Verified Account is exclusive to the accounts authenticated by the administrators of Historica. The verified badge on message walls lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic. In addition to the badges, all current admin account usernames will appear like this. Accounts that have the titles of Bureaucrat and Administrator are the most visible senior management members of this site. Chat moderators and other moderators are also members of the site administration. The site administration reserves the right to establish verified badges for popular contributors on this Wikia in an effort to prevent identity theft. Unless it is given by the site administrator, use of this title and verified badges is a violation of the site policy and may result in accounts being banned from the site.

Current Administrators and Verified Account Holders

Master Strategist - Managing Editor, Quality Mentor, Senior Administrator

Arreview001 - Current Events Editor, Senior Administrator

Application for Verified Account

APPLICATION OPEN: we are currently accepting applications for recruitment staff. The recruitment staff will be responsible for advertising this wiki to others and expanding our current participating users. Recruitment staff will be awarded special verified badges that will appear on their message wall. All are welcome to apply. All interested applicants should contact any of the current administrators through message wall.

APPLICATION CLOSING TIME: until positions are filled.

All current and future volunteering notification will be posted here and sent through notification system.

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