a grueling battle on the deck, with both of them attacking each other with flurries of strong punches full of rage and vengeance. At one point, they tumbled down a staircase to the deck below, but Kiryu frequently picked Shibusawa up by his head and dealt strong blows to him. Finally, he hurled him against the side railing and repeatedly punched him before kicking him to the center of the deck. With one last blow, he subdued Shibusawa, who was unable to stand.

Kiryu beating Shibusawa

Despite being powerless, Shibusawa said that there was one last thing to do: to kill Kiryu, Kazama, and Makoto, just like he killed Tachibana. An enraged Kiryu approached the kneeling Shibusawa, breathed in and out, and gave a powerful punch to Shibusawa's face, causing him to fall back down. As Shibusawa tried to get back up, Kiryu kicked him in the face, causing him to fall back down again. He then punched Shibusawa in the face three times, with each punch avenging Oda, Tachibana, and Makoto.

Nishikiyama preventing Kiryu from killing Shibusawa

Shibusawa then told Kiryu that he had no choice but to finish him off, following in Kazama's footsteps as a killer, but, as Kiryu raised his fist and prepared to break Shibusawa's neck with a final blow, Nishikiyama dove and tackled Kiryu. Kiryu recovered and stared at Nishikiyama in shock, and Nishikiyama told Kiryu that he couldn't cross he line of becoming a murderer, as he could never go back. He then asked what killing Shibusawa would give Kiryu, and answered, "A lot of nothing!" Nishikiyama then promised Kiryu that, if the time came where Kiryu ever had to cross that line, Nishikiyama would cross it with Kiryu. The two men then recovered, and they left before the police arrived to arrest the survivors aboard the Ocean Serenade, including the defeated Shibusawa.


Rejoining the Dojima-gumi

Kiryu visiting Kazama in prison

In January 1989, Tojo-kai chairman Takashi Nihara formally proclaimed that Sera would become his successor, rescuing the Tojo-kai's future from Dojima. Kiryu then decided to visit his foster father Kazama in prison, now that the Empty Lot dispute was at an end, with Sera reaping the profits of the revitalization project. When Kiryu met with Kazama in prison, Kazama said that it was good to see Kiryu, and apologized for putting him through a lot. Kiryu told Kazama that he was visiting him to report something, and said that Kazama might not want to hear it. Kazama knew what Kiryu was going to say, and asked if Kiryu was prepared to do it. Kiryu confidently stated that he was prepared, and he then left the prison to meet with Nishikiyama.

Nishikiyama asking Kiryu about his plans

Kiryu met with Nishikiyama at their new hangout spot, Reina Tsuru's Serena Executive Lounge, and, when Nishikiyama arrived, he angrily asked Kiryu if he wanted to explain. Reina told Nishikiyama that there was no need for theatrics, abut Nishikiyama asked Kiryu if he was serious about returning to the Dojima family. Even Reina was shocked, and Nishikiyama asked Kiryu if he had met with Kazama earlier that day. Kiryu turned and told Nishikiyama that he had, indeed, told Kazama a little while ago, and that Kazama said that Kiryu should stay a civilian, as he didn't think that Kiryu was cut out for the yakuza. Kiryu revealed that Kazama had intened for him to work with Tachibana so that he could get out of the yakuza and into a real job, but he decided that, despite that, he was going back anyway. He then accepted Kiryu's decision, but asked why he couldn't join the Kazama family instead. He warned Kiryu that, if he went back to the Dojima family after "screwing them that hard," Kiryu would be torn to shreds. However, Kiryu said that he felt like rejoining the Dojima-gumi was the first step in squaring things up right, lamenting that he had seen both yakuza and civilians attempting to do the same thing. Nishikiyama asked what Kiryu and he still didn't have, and Kiryu said that he didn't know, although he knew that he could not run away. Nishikiyama deduced that Kiryu felt that the way to find the right path was to return to the Dojima-gumi, and Kiryu agreed, saying that it was his best idea of how to set things straight. Kiryu decided that he needed to find his own way as a yakuza, different from Kazama's way, and that he needed to make his own style of yakuza.

Nishikiyama and Kiryu leaving to eat out

Kiryu then stood and put on a new suit jacket, and Nishikiyama criticized it, saying that the white jacket was more crisp, but Kiryu said that the new jacket called to him. Kiryu said that Nishikiyama might be right, but determined from then on to decide what "me" was. Nishikiyama conceded that Kiryu could choose whatever family he wanted to join, but suggested that he should at least take his friend's advice on what suit to wear. Kiryu said that he liked his suit and that it would give him a fresh start, and Nishikiyama joked that Kiryu should wear the suit for the rest of his life. Nishikiyama joked that Kiryu was getting all "cool guy" on him, but Kiryu acknowledged that he had racked up the debts he owed Nishikiyama, and promised that he would one day pay back Nishikiyama, even if it took his whole lifetime. Nishikiyama suggested that they get a bite at Kabukicho's finest steakhouse, and added that it would be Kiryu's treat, but, while Kiryu agreed, he said that he didn't have much cash on him. Nishikiyama jeered at Kiryu, and the two then walked out of the bar, Nishikiyama's arm over Kiryu's shoulder, departing as close friends once again.

Kiryu meeting Goro Majima for the first time

Later that night, while walking down the streets of Kabukicho alone, Kiryu came across a strangely-dressed, eyepatched man who blocked his way on the street. Kiryu stared the man down for a moment before the man goofily said, "Yo...Kiryu-chan!" Kiryu correctly guessed that the man was Goro Majima, the man whom both Kazama and Nishikiyama had told him about, and he smiled at him before the two men walked off.

Taking on the Leisure King

Kiryu purchasing Health Wild Apple

With the Empty Lot dispute resolved, Kiryu decided to devote himself to growing his real estate business. Meanwhile, it became common practice within the Tojo-kai to send rookie thugs against Kiryu as a hazing method, knowing that they would either be humbled or (almost impossibly) defeat Kiryu. As Kiryu walked down the street the next day, he was jumped by the yakuza Naoki Kai, Maresuke Onishi, and Toshiki Amano, but he beat down the three of them. Shortly after, he was jumped by the goons Seiki Sakurai, Naozane Okano, Kuemon Hori, and Nobuatsu Uchida, but he beat them down as well. While he was in the neighborhood, he decided to purchase the erotic massage parlor Health Wild Apple for his real estate company.

Kiryu confronting the defeated goons

Kiryu then came across the backlot of Serena, where he found that the Leisure King's henchmen Shotaro Ishizuka, Heiji Kumagai, Oniji Kotani, and Tsunesaburo Yamaoka - who were causing trouble in the area - were hanging out. Kiryu approached them, and Kumagai recognized Kiryu as the man they were after. In the ensuing back-alley brawl, Kiryu took down the four attackers, who begged for forgiveness and agreed to leave Kiryu alone. He then proceeded to buy the nearby Kabukicho Health Plaza, which was known for its attractive female employees, further expanding his business.

Kiryu meeting Ginji Haruta

Kiryu then visited Sushi Gin, aiming to acquire the business for his real estate company. He purchased sushi from the chef Ginji Haruta, who was anxious about how the sushi tasted. Kiryu grew worried that the chef didn't have faith in his food, and the chef explained that his father had suddenly died and left Haruta the restaurant before Haruta was done with his apprenticeship, hence his lack of faith. Kiryu decided to come back and visit often to help Ginji improve his cooking skills, and he then left the restaurant and went on to purchase Pachinko New Eden. He also purchased Pachinko Marufuku and the Nyoki-Nyoki Academy.

Kiryu confronting the Leisure King in the street

As Kiryu returned to the Sugita Building to manage his real estate business, he found that his secretary Marina was being harassed by the Leisure King and his henchmen Maresuke Takeshita, Jomei Kaai, and Toshiki Ohira on the building's doorstep. Marina was happy to see Kiryu, but the arrogant Leisure King threatened Kiryu with a repeat of what happened to Yamanoi a month earlier. Kiryu refused to back down from his rivalry with the Leisure King, so the latter ordered his lapdog Takeshita to give Kiryu a beating as a lesson.

The Leisure King warning Kiryu

Kiryu proceeded to take down the three henchmen, including Takeshita, the strongest among them. A bruised Kiryu was then confronted by the untouched Leisure King, who decided to let Kiryu off the hook for that day. However, the Leisure King warned Kiryu that, if he angered him again, he was "dead meat", and the Leisure King gloated that, if Kiryu died, all of his properties would become his, and said that he was perfectly fine with managing things that way. He then gave Kiryu a final warning: "If you don't want to die, get out. If you don't get out, I'll kill you. Simple, right? Think about it, man."

Kiryu recruiting Yoshitomo Kotake

Kiryu nonetheless resolved to build his business, and, upon returning to the Sugita Building, he found that Yoshitomo Kotake was waiting for him. The man remembered Kiryu from Ayu Sakurai's dungeon, and he told Kiryu that he wanted to thank him for his earlier help by serving as a consultant at his business, using his skills from his day job. Kiryu was happily surprised, and he decided to welcome Kotake aboard.

Kiryu talking to Mina Fukuhara

Kiryu then ran into Mina Fukuhara in an alleyway, recognizing her as Tat-chan's girlfriend, whom Tat-chan feared was selling herself. Kiryu approached her and pretended to be a customer; when she asked him "top" or "bottom", he went along with it and said "top". She then asked for confirmation that Kiryu wanted her bra, causing Kiryu to grow confused. She revealed that she was a burusera girl, a girl who sold used her undergarments to customers, and grew disgusted that Kiryu thought she was a prostitute. Kiryu criticized her for selling "second-hand skivvies" to strangers, asking if her parents and friends would approve, told her that her boyfriend Tat-chan was worried about her. Mina asked how Kiryu knew Tat-chan, and Kiryu explained that Tat-chan had put him up to this, as he wanted Kiryu to ensure that Mina was not selling her body. Kiryu exhorted her to step away from sex work, and she revealed that she also didn't want to do burusera. However, she said that her classmates would bully her if she told the ringleader, Sachiko Kojima, that she quit. Kiryu volunteered to confront Sachiko himself, so Mina told Kiryu that she often hung out around the Hotel District wearing a Sakurazaki Academy uniform.

Matsuyo Okada delivering a message to Kiryu

While Kiryu headed to search for Sachiko, he was stopped by a young man, Matsuyo Okada, who told him that he bore a message. He told Kiryu that a member of the Dojima-gumi wished to meet him; when Kiryu told the man that the Dojima family could meet him on his ground if they wished to meet, the man said that, while the other person was from the Dojima family, they weren't an enemy. The man then began to leave, but Kiryu stopped him and asked where the meeting was to take place. Okada apologized for his sloppy performance and said that the person wished to meet Kiryu at the batting cages.

Kiryu meeting Fujio Misumi

As Kiryu walked past several high school girls and looked to see if they matched Mina's description, Kiryu came across a middle-aged man spying on a hostess from behind a light post. Kiryu asked the man what he was doing, causing the man to panic before composing himself. Kiryu asked if the man was stalking the girl, but the man said that he was keeping an eye on the girl out of paternal instinct, causing Kiryu to ask if the girl was his daughter. The man said that he was not sure if the girl was his daughter or not, as he hadn't seen his daughter Natsumi in 15 years, when she was 5 years old; after his business failed, his wife divorced him and his visitation rights were denied. He said that his prospects had since recovered as a result of the bubble economy, and he believed that his wife and daughter might give him another chance if they saw how rich he had become. He then asked Kiryu to check if that hostess, who went by "Reika", was his daughter or not, as he was too worried that he might become ashamed upon finding out that his daughter was a hostess. The man gave Kiryu ¥10,000 to pay for admission, and said that his name was Misumi.

Kiryu meeting Reika

Kiryu then entered the hostess bar and requested Reika, and the bouncer set up a room for them. Kiryu acted awkward as the girl introduced herself, as he stopped to look at her; he believed that she bore a resemblance to Misumi. Misumi asked if she knew Kiryu, but he said that he did not know her, causing her to express relief that she did not forget a returning customer's name. She then asked why Kiryu had requested her by name if he did not know her, so he lied and said that the people at the front recommended her, causing her to glow at the thought that she was being recognized for her talents. Kiryu then asked her how long she had been at her job, and she said that she had just turned 20, and had worked there for six months. She then asked Kiryu what he did for a living, and he responded that he worked in debt collection and real estate. Reika grew happy, asking Kiryu if he could help her find a place of her own, as she lived with her mother. Kiryu deduced that she might be Natsumi from the clues thus far, and he asked her if her father was in the picture. She said that she had not seen her father since she was five, when her father's business had failed. Kiryu, confident that Reika was Natsumi, told her that he had someone for her to meet: her father.

Misumi meeting Reika

Kiryu took Reika outside and found Misumi waiting on the corner, his back to the two. Misumi hesitated to turn around, saying that he was too ashamed to face his daughter, but Reika told her father to talk like they used to when she was little. Misumi turned around and resolved to face his daughter, and they had a heartfelt reunion until he called her "Natsumi", causing Reika to question why he called her that. He said that his daughter was named Natsumi, but she said that her name was Reika. Misumi asked her if Reika wasn't her stage name at the club, and Reika said that she didn't want to put up a false front, even for work.

Misumi and Reika bonding

While the situation initially became awkward, the three of them returned to the club, where Misumi and Reika laughed about how their experiences were similar. Misumi said that he saw his daughter in Reika, and he told Reika that getting to know Reika was even better than finding his daughter. Kiryu asked Misumi if that was what Misumi wanted, but Misumi told him not to worry, giving him a Goddess of Children amulet before calling over a waiter to bring him and Reika the most expensive drink at the bar, as well as a fruit platter. He also told Reika not to call him something as formal as "Misumi-san", and proposed that she call him "Daddy" instead. Kiryu thought to himself that there must be more than one type of "daddy", and he then left the two in privacy at the bar.

Kiryu talking to Sachiko Kojima

Kiryu then went up to a high schooler on the street whom he identified as Sachiko from her blue sash, and he demanded that she shut down her burusera ring. Kiryu said that her ring was making lots of girls miserable, but Sachiko said that the girls made a lot of money selling used clothing, and they weren't breaking any laws. Kiryu told her to think of what her parents might say, and she whipped up tears and said that her parents were long gone. Kiryu apologized, but she then laughed and said that she was lying, criticizing Kiryu for "getting schooled by a schoolkid." She then asked if Kiryu thought it was fine for men to sell their underpants but not women, calling it "pretty blatant gender discrimination" and adding, "It's the 80's, man. Time to stop thinking so old-school." Kiryu then lectured her on selling her sex and fooling around in the world of adults, and he said that, if she kept on playing with fire, she would soon be burned.

Kiryu rescuing Sachiko from Shiro Kawakami

As Kiryu turned the corner, Sachiko was then harassed by an unhinged man, Shiro Kawakami, who repeatedly told Sachiko that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. When Sachiko said that Kawakami was scaring her, and rejected his advances, Kawakami drew a knife and walked towards her, saying that he made up his mind about her fate. Kiryu stood between the two and shoved Kawakami to the ground, saving Sachiko from the knife-wielding madman. Kawakami told Kiryu to get out of the way, but Kiryu refused, and he beat down Kawakami in a short fistfight. The man then ran off in fear, and Sachiko asked why Kiryu would help her after all the horrible things she said about him; Kiryu said that he could not just stand by as a high school girl got assault in front of him.

Kiryu, Mina, and Tat confronting Sachiko

Shortly after, Mina and Tat-chan joined Kiryu in confronting Sachiko, and Mina announced that she was quitting Sachiko's burusera group. Tat-chan introduced himself as Mina's boyfriend and asked that Sachiko let Mina quit without having her other friends bully her, and Sachiko told Kiryu that he was right, and that the burusera business was too risky a game for high schoolers to be playing. She then conceded that she never thought someone like Mina would be endangered from something she put together, and said that she would disband her burusera business immediately. Mina then cheered that she no longer had to sell her panties, and Kiryu commended Sachiko for making the wise decision. Sachiko said that she never wanted to be frightened again, and told Kiryu that there was no need to thank her. She also said that one should only show their underwear to someone they cared about, puzzling Kiryu.

Kiryu meeting with Daigo Dojima at the batting center

Kiryu then went around the corner to the Yoshida Batting Center, where he found that Sohei Dojima's young son, the 12-year-old Daigo Dojima, had summoned him. Daigo's high-school-aged friends asked who the newcomer was, and Daigo explained that Kiryu was a former soldier who had been kicked out of the family. One of Daigo's friends asked why Kiryu had been expelled, suggesting that me might have popped a "b*ner in the boss' office", but Daigo asked what it mattered to them, and told them to leave, as he was going to hang out with Kiryu instead. He rudely dismissed them after they reminded him of their plans to party at the arcade, and his friends walked off as Daigo told Kiryu that he wanted to hit the town with him. Daigo said that his mother (Yayoi Dojima) said that his father was way too busy for him at the moment, and he explained that he had a lot of time to kill in recent days. Kiryu was reluctant, but Daigo said that Kiryu used to play with him all the time, and that his uneasy relationship with his father shouldn't prevent him from hanging out with Daigo again. Daigo assured Kiryu that he had enough money to entertain the both of them, and said that nobody in the family would mess with Kiryu while he was with him.

Kiryu and Daigo at the arcade

First, Daigo suggested that Kiryu come with him to the arcade. He also told Kiryu to stop calling him "Master Daigo", saying that he could just call him "Daigo". He asked Kiryu to consider it a request from a friend and not an order from a patriarch's son, and Kiryu, who was glad to see that Daigo had turned out to be a good kid in spite of his father, agreed to afford him a little time. The two then went to the arcade, where Daigo was unsuccessful in winning any stuffed animals at the "UFO Catcher" claw machine, causing him to beg Kiryu to catch him an animal. Kiryu caught Daigo two animals while using Daigo's ¥300 in coins, impressing Daigo. Daigo then suggested that they go somewhere less "kiddy", suggesting "Asia". Kiryu asked if Daigo meant the continent they lived on, but Daigo said that he meant the bikini bar. Kiryu said that it would be inappropriate to bring him there, and Daigo responded by suggesting a telephone club, a catfight club, or a lounge. Kiryu reluctantly agreed to take Daigo to a lounge, taking him to a lounge on Pink Street where he believed they could serve Daigo virgin drinks.

