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El Sayyid Nosair

El Sayyid Nosair (16 November 1955-) was an al-Qaeda member from Egypt who was responsible for the 5 November 1990 assassination of far-right American-Israeli activist and politician Meir Kahane in New York City.


El Sayyid Nosair was born on 16 November 1955 in Port Said, Egypt to a Sunni Muslim family, and he immigrated to the United States in 1981. Nosair became an American citizen in 1989, and he worked various jobs in New York and New Jersey, including repairing the air conditioning equipment at the criminal courts building of New York City. He disliked the rampant moral corruption of American culture, and he became involved with the infamous al-Farouq Mosque of Brooklyn, and he practiced firing at Long Island at a gun club. Mahmoud Abouhalima gave him a pistol purchased by Wadih el-Hage in 1990 and ordered him to assassinate the far-right rabbi Meir Kahane in NYC. At 9:00 PM on 5 November 1990, Nosair shot Kahane in the neck at close range after Kahane held a speech at the second-floor lecture hall of the Marriott Hotel, assassinating him. Nosair was wounded by a responding policeman and was arrested, and a 1993 plot by Omar Abdel-Rahman to free Nosair from prison with a truck bombing was discovered and foiled. He was sentenced to life imprisonment plus fifteen years in prison, and he served his sentence at ADX Florence.