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Cherno Njie

Cherno Njie (1957-) was a Gambian-American real estate developer who was supposed to be the interim President of Gambia if the 2014 Gambian coup succeeded. However, the attack on the State Hall failed as President Yahya Jammesh returned to the country to lead the Gambian Army in the quelling of the revolt - 4 were killed and several were wounded.


Cherno Njie was a Gambian citizen of the United States, and he became a real estate developer in Austin, Texas. Njie became a wealthy businessman, and in 2014 he decided to take part in the planned coup against President Yahya Jammesh of Gambia, who was a fervent Sunni Muslim that put down LGBT rights. Njie funded the coup and as his co-conspirator Papa Faal led an attack on the State House of Banjul, he waited in a safe place, as he was to become the interim leader of the Gambian government. However, the coup was put down with 4 deaths and many injuries, and Njie was arrested by the US government on 5 January 2015 in violation of the Neutrality Act, which forbade Americans from making acts of war against other countries.