Kiryu and Daigo arriving at the lounge

There, the barkeep Yoshino Kurisu said that children weren't allowed in, even after Kiryu said that he wouldn't order any alcoholic drinks for Daigo, and Daigo asked the bartender if he knew who he was. The bartender said that he could not let the kid in even if he was the Prime Minister's son, but Daigo revealed that his father was Sohei Dojima, patriarch of the Dojima family, and asked Kurisu if he was going to reconsider. Kurisu panicked and agreed to let Daigo in, and Kiryu privately apologized to the bartender; Daigo then told the bartender, "You wanna do business in this town, you better remember my name. It's Daigo Dojima." Kiryu secretly told the bartender to mix Daigo some oolong tea with soda, as he couldn't be caught serving alcohol to a minor.

Daigo sitting at the bar

Daigo then asked the bartender to send some girls over, asking if that wasn't what one did at a lounge. Kurisu explained that they were at a karaoke lounge, and they didn't offer that kind of service. Just then, a middle-aged woman, Echiko Hino, approached Daigo and said that, while she did not work at the lounge, she was a real-life hostess. She told Daigo that she would show him how fun "grown-up talk" was, and said that he was adorable. Daigo rudely said, "Well, you'll have to do. Sit yourself down, and be quick about it." The woman was surprised to hear that he was the son of the Dojima boss, and she said that many of the "Dojima Family gentlemen" patronized her club. She also said that she had no idea that Dojima's son was such a "cutie", and said that Daigo looked like her little brother. Daigo told her that she must be referring to her son, and refused to make small talk with her, causing her to guess that he was grumpy that day. Daigo asked her, "Listen, why don't you get lost? You're annoying me now." He also criticized the bartender for serving him tea with a spash of soda, asking how much he charged for that "swill". He said that, just because he was a kid, the bartender could not "screw" him, and he lamented, "Some ugly bag chats me up and I get served fake kiddy sh**. What a joke."

Kiryu thanking the bartender

The woman left, offended by Daigo's remarks, and Kiryu revealed that he had ordered Daigo the drink. Kiryu said that Daigo must be troubled by something, as the Daigo he knew would never take pleasure in mocking a woman, and Daigo explained that he felt that he had nobody who really wanted to talk to him without an agenda. Daigo then asked Kiryu to leave with him, and the bartender nervously thanked Daigo for his patronage. Kiryu stayed behind to apologize to the bartender, and he then left and set out to find Daigo.

Kiryu coming to Daigo's rescue

When Kiryu stepped outside, he watched as three masked men abducted Daigo, and he overheard them saying that they would take him to the Golden Gai, which was quieter. Kiryu found the masked men kicking Daigo in an alleyway, and, when Kiryu announced himself, the men panicked and resolved to kill Kiryu, lest their identities be discovered. Kiryu proceeded to beat down the three masked men, and he proceeded to unmask them and reveal them to be Kimitada Kanamori, Rinji Tanikawa, and Michinori Hamaguchi, Daigo's entourage from earlier. Daigo criticized the boys for hiding their faces behind masks and for trying to kill him, but Kiryu assured Daigo that the punks had no more fight in them, and that they would never raise a finger against the prince of Dojima now that he knew who they were. Daigo said that he wouldn't kill them, but he would ensure that they would never walk again. Daigo said that they mooched off of him like mosquitoes, and were scum who sucked up to an elementary school kid, only to jump him when they got angry.

Kiryu and Daigo looking over the masked men

An exasperated Kiryu lectured Dojima, saying that he would permit him to be a spoiled rich kid throwing around his father's name, but refused to let him torture a defeated foe from a position of safety. He also said that he could not just stand by and watch as Daigo went astray, and Daigo warned Kiryu against laying a hand on him. Daigo broke down as Kiryu prepared to punch him, only for Kiryu to pull back; the three boys took this time to run off. Kiryu then asked Daigo if he was scared, and Daigo told Kiryu that he appreciated having someone who saw him for who he really was, and could set him straight. Kiryu said that, as Daigo's father was a patriarch, not many people would treat him as an equal, and he warned Daigo that, if he continued to use money and his father's name as a way to get ahead, he could never meet people who would measure up to him as peers. He then told Daigo that making friends would take time, but said that Daigo already had one friend in him. He then asked Daigo to get on his feet so that he could take him home, but Daigo confidently declared that he was done depending on others, and said that he would no longer party on his parents' dime or get his way on his name alone. Kiryu commended Daigo for already becoming a man, and Daigo said that it was an honor and a privilege to spend the day with Kiryu, offering to buy Kiryu a drink sometime. Daigo then ran off, and Kiryu thought to himself that keeping Daigo out of trouble was a full-time job, and considered that, based on where he stood in the Dojima family, he might never see Daigo again.

Kiryu recruiting Sachiko

As Kiryu returned to the Sugita Building, he ran into Sachiko again. Kiryu recognized Sachiko and asked if she was preparing to start up a new business, but Sachiko instead offered to help with Kiryu's business. Kiryu said that he was not sure he could employ a high school student, but Sachiko said that she had acquired connections and experience from her burusera business, and said that she could help with Kiryu's distribution logistics and whatever else his company might need. Kiryu decided that it would be better for her to help a legitimate company than to peddle panties, so he agreed to hire her. Sachiko triumphantly remarked to herself that she could now get closer to Kiryu, but, when Kiryu asked what she had said, she angrily said that she had not said anything, and called Kiryu nosy.

Kiryu returning to his office

Kiryu then returned to his office, where he found Yamanoi sleeping, and noticed that Marina had left the radio on. Kiryu attempted to turn it off, only to accidentally switch to Dolce Kamiya's "Dolce de Postcard" show, which quickly got stuck in his head, to his chagrin. Kiryu was disdainful that the post was reading postcards about a debate as to what kind of condiment to serve on a sunny-side-upp egg, and Kiryu was even more shocked to hear that, if Kamiya read three of his postcards, he would win ¥1 million. Just then, Marina returned, and she told Kiryu that she had just come back from buying pens, paperclips, and postcards, causing Kiryu to request some postcards. Marina agreed, placing them on Kiryu's desk. Kiryu decided to come up with a nom de plume, and he decided on "Judgment Kazzy" after his favorite song, "Judgment - Shinpan". Kiryu decided to write a postcard about his involvement with the Yokomichi Silvers without giving anything away, and he persuaded Marina to take his postcard and mail it, although he made her promise that she would not open it or read it.

Kiryu talking to Akio Otani

Kiryu then left his office and visited Sushi Gin, where he ate some of the chef's engawa to bolster his confidence in his cooking. As he left, he noticed a long line at Don Quijote, so he decided to investigate. He came across a young boy at the end of the line and asked him what the line was for, and he said that everyone in line had preordered "Ara-Q3". Kiryu was confused, and the boy explained that it was "Arakure III: Quest for the Quantum Quill", the latest game in the Arakure video game franchise. Kiryu was amazed that people would actually line up to buy a video game, and the boy said that he had grabbed his whole allowance and rushed to the store to buy a preordered copy of the game, getting the last reservation ticket. Kiryu thanked the kid for the info, and he then walked into the store to check it out again. Kiryu ultimately left without buying anything, as the game was sold out, but, as he left, he watched a high schooler steal the kid's copy of the game. The kid told Kiryu that the high schooler had stolen his brand-new video game and run off, and he began to cry as he told Kiryu of how long it took to save up for the game. Kiryu asked the kid for his name, and he said that his name was Akio. Kiryu told Akio to hang tight as he got his game back, and Akio's mood improved.

Kiryu confronting Rinji Honma

Kiryu proceeded to track the high schooler, Rinji Honma, through Nakamichi Alley and down to Pink Street, but he saw a gangster, Michinori Niwa, steal the game from the high schooler. Kiryu confronted the young man, demanding the game from him; the man told Kiryu that the game was the last thing he wanted to hear about, and said that he wanted to "grind" Kiryu's "a**" just for the experience. Kiryu easily beat down Honma, but Honma said that he had been robbed by a better thief than him, and that "This jerk from a street gang busted out his dagger of stealing and made me give it to him." Akio then ran up to Kiryu, and Kiryu lectured Honma on robbing a kid and crying like a baby when he got mugged. Kiryu then promised Akio that he would retrieve his game, and he ran after the criminal as he ran up Taihei Boulevard East.

Kiryu confronting Michinori Niwa

Kiryu came across Niwa as he was robbed by a yakuza, and he asked the man if he was the guy "who stole Arakure from the kid to whole it from Akio." The man was confused, asking why Kiryu cared, and if the teenager was Akio, but Kiryu said that it was a long story and demanded that Niwa hand over the Ara-Q3. Niwa grew angry upon hearing about the Ara-Q3, saying that he did not want to hear another word about it, and threatened to stomp Kiryu flat. Instead, Kiryu took Niwa down, and Niwa said that a "harda** yakuza type" robbed him of the game at gunpoint and ran off, lamenting that the yakuza probably wasn't even a fan. Kiryu berated the man for stealing from a kid and then crying like a baby when he got mugged, saying that he was seeing a pathetic pattern there. Akio then ran up to Kiryu, but Kiryu that the man had went off towards Taihei Boulevard, and he had Akio stay behind as he gave chase to the man.

Masanobu Murakami attacking Kiryu

Kiryu then ran up Taihei Boulevard to track down the yakuza, but, along the way, he was jumped by the hooligan Masanobu Murakami, who ran up to him and attempted to hit him. Kiryu dodged Murakami's punch and proceeded to fight him, Sojuro Kaai, Hideyoshi Mizutani, Sadahige Matsuzaki, and Saneatsu Kajiwara in the street. Kiryu proceeded to beat down the five hooligans, and he then sought out the yakuza.

Otani handing over the game to Kiryu

Kiryu caught up to the yakuza as he celebrated the completion of his own "quest" to obtain Ara-Q3, but he was then confronted by Kiryu. Kiryu demanded that Kiyotaka Otani hand over the Ara-Q3, saying that it was too long of a story, but that it was stolen. Otani guessed that Kiryu was just another "Ara-Q3 hunter", and told him that playtime was over, warning him, "Welcome to your doom!" Kiryu proceeded to beat down Otani before the latter could shoot him, and a desperate Otani begged Kiryu to let him keep the game, as his little boy had really been looking forward to playing it. He explained that his wife left him with his son, and that he just wanted to make his boy happy by buying him the game. Kiryu told Otani that a little kid had saved up his allowance and went through a lot of trouble to buy the last copy of Arakure III, explaining, "Long story short, you took Ara-Q3 from a wannabe punk who took it from a high school bully who took it from the last boy in line who bought it in the first place." Otani reluctantly handed over the game to Kiryu, and lamented that he had become a monster for wanting to make someone else's kid cry to make his own kid happy; he asked how he could be a good dad to Akio like that.

Akio catching up with Kiryu

Kiryu was surprised to hear Otani mention Akio, and Akio himself ran up to Kiryu, asking him if he was friends with his father. Kiryu realized that the yakuza was Akio's father, and the yakuza was surprised to hear that his son had went about buying the game on his own while he tried to steal it. Otani asked his son why he didn't just tell him that he wanted the game, as he could have bought it for him, but Akio explained that his mom always got mad at his father for spending money on golfing, go-karts, board games, and other things, and that he didn't want his mother to get mad at his father again. Akio then told Kiryu that, while his father looked scary, he was a really nice man once Kiryu got to know him. He then said that his father was not living with his mother anymore, and asked Kiryu to stay friends with him. Kiryu told Akio that his father helped him to get his Ara-Q3 back, causing an excited Akio to thank his father. Kiryu told Akio that he didn't want to see him crying anymore, and told him to be careful going home with his game. Otani then thanked Kiryu, who apologized to him and gave him a Sunburst as a reward. Kiryu asked Otani to be a good dad, not just in front of Akio, and Akio then called over his dad, as he wanted him to play the game with him. An excited Otani agreed, telling his son, "With my expert advice, we'll be makin' a beeline to that nasty Demon Lord in no time!"

Tetsuo Irie confronting Kiryu

As Kiryu walked away, he was attacked by the goon Tetsuo Irie, who missed Kiryu with an attempted punch before he and his gang attacked Kiryu. Kiryu proceeded to take on Irie, Genichi Horiuchi, Iemochi Tabata, Shusui Kikuchi, and Shinji Murase in a public spectacle, and he succeeded in beating down all of the men after a brief fight. With these men dealt with, Kiryu returned to his office at the Sugita Building, where Marina told him that the Leisure King's enforcer Takeshita had stopped by to request that Kiryu meet him at the karaoke bar. Kiryu guessed that the Leisure King was not going to sit around and do nothing as he gradually lost territory to Kiryu, and he deduced that the Leisure King must not be planning to pick a fight at a karaoke bar. Kiryu then left his office, heading to the Heroine Karaoke Bar.

Kiryu watching the Leisure King's performance

When Kiryu arrived at the bar, he found the Leisure King singing karaoke, and Takeshita announced the Kiryu's arrival. Kiryu asked the Leisure King why they were meeting at the bar, and the Leisure King told Kiryu to relax, as he wanted to relax, have a good time, and maybe play a little game with Kiryu. He proposed that they have a sing-off, saying that the Five Billionaires often bet part of their turf in karaoke competitions to keep things fresh. Kiryu asked the Leisure King if he was sure he wanted to do that, but the Leisure King said that he made his money off pachinko, bragging, "It takes more than a little risk to scare me." He then explained that the karaoke machines scored the singer's talents on a scale of 1 to 100, and he persuaded Kiryu to accept the challenge.

Kiryu taking part in the sing-off

The Leisure King announced that the song was "Judgment - Shinpan," which happened to be Kiryu's favorite song. The Leisure King scored 82 points, and he then told Kiryu that, if he could beat him or even match his score, he would let him win. In the ensuing sing-off, Kiryu imagined himself, Nishikiyama, and Kashiwagi performing the song as a heavy metal band, and the machine awarded him a "91" for his performance. An angry Leisure King asked how a "meathead" like Kiryu could sing with a great voice like that, and Kiryu then increased his real estate holdings in Kabukicho from 68% to 78%. The Leisure King then warned Kiryu that "play time" was over, and that he would bring his "A-game" from then on. The Leisure King swore to get back what Kiryu had taken from him, and said that, if they met again, that day might be Kiryu's last. Before he left, the Leisure King added, "If you wanna avoid that, it's not too late. Get out while you can."

Kiryu at Gandhara Kabukicho

Kiryu then left the club, and he ran into Officer "Stop-and-Search" Kikuchi, who asked for Kiryu to give him an item to satisfy his quota. Kiryu handed over some pocket tissues, and Kikuchi said that Kiryu appeared to be safe, before giving him back his tissues and thanking him. Kiryu then stopped by Gandhara Kabukicho to destress and watch some erotic videos. After watching two videos, he left, and Kikuchi stopped him again, with Kiryu showing him a stuffed animal before Kikuchi again let him go.

Kiryu again confronting Kumagai and the others

Kiryu then decided to head back to his office, but, along the way, he received word that the Leisure King's thugs were again causing trouble in the Serena backlot. Heiji Kumagai, Shotaro Ishizuka, Tsunesaburo Yamaoka, and Oniji Kotani returned to their usual hangout, and they were surprised to see Kiryu walk up to them. Kiryu insisted on taking them on, and, after a brief alley brawl, Kiryu succeeded in taking down all four of them. He then went to his office, set up another collection drive, and rested until evening.

Kiryu rescuing Soichiro Oda

That evening, while going for a stroll, Kiryu bumped into the thugs Toshikazu Arakawa, Gihei Hagiwara, and Narahiko Kurata harassing the student Soichiro Oda at a playground. Kiryu decided to intervene, taking down the three goons after a short figfht. The men begged for mercy, and Oda gave Kiryu a toughness drink as a reward for helping him.

Satsu Okada leading Kiryu into the alleyway

That night, while walking down Shichifuku Street, Kiryu bumped into a young girl, Satsu Okada, who told him that a friend of hers was being harassed by a drunken man in a nearby alleyway. She begged for Kiryu to help her, and Kiryu agreed, following Okada into a dark alleyway. Once Kiryu arrived, he looked around for the drunken pervert that the girl had described, but he noticed that the girl ran off, causing him to grow suspicious.

Kiryu looking over Shinji Tanaka

Just then, a masked man attempted to swing an iron bar at Kiryu, but Kiryu dodged the blow, impressing the stranger. Kiryu said that he was expecting a drunken pervert, but the stranger laughed and said that Kiryu was gullible, causing Kiryu to recognize that the girl was his accomplice. Kiryu then asked the man what he wanted, and the man asked Kiryu to do society a favor and die. However, Kiryu beat down the man after a short fight, and the man begged for Kiryu not to kill him. Kiryu ridiculed the man for setting up an ambush and then begging for mercy, and he decided to unmask him. Kiryu realized that the attacker was a young man, and he asked him if the Dojima family had sent him. The man revealed that Kiryu was a random target, and that he would have attacked anyone as long as they were a yakuza.

