The House of Karling, also known as the Carolingian dynasty, was a Frankish noble family that ruled West Francia from 751 to 987, Germany from 817 to 911, and Lotharingia from 800 to 875. The dynasty was descended from Pepin of Landen, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia, who lived from 580 to 640. The House of Karling would sire great rulers such as regent Charles Martel, Emperor Charlemagne, and his descendants Louis the Pious, Lothaire II of Lotharingia, Charles the Bald, and Louis the German. The Karling dynasty ruled over much of Western Europe and Central Europe at its height, with its kings ruling France, Germany, and Italy. The Liudolfingers would replace the Karlings in Germany in 911, while the House of Capet would rule France after 987.
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