Buddhism is an eastern religion which originated in 6th century BC India, with its founder being Buddha (the "enlightened one", born Siddhartha Gautama). Buddhism, unlike other major religions, does not explicitly have a god or deity, with some people choosing to deify Buddha. The religion believes that the human problem is suffering, caused by passions and worldliness; it emphasizes self-discovery and humility. Like Hinduism, from which it deviated, it believes in the concepts of karma and reincarnation, and its adherents seek to break the cycle of rebirth through achieving the state of nirvana, becoming one with everything, or through bodhisattva (the path of Buddhahood). The sacred text of Buddhism is the Pali Canon. Buddhism would later spread through much of Asia, with Theravada becoming popular in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia and Mahayana becoming popular in East Asia; Gelugpa Buddhism can be found in Tibet.

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