Kiryu talking to Shinji

The man then sat on a nearby staircase and told Kiryu of how he hated the yakuza, saying that it would be a better world if they all died. Kiryu said that, "People who are fond of the yakuza are pretty rare, but I'd say it's even rarer to find a nut job waiting to jump people in a back alley for no damn reason." He then asked how old the man was, and he revealed that he was 16. Kiryu was shocked that the man must be in high school, but the man responded, "Screw high school. I'm in a biker gang." Kiryu then asked his name, and he revealed that his name was Shinji Tanaka. Kiryu told Tanaka that he was not a yakuza, and he asked again why Tanaka had a hatred for the yakuza. Tanaka revealed that his father ran into cash flow trouble tripping real estate, and "the yakuza sharks smelled blood in the water, and they took everything..." He then said that his mother had abandoned the family to avoid trouble, and the yakuza loan sharks often beat on his father to punish him for his debts, leading to his father drunkenly beating him in turn. Tanaka said that the beating stopped once he hit his father back, and he said that his father now sat around hugging a bottle, causing Tanaka to hit the streets as a biker. Kiryu asked how robbing yakuza would help Tanaka's situation, and Tanakaa said that, if he had to steal to live, yakuza were fair game, as they were sall thieves in his eyes. He also said that the yakuza also lived by a code of honor, as they couldn't go crying to the cops if they were beaten up. Kiryu warned Tanaka that, if he was caught, he would be killed without a second thought. Tanaka said that he only told his gang about his plans, but Kiryu warned him to quit the "yakuza hunting thing", as it was only by "dumb luck" that Tanaka was still alive. Shinji said that he had not met a yakuza as tough as Kiryu yet, and said that, as long as the yakuza were alone, they went down "like chumps". Kiryu decided that he was not going to argue with a grown man, and he walked off, thinking that Shinji would be dead sooner or later.

Rikiya Yoshiie provoking Kiryu into a fight

Kiryu then returned to his office and invested in more businesses before giving his business time to make money. While walking the streets, he took down the Snake Flower Triad members Gaho Yamashita, Kanko Mizutani, Ichisake Tengan, and Matashichi Araya. He also beat down the goons Gihei Kaneko, Rikiya Yoshiie, Kosaku Rai, Tsuyoshi Wakaki, and Shinsui Ienaga and the yakuza Hisanobu Nakagome, Hirotada Esumi, and Hiroaki Izumi in other street fights.

The boy leading Kiryu to the alleyway

While walking down the street near the Sugita Building, Kiryu chanced upon a young boy standing by himself, and he grew concerned for him. Kiryu approached the boy and told him, "Hey. This is no place for a kid all alone. It's not safe. Go home to your mom." The boy responded, "I don't want to. I don't like my mom when she's mad." He then explained that he wanted to buy something from a "super-cool vending machine", which caused his mother to get mad at him, which was unusual for her. The boy revealed that he had run away, taking the train to get to Kabukicho; Kiryu remarked, "You came all the way here by yourself? That's pretty gutsy. I gotta hand it to you, kid." The boy laughed and told Kiryu that he had done a lot of chores and saved up all of his allowance, and he told Kiryu that he wanted to buy something from the "cool vending machine", but that it was at the back of an alley which was "dark, and kind of scary." Kiryu decided to help the boy by buying from the vending machine in the alley, and the boy gleefully led Kiryu to the alleyway.

Kiryu watching the working women taking a break in the alleyway

There, Kiryu realized that the boy wanted to buy an item from an adult entertainment vending machine. Kiryu told the boy that he could not keep his promise, as the vending machine was out of the boy's league, but the boy grew upset and tried to explain that the magazines must be important because they were covered in shrink wrap. Kiryu said that the wrap was not for protection, and not for the magazine anyway; while Kiryu said that the boy would understand someday, the boy said that he waznted to understand then, and said that his friend's brother said that the magazines were educational. Kiryu told the boy that he didn't need to learn about their content then, and said that, even though he was a grown-up, even he didn't know very much about the topic. The boy sniffled and said that it wasn't fair, and that grown-ups always lied. Kiryu took pity, recalling how, when he was a child, he also thought that grown-ups were unfair, and he agreed to get the boy the magazine on the condition that he kept it a secret from his mother. However, Kiryu and the boy hid behind a wall upon seeing two women enter the alleyway from the backdoor of their workplace; Kiryu also grew concerned when two nosy women, Kei Nomura and Juri Hase, noticed Kiryu from the street and began to gossip, with Hase saying that Kiryu must be lonely at night, and Nomura asking why Kiryu was bringing a boy with him to the alleyway with the porn vending machine.

Marina approaching Kiryu on the street

When Kiryu walked onto the street and decided to wait until the middle-aged women left, he was dismayed to see Marina Shiraishi call him out, as he did not wish to be seen buying the sex magazine. Kiryu asked Shiraishi what she was doing, and she said that she often took her breaks in the nearby park. Kiryu excused himself, saying that he was in a rush, and he then walked back towards the alleyway with the boy, causing Shiraishi to ask herself if Kiryu had a son.

Kiryu celebrating reaching the sex magazine machine undetected

When Shiraishi and the two nosy women weren't looking, Kiryu made his way into the alleyway, reaching the machine and buying a magazine before doing a celebratory dance upon realizing that he hadn't been seen. Kiryu then returned to the boy and asked him to promise that he wouldn't open the magazine until he was home, and that he would not let his mother see it; he also told the boy to only read it alone and never tell others, and finally made him promise not to hide the magazine under his bed, advising him that it wasn't as safe as one might think. The boy said that the magazine sounded important, and that he would treasure it forever, and Kiryu told him that it wasn't really valuable, that there would be a day when he didn't need it anymore, and to be careful getting home.

Decline of the Tojo Clan

Rise and fall

The Dragon of Dojima

Nishikiyama and Kiryu in 1995

Following the fallout of the Empty Lot dispute, Kiryu rose to Lieutenant Advisor of the Dojima-gumi, known and feared as the "Dragon of Dojima". Both Kiryu and his childhood friend Nishikiyama rose in the ranks of the Tojo-kai over the next few years, and, in 1990, their childhood friend Yumi Sawamura joined them in Kabukicho after graduating from college and became a hostess at Reina Tsuru's Serena Executive Lounge. By June 1995, Chairman Masaru Sera, advised by Shintaro Kazama, was considering granting Kiryu his own family in recognition of his profound loyalty to the Tojo-kai.

Birthday shopping

Kiryu and Nishikiyama at Reina's bar

That same month, Kiryu met with Nishikiyama at Reina's bar, where he told Nishikiyama that he was unsure about moving into the casino business, as he did not wish to con civilians out of their money. Nishikiyama told Kiryu that now was the time for him to prove himself so that he could start his own family, and, while Kiryu said that he was content to be the Dojima-gumi's Lieutenant Advisor, Nishikiyama said that Kiryu couldn't see the forest for the trees, and that he had hit a glass ceiling and would be "burned and tossed out with the garbage" if he did not take advantage of Kazama's support to start his own family.

Reina talking to Kiryu about Yumi's birthday

Reina then interrupted the two men's conversation to remind them that Yumi's birthday was coming up, and suggested that the two men get gifts for her. Nishikiyama said that he was planning on gifting Yumi a beautiful necklace, but Kiryu revealed that he had forgotten about Yumi's birthday due to his pressing work. Kiryu, who harbored a deep love for Yumi, was shy about holding a party for Yumi, as he didn't know what to get Yumi; Reina suggested that Kiryu get her a ring. She revealed that Yumi and her had found a beautiful French ring while flipping through magazines, so Kiryu decided to go to Le Marche to purchase Yumi the ring.

Kiryu buying the ring from Hidemichi Wakuri

Kiryu walked to Le Marche, where he approached the salesman Hidemichi Wakuri at the counter and told him that he heard there was a popular women's ring that was made in France. Wakuri said that the ring was in very high demand at the moment, and it also happened to be the last of the store's stock. Kiryu agreed to buy it, and Wakuri asked if it was a gift. Kiryu said that it was a birthday present, and Wakuri told Kiryu that his store offered an engraving service. Kiryu asked him to engrace "YUMI" on it, and he then paid ¥120,000 on it and began to walk back to Serena.

Kane Tsuboi robbing Kiryu

However, as he turned a corner onto Nakamichi Street, Kiryu bumped into Kane Tsuboi, who apologized to Kiryu before running off. Kiryu realized that the man had taken his ring, and, as he looked around for the man, Hisato Abo ran up to Kiryu and told him that he had been robbed by a famous pickpocket. Abo said that the man had just cleaned him out as well, and revealed that the man robbed his victims before going into hiding, slipping into alleyways or even hiding behind vending machines. He then requested that, if Kiryu found the thief, he avenge him as well.

Kiryu confronting Kane Tsuboi

Kiryu then followed Abo's advice to check Tenkaichi Street, where the thief had run off to. Kaiyo Hashi told Kiryu that she had seen a suspicious man run into a dark alley, so Kiryu investigated for himself. Kiryu found the thief hiding next to a vending machine, but the scared thief scurried off at high speed, snatching Masakazu Tashiro's wallet as he ran. Kiryu gave chase, and Suzu Sugano told him that a running man had bumped into him and ran around the corner from the convenience store. Kiryu found the man hiding behind another sign, cornering him. Kiryu warned the man that he couldn't outrun him this time, but the man warned Kiryu that he was "the heir to a deadly lost art of assassination," and the two proceeded to engage in a street fight. The thief, Kane Tsuboi, attempted to use karate moves against Kiryu, but Kiryu ultimately floored him and demanded the ring. Tsuboi nervously revealed that he had just sold the ring to a pawn shop, and, when Kiryu demanded the money needed to buy it back, the thief revealed that he had already spent the money on lottery tickets. Kiryu realized that he had no choice but to head to Ebisu Pawn and buy the ring back for himself.

Kiryu at the pawn shop

When Kiryu arrived at the pawn shop, he talked to the shopkeeper Yoshifusa Ishido, browsing his wares before finding the ring. Kiryu told Ishido that the ring was his, and that it had been stolen, but Ishido told Kiryu that he had heard that "sob story" all the time, saying that there were lots of swindlers out there. Kiryu told Ishido that he was serious, but Ishido asked why he should take the word of a yakuza, and threatened to call the cops if Kiryu got "persistent." Kiryu decided that he had to find someone from the family who could spot him the ¥120,000 needed to buy back the ring.

Kiryu bumping into Shinji

As Kiryu left the pawn shop, he bumped into Shinji Tanaka, who had, since first meeting Kiryu in 1989, come to see Kiryu as a role model, and became Kiryu's pupil in the Dojima family. Shinji was happy to see Kiryu, and asked if he was also on his way to a soapland. Kiryu said that he was glad to run into Shinji, and asked if he could trust him to lend him ¥120,000, no questions asked. Shinji guessed that it must be a pretty big deal if Kiryu was strapped for cash, and, when Kiryu ran off, Shinji said that he hoped Kiryu liked "her", mistakenly believing that Kiryu was meeting with an expensive woman.

Kiryu bumping into Shinji a second time

Kiryu then returned to the pawn shop, only to find that Ishido had raised the ring's price to ¥150,000. Ishido said that the ring was a pretty popular item, and Kiryu begged Ishido to give him the ring, saying that it was the last ring the store had. Ishido remained unsympathetic, so Kiryu said that he could prove that the ring belonged to him, saying that "Yumi" was engraved on it. Ishido said that he still didn't care, so Kiryu left again to see if Shinji was still in the area. He ran into Shinji again, and Shinji guessed that Kiryu must have settled for the "short-and-sweet." Kiryu apologized and asked Shinji if he could borrow money one last time, causing Shinji to reply, "Sir! You liked her THAT much!?" Kiryu said that there was no time to explain, as, "Some other guy might get there before I do." Kiryu then thanked Shinji for the ¥30,000, and Shinji, still thinking that Kiryu was headed to a soapland, said that he might start a "soapland crawl" that night.

Kiryu returning to the pawn shop

Kiryu proceeded to return to the pawn shop, where he was dismayed to see that the ring had disappeared. Kiryu asked Ishido if someone had already bought the ring, but the he shopkeeper said that he had kept the ring for Kiryu, as he said that Kiryu had looked serious about the ring, and that "Yumi" was, in fact, inscribed on the ring. Kiryu then offered to buy the ring, but Ishido added that reselling stolen goods was a crime, and he did not want to get into trouble, so he would give it back to Kiryu for free. He also said that he always hoped that rings like that would go to people who would really care for them. Kiryu promised Ishido that Yumi would take care of the ring, and he then left the shop with the ring in tow.

Yumi trying on Kiryu's ring

On the night of 30 June 1971, Kiryu, Nishikiyama, and Reina held a birthday party for Yumi back at Serena. After Yumi blew out her candles, Nishikiyama presented Yumi with the expensive necklace, causing Yumi to fawn over Nishikiyama's generous gift. Reina then nudged the shy Kiryu and told him to present his gift, and Kiryu presented her with the ring, which Yumi recognized as the one she had dreamed about. Nishikiyama joked that it must have been found in a bin, but Reina told him not to be rude, and Yumi thanked Kiryu for his gift. Reina then said that her birthday was coming up, and jokingly said that Kiryu could get her a necklace, while Nishikiyama could get her a ring. The four of them then laughed and had a fun night as friends, although Reina was privately dismayed at her unrequited love for Nishikiyama.

Peace Finance

Kiryu and Shinji preparing for their debt collection

On the night of 30 September 1995, Kiryu and Shinji were sent to collect on a ¥200 million loan granted to Peace Finance president Kojiro Hirata. Shinji told him that Peace Finance were local loan sharks who were on another family's bankroll for a while, but that they were barely keeping up with the interest, ultimately getting out of hand. The families agreed on a 50/50 split, so the Dojima-gumi would get ¥100 million out of the arrangement. The two then walked to the Peace Finance offices, with Shinji commenting that Peace Finance stuck it to their civilian clients way worse than the yakuza ever did.

Kiryu and Shinji extorting Kojiro Hirata

Upon arriving at Peace Finance, Shinji told Kiryu that their offices were on the fifth floor. The two men then took the elevator to the fifth floor, where Shinji kicked in the door to Hirata's ofifce. They were greeted by a nervous Hirata, who begged the two yakuza to give him until the next day to repay his debt. Kiryu said that he could not feel sympathetic while it was obvious that Hirata was getting ready to skip town, and he warned Hirata not to make promises he couldn't keep. Just then, a bowing Hirata asked if it was true that the Dojima-family killed its debtors to make them examples, but Shinji said that those were just rumors started by people who couldn't pay their dues. Hirata then shot to his feet and shoved Shinji befofre grabbing a golf club from a nearby golf bag, saying that, as he did not have the money, he had no other choice.

Hirata resisting Kiryu and Shinji

Hirata and his hired muscle Masamichi Ookawa, Tokuhei Ide, Tatsukichi Osada, and Tadiyuki Horiuchi proceeded to engage in an office brawl with Kiryu and Shinji. Kiryu used a golf club and swivel chairs against the yakuza as blunt weapons, and he also beat down Hirata, who proceeded to beg for mercy. Shinji ran into the other room and retrieved a briefcase of money, telling Kiryu that he had the ¥200 million. Kiryu decided not to harm Hirata any more, as they had forcibly taken back the debt money, and the two men walked out with the briefcase.

Shinji and Kiryu taking the money

The two men then left the Peace Finance offices, and Shinji commented how it was exciting that the Kiryu-kai was finally going to become a real thing. He added that Kazama had just told him that a family under Kiryu's leadership would be in good hands, but Kiryu reminded Shinji that nothing was set in stone yet, and told him not to get his hopes up. Shinji agreed, and he asked if Kiryu was headed off to Serena to meet up with Nishikiyama. When Kiryu said that he was, Shinji told him that he could only get in from the back that night, and told him to go through the alley on Tenkaichi Street and head upstairs to the second floor. Shinji then told Kiryu that he would take his half of the ¥100 million to the client, and said that Kiryu wouldn't have to worry about his half, as he was on his way to Tenkaichi Street anyways.

Meetup at Serena

Kiryu bumping into Ryoko Hiyama

Kiryu then walked over to Serena, and, as he turned the corner to enter the backlot, he bumped into Ryoko Hiyama, who fell on his rear and told Kiryu to watch out. The man then rose to his feet, and he angrily confronted Kiryu and asked what family he was from. Kiryu asked the man to excuse him, but the man instead hurled an obscenity at him and insisted on fighting him. Kiryu proceeded to hurl the man against a brick wall and throw him to the ground, causing the man to fearfully ask who Kiryu was.

Majima confronting Kiryu in the Serena backlot

Just then, the goofy Goro Majima arrived and applauded Kiryu, having seen the fight. Hiyama grew worried, recognizing Kiryu's name, and Majima explained that he had just found "the Dragon of Dojima, Kazuma Kiryu-chan!" Kiryu told Majima that it had been a while, but Majima told Kiryu to stop being so formal, and said that he heard that Kiryu was going to head up his own family soon. He also commented that the Kiryu's "girl" who ran Serena was "real easy on the eyes", and that everyone wanted in on the "action". Kiryu refused to respond, causing Majima to ask what they should do with Hiyama. Hiyama apologized, saying that he didn't know that he was Kiryu, and, when Kiryu decided to do nothing, Majima said, "Too soft, Kiryu-chan! Soft as a marshmallow!" He then told Kiryu that he had to make things right, and he repeatedly struck Hiyama with his umbrella as an example.

Kiryu stopping Majima from harming Hiyama

Before he could poke out Hiyama's eye, however, Majima felt Kiryu grab his arm, causing Majima to complain, as he said he was doing it for Kiryu. Kiryu said that Majima had done enough, but Majima told Kiryu, "But when ya get your own men, you're gonna have to lay down the law." As Majima walked off, Kiryu said that he would keep that in mind. When Kiryu added, "But...", Majima turned around to hear what Kiryu had to say, and Kiryu insisted, "I'm going to do things my own way." Majima asked what way that was, and Kiryu defiantly said, "It'll be the right way." Majima came very close to Kiryu and asked if he was trying to start something, but Kiryu said that he had no reason to fight Majima. When Kiryu said that there was no point, Majima slapped him, telling Kiryu that he now had a reason to fight him.

