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George Alexander Parks (29 May 1883-11 May 1984) was the Republican Governor of the Alaska Territory from 17 June 1925 to 19 April 1933, succeeding Scott Cordelle Bone and preceding John Weir Troy.


George Alexander Parks was born in Denver, Colorado in 1883, and he worked as a mining engineer in Canada, Mexico, and the American West before becoming an engineer in Alaska in 1907. He served as a captain in the US Army Corps of Engineers during World War I and returned to the land office in Alaska after the war, and he was appointed to head the land office in Juneau in 1920. He served as a tour guide for Warren G. Harding, Hubert Work, and Herbert Hoover during their tour of Alaska, and Work and Hoover recommended Parks to President Calvin Coolidge while Coolidge searched for a governor of the Alaska Territory. Parks raised rates for the Alaska Railroad and implemented a toll on the Richardson Highway to offset running deficits and reduce federal subsidies, and he also supported the expansion of air travel. He left office in 1933, and he settled in Juneau and retired from the Bureau of Land Management in 1948. He worked in banking in Juneau until his retirement, and he died in 1984 at the age of 100.