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Herman "Chayem" Kaufman (1886-June 1921) was a lieutenant of Manny Horvitz and his bootlegging organization in Philadelphia. Kaufman was hired by Waxey Gordon as a spy, and he was murdered by Horvitz's friend Jimmy Darmody due to his betrayal.


Herman Kaufman was born in the Russian Empire to a Jewish family, and he settled in the US city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a child. Kaufman knew the bootlegger Manny Horvitz from a young age, and the older Horvitz decided to take Kaufman under his wing and make him his right-hand man. However, Waxey Gordon approached Kaufman with a deal, paying him weekly to spy on Horvitz. In 1921, Kaufman and Horvitz met with Jimmy Darmody, Mickey Doyle, and Richard Harrow, and Kaufman told Darmody that Horvitz would buy 100 cases of liquor a week at a cost of $50 for each case. Darmody happily agreed, and he decided to form a partnership with Horvitz. However, Darmody spotted Kaufman with Gordon back in Atlantic City, watching Gordon, Kaufman, and Enoch Thompson walk together on the boardwalk while discussing business. Darmody called Horvitz and told him about this, and Horvitz had Kaufman kidnapped. He beat him up and hung him upside down in his meat locker, and he had Darmody come in to interrogate Kaufman. Darmody found out that Thompson was going to receive a shipment of liquor at the docks of Philadelphia in a deal fixed by Gordon and Arnold Rothstein, and he planned to ambush it. Horvitz refused to kill Kaufman, as it was treyf (not allowed in Judaism) to harm a wounded person. Darmody slit Kaufman's throat with a knife, leaving him in the locker to be disposed of.

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