Majima striking Kiryu

Kiryu then apologized for making Majima angry, causing Majima to angrily strike Kiryu across the face with his umbrella several times, calling on Kiryu to fight back. After a final strike from Majima, Kiryu - who was bleeding from his temple - asked, "Are we done here?" Majima then drew a knife and pointed it at Kiryu's face, and he asked, "You talk tough...But how long will that last?" He then jabbed at Kiryu with the knife, but Kiryu refused to flinch, causing Majima to tell Kiryu that he was making things harder for himself by depriving himself of a chance to fight him. Kiryu told Majima that nothing he said would ever change his mind, so Majima goofily said, "You got it, then!" He then creepily told Kiryu, "I'm gonna see those ideals of yours to the end! I'll have my eye on you 24/7!" He then asked if there would be a point when Kiryu would fight him, so Kiryu said that he wouldn't know until the time came. this caused Majima to clap and do a celebratory dance, and he added, "Then all I need to do is come up with a plan to make ya fight me!" He then left with his bodyguards Shohei Umon and Toyokuni Takemoto, telling Kiryu that he looked forward to some fun the next time they met. Hiyama then thanked Kiryu for saving his life, saying that he was used to Majima being pretty rough.

Kiryu drinking with the others at Serena

Kiryu then entered Serena through the back door, commenting on how nice and quiet it was inside. Reina joked that it was because, with Kiryu and Nishikiyama around, normal customers couldn't enjoy their drinks, so she had closed the bar for the night. Kiryu and Nishikiyama then drank with each other, and Nishikiyama asked how the "Kiryu Family" was coming along. Kiryu said that it was up to the boss, Sohei Dojima, but Nishikiyama said that Kazama was behind it, and all Dojima did was "yak about his glory days." Kiryu told Nishikiyama to watch out, and he then asked how his sister was doing. Nishikiyama said that his sister was up for her last surgery next month; when Kiryu asked what Nishikiyama meant, he explained that she could only hold out so much longer if the last surgery didn't work. Just then, Yumi arrived with groceries, and the three of them proceeded to have a cheerful round of drinks as Reina smoked, lightening the mood.

Kiryu talking to Reina before leaving

Kiryu woke up from his hangover sleep at 4:00 PM the next day, 1 October 1995, and Reina sked Kiryu if he was tired, as he had slept like a baby. Kiryu then asked where Nishikiyama was, and Reina said that Nishikiyama had told her, "Kiryu can't hog ALL the glory around here," before leaving while looking very excited. Reina then asked Kiryu if he shouldn't be headed to Kazama's place soon, and Kiryu agreed; he then asked where Yumi was, and Reina said that she was out shopping before coming back to relieve Reina. Kiryu told Reina that, in that case, he would stop back later that night. He then set out for Kazama's office with the ¥100 million suitcase.

Kiryu talking to Tamura and Aoki

As Kiryu walked down the street, he was greeted by the information broker and magazine editor Kinzo Tamura, who introduced Kiryu to his friend Takuji Aoki, a rookie journalist he had been sharing intel with. Kiryu asked if Aoki worked in magazines, and Tamura said that Aoki worked for "SPA!" magazine and paid top dollar for the information he provided. Tamura revealed that Aoki had asked who the hottest topic in Kabukicho was at the moment, and said that Kiryu was that man. Kiryu told Tamura not to feed Aoki too many weird rumors, and Tamura assured him that he would not; Aoki then bowed to Kiryu and said that he hoped they could work together some day.

Shot in the Dark

Kiryu delivering the yen to Kazama

Kiryu proceeded to walk up Tenkaichi Street to the Dojima-gumi office, where he was greeted by Kazama and his right-hand man Osamu Kashiwagi. Kiryu presented Kazama with the ¥100,000 as the month's cut, and Kashiwagi thanked Kiryu on Kazama's behalf. Kazama then asked if Kiryu had pushed things too far; when Kiryu said that he had not, Kazama cautioned him that, if he pushed things too far, the men under him would as well, as many of them were punks looking for trouble before joining the Tojo-kai. Kashiwagi expressed his faith that Kiryu had his head on straight, and added that Kazama had no room to talk, noting that he used to be the Tojo-kai's finest assassin, before Kazama cut him off, causing Kashiwagi to bow his head and apologize. Kazama then asked Kashiwagi to give him and Kiryu a moment alone, and Kazama proceeded to commend Kiryu for preparing to start his own family. Kiryu acknowledged that he wouldn't have been at that point without Kazama, thanking him for his help. Kazama also asked if Kiryu had been to the Sunflower Orphanage lately, but Kiryu said that neither he, Nishikiyama, nor Yuki had.

Kiryu taking Shinji's call

Just then, a Tojo-kai member entered the room and told Kiryu that he was receiving a call from Shinji, and he handed Kiryu a satellite phone. Shinji shouted that, a second ago, Dojima grabbed Yumi and took off, causing Kiryu to ask what the boss wanted with her. Shinji said that he didn't know the details, but Nishikiyama took off as soon as he heard. He reported that Nishikiyama was at the Dojima-gumi office next to the theater, and Kiryu hung up and told Kazama that the boss had taken Yumi by force and Nishikiyama went off to save her by himself. Kazama warned that, if a girl caught his eye, Dojima was capable of anything, and also warned that, if Nishikiyama was added to the mix, one could not know what might come of it. Kiryu then turned to leave, but Kazama warned Kiryu that, if he got involved, he would just make it worse for all three of them. Kazama also asked Kiryu to stay put until he could do something, but Kiryu said that Yumi and Nishikiyama were practically family to him, so he had to go immediately.

Hirata confronting Kiryu on the street

Kiryu then ran out the door as Kazama ordered him to stay, and he ran through the rain to the Dojima-gumi offices. While running up Theater Avenue, Kiryu ran into Hirata and his bodyguard Kiyonori Hashiguchi. Hirata told Kiryu that he was going to make him give back his money, only for Kiryu to say that he was in a rush. However, Hirata said, "After you ruined me, there's no way I can just back down. Now I've got some muscle to even the playing field." He then told Kiryu that there was no way for him to make it out of it alive, and he and his bodyguard proceeded to attack Kiryu. However, Kiryu defeated them in a public brawl at Theater Square, and Hirata cursed Kiryu before running to the Todo Building.

Kiryu seeing off Nishikiyama and Yumi

Kiryu then entered the Dojima-gumi offices, where he found Dojima's office door slightly ajar. Upon entering the room, he found Nishikiyama kneeling and pointing a handgun at the bloody corpse of Sohei Dojima, while Yumi silently cowered in the corner. Nishikiyama stammered that Dojima had forced himself on Yumi, and revealed that he had lost it and shot him. Kiryu tried to help Yumi to her feet, but she was unable to respond to Kiryu, as she was still in shock.

Kiryu being arrested

Nishikiyama then muttered that he had killed a direct Tojo associate, and, after taking a moment to think, Kiryu told Nishikiyama to take Yumi and leave. Nishikiyama asked if Kiryu was "nuts", but Kiryu asked him, "If you were gone, what would happen to your sister!? Isn't her next operation her last? How is she going to get through it without you?" Kiryu then handed Yumi to Nishikiyama and shepherded them out of the room as Nishikiyama cried, and he picked up Nishikiyama's gun, stood over Dojima's body, and waited for the police to arrive. Kiryu was arrested by two armed policemen shortly after they burst into the room, and he was then taken in for interrogation.

Makoto Date interrogating Kiryu

Kiryu was then brought before detective Makoto Date of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and Kiryu claimed that he had killed Dojima after arguing with him over money. Date accused Kiryu of lying, and, when his supervisor walked in and asked him to ease up, Date said that Kiryu's story didn't line up, as he was about to head his own family, and he expressed his firm belief that Kiryu was covering for someone. Date's supervisor said that Dojima's death was an internal yakuza dispute, and that it didn't matter who killed Dojima, deciding that it was better to close the case as quickly and quietly as possible. The supervisor then walked out, and Kiryu asked the infuriated Date for a favor: to give his ring (with Yumi's name on it) to Captain Kazama, and to apologize to Kazama on his behalf. Date told Kiryu that he was pushing his luck, and, as he left, he said that he would make Kiryu no promises.


Shinji visiting Kiryu in prison

Kiryu was then sent to prison after being convicted of Dojima's murder, and he was soon visited by Shinji, who brought him a letter of expulsion from the Tojo-kai. Kiryu was confused, asking if he shouldn't be banished instead due to the gravity of his crime, but Shinji said that Chairman Sera himself decided on expulsion, and that Kazama had sent him to deliver the letter. Kiryu then asked what would happen to the Dojima family, and Shinji said that Kazama's family was taking command. The prison guard then announced that Kiryu's time was up, but, as Kiryu got up and walked away, Shinji stood and told Kiryu that Yumi had gone missing since the day after the incident, that she didn't remember anything (including Kiryu and Nishikiyama), and that she had vanished from the hospital, before apologizing, as Kazama had told Shinji not to tell Kiryu. The guard impatiently demanded that Kiryu return to his cell, and Kiryu asked Shinji to take care of Yumi and tell Nishikiyama to do the same, and, after Shinji agreed, Kiryu agreed to return to his cell.

The inmates moving the tables

Not long after, as Kiryu ate lunch with the other inmates in the prison cafeteria, the prisoner sitting next to him, Inmate 1356 (Shinzaburo Ueki), remarked how prison was a dangerous place, and commented that Kiryu looked like he fit in. He then asked Kiryu if he was "the yakuza who killed his boss", and, when Kiryu responded, "Shut up and eat," the man responded, "As dignified as they say...the Dragon of Dojima. Dojima Family Lieutenant Advisor, Kazuma Kiryu." He then attempted to swing his fork at Kiryu's face, but Kiryu grabbed the man's arm and held back the fork. Just then, the other prisoners began to push the two tables apart to create boundaries for Kiryu to fight the prisoner. 1356 told Kiryu that he had killed a Tojo-kai officer, and said that Kiryu must have expected his fate. He then told Kiryu, "Give my regards to Patriarch Dojima when you see him in hell!"

Kiryu interrogating Inmate 1356

1356 and his fellow prisoners Inmate 1458 (Yoshinaka Tamasa), Inmate 1369 (Yoichibei Teruya), Inmate 1528 (Moronobu Maeda), and Inmate 1585 (Kanezane Ogasawara) proceeded to attempt to kill Kiryu in a cafeteria brawl, but Kiryu beat down 1356's henchmen before taking on the fork-wielding Inmate 1356 by himself. Kiryu succeeded in taking down 1356, and he proceeded to interrogate him as to who sent him. 1356 revealed that Sera had sent him, and, before a shocked Kiryu could ask 1356 to repeat himself, a prison guard struck Kiryu in the back of the head with a baton, knocking him unconscious.

Kiryu in prison

Sera's half-hearted attempt to have Kiryu killed in prison ensured that no other Tojo leader would attempt to lay a finger on Kiryu while he was behind bars. Kiryu went on to spend the next ten years in prison, where he comported himself as a "model prisoner" and was known for his good and orderly behavior. As a result, in 2005, Kiryu's request for parole was approved, and he was ordered to be released on parole on 5 December 2005.

Return to society

Release from prison

Kiryu reading Kazama's letter

On the night of 4 December 2005, Kiryu (Inmate 1240) was delivered a letter by a prison guard and told that his parole would start the next day. That night, Kiryu read Kazama's letter, which told Kiryu that, in the ten years Kiryu had been away, the Tojo-kai had changed. Kazama said that he could not be there when Kiryu got out, and said that, with regard to Nishikiyama and Yumi, there was much to discuss. He then told Kiryu to head to Club Stardust and meet its owner, Hiroshi Kazuki, whom he would tell that Kiryu was coming.

Majima confronting Kiryu on the street

Kiryu was driven to Kabukicho by one of Kazama's associates, and he arrived there that night and decided to seek out the informant Tamura so that he could bring him up to speed. Along the way, Kotaro Tanigawa told Kiryu that he heard a gunshot on Tenkaichi Street, although he said that it might have been a car backfiring. As Kiryu walked up the street, he was confronted by Goro Majima, who excitedly greeted him and said that he had kept his eye out for Kiryu ever since he heard that Kiryu was to be released soon. Kiryu asked why Majima would look for him, and Majima said that he had made a promise to him 10 years earlier; he also said that he had half considered following Kiryu into prison because of how boring life was on the outside. He then asked Kiryu if he was ready to throw down, but Kiryu said that he had no reason to fight Majima. Majima told Kiryu that, if he was half what he used to be, he wouldn't get caught from behind with his pants down. Kiryu said that he appreciated Majima's warning, but said that they still did not have a reason to fight.

Majima confronting a defeated Kiryu

Majima then warned Kiryu that Kabukicho had changed, warning Kiryu that, "A damn fool who's gone soft can't go bumblef****n' around anymore. That bein' the case, Kabukicho's gonna be your new proving ground, to see if you're even qualified to be here." Kiryu took offense at being called a fool who had gone soft, and he agreed to Majima's challenge. Majima proceeded to take down the softened Kiryu in the ensuing fight, and Kiryu admitted that he was not moving like he used to. Majima said that the past ten years had made Kiryu rusty and dull, adding, "Ya got no horsepower, and ya got no technique. Just another sorry punk fresh outta the joint. That's all ya are now. Kabukicho ain't so plush anymore. No way you're gonna make it on these streets."

Kiryu watching Majima walk off

However, Majima commented that Kiryu hadn't lost the blaze in his eyes, and Majima said that he was confident that Kiryu would find his old self again, and even become something greater than he had ever been. Majima swore to Kiryu that, as long as he stayed in Kabukicho, Majima would continue to stalk him, telling Kiryu that, if he didn't want to die in some "worthless fight" against him, he "best call up the old Dragon of Dojima's strength that ya used to have!" Kiryu agreed, saying, "I can't let it end like this, and even if it takes using you as a stepping stone, I'm going to rise back up." Majima smiled and said that he couldn't wait to see Kiryu try, and he walked off.

Kiryu confronting Masanobu Abe

As Kiryu continued up the street, he was confronted by the punk Masanobu Abe, who belligerently said that he had not seen Kiryu around there before, and asked him why he was trying to get past him. Kiryu said that it was none of Abe's business, but Abe said that it was clear as day that Kiryu was no civilian, and asked him why he was sniffing around. Kiryu said that he was looking for Tamura, but Abe said that he hadn't seen Tamura in some time, and said that Kiryu was getting sketchier by the minute. Kiryu refused to oblige Abe's request to walk away, leading to the two men fighting. Kiryu succeeded in beating down Abe after a short fight, and he revealed that he had been tasked witch watching out for suspicious people in the area because of a shooting on that street earlier that day. Kiryu asked if Abe knew an information broker or two in the area, and he said that the most famous informant in the area was Aoki, who was at Theater Square.

Kiryu talking with Aoki

Kiryu then made his way to Theeater Square, where he beat down the street gangsters Yosuke Asano, Subaru Kawakami, and Kyushichi Shimomura before bumping into Aoki. Aoki recognized Kiryu from ten years earlier, and Kiryu told Aoki that, while it had been a while, he was finally back. Aoki congratulated Kiryu on his time served, saying that ten years was quite a sentence. Kiryu asked Aoki how he knew he was in prison, and Aoki revealed that it had been the talk of the town for a while: "the Dragon of Dojima" killed his patriarch. Kiryu was amazed that the hit was a big deal, and he asked what Tamura was up to recently. Aoki lamented that Tamura had died five years back, having been murdered while looking into Kiryu's imprisonment. Kiryu was saddened to hear of Tamura's death, and Aoki said that Tamura had taught him a lot about the city. Aoki said that he now worked as an informant and reported the news at the same time. Kiryu then asked Aoki about Club Stardust, and Akio revealed that it was the most popular host club on Tenkaichi Street; he told Kiryu that, while there used to be no host clubs in Kabukicho, they had recently been popping up all over Kabukicho. Akio then told Kiryu that Club Stardust, by far the most popular, was located across from Serena, which was by then only open to regular customers. Kiryu then asked what happened on Nakamichi Street, and Aoki said that an executive member of the Tojo-kai had been shot, as evidenced by the large number of cops brought out by the shooting. He also speculated that it was part of an internal dispute, as the Tojo-kai had changed recently. Kiryu then thanked Aoki for his help, and Aoki told Kiryu that, while he might not hold a candle to Tamura, he would still give Kiryu all the info he had for free.

Majima facing off with Kiryu on Tenkaichi Street

As Kiryu began to walk to Stardust, he was soon confronted by Majima for a second time. Kiryu told Majima that he was in a hurry, but Majima grew excited, saying that they would have to fight, as Majima did not intend on letting Kiryu get to his destination. He warned Kiryu that he wasn't so weak that Kiryu would get through him while his skills were all "shot to sh**," and demanded that Kiryu bring it to him if he didn't want to die.

Kiryu confronting Majima after his first defeat

Kiryu proceeded to defeat Majima after a short fight, and Majima commended Kiryu for starting to pack a punch, saying that Kiryu never ceased to amaze him. Majima said that he felt good about fighting Kiryu, and said that he would get more pumped up as he continued to fight Kiryu, boasting, "I could fight ya forever!" Majima then limped off, and Kiryu thought to himself that he should remain vigilant, as he had to be ready for another fight with Majima at any time.

Club Stardust

Kiryu humbling Yuya Miyake

Kiryu proceeded to make his way to Club Stardust, where he was confronted by a belligerent bouncer who asked what a yakuza like him was doing there. Kiryu said that he just wanted to talk to Kazuki, but the host asked if he was from the Shimano-gumi, and angrily lectured him on how the yakuza were messing up hard-working people's lives and businesses, and that Kazuki built up his business with his own two hands. Kiryu stopped the man from striking him and said that he did not want a fight, but the man told Kiryu that he had one. The two proceeded to engage in a street brawl, with Kiryu taking down the host after a short fight. Their fight was interrupted by Kazuki, who welcomed Kiryu into the club, saying that Kazama had told him he would be coming.

