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Conroy Wu was the Red Pole of the Water Street Gang of the Sun On Yee gang from 2012, succeeding Wei Shen. He was Winston Chu's right-hand man before his assassination by the Jade Gang, and he took over the gang when Wei Shen was expelled from the triad for being an HKPD informant.


Conroy Wu was born in Hong Kong, and he joined the Water Street Gang set of the Sun On Yee gang. He was a very tough and hot-tempered gangster who used steroids to augment his fighting capabilities, and he was involved in extortion (including that of the minibus racket). Conroy Wu did not trust many outsiders, threatening to kill new gang member Wei Shen in 2012 (he was secretly an undercover HKPD officeR), but he began to respect Wei Shen after his attack on Siu Wah's drug factory and his repeated acts of loyalty towards the triad. Later, however, Wei Shen would confirm Wu's suspicions when he was expelled from the triad after HKPD superintendent Thomas Pendrew revealed his status as an undercover cop, and Conroy Wu likely became the new head of the Water Street Gang.