Hakha Chin girls

Hakha Chin is one of the many Chin tribes of Myanmar and one of the largest minorities in the country. Most Hakha Chin live in Myanmar and in the United States, most Chin settle in the United State of Indiana, and makes the Hakha Chin, the largest minority in the state of Indiana. while some live in Malaysia, India, Thailand, and Australia. By 2021, many Hakha Chin and other Chin groups were forced to flee to India because of the cruelty of the Burmese military. It is believed that the Hakha Chin tribe and other Chin tribes originated from South China and settled in Myanmar. The main religion of the Hakha Chin tribe is Christianity, most of whom were Baptist Protestants. 99% of Hakha Chin are Christians, while 1% are animist or Jewish. The conversion of the Hakha Chin to Christianity began in the mid-1800s when a white Baptist missionary came to Myanmar and taught Christianity to the locals and converted almost the whole population of the Chins. Most Hakha Chin speak Hakha, while some speak Arabic, Mizo, Falam, or Zopai.

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