Kiryu in Club Stardust

Kazuki and the host, Yuya Miyake, then escorted Kiryu into the club, where Yuya apologized for his behavior, and Kazuki bowed in apology as well. Kiryu told them not to worry, and he then asked Kazuki how he knew Kazama. Kazuki had Yuya give them a moment alone, and he said that Kazama had been in his corner ever since he opened the club, teaching him everything he knew about running a business. He then told Kiryu that Kazama had come by the other day, but wanted to keep it secret from the family. Kiryu asked where Kazama was at the time, but Kazuki told Kiryu that Kazama was tied up with the "Chairman incident." Kiryu asked Kazuki what he meant, and he revealed that Sera had been killed late last night, and that the Tojo-kai families were igniting a turf war from the shadows. He said that a betrayal within the Kazama-gumi a few years earlier had caused a rift within the family, but, before he could name the traitor, they were interrupted by the sounds of glass, women screaming, and a man demanding the owner's presence on the floor.

The showdown at Club Stardust

Kiryu followed Kazuki down to the dance floor, where Kazuki correctly guessed that Tsuyoshi Takahashi and his men were from the Shimano-gumi. Takahashi said that he and his men had come by for some innocent drinks until Kazuki's "gorilla" (Yuya) started yelling at them, but Yuya interrupted Takahashi and claimed that he was attempting a shakedown. Takahashi said that he merely wanted a drink, so Kazuki told him that he had a guest, and asked if an envelope of money would suffice. Yuya protested, saying that they shouldn't give money to a "low-life piece of sh**" like Takahashi. This angered Takahashi and his men, and Yuya punched one of them when they attempted to attack him. This led to a brawl breaking out, and Kiryu helped Kazuki and Yuya take down Takahashi, Motonobu Miura, Sadakuno Ono, Toshiki Fujiwara, Shinichi Hirano, and Sotaro Sakamoto.

Kiryu and Shinji reuniting

Takahashi then recognized Kiryu as "the man who whacked Patriarch Dojima and went to the can," and he attempted to shoot Kiryu with a handgun, only to be shot in the hand by Shinji, who came to Kiryu's rescue. Shinji told Takahashi that he was not on Shimano territory, and he then sent him out of the club. Shinji then went with Kiryu to the upstairs lounge, where Kiryu told Shinji that it had been a long time. Kazuki then finished his earlier statement, revealing that the traitor to the Tojo-kai was Nishikiyama, who was backed by the Omi Alliance's fifth Chief of HQ, Yukio Terada. He added that Nishikiyama was seeking to become an independent boss. Shinji then chimed in, revealing that he had become a Lieutenant Advisor to the Nishikiyama-gumi, and that Nishikiyama was not the man Kiryu once knew. He revealed that Kazama had suspected as much, and that Kazama had sent him to join the Nishikiyama-gumi to monitor them. Kiryu then asked where he could meet Kazama, and Shinji said that Sera's funeral would be held at headquarters the next day (6 December), so he doubted Kazama could leave. He then said that there was another issue, as the Tojo-kai's entire ¥10 billion had gone missing from the safe. Right after the theft was brought up in an emergency meeting, Sera was killed, and Kiryu guessed that Kazama would be at Sera's funeral. Kazuki was surprised that Kiryu was thinking of going, as the Shimano-gumi might find him there, but Shinji told Kazuki not to waste his breath, as Kiryu never changed his mind.

Kiryu catching up with Shinji

Kazuki then thanked Kiryu for his help with protecting the club, and Kiryu then talked with Shinji, who joked that Kiryu hadn't changed in ten years, as he had already found trouble. Kiryu said that he had kept pretty quiet behind bars and hadn't fought in a long time, causing Shinji to express his disbelief and ask if Kiryu he had fought even if he didn't start the fights, and if his fellow inmates came looking. Kiryu said that he may have done so at first, but, when they figured that Kiryu would keep ignoring them when they provoked him, they gave up. Kiryu said that he had been a model prisoner, and that he made parole in just ten years thanks to that. Shinji said that Kiryu hadn't changed, but Kiryu brought up that someone had told him that he had gone soft oveer the last ten years (referencing his fights with Majima), and admitted that he was "a little rusty". Shinji responded, "But, knowing you, sir, you'll be in the same shape you were ten years ago in no time flat." He then added that the venue for the funeral was the Tojo Clan HQ, so the clan would be there in full force, and warned that there was no telling what might happen there either.

Funeral of Fists

Kiryu arriving at Sera's funeral

Kiryu agreed to go along, and he and Shinji discussed the next day's plan of attack. Shinji showed Kiryu a blueprint of the Tojo-kai's headquarters, and they planned for Kiryu to dress like a guest and walk right in through the front gate. On 6 December 2005, Kiryu arrived at the Tojo-kai headquarters and made his way past several guards, wearing sunglasses to disguise his identity before making his way to the undertaker Renjiro Kitabayashi. Kitabayashi told Kiryu that he could not gain entry to the funeral without a mourning band; as Kiryu planned to meet Shinji on the other side, he decided to search for a band. As he walked around, he talked to multiple guests, with one, Makoto Abe, suggesting that Sera's death was an inside job; another, Okakura Sado, expressed his worry that Kiryu - "the guy who killed Patriarch Dojima" - had snuck into the funeral. He also dodged the guards Saikaku Uchino, Yataro Yasuda, Taisuke Sera, and Keiki Hirano, who were on the lookout for Kiryu or for potential thieves looking to steal Sera's grievance gifts. Kiryu then made his way to the concierge Katsunan Nagashima, who asked him to sign in at the reception desk. There, Kiryu met the receptionist Katsuyuki Yoshie, who asked him to sign in. Kiryu signed in using a fake name, and, when Yoshie asked Kiryu which family he came from, he said that he came from the Dojima family, causing Yoshie to express his regrets about "that Kiryu guy murdering Dojima ten years back" and saying that he couldn't help but wonder whether there were some forces at play behind the scenes. With Kiryu signed in, the receptionist allowed Kiryu to enter the venue.

Hiroshige Amari retrieving his mourning band from Kiryu

Upon entering the venue, Kiryu found the mortician Hiroshige Amari looking for his missing mourning band, and he overheard a panicking Amari tell himself that he may have dropped the band in the reception area. Kiryu was wary of the guards Yataro Goto and Toju Fuchizaki, the latter of whom warned that anyone trying to get past them must have a death wish, and, as he left, he ran into the elderly guest Tobei Tominaga, who expressed his awe at the amount of security at the funeral. Kiryu soon found the band on the ground, and Amari ran up to hip and thanked him for locating it, taking it and running back inside. Kiryu, needing to find another way, returned inside and failed to get past the guard Shinkichi Nara at the staircase. However, Kiryu came across Amari arguing with the funeral director Yukio Koike about his frequent slip-ups, the temporary loss of the mourning band being the latest, and Amari, angered at Koike's critiques, decided to resign from his job effective immediately. Kiryu then headed outside, looking for Amari. Along the way, he conversed with a yakuza from Chubu, Kanzaburo Kugimiya, with whom he discussed the family's future; Kugimiya agreed with Kiryu's suggestion that Kazama should take over the clan, although he said that Kazama would be unlikely to accept. Kiryu also talked with Shigenobu Tamai, who lamented the loss of the "glue" of the clan and Shimano and Nishikiyama's free rein to raise hell, and who also supported Kazama taking over the clan.

Kiryu talking with Amari

Kiryu then came across Amari, who said that he took the initiative and quit his job before his boss could dock his wages. Amari also told Kiryu that he hoped that he didn't go through too much trouble to find his mourning band, as he had thrown it in the garbage. Kiryu found the receptacle and counted himself lucky that the mourning band was near the top, and he then returned to the undertaker, who believed that Kiryu was among the funeral staff and let him past.

Kiryu walking with Masutaro Yasuda

However, as Kiryu attempted to sneak into the Tojo-kai headquarters, he was stopped by the burly yakuza Masutaro Yasuda, who took Kiryu aside for "a few words". He then taunted Kiryu, telling him, "So ya thought ya could waltz right in through the front door...Kiryu-han of Dojima." He showed Kiryu a photo of himself, and, when Kiryu asked what the Omi Alliance wanted with him, Yasuda responded by saying that the patriarch of the Nishikiyama-gumi wanted the man in the picture captured. Yasuda proceeded to crack his knuckles and deliver a strong uppercut to Kiryu's face and then to the jaw, before taunting Kiryu for hardly living up to his name as the "Dragon of Dojima". Kiryu then rose to his feet and proceeded to beat down Yasuda in a fistfight, enabling him to make his way into the Tojo-kai headquarters' Japanese garden.

Kiryu telling Shinji about the attack

Once in the garden, Kiryu met up with Shinji and told him about what had just happened, surprising Shinji, who said that Nishikiyama never said anything about it to him. Kiryu warned Shinji that he needed to be on his guard as well, and the two then decided to enter the headquarters and meet Kazama at his office. Shinji then expressed his wonder about what the Tojo-kai lieutenants were planning, as they were all trying to feel each other out; he also said that some people were probably glad that Sera was gone.

Kiryu looking at the patriarchs' portraits

Upon reaching the door to Kazama's office, Shinji asked Kiryu to wait outside as he found Kazama. Kiryu took that time to look at a gallery of photos in the reception room, looking upon the portraits of the clan patriarchs Masaru Sera (wondering if Sera really ordered a hit on him while he was in prison), Shintaro Kazama (recalling how he might have been a Kazama-gumi member or the patriarch of his own family had he not gone to prison), Akira Nishikiyama (wondering if Nishikiyama would go so far as to betray Kazama in order to gain power within the clan), Futoshi Shimano (recalling that Shimano had not changed one bit, and that he still had bad blood with Kazama), and Sohei Dojima (thinking that the stigma of killing such a highly-regarded patriarch would probably be with him the rest of his life).

Kiryu reuniting with Kazama at the Tojo Clan HQ

Just then, Kazama entered the room, walking in with a cane as Kiryu bowed to his "oya-san". Kazama told Kiryu, "For ten years...I couldn't do anything for you," but Kiryu said that he was responsible for his own actions, and that Kazama couldn't have done anything. Kiryu then asked Kazama what had happened to the Tojo-kai and Nishikiyama, and Kazama told Kiryu that Nishikiyama had changed completely over the past ten years after losing Kiryu, his sister, and Yumi, and that "ascending the ranks at any cost became his sole ambition." He then lamented, "He embraced the demons inside him...And there was nothing I could do to stop it." Before Kiryu could speak, Kazama said that there was something else he needed to tell Kiryu about Yumi. Kiryu said that he knew Yumi was missing, but, as Kazama said, "Actually, Yumi is-", a sniper's bullet penetrated through the window and struck Kazama, causing a worried Kiryu to kneel by Kazama's side.

Shimano entering the room where Kazama was shot

Just then, the guards entered the room, with Hidetoshi Hoga accusing Kiryu of murdering Kazama, and Shoko Matsubara recognizing him by name. Shimano then entered the room and angrily asked, "What is this sh**? First Dojima and now Kazama? the F*** is wrong with you?" Kiryu merely responded, "Shimano", and Shimano ordered his men, "All of ya! Don't let this murderous f*** outta here alive!" Kiryu proceeded to take down Shimano's henchmen Shichirobei Oota, Toyoshige Fujikawa, Thoki Iwashita, and Takenao Ikeda before Hoga attempted to charge at Kiryu, leading to Kiryu throwing him through the window. Shimano brought in more men to take on Kiryu, but Kazama told Kiryu to run and take care of Yumi and the ten billion, and Kiryu proceeded to leave his mentor's side and run through the broken window, escaping Shimano's guards.

Kawamoto facing off against Shimano's men

Kiryu landed in a courtyard and opened the gates, after which he faced several Tojo-kai guards along the way. He first took down Tsunesaburo Okada, Yoshimasa Nakagawa, Jomei Fujita, Kazuhiko Maruyama, Takaaki Komori, Bokkai Yamazaki, and Eichi Hashimoto before defeating the knife-throwing Shoji Hiramitsu on a stone bridge. Kiryu also defeated the knife-throwers Yoshii Yoshioka and Seitaro Umeda, before Tojo-kai guards Kageyasu Maekawa, Shihei Takeda, Kafu Mikami, Kanzaburo Hamada, Matabei Ozawa, Tabito Yamane, Sadaharu Kawamoto, Aritomo Iwai, and Hidetsugu Kawamoto emerged from a nearby building, some carrying swords. Kiryu used the worn-out wooden katana against several of the guards before entering the building and cutting through it and into another courtyard. There, he was confronted by the muscular henchman Shiba Hidaka, whom Kiryu took down after a brief fight. Kiryu threw Hidaka through the next gates before running into the courtyard and into the headquarters building. He took down Teiji Toda, Shigematsu Ogasawara, Shunichi Takemoto, Genichi Iwata, Gonkuro Yokoda, Kazuhiko Kudo, Yoshimochi Nishiyama, Tomoyuki Wakabayashi, Eizo Ishikawa, Sojuro Ikeda, Shigochiyo Sato, Shigetaka Yamaguchi, Makoto Yamamoto, Shozo Watanabe, Sawao Yoshida, Katsunosuki Saito, Hiroya Ogawa, Sozui Nakamura, and Misao Hashimoto inside the building. Majima also showed up to take on Kiryu, but Kiryu defeated Majima in the ensuing fight, and Majima said that Kiryu had improved his skills since last time. He then promised to "save the real fighting for another time," and he told Kiryu to get a move on, warning him, "Far as I know, there's someone really fired up about meetin' ya hangin' out at the entrance." Kiryu realized that Majima was referring to Shimano, and Majima told him, "Maybe he'll show ya what makes him such a beast. Been a while since he's cut loose. Good luck, Kiryu-chan!"

Shimano challenging Kiryu

At the entrance, Kiryu took down Yasushi Sasaki, Tetsuyuki Fukuda, Chuichi Okada, Nariakira Ishii, Hidetsugu Watabe, and Norio Mori as other yakuza watched. With the last of the thugs beaten down, Kiryu turned to see Shimano arrive. Shimano threw off his robes, revealing his tattooed chest and back, and he told Kiryu that he would not get past him. Kiryu proceeded to fight against the powerful Shimano in a long, intense fight in the courtyard, with Shimano's men watching.

Kiryu being cornered by the Tojo-kai thugs

Kiryu ultimately overpowered Shimano in a fistfight, knocking Shimano to the ground before running away from Shimano's men. While fleeing, he noticed Nishikiyama watching him before Nishikiyama grinned and turned away. Kiryu found himself cornered on the street in front of the headquarters by Katsumoto Fukuda, Kenshin Yoshifumi, Takuma Oyakawa, Chuichi Maruyama, Kenkichi Ugumori, Ryozo Hano, Masai Sueno, Sumitomo Sakimoto, Shigeaki Hirota, Ryutaro Fujima, and Masahiro Suto until Makoto Date sped up in his car, forcing the yakuza to dodge the vehicle. Date told Kiryu to get in, and Kiryu dove into the car and escaped with Date. It wasn't long before footage of the fight at Sera's funeral was broadcast on public news screens, but Kiryu's identity remained a mystery to the public.

An Encounter

Partnering with Date

Date driving Kiryu to safety

During the car ride, Kiryu recognized Date from ten years earlier after Date expressed insincere sadness at Kiryu not remembering him. Date took Kiryu back to Kabukicho, sitting for drinks with him at Bacchus. Kiryu told Date about the events of the day, and, when Date asked what Kazama meant about the ten billion yen and Yumi, Kiryu said that he didn't know. He then asked Date why he saved him, and Date revealed that he had mved to Division Four (organized crime) after stepping out of line on the Dojima case, after which he got "demoted to babysitting punk yakuza". He also said that his wife and daughter couldn't stand him anymore, and blaimed Kiryu for his life becoming derailed. He then revealed that he was investigating the murder of Third Chairman Sera, and he said that Kiryu would help him; Kiryu agreed, as he owed Date for saving him.

Kiryu and Date meeting at Bacchus

Date then said that it seemed as if the leaders of the Tojo-kai were waiting for Kiryu's return, as Kiryu was at the center of the commotion, and the pieces were starting to move. Date proceeded to give Kiryu a cell phone, laughing and telling Kiryu that even kids had cell phones by then. Date then instructed Kiryu to search for Yumi, and the two agreed that they would benefit from cooperating with each other. Whe Date asked if Kiryu had any leads, Kiryu said that he did not yet, but would start by visiting an old friend at Serena. Date then took his leave and told the bartender that he could open up the bar now that they were done. As Kiryu left, he was called by Nishida from the Majima-gumi, and Nishida said that he had a message from Majima for Kiryu. Nishida delivered the message, "I'm in front of the Millennium Tower right now. I'll catch ya if you try to slip by, so don't even try." Kiryu joked that Nishida had Majima's accent down, and he joked, "Pretty generous of him to start warning me about where he'll be, too." Nishida then added, "Yes, he also said, 'If ya don't got confidence in your skills, ya better not be packin' heat! Don't walk around with any weapons! ESPECIALLY not any knives or guns!' ...And that's the message."

Rediscovering Kabukicho

Kiryu standing over the defeated goons on Shichifuku Street

As Kiryu walked down Shichifuku Street, he came across a group of bellicose goons, and he beat down Mochihito Shimomura, Yasuoka Ozawa, and Kuniyuki Kishida in the ensuing fight. He also beat down the street punks Sotatsu Naito, Hideki Sugimoto, and Hogai Nomura when they attempted to jump him, and he proceeded to make his way to the Debolah bar, where he had a drink and inspected the new type of dance club in Japan before leaving.

Kiryu eavesdropping on the pocket circuit racers

As Kiryu left, he came across the children Takeshita Nashio and Shojiro Tanemoto talking, and he was surprised to hear Takeshita tell Shojiro how he had bought a new car; he was initially unaware that they were talking about pocket circuit toy cars. Takeshita persuaded Shojiro to join him in visiting the pocket circuit track on Shichifuku Street West, and Kiryu momentarily paused because he remembered a strangely-dressed man who played pocket circuit from several years ago. As Kiryu continued to walk, he came across a self-described "Tojo Clan grunt", Soetsu Furuta, who warned Kiryu, "Sir, if you keep wandering around in the open, you're going to get yourself killed"; he also told Kiryu that the whole point of his patrol was to find him. Kiryu then asked Furuta if he was going to make a move, but Furuta humorously responded, "Nope. I prefer to keep my medical bills down, thank you." He also warned Kiryu, "But others might not be so smart. Be careful around here."

