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Katsuie Shibata (1522-14 June 1583) was the daimyo of the Shibata clan and a vassal of the Oda.


Katsuie Shibata was born in 1522, and he was the lord of the Shibata clan of Nisshin. By 1545 he was allied with Nobuhide Oda, a prominent Owari Province daimyo who ruled the Oda clan. Katsuie supported Nobuhide's younger son Nobuyuki Oda against his other son Nobunga Oda, but in the 1556 Battle of Ino, Nobunaga defeated and killed Nobuyuki; he spared Katsuie, who served under him as a vassal. At the 1560 Battle of Okehazama and again at the 1569 Battle of Mt. Inaba Castle, he proved his worth to him. Katsuie proceeded to fight in most of his campaigns until his death in 1582, when Katsuie became one of the contenders for the leadership of his clan. In 1583, those loyal to Katsuie met the army of the rival contender Hideyoshi Hashiba at the Battle of Shizugatake. Katsuie and his wife Oichi were forced to retreat into a castle when their army was defeated by the larger Toyotomi army, and they set the castle on fire, dying together.

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