Eorpwald of East Anglia
Saint Eorpwald of East Anglia (590-630) was King of East Anglia from 627 to 630, succeeding Raedwald of East Anglia and preceding Anna of East Anglia.


Eorpwald was born in 590, the son of King Tytila of East Anglia and the brother of King Raedwald of East Anglia. He succeeded his brother as King of East Anglia from 627, and he was persuaded to accept the Christian faith and sacraments by King Edwin of Northumbria, who sponsored his baptism. In 630, the pagan Ricberht murdered him due to his opposition to Eorpwald's newfound Christian faith, and Eorpwald came to be venerated as a saint and martyr by the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

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