Kiryu witnessing the dine-and-dasher

As Kiryu walked off, he came across the goons Hirobumi Ogura, Naoki Nishizawa, and Mieko Kishida at the Theater Alley, and he beat the three of them down. Shortly after, he came across a tense scene in which a restaurant employee confronted a customer about not paying for his meal. The customer distracted the employee by directing his attention to a nonexistent stranger, and he proceeded to run off as the employee called out for someone to stop him. Kiryu walked in that same direction, but he instead came across a raging alcoholic, Sukejuro Rikimaru, who told Kiryu that the whole town had gotten him angry. He then explained, "There's too many of these BS 'cabaret clubs' and no more dive bars to just enjoy a cold drink! At this rate, I'm gonna end up buying my booze at a liquor store and drink at home by myself!...Bars were way more relaxed back in the nineties. Wish I could go back to the good old days..." The man then hiccuped, and Kiryu walked away.

Kiryu talking with Kiyomori Niwa

Kiryu later came across the salaryman Kiyomori Niwa while walking past another bar, and Niwa asked Kiryu if he knew any good cabaret clubs in the area. Kiryu said that he didn't know any, so Niwa decided, "Guess I'll have to pay some kinda informant." Shortly after, Kiryu got into a fight with some yakuza thugs on Taihei Boulevard, beating down Yamato Sasahara, Akinori Kitano, and Kiyomasu Nishiyama. Kiryu then came across a yakuza underling, Toyokazu Miyahira, standing guard, and he asked him what he was hanging around for. Miyahira responded, "Nothing. Just got orders to look for some guy." Kiryu asked who Miyahira was looking for, and he responded, "Oh, I need to find a man in a gray leisure suit...Kinda like the one you're wearing." Kiryu then asked who sent Miyahira, and he responded, "Oh, um...one of my superiors in the Shimano Family." He initially decided to question Kiryu before deciding, "Y'know what, you don't have to answer that! Sorry to be suspicious of you! Please don't beat me up!"

Majima confronting Kiryu while dressed as a policeman

Kiryu spared the man and walked off, only to be surprised by a supposed policeman who shouted, "Stop in the name of the law, Kiryu-chan!" Kiryu thought to himself, "Great, a cop with an attitude...", before noticing, "Wait, did he just call me Kiryu-chan?" Majima - wearing a police uniform - proceeded to walk up to Kiryu, and, when Majima asked if Kiryu was surprised, Kiryu responded, "Y-yeah, actually I am. What the hell are you doing?" Majima saluted Kiryu and responded, "Well, we heard rumors about a guy rampagin' through town with a bat and a dagger...So the Majima Family is on the case!" Majima them goofily celebrated as he declared, "So, Kiryu-chan! I'm gonna have to pat ya down to see if you're carryin' any dangerous items!" Kiryu asked Majima if he had the authority to do so, so Majima responded, "Of course I do! I ain't gonna let ya off the hook just 'cause I know ya! Now show me the goods!" Kiryu asked Majima what his possessions had to do with anything, and Majima responded, "Shut up and spread 'em! Ya got anything you're tryin' to hide? Oh! Perhaps ya got a smut video hidden inside that jacket of yours?" Kiryu insisted, "I don't! Geez...Fine. If I show you, you'll be satisfied, right?" Majima patted Kiryu down, and he disappointedly told Kiryu, "Well, well. Looks like ya passed inspection this time. Not even a damn smutty video. How boring...I even had my man give ya a call and tell ya to carry a dagger or a gun or somethin' on ya..." Kiryu responded, "I figured you'd try a stunt like this. Besides, I prefer to fight with my fists. You're the one who takes the armed approach." Majima warned Kiryu, "Damn it! You're off the hook this time! But next time, I'm gonna give ya a proper reason to fight me!"

Kiryu rescuing Hideo Hosoo

After Kiryu and Majima parted ways, Kiryu overheard two concerned women talking about a little girl, no older than elementary school, who was wandering around the streets, and one said that the girl's parents should be ashamed. Kiryu then came across the thugs Seiki Mitsui, Mito Sugiwara, and Juzaburo Kawazaki robbing someone in an alleyway, so he intervened and beat down the extortionists. He used a bicycle to take down Kawazaki, and Hideo Hosoo thanked Kiryu for his help and gave him a repair kit as a token of his appreciation.

Kiryu protecting Mai

While walking down another alleyway, Kiryu came across a distressed woman, Mai Tsujihara, who begged Kiryu for help as a drunken man, Keizo Fujiyama, stumbled towards them and aggressively flirted with Mai. Kiryu refused to let Keizo past him, so Keizo responded, "Whaaat!? Hey you, yaku-donkey! Mai-chan's with me, so step aside!" Kiryu told Keizo that he needed a lesson in manners, but Keizo responded, "Wh-What the hell!? D'ya think I'm gonna wuss out that easy!?" Mai also prepared to fight, and Keizo ulitmately decided to cut his losses and walk away. Mai then thanked Kiryu, telling him, "Thank you so much! That old creep was really getting on my nerves." She then invited Kiryu, "Um, if you wanna chill out for a sec, there's this really cool bar nearby. Won't you let me treat you to a drink, as a thank you?" Kiryu agreed, telling her, "Hard to refuse a beautiful woman." She took his arm and walked off with him, swooning, "Oh wow...Me, beautiful? Well, that's quite a compliment!"

Kiryu drinking with Mai

Kiryu and Mai then sat down at a nearby bar, where Kiryu was weakened by the sight of Mai's large breasts. She told Kiryu, "I...I tend to get kinda handsy with hot men when I'm drunk. If I'm hanging out with a nice guy like you...I can drink without a care in the world." She continued to flirt, telling Kiryu, "I...I like my men how I like my drinks - strong and hard. Speaking of, you're quite the cocktail of tall, dark, and handsome. And sooo rugged..." When Mai asked Kiryu what he thought of her, he responded by saying that he found her "cute", and said that he could eat Mai up. Mai persuaded Kiryu to drink with her, toasting "to a night of passion", and Kiryu agreed to drink to that. Mai's incessant flirting convinced Kiryu to continue drinking with her, but he passed out after a few drinks.

Kiryu falling asleep at the bar

Kiryu awoke in the alleyway, where Keizo, the drunk from earlier, told Kiryu, "You got conned, man. That woman was the bait, and ya fell for her siren song hook, line, and sinker. Y'see it all the time around town. It's like a life lesson, and that's yer tuition fee!" Kiryu then found that he had been robbed of ¥100,000 by Mai. As he walked away, he found a key on the ground, and discovered that it was the key to locker "J1" on Taihei Boulevard.

Kiryu meeting Motonobu Togoshi

As Kiryu continued walking, he met with the street informer Motonobu Togoshi, who told Kiryu that he had some "sweet" info which Kiryu could buy off him for ¥30,000. Kiryu agreed, and, when he asked Togoshi his "big secret", Togoshi told him that the video store to the north had a secret business in the back, and all Kiryu had to do if he wanted to see the operation was to ask if they had "Housewives in a Bind". He then told Kiryu that, if he hadn't figured it out already, he would know it after he said the password.

Kiryu confronting the bartender Yasushi Hiroshima

Kiryu then found Mai as he walked down the street, and she apologized and swore that she just followed the others' orders. She also told Kiryu that the bar was still open if he wanted to get even, so Kiryu went back to the bar to confront the scammers. The barkeep Yasushi Hiroshima sardonically greeted him, "Ahh! Well, well...If it isn't our plastered friend from last time...Heh, were you able to get home safely?" Kiryu said that he had come back to thank the bartender, and the bartender responded, "Nah, we didn't do anything out of the ordinary. You paid for your drinks, after all." After sensing that the situation was growing tense, the barkeep asked Kiryu to leave, and Keizo Fujiyama, Yoshimune Fukumoto, and Utaemon Oouchi entered the room.

Kiryu confronting the defeated barman

Kiryu proceeded to take down the four men in a bar fight, and Hiroshima conceded, "A-Alright. You win! Let bygones be bygones, eh?" He also gave Kiryu back his ¥100,000 for the trouble the scammers caused, and, when Hiroshima asked if Kiryu could let him off the hook, Kiryu responded, "Not a chance." A nervous Hiroshima responded, "O-Of course, that's not all. I've got some great info! There's this secret casino in the basement of a ramen shop. To get in, ask for 'ramen, extra soup, side of half rice.'" With this extra piece of information, Kiryu left the bar, having been fully refunded for the earlier scam.

Kiryu talking with Sanjuro Utsumi

Kiryu then came across a dirty homeless man, Sanjuro Utsumi, who complained that his coat was ripped and had a big hole which let the wind go straight through him. Kiryu expressed his hope that Utsumi could find some place warm, and Utsumi added, "I gotta...If I get too cold, I'm gonna end up dead on the street, and that's no joke."

Officer Majima stopping Kiryu

As Kiryu walked past the Sweet Lounge, he was attacked by the yakuza Shirosama Tachibana, Yoshitsune Horikawa, Takuboku Tsutsumi, and he beat them down before passing another inspection from "Officer Majima" in front of the Millennium Tower. Majima was disappointed that Kiryu didn't understand that, when he told Kiryu not to do something, it usually meant to do it; Kiryu asked why he would know that, and Majima simply responded, "Damn! You're off the hook this time, Kiryu-chan! But next time, I'm gonna make sure ya fight me with a proper reason!" Kiryu went on to beat down the street criminals Tsuneari Fukuhara, Junzo Hasegawa, and Seiryo Kitakawa when they attempted to jump him.

Hitoshi Sakurazaki running away from Kiryu

While making his way towards Serena, Kiryu came across Hitoshi Sakurazaki, the "dine-and-dasher" from before, who shouted at Kiryu to stay back before running off. Kiryu went after Hitoshi, only to come across a couple, Kyoden Ashikaga and Yumiko Chiura, discussing pocket circuit cars. Kyoden told Yumiko, "It's those little cars you can put motors in and race! It was such a big fad in the 80s!" Yumiko responded, "Oh yeah! My older brother used to have one, and he loved tinkering with all the little parts," and Kyoden excitedly told her, "Well, it's making a comeback! There's a Pocket Circuit Stadium just west of Shichifuku Street. Wanna go?" Yumiko decided, "Sure! I wanna make my vehicle really cute!", and Kiryu recalled how he used to play Pocket Circuit a long time ago, expressing surprise that it was still popular.

Kiryu confronting the defeated dine-and-dasher

Kiryu proceeded to catch up with the dine-and-dasher, who asked him, "C'mon, man. Are you trying to chase me to the ends of the earth!? This calls for some brute force." Kiryu easily beat down Hitoshi, who apologized to Kiryu. Kiryu told the man that he was not the one who needed an apology, and he took Hitoshi with him to the Akaushimaru restaurant, where the employee Tsuginori Koyanagi thanked Kiryu and said that the police could deal with the dine-and-dasher. He then told Kiryu that he hoped to see him at Akaushimaru again, and Kiryu walked off.

Kiryu meeting Yoshitomo Yokota

While walking down the street, Kiryu came across Yoshitomo Yokota, a yakuza who identified himself as someone who ran a gang under the Shimano-gumi. Yokota warned Kiryu, "Sir, I'll be blunt here. You need to avoid drawing any attention to yourself for the next few days." Kiryu then asked Yokota, "And you're not going to call this in?" Yokota responded, "I've looked up to you and Kazama-san for a very long time. Far as I'm concerned, I ain't seen shit." Kiryu then told Yokota, "It's appreciated. Thanks."

Kiryu fighting yakuza in front of the Akaushimaru

Kiryu once again walked pastt the raging alcoholic from earlier, who complained, "I'm gonna end up buying my booze at a liquor store and drink at home by myself!" Another drunkard, Hidetada Komatsu, told Kiryu, "There was better places to get trashed than a street corner back when Kazama-san was in charge..." Kiryu got into a fight with the yakuza Iemitsu Tachibana, Matsuta Ide, and Hajime Okuyama as he made his way to Serena, beating them down in front of the Akaushimaru before finally reaching his old haunt.

Return to Serena

Kiryu reuniting with Reina at Serena

Reina was stunned to see Kiryu show up out of the blue, and Kiryu told Reina that Kazama asked him to look for Yumi. Reina told Kiryu that she only knew that Yumi had disappeared from the hospital years ago, and that a woman named Mizuki had shown up at the bar five years earlier. Mizuki had introduced herself as Yumi Sawamura's sister, and, while Kiryu was surprised that Yumi had a sister, Reina explained that Yumi was separated from her family when she was born. When Kiryu asked where Mizuki was, Reina said that Mizuki wanted to follow in Yumi's footsteps, so she asked for a job at Serena, worked there for about four years, and suddenly decided to open her own bar, "Ares". Reina then added that she would be happy to help if there was anything she could do, and, as Kiryu left, she curiously asked, "You're not going to ask about...Nishikiyama-kun?" Kiryu said that he had already heard from Kazama, "But I have to see for myself. No matter what they say." Reina added, "Do you know the Millennium Tower? It was built five years ago? There's a small bar on the other side of that tower. That barkeep knows all the restaurants and bars. If a new place opened up, he'd know." When Kiryu asked what the bar was called, Reina told him, "Bacchus".

Kiryu fighting Kata Uemura

With Serena as his new safehouse, Kiryu hit the streets, almost immediately fighting the yakuza Yoshimochi Kawakami, Miyazaki Sasai, and Fukusaburu Nishikawa. After passing another inspection from "Officer Majima", Kiryu beat down the yakuza Tomiichi Shinoda, Kata Uemura, and Tekkan Tada and finally made his way to Bacchus.

Rescuing Haruka

Kiryu coming across the massacre at Bacchus

When Kiryu entered the pub, he was surprised to see the scene of a massacre, with even the friendly barman from his first visit being among the victims. Kiryu heard the muffled moans of a terrified survivor, and, when he looked behind the bar, he found a young girl holding a gun.

Kiryu taking the gun from Haruka

Kiryu approached the child and told the girl that the situation was alright, and he took the gun from her hands. She stuttered, "when I got here, everyone...Everyone...was...I'm looking for my mom...I asked around, and..." Kiryu told the nervous girl that they had to leave, and, as they exited the bar, the girl asked Kiryu if they should call the police. Kiryu assured her, "That was big enough to make waves. I'm sure the cops are on the way." He then curiously asked the girl, "But is it just me, or are there fewer payphones now?" The girl explained that everyone had cell phones those days, and she asked Kiryu if he had a cell phone. Kiryu nervously admitted that he did, covering up the fact that he had been in prison for ten years.

Kazuma confronting the street hoodlums

The two of them walked down the street until the girl stopped, mortified at the sight of a gang of hoodlums throwing rocks at a stray dog. The girl's displeasure led to Kiryu approaching the group of hoodlums, catching a rock thrown by one of them and throwing it back at the hoodlum's head. When the hoodlums asked what Kiryu was doing, Kiryu said that they had caught him on a bad day, and that the whole mess was bad on the gang's part. Just then, the gang leader Shigeko Kimura said that Kiryu was the one with bad luck, as additional hoodlums approached. Kiryu proceeded to take on the whole gang, beating down Shiko Uchida, Kinzo Kikuchi, Kanko Wakamatsu, Shoyo Miyazawa, Tokimasa Yanagita, Kikugoro Yamamura, Soetsu Otomo, Yoshitoki Itoh, the rock-thrower Yorihisa Yanai, and Kimura.

Kiryu giving food and water to the dog

With the hoodlums beaten down, the girl ran up to the dog, and she said that the doog looked thin and poorly-fed. Kiryu then asked the girl if she knew where her mother was, but the girl responded that she had been looking for her all day, and had snuck out of the orphanage. When Kiryu began to talk to the "kid", she insisted, "It's Haruka. Not 'kid.'," and then asked, "What's your name, mister?" Kiryu promptly introduced himself, and Haruka asked Kiryu to help her give the dog something to eat, lest it die. Kiryu said that, while he felt bad for the dog, the dog would starve even if they helped him. Haruka ultimately persuaded Kiryu to help the dog anyways, and he bought dog food from Poppo and mineral water and a paper plate from Don Quijote. As he returned to the area where he left Haruka and looked for the girl, an elderly woman attempted to file a complaint about Stardust to Kiryu on behalf of a dissatisfied friend, but, when Kiryu asked what he had to do with it, the woman revealed that she thought he worked there because of his outfit. Kiryu then found Haruka outside the Wild Jackson chicken restaurant and gave the dog food and water, using the plate as a bowl.

Kiryu catching a falling Haruka

After the dog recovered, Kiryu resumed his earlier conversation with Haruka, interested in her upbringing in an orphanage. Haruka said that she received letters from her mother, proving she was alive, and, when Kiryu asked if there was anyone else who could help her, she said that all she had was her mother and her aunt Yumi. Kiryu's interest was piqued at the mention of the name Yumi, and, when he asked about Haruka's mother, Haruka said that she used to bring her letters, but she proceeded to faint in Kiryu's arms. Just then, Date called Kiryu, and Date asked how things were going on Kiryu's end, and if he was able to make it to Serena. Kiryu responded, "Ended up back at Bacchus, but it was a dead end. Any leads there have been erased." He then told Date about the massacre, upsetting Date, who knew the owner. Date then told Kiryu to take the girl to Serena, saying that the police could take custody of her later.

Yakuza confronting Kiryu near Serena

Kiryu proceeded to carry Haruka back towards Serena, but, as he neared the bar, he was confronted by three yakuza, Ienobu Inaba, Toshi Matsuno, and Kunio Tokuda, who accused him of "hogging" the whole road. Kiryu was forced to beat down the three yakuza after a brief fight, upon which he entered Serena with Haruka.

