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Celso Torrelio Villa (3 June 1933-23 April 1999) was President of Bolivia from 4 September 1981 to 21 July 1982, succeeding Luis Garcia Meza Tejada and preceding Guido Vildoso.


Celso Torrelio Villa was born on 3 June 1933 in Chuquisaca, Bolivia, and he rose to the rank of General in the Bolivian Army. After Luis Arce was dismissed as Minister of the Interior under Luis Garcia Meza Tejada due to international pressure, Torrelio succeeded him. On 3 August 1981, Garcia Meza's resignation in response to accusations of involvement with the cocaine trade led to Torrelio becoming the new president, and he had to deal with the onset of a debt crisis, a recession, the international shunning of his country, and dissent from within. He decided to hold elections rather than continue repression, and on 21 July 1982 Guido Vildoso was entrusted with returning the country to democratic rule.