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The Black September Organization was a Palestinian terrorist organization formed in 1970 by Ali Hassan Salameh as a cover group for Fatah. Fatah created Black September with the goal of carrying out international terrorist attacks that would draw attention to the plight of the Palestinian people, and Fatah used the name "Black September" to distance itself from the BSO's attacks. The terrorist group was named for the Black September in Jordan war against the government of Jordan, which saw the Palestine Liberation Organization be driven from Jordan into Lebanon by the Jordanian Army. The organization was behind several attacks in the early 1970s, including Sabena Flight 571 and the Munich Massacre in 1972 and the attack on the United States embassy in Khartoum in 1973. Its alleged leaders were assassinated by Israel in Operation Wrath of God from the 1970s into the early 1990s, and with Salameh's death in 1979, the group became defunct. 

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