Reina presenting the dog to Haruka

Kiryu asked Reina to help him with the girl, and Reina said that "a cop named Date-san called me to tell me about her. Sounds like she has a fever." Reina had Kiryu take Haruka to the back room as she got some medicine, and, after Reina gave Haruka medicine, she told Kiryu that the shock and fatigue finally caught up with her. A few moments later, Haruka awoke and entered the room, and she asked about her dog, with Kiryu lying and saying that the dog was fine. Just then, the dog entered the bar, and Reina showed the dog too Haruka. Kiryu was surprised that the dog had followed them, and Haruka was overjoyed.

Investigating Ares

Haruka asking Kiryu to help her find her mother

Afterwards, Kiryu asked Haruka about her "Aunt Yumi", and Haruka told Kiryu that she came to Sunflower every month with letters and presents from her mother. When Kiryu expressed surprise that Haruka grew up at Sunflower and that her aunt's name was Yumi, Haruka asked if Kiryu knew her mother, and Kiryu said that he was actually looking for Mizuki himself, and Yumi as well. Haruka then asked Kiryu permission to look with him, and Haruka also offered to direct Kiryu to her mother's bar, Ares, saying that she couldn't find her mother alone.

A policeman confronting Kiryu and Haruka

Kiryu agreed, and he headed out with Haruka. Kiryu said that it was crazy to think that the Millennium Tower was built on its site, telling Haruka that, "Things...happened there a long time ago." Haruka then asked Kiryu why he was looking for her mother, and Kiryu said, "It's a long story...I'm looking for Yumi." Shortly after, they were stopped by a policeman, Shihi Iwasaki, who asked Kiryu about the nature of his relationship with Haruka. Kiryu was confused, so Officer Iwasaki asked if Kiryu was the girl's father. Kiryu lied and said that he was, but the policeman asked for proof and, when Kiryu asked why he had to give the policeman proof, Iwasaki said that he didn't believe that Kiryu was the girl's father. The policeman told Kiryu that he would have to come down to the station with him, but Haruka told Kiryu not to do it, as she would get sent back to Sunflower. Kiryu initially thought about running, and Iwasaki asked him if he was resisting arrest, but Haruka chimed in and told the policeman to stop bullying her "dad". She then added, "My dad might look scary, but he's really shy. And I can till you're making him very nervous." She then apologized to Iwasaki on behalf of her "father", and the policeman was surprised to hear Haruka's "confirmation" that Kiryu was her "father". Iwasaki complimented Kiryu for having a "very smart daughter", and he told Kiryu, "You really need to get your act together!"

Kiryu and Haruka taking the elevator to Ares

Afterwards, Kiryu and Haruka continued walking to the Millennium Tower, and, when Kiryu asked if Haruka noticed something different about Yumi, Haruka innocently said that her Aunt Yumi might have changed her shampoo recently, as her hair smelled nice. When the two reached the tower, Kiryu commended Haruka for her acting skills and suggested that she could be on stage when she grew up. He also said that he never figured he'd be old enough to pass as a dad. The two then entered an elevator, where Kiryu was unable to press the button for the 50th floor; Haruka then pressed two other floors before pressing the fiftieth, revealing that Ares was only accessible through a secret code.

Haruka looking at a portrait of her mother

When the two arrived at the top floor, they were amazed by the luxurious layout of the bar, which took up the entire floor. The expensive room led Kiryu to reminisce about the "Bubble", and, when Haruka asked what the "Bubble" was, Kiryu explained that it was "a time when the economy was good, and everyone in Japan was rich." Kiryu then found a framed picture of Mizuki, who looked like Yumi to Kiryu, although Mizuki had a flower tattoo on her chest and appeared more sophisticated than the casual Yumi. Kiryu then asked Haruka why she was placed in an orphanage, but Haruka then asked why she would know. Kiryu then confirmed with Haruka that her mother knew she was at Sunflower, but, when he asked why Haruka had never seen her mother, Haruka said that her mother never answered that question in her letters. She then showed Kiryu a pendant which her aunt Yumi had brought her from Mizuki, and she lamented that she might never meet her mother, based on the letters and Yumi bringing her the pendant of her mother.

Hiroshi Hayashi and his men confronting Kiryu and Haruka

Just then, a few menacing men in suits walked down the stairs, and their leader introduced himself as Lieutenant Advisor Hiroshi Hayashi from the 5th Omi Alliance headquarters. Kiryu deduced that Nishikiyama had sent Hayashi due to his alliance with Omi, and the tense situation was interrupted when Kiryu received a call on his cell phone. Hayashi told Kiryu to answer the phone, and said that he and his men would wait.

Kiryu ending his phone call with Date

Kiryu answered the phone and found that it was Date, who told Kiryu that he discovered that Yumi was the suspect in the theft of the ¥10 billion. He revealed that there was a ring at the crime scene which matched the ring Kiryu had left with him ten years ago (before Kiryu went to prison), and that the Tojo Clan was after Yumi and her partner in crime. Kiryu and Date agreed to meet the next day at Serena, and, when Kiryu hung up, Kiryu asked Hayashi if the Omi were after him. Hayashi said that he and his men actually wanted the little girl, and, when Kiryu asked why, Hayashi said that he didn't know, as he was Omi Alliance, after all. Kiryu refused to hand over the girl, saying that he would never do such a thing, but Hayashi threatened him, "Killin' a guy like you in a place like this would be a cryin' shame." Kiryu responded, "Before you can kill me in a place like this...You'll have to beat me."

Kiryu and Haruka looking at the defeated Omi men

Kiryu proceeded to take down Hayashi and his henchmen Tokuhei Yomaura, Kitahachi Tsuge, Kazuyuki Mitsugi, Shoichi Otani, Shunko Yutani, Tokimune Hashira, and Kazuhiko Mizusawa in the ensuing bar fight, and a nervous Haruka then asked Kiryu, "Mister, why? Why are these people after me?"


Kiryu receiving a call from Shinji at Serena

7Kiryu brought Haruka to Date at Serena, where he told Date of what had happened, that Haruka was Mizuki's daughter, and that, despite her disappearance, Yumi was still meeting up with Haruka. Shortly after, Serena's phone began to ring, and Reina asked Kiryu to answer it and be polite. When Kiryu answered the phone, he found that it was Shinji, who revealed that he was on the run with Kazama, who was treated at the hospital, but had not yet regained consciousness. Shinji then said that, considering the circumstances, it had to be a Tojo Clan insider who shot Kazama, and that they might try to finish the job if they found out where Kazama was. Shinji told Kiryu that he would get in touch once he had Kazama settled with someone he trusted, and Kiryu told Shinji to keep in touch with him via his cell phone.

Kiryu talking to Date at Serena

Afterwards, Kiryu resolved to hit the streets and see what he could find. Date told Kiryu, "That's not going to get you anywhere. Personally, I think we need to find an information broker." Kiryu asked Date if he was referring to the "legendary informant" he had heard about, and Date told Kiryu that the broker was called "the Florist of Sai", and that he apparently had intel on the entire town. He then lamented, "Problem is, he keeps to himself in that sketchy park." Kiryu deduced that Date was referring to West Park, which Date explained was, "Otherwise known as 'Purgatory.' The local homeless all but own the place." Date warned Kiryu to watch his step in the park, which was so dangerous that even the police steered clean of it. Kiryu then decided to head out, and he asked Date to look after Haruka.

Kiryu at the entrance to the West Park toilets

Early on the morning of 7 December, Kiryu hit the streets and got into a fight with a gang of yakuza on Shichifuku Street East, and he beat down Kitahachi Yoshimura, Tokuhei Tanabe, and Kuri Maeda. Kiryu then made his way to West Park, where he noticed that the public toilets had an "Out of Order" sign on them. When he attempted to enter, the homeless men Taro Ishii and Kazuko Wakabayashi angrily asked Kiryu if he hadn't seen the "Out of Order" sign. Kiryu said that he had, and he forced his way past them.

Arrival in Purgatory

The Florist watching Kiryu enter West Park

Once inside the restroom, Kiryu was held at gunpoint by several homeless men, but their leader received a phone call from the Florist, instructing them to let Kiryu in. As Kiryu walked into the park, he walked past several tarp-covered tents inhabited by the local vagrants, and he was escorted by the African-American wrestler Gary Holmes, who told him that his boss was waiting for Kiryu at the far end of the park, underground.

Gary Holmes taking Kiryu to Purgatory

Kiryu proceeded to enter the abandoned subway station, and he was surprised to see a hidden-away red light district teeming with wealthy male customers and plenty of prostitutes. Kiryu coldly dismissed the prostitutes who attempted to luure Kiryu in, and he instead made his way to the far side, where he opened a large gate to meet the Florist.

Kiryu entering the Florist's lair

When Kiryu entered the lair, he heard a booming voice ask, "Out on parole and raising hell already, eh?" He then said that Kiryu was looking for the Tojo Clan's ¥10 billion and Yumi and Mizuki, two sisters. Kiryu went on to ask the Florist how much he was asking, and how he knew so much about him. The Florist revealed that he had men planted everywhere, and they knew everything, "From the color of a cabaret girl's panties, to a backroom deal...Even murders that never make it public. That's why my intel comes at a premium." He then commented "The Dragon of Dojima was a force to be reckoned with," but revealed that he hated yakuza to his core. The Florist then asked Kiryu what he would do after making enemies out of the mighty Tojo Clan, and, when Kiryu asked what the Florist wanted, the Florist said that he had a job that only the "Dragon of Dojima" could do.

The Coliseum

The Florist introducing Kiryu to Purgatory

The Florist proceeded to introduce Kiryu to Purgatory's underground coliseum, telling him, "Rich fools with too much money to burn...and bloodthirsty psychos are my clientele." He then told Kiryu, "Beat three fighters, the prize money's yours." When Kiryu asked about the rules, the Florist explained, "Other than our 'no arms, no armor' policy, there are no rules. Long as it's bare-knuckle, anything goes."

Kiryu entering the coliseum

Kiryu then shed his shirt and entered the coliseum, baring his dragon back tattoo. The announcer introduced him as a man who "mercilessly kill(ed) his patriarch with his own tow hands", and introduced his challenger, two-time victor Daniel Feldman, a fugitive from the United States who had been convicted of first-degree murder. Kiryu made short work of Feldman, and the announcer proclaimed that Kiryu "had shown off his killer yakuza style!" Kiryu also took on former Muay Thai middleweight champion Gaowayan Pramuk, whom he defeated with ease, despite the announcer branding it as Kiryu's first defensive battle.

The Florist applauding Kiryu

Finally, The Florist called in Gary Holmes, who had let to lose a single fight over the past three years, was the Las Vegas underground fight circuit champion, Gary "Buster" Holmes. Kiryu calmly greeted him, "Yo. So we meet again." Holmes then asked Kiryu, "'Instant' death or 'climax' death? Which you want?" Kiryu responded by saying, "That Japanese doesn't mean what you think it does." After a brief, yet considerable fight, Kiryu took down Holmes, earning the acclaim of the audience and The Florist himself.

New intel

The Florist telling Kiryu about the yen heist

The Florist proceeded to take Kiryu back to his lair, where he revealed that the Tojo Clan's Third Chairman covered up the robbery, only for a family patriarch named Nishikiyama to expose it all at an emergency officer's meeting. He then opined, "My best guess is that Nishikiyama killed the Third Chairman." The Florist went on to explain, "But right now the Tojo Clan is practically in civil war. The Third Chairman's dead, and a successor has yet to be chosen. Which means...the man who recovers the ten billion will be named Fourth Chairman. After Nishikiyama's big reveal causes them all to tear each other apart, of course." The Florist also jeered, "Chivalry among yakuza is a joke," and revealed, "But it turns out the ten billion was actually stolen by a woman named Yumi. Got that one on an anonymous tip. The Tojo Clan conducted their own investigation and found out her sister, Mizuki, had closed down Ares and vanished right before the theft. So that means they're both prime suspects, but neither of them have turned up. therefore..." Kiryu then deduced, "Mizuki's daughter, Haruka," and the Florist responded, "Haruka...So that's who it was."

The Florist telling Kiryu about the strange woman's visit

Kiryu asked the Florist to explain, so the Florist told him "Two days ago, a strange woman hiding her face showed up. She asked me to find a girl by the name of Haruka." When Kiryu asked if it was Mizuki or Yumi, but the Florist replied, "Not sure. From only the glimpse I caught of her face, I couldn't say for sure if it was either of them." The Florist then revealed, "I didn't last this long by working with people I don't know. So I sent her away."

The Florist taking Kiryu on the lift

Just then, The Florist received a call notifying him that Kiryu had a visitor. Kiryu was surprised when the Florist activated a lift which led to the floor sinking, and the Florist showed Kiryu to his surveillance system, explaining that he had taken what had, in 2000, been 50 police cameras installed for anti-terrorism purposes and installed 10,000 cameras to create a massive, citywide surveillance network.

Rescuing Date

Kiryu watching the Florist's surveillance tape

The Florist and Kiryu then noticed that a wounded Date had come to the park, and the Florist rewound a surveillance tape to ten minutes earlier and saw a van pull up to Date and Haruka on the street, before the men kidnapped Haruka and shot Date in the arm." Kiryu then grew worried upon seeing a gang of homeless men surround Date outside, so he rushed out to rescue Date back above ground.

Kiryu rescuing Date from the homeless men

Kiryu intervened to help Date, and the homeless men grew angry when they took notice of Date's badge as Kiryu inspected Date's wound. One of the homeless men, Toju Shimada, recalled that Date had busted him in the park a while back, and he decided to take out his vengeance on Date. Kiryu beat down the wooden katana-wielding homeless men Ichizo Kurozawa, Tetsuhiko Oouchi, Toshiharu Miyakawa, Tanjiro Morishita, Toju Shimada, Kaii Deguchi, Dayu Osaki, and Yoshimune Ozawa, preventing them from killing Date.

The Florist meeting with Kiryu and Date

The Florist then arrived with two bodyguards and commented that Kiryu's strength was "insane", and he told Kiryu that the car that took the little girl stopped at the batting cages. When Date and the Florist commented that they never thought they'd see each other, Kiryu asked if they knew each other, and Date explained that the Florist was an ex-cop, and that he had blown the whistle on the Florist for leaking police intel. As the Florist walked away, Date commented that he never imagined meeting the Florist at Purgatory after the Florist fell off the radar. Date also informed Kiryu that the men who took Haruka were from the Majima family. Kiryu told Date to wait at Serena, as, with his injuries, Date would be no match for the Majima family, and he didn't want Reina to be left alone.

Confrontation at the Batting Center

Kiryu confronting Majima at the batting center

That night, Kiryu arrived at the batting center, where he saw Majima and his men arrive after the lights suddenly turned on. Majima - who had kidnapped Haruka in order to lure Kiryu into another fight - promised Kiryu, "It'll be a glorious fight, with our very lives on the line." However, Majima was hit in the head by a baseball which was hurled at him by one of the machines, and he savagely beat his underling Kohei Konno with his baseball bat when he did not join him and the others in laughing. Kiryu then demanded that Majima give Haruka back, and Majima responded, "Sure, no prob. She's just behind that door. Didn't I tell ya? Kiryu-chan...I just wanna have a proper fight with ya, that's all." Majima then drew a knife from a sheathe, and he and his men proceeded to fight Kiryu.

Kiryu looking over a wounded Majima

Kiryu took down Konno, Toshiyuki Sakai, Tadasuke Nakao, Ichiyo Tada, Juzaburo Suda, Yoshimochi Hayashida, and Tsunemasa Mori before taking down Majima as well. After Majima was defeated, Sakai rushed at Kiryu with a knife, but Majima moved in front of Kiryu and absorbed the blade into his abdomen, shocking Sakai, and explaining that only he could kill Kiryu. Kiryu then stood and watched as Majima's worried men ran over to the wounded Majima.

Haruka embracing Kiryu after being rescued

Haruka then ran through the door and embraced Kiryu, crying and shouting, "I was scared! I was so scared!" Kiryu took Haruka back to serena, where Date apologized to Haruka for being unable to protect her. Haruka then told Kiryu that a man she didn't know came and told her to run, and that, when she thanked him, he asked if she still had the pendant. The man also asked her to take care of it, as he told her, "It's worth ten billion yen."

Kiryu and Date talking about the pendant

Figuring that the pendant had something to do with the yen, Date tried to open it, but, when it refused to open, he suggested bashing it open, causing Haruka to protest. Kiryu then asked Haruka if she remembered what the man looked like, but she said that it was too dark to see him; however, she remembered that he told her to tell Kiryu about the pendant.

Father and Child

Takashi and Kyoka

Mogusa talking to Kiryu outside Serena

Shortly after, Haruka went to sleep, and Kiryu told Reina that he had to look for new leads, and would try hitting the streets. As Kiryu left the bar, he was greeted by Masami Mogusa, who told him, "Hello, I'm from Purgatory. My name is Mogusa. I've been working foor the Florist." Mogusa then asked Kiryu to come see his boss, explaining, "I guess there's some trouble involving his family, and it's put him in a real foul mood. Not that he tells us anything." Kiryu was surprised that the Flroist had a family, and Mogusa explained, "The boss' son is just another one of this town's hooligans. Though to be fair, he's never even seen his father's face..." Kiryu agreed to meet with the Florist, and, as he walked there, he again passed Officer Majima's inspection at the Millennium Tower.

