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Flavius Julius (317 BC-) was the Paterfamilias of the House of Julii from 270 BC until his death. 


Flavius Julius was born in Arretium, Etruria, in the Roman Republic (now northern Italy) to the House of Julii, an influential family that controlled Tuscany and the eastern coast of northern Italy. Flavius was a consummate politician and skilled bureaucrat, but he was also a military genius. Flavius Julius became the paterfamilias of the Julii in 270 BC, and his goal was to destroy the Gauls. The unwashed barbarians put his grandfather's eye out during the fighting between Rome and Gaul, so Flavius set out to destroy Gaul, as well as to become the Emperor of Rome by defeating the SPQR. Julius started this campaign by conquering Segesta from the Ligurians that year, and he proceeded to capture Milan and Padua from the Gauls by 266 BC. Julius also captured the Adriatic Sea shoreline from the Ilyrians, another barbarian culture who were mainly escaped slaves. His string of triumphs led to the Senate of Rome loving him, while the people also began to learn about the House of Julii.