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Eduard von Boehm-Ermolli (12 February 1856-9 December 1941) was a Field Marshal of the Austro-Hungarian Army who commanded troops on the Eastern Galicia front of World War I.


Eduard von Boehm-Ermolli was born in Ancona, Papal States (present-day Italy), the son of an Austrian officer. Boehm-Ermolli became a dragoon lieutenant in the Austro-Hungarian Army in 1875, becoming a General of the Cavalry in 1912. At the start of World War I, he was given command of the Second Army on the Serbian front. After the Russian Empire mobilized, the 2nd Army was transferred to Eastern Galicia during the Battle of Galicia, and he was promoted to Colonel-General in May 1916 and Field Marshal in January 1918. In March 1918, Boehm-Ermolli's forces occupied Ukraine, and his army group was dissolved at Odessa at the war's end. After the war, Boehm-Ermolli settled in Troppau, Silesia, and he continued to live there even after it was ceded to Czechoslovakia, which made him an honorary general in 1928. In 1938, he became a subject of Nazi Germany following the Annexation of the Sudetenland, and he was named an honorary Field Marshal of the Wehrmacht on 31 October 1940. He died in December 1941.