Bledar ''Bernand'' Selim Morina (29 May 1977 - April 2008) was an Albanian Mob loan shark affiliated with Dardan Petrela and Kalem Vulaj.


Bledar Morina was born in Albania in May 29, 1977 to Muslim family, and he emigrated to the United States during the 2000s. Morina became a money-lending extortionist based in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York City, and he worked together with Dardan Petrela and Kalem Vulaj to prey on illegal immigrants with their schemes. In 2005, Morina was arrested for possession of stolen property, and he was arrested for extortion two years later. In 2008, he was sent to beat up Roman Bellic by Petrela after Bellic's cousin Niko Bellic broke Dardan's arm, and Morina and Vulaj cornered Bellic at a local basketball court and beat him. Niko Bellic arrived to help his cousin, and he beat Morina and Vulaj down. The two of them died of their injuries soon after.

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