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Cartimandua (16-69) was Queen of the Brigantes from 43 to 69 AD, preceding Venutius.


Cartimandua was born in 16 AD of illustrious birth, and she inherited her family's power before marrying the King of the Brigantes, Venutius, in 43 AD. The two of them were allies of the Roman Empire, and she handed over the fugitive Britonnic rebel leader Caratacus to the Romans in 51 AD. Cartimandua was rewarded with great wealth, and she soon divorced her husband and married his retainer, Vellocatus, seizing her brother-in-law and other relatives of her husband as hostages. In 57 AD, Venutius made war against her and her Roman protectors, but, with the help of Legio IX Hispana, Cartimandua put down the rebellion. However, during the Year of Four Emperors in 69 AD, Venutius took advantage of the anarchy in Rome to stage another uprising. The Romans were only able to provide auxiliaries to help Cartimandua, who was defeated, deposed, and presumably executed.