Hiroaki Morioka running away from Kiryu

As Kiryu walked towards West Park through an alleyway, he was held up by a strong-armed man, Hiroaki Morioka, who informed him, "This here is a toll road, buddy. You wanna get through here, you gotta pay. Kiryu was confused, so the man explained, "That's right. It usually costs 5,000 yen...But since it's Christmas...That means I gotta add a holiday tax. Today it's gonna cost ya 10,000 yen. BUT, I do offer a no cost option, if you're interested." When Kiryu asked about that option, the man responded, "You just gotta defeat me," and added, "That's actually my recommendation! Since everyone forks over the cash, I'm a little outta shape." Kiryu decided to fight the man, who responded, "Nice...Nice! It's been a while since someone with some balls came through here." Kiryu proceeded to defeat Morioka in the ensuing fight, and Kiryu offered to go another round as "a Christmas present" before Morioka agreed to stop robbing people. He then lamented, "Tch...I thought everyone in this town was all talk and no walk...But you're the real deal. Y'know, I did learn something today. Turns out there are people in the world who are even stronger than me. Here. I figure I owe you this." Morioka gave Kiryu some leech gloves and told him, "Looks like I better go back to training. When I'm confident I can defeat you, I'll come back to this town." Morioka then ran off, and Kiryu recalled a man who used to train with the money he got from shakedowns on the streets, concluding, "Time marches on, people change, but the schemes they dream up are always the same."

Kiryu meeting Sotaro Komaki

Kiryu proceeded to enter West Park, where he came across an old man waiting by the water fountain. The old man told Kiryu, "I did not think you would defeat Buster. Oho, how exciting!" He then opined, "Ohoho, they said you were a master of brawling, but although your blows were quite beastly, your movements seemed rushed...Your style is still unrefined in my eyes. You lack the heart of a true martial artist. It really is a shame." He then added, "I know this may seem abrupt, but do you want to be my student? Depending on your potential, you could develop your talents 100 times over." Kiryu agreed, so the man told him that he would have the honor of calling himself a student of Komaki; he then introduced himself as Sotaro Komaki, and told Kiryu, "You're fearless to commit to an apprenticeship with a man whose name you don't know, I'll give you that...Hohohoho!" Kiryu then asked Komaki, "You said earlier that I don't understand the heart of a martial artist. You can actually teach that, Komaki-san?" Komaki told Kiryu to be patient, as there were steps to take, and he said that they could start then. He then explained, "This martial arts school has thrived since the Edo period. The style's distinctive feature is its barehanded combat. Therefore, it is still quite useful in this day and age. But it's been nearly 20 years since I've had a student, let alone a proper disciple. What shall I teach you first?" Komaki first decided to teach Kiryu "the art of self-defense", and he asked Kiryu, "With that fierce face...I doubt you live a peaceful existence. You often clash with the thugs and hooligans of Kabukicho with your life on the line, do you not?" Kiryu admitted that he did, and Komaki told Kiryu, "As I said, you are my first disciple in nigh 20 years. I cannot allow a rarity like that to be needlessly killed. In order to receive my training, you must survive."

Kiryu facing the two men with model guns

Komaki then told Kiryu that he would teach him the "Komaki Shot Stopper", a barehanded style which was developed by his predecessors to find a way to fight against matchlock firearms. Kiryu reminded Komaki, "Hey, the Edo period ended, old man. Matchlock guns are long gone." Komaki told Kiryu not to worry, as he made improvements to the technique so that it would work as effectively against the weapons of modern warfare, commenting, "It is the master's duty to evolve with the changing times." Komaki then had Kiryu face two men each carrying model guns (one with a shotgun, the other with a handgun), and Kiryu proved prodigious and used the men's guns to knock them out. Komaki congratulated Kiryu and told him to come back with a wooden sword next time, telling Kiryu, "In order to learn the basics of swordplay, a wooden katana will be necessary."

The Florist watching surveillance footage of his son and his girlfriend

Kiryu proceeded to enter Purgatory and walk in on the Florist as he watched surveillance footage of his son sitting with a girl at the Yoshida Batting Center. Kiryu commented that the Florist's soon had good taste, but the Florist responded, "Other than being the daughter of a family patriarch!" When Kiryu asked if they were local, the Florist said that she came from "some two-bit family in Asakusa." While Kiryu offered his help, th Florist said that he did not need any, and the Florist apologized to Kiryu for wasting his time. As Kiryu left, he decided that he would still help the Florist.

Kiryu talking to Tamura at West Park

Before Kiryu could leave the park, he was confronted by an old acquaintance who asked, "Excuse me! My good sir, is it really you?" Kiryu recognized him as Tamura, who was supposed to be dead. Tamura explained that the official story was that he was dead, and he asked Kiryu if Aoki was the one who told him. Kiryu said that Tamura was correct, and that he heard that Tamura was investigating his case when the police found his body in Tokyo Bay. Tamura explained, "Well, five years ago I went into Purgatory and met the boss. So I decided I'd disappear and come work for the man who was clearly my superior. Well...Luckily, I don't have a wife or kids, so I knew no one would really miss me if I died. And being dead would have the advantage of making it a lot easier to gather intel. So I asked the Fklorist to orchestrate my 'untimely demise.'" Kiryu said that Aoki was still looking for Tamura, even then, but Tamura begged Kiryu not to tell Aoki about him. Kiryu promised, and Tamura bade him farewell.

Toyoaki Nakanishi picking a fight with Kiryu

As Kiryu left the park, he took down the street gangsters Masato Ide, Masamichi Turuta, and Yoshii Yagi, the street ruffians Yoshitake Iizuka, Ryo Oozaki, Yujiro Saito, and Tsuneo Takano, and the yakuza Toyoaki Nakanishi, Shinji Fujikawa, Kiyotaka Matsuzaki, and Sadatake Shimoda.

Takashi fighting Kiryu

Kiryu then made his way to the batting center, where he saw the Florist's son Takashi Fujiwara sitting with Kyoka Atobe. A paranoid Fujiwara mistook Kiryu for a member of her father's Atobe-gumi family, and he attempted to attack Kiryu with a baseball bat as he told Kyoka to run. Takashi then promised to make Kyoka happy, and Kiryu was forced to defeat him. Takashi desperately offered to split "the money" with Kiryu, but Kiryu explained that he was just passing by. Takashi asked if Kiryu was with the Atobe Family, but Kiryu said that he wasn't, and that Takashi owed him an explanation. Takashi said that Kyoka asked her to run away with him, and that she had run to club Debolah at the plaza in front of the theater.

Kiryu facing off with B-King

Just then, Takashi's B-King gang walked in, and their leader, Keisuke Baba, angrily confronted Takashi about quitting the gang and letting him know through a text. Takashi said that he was going to make things right later, but the leader intimidated Takashi, forcing Kiryu to intervene. Kiryu told B-King that he felt like swinging a bat that day, and he told Takashi that Takashi owed him one. He proceeded to take down Yuki Nishiyama, Yosuke Shinoda, Yasuhiro Chiba, Nikko Yokoda, and Baba. Kiryu told Baba to leave Takashi alone, but Baba sneered, "Either way, he's done for," and explained that Takashi ran off with Kyoka's father's money. Kiryu decided to leave the batting center and make his way to Debolah to check in on Takashi and Kyoka, whom he feared were in danger.

Kiryu facing off with the "peace-loving group"

Along the way, Kiryu ran into a man who accused him of bumping into him and braeking his arm, and his lackeys told Kiryu to watch where he was going, and to "man up and take responsibility" by making it up to their supposedly injured friend. Kiryu told them, "Responsibility? Look, I don't have time to play this game. Besides, you're bad actors." The thugs responded by criticizing Kiryu, with one telling him, "Oh, hold up! Did you honestly think you could just hurt people and walk away without making up for it, my man?" The other thug told Kiryu, "We are a friendly, peace-loving group who means no one harm. So, we'll call it all forgiven for 10,000 yen." Kiryu responded, "No way I would give anything to some ridiculous con men like you."

Kiryu talking to the defeated con men

Kiryu proceeded to take down the con men Yoichi Matsui, Hirotaka Chiba, and Heikichi Shimizu, and Matsui asked, "Wh-Why don't we just end the fighting? Live more peacefully?" Chiba then stood up and said, "H-Huh? My shoulder...It's better. The impact must've popped it back into place!" Matsui then stated, "Well then, since we are a friendly and peace-loving group who mean no harm, we'll be on our way now." As the bump-and-scammers left, Kiryu asked himself what kind of "peace-loving" person was an accident-faking con artist.

Matashichi Asai confronting Takashi and Kyoka

Kiryu then made his way to Debolah, where he forced his way past the Atobe-gumi guard Tanjiro Sakimoto and found the Atobe-gumi confronting Takashi and Kyoka about their theft of their father's money. The leader of the Atobe-gumi delegation, Matashichi Asai, ordered Sakimoto and Kiminobu Kugo to escort Kiryu out, but Kiryu threw them both onto the dance floor below. He proceeded to take down Asai and his henchmen Naonobu Kawazaki, Tsunayoshi Iijima, Jin Takei, Norinaga Ishida, Kazuo Sakuma, and Ogai Kawabata, smashing a table over Asai.

Kiryu stopping Takashi from cutting off his finger

With Asai defeated, Kiryu told Takashi to leave the money and go, and not to push his luck. Kyoka panicked, asking what they were going to do without any money, and Asai asked if Takashi planned on running off with the lady while he was still nothing. Asai then jeered, "You can't even quit without screwing it up." Asai then told Kyoka that her father only wanted her happiness, but Kyoka said, "My dad just had to be a stupid yakuza..." Asai said that her father felt terrible about over-protecting his daughter and leaving her without firends. Just then, Takashi had a change of heart and said that he knew that he was still a loser, and he promised to work hard, knelt before Asai, and offered his finger as a show of seriousness. However, Kiryu prevented Takashi from committing yubitsume, telling him that he was not yakuza. Asai then announced that he had a letter from Patriarch Atobe, and the letter revealed that her father felt remorseful about his failures, and wanted her to be happy. Kiryu realized that Kyoka's father had planned the confrontation from the start as a test, and the two lovers were able to peacefully part, with both of their parents tacitly giving their blessing to their relationship.

Kiryu returning to the Florist

As Kiryu left Debolah, he ran into a group of street punks, and he beat down Senzo Yoshimoto, Kata Fujita, Toju Haraguchi, and Michio Nishimoto. He then returned to the Florist, who gifted him the purported sword of Goemon Ishikawa on behalf of Kyoka's father; the Florist admitted that both he and Atobe watched what Kiryu did, and Atobe was very grateful. The Florist also told Kiryu that he had given Kiryu access to the city's underground casino, and he told him to drop by if he was feeling lucky.

Kiryu confronting a defeated Officer Majima

As Kiryu left Purgatory, he received a phone call from Reina, who told Kiryu that Date was at Serena, blackout drunk. Kiryu agreed to return to Serena, beating down the thugs Yaichiro Fujii, Iesada Yamada, Hyobe Konishi, and Taki Yamauchi along the way. When Kiryu walked past Officer Majima and was patted down, Majima found Kiryu's fighting gloves, and Majima declared, "...Whadda we got here!? This is some contraband s***, Kiryu-chan! You're OUT!" Majima then declared, "As an officer of the law, I gotta make sure ya pay for your crimes! It's in my very moral fiber!" Majima and Kiryu proceeded to fight, and Kiryu managed to defeat Majima. Kiryu admitted that he hadn't fought like that in a while, and Majima responded, "Yeah, looks like you're on the way to regainin' what ya lost. All my hard work is payin' off with sweet, sweet returns. But don't get cocky. Ya ain't your old self by a long shot. Your ten year gap was a massive ravine ya still gotta cross." He then assured Kiryu, "Until I get the man worthy of bein' called the Dragon of Dojima that I wanna fight, then you're gonna be in my sights!"

Father and daughter reunion

Kiryu finding a drunk Date passed out at the bar

Along the way back to Serena, Kiryu got into a fight with a gang of street criminals in Tenkaichi Alley, beating down Moronobu Tajima, Kikunojo Yoshimura, Toshiki Sasahara, and Tomeo Takano. After beating down these assailants, Kiryu returned to Serena, where he found Date asleep at the bar. Reina explained that Date got drunk over a woman named Saya, whom Date had stood up, having been supposed to meet with Saya near there.

Saya talking to Kiryu

Kiryu walked to a nearby alleyway where he found two schoolgirls, with Saya telling Kiryu, "You can have one or both of us, it's okay." Kiryu was confused, and Saya nervously decided that she didn't want to go any further. She and her friend Kimie Namba walked to a nearby bench, where Kiryu confronted Saya about selling her body and asking if her father knew; Saya angrily asked if Kiryu was "mental" before storming off. After Saya ran off, Kimie asked if Kiryu was there to help Saya, and Kiryu said that he was. Kimie went on to explain that Saya got herself involved with a "sketchy guy" named Shotaro, who was from a Golden Gai bar called Shellac. She added, "This guy costs her a LOT of money. That's why she's trying to sell herself, so she can keep seeing him." She then asked Kiryu, "You look strong, and you're friends with Saya's dad, right? Can you help her?" Kiryu agreed, and he set out for Shellac.

Kiryu beating up Jyun Saiki

Along the way, Kiryu ran into a woman, Hako Takahara yelling at a man, Jyun Saiki, to get out of her way. Saiki responded, "Don't be an icy b****, woman! I lost eveything I had on that pachinko. I know you've got some cash on you, right?" She refused, so he decided, "Fine. Then how 'bout you and me head to a hotel? You can help me forget all my woes!" Kiryu told Saiki to stop it, as Takahara was not interested, so Takahara picked a fight with Kiryu and was beaten up as a result.

Saiki pulling a knife on Kiryu

A defeated Saiki then angrily asked Takahara, "So you found yourself a side piece...Is that it?" Takahara grew upset that the man - whom Kiryu deduced was her boyfriend - was accusing her of infidelity, so Kiryu resonded, "Ah, sorry. Looks like I was reckless. I just thought...Anyway, there's nothing going on between me and her." Saiki, unconvinced, drew a switchblade, even as Takahara called on Saiki to stop it.

Kiryu telling the policeman about the events of the fight

Just then, a muscular man hurled himself at Saiki and pinned him down with a judo maneuver. Kiryu asked what the man was doing, and the big-headed man told Kiryu that he now had a chance to run away. Saiki complained that the man was going to kill him, and the big-headed man told Kiryu, "The lady is afraid as well. Take her and run! Don't worry about me! This punk needs to be taught a lesson." Takahara began to wail, and a police officer, Kichibei Miyashita, walked over and asked what was going on. The big-headed man explained, "This punk was harassing this poor couple, you see."

The woman slapping Shinohara

However, the woman approached the big-headed man and slapped him, further confusing the policeman. The policeman looked at Saiki and the woman and then turned to Kiru, asking, "That means...You're the punk who was harassing them!?" Kiryu responded, "Huh!? No, you're making a mistake. I mean, I was making a mistake at first too, but..." Miyashita decided that Kiryu had to come with him downtown, but the big-headed man decided, "We can both go down to the station together." He admitted, "I was mistaken. But you were mistaken too. You've got to take it like a man, make no excuses, and surrender to the consequences." Kiryu countered, "What are you saying? It was self-defense, so if you don't run, you're going to be in deep trouble." The big-headed man then responded, "Run? A sportsman never runs from his fate." The police officer asked for someone to give him the short version, so Kiryu explained, "That guy was pestering that woman for money, and she didn't want to give it to him. I didn't realize they were together." When the officer asked Saiki if that was true, the punk said, "...Yes, officer. I'm sorry...I caused a lot of trouble." Kiryu then explained, "Then, this guy with the big head came and really beat the snot out of this punk." The big-headed man apologized and asked Saiki to use the same move against him to make things even, but, when the man raised his arms, he scared off both Saiki and his girlfriend.

Kiryu talking to Shinohara

Kiryu then complimented the big-headed man on his amazing move, asking if he knew judo. The policeman then said, "Okay, Shinohara-san, it's dangerous out here. Be careful." Kudo asked Shinohara how the policeman knew his name, and if he was famous, and Shinichi Shinohara told Kiryu, "Well, maybe before I retired. Actually, I came here to do some sightseeing." Shinohara then apologized for the trouble he caused, but Kiryu offered to show Shinohara around the town after Shinohara said that he had come to Tokyo as a tourist. Kiryu asked Shinohara if he had anywhere specific he wanted to go, and he nervously said, "I, uh, kind of came back to town recently, so I'm probably not the perfect tour guide." Shinohara said, "I guess all that exercise worked up an appetite...So why don't we grab something to eat?" Kiryu suggested, "If you're looking for good food here, barbeque is the way to go. I know a place." Shinohara agreed, and Kiryu continued on his way to the Golden Gai to find Shotaro at Shellac.

Kiryu entering Shellac

Shortly after arriving in the Golden Gai, Kiryu beat down the thugs Seiichi Masuda, Chiko Okazaki, and Konosuke Murayama, and he proceeded to enter Shellac. Kiryu talked to the barkeep Shiba Onaga, asking where Shotaro was; he lied and said that he was Shotaro's friend, and Onaga had him pick which drink was the moest expensive in order to prove that he was Shotaro's friend. Kiryu identified the 25-year-old Yamazaki, and Onaga revealed that Shotaro wasn't there anymore, as he moved to Club Stardust three months ago. Onaga told Kiryu that Shotaro said he was going to be the city's number one host, and went by Shota.

Date confronting Saya at Stardust

Kiryu then returned to stardust, where he was welcomed by Yuya. Yuya asked if Kiryu was by himself, and Kiryu responded that he was looking for a man named Shota. Kiryu walked over to Shota and Saya as they talked together, and Date also walked over to confront his daughter. Date asked Saya what she was doing there, and Saya angrily asked, "What am I doing in here? What, now you want to play my father?" Saya then accused her father of being innatentive, saying, "when we meet up, you barely speak a word, and you act like you're bored stiff..." She then stormed out, and Kiryu and Date followed her.

Tokuda and his gang attempting to kidnap Saya

Once outside, Date and Kiryu found a gang of hoodlums manhandling Saya, and, when Date asked what the gang members were doing, the leader Koji Tokuda explained that Saya was deep in debt with several host bars, and that, "If she can't pay, she'll just have to sell the goods she's got!" He then told an angered Date, "Keep an eye out for her upcoming video debut! Pre-order it now, old man!" Kiryu and Date proceeded to take on the gang, beating down Ippei Okuyama,