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Battle of Germantown
Battle of Germantown
Conflict: American Revolutionary War
Date: 4 October 1777
Place: Germantown, Pennsylvania
Outcome: British victory

Continental Army.png United States

Flag of Great Britain.png Great Britain
Flag of Hesse.png Hesse-Kassel


Continental Army.png George Washington
Continental Army.png Nathanael Greene
Continental Army.png John Sullivan
Continental Army.png William Alexander
Continental Army.png William Smallwood

Flag of Great Britain.png William Howe
Flag of Great Britain.png Charles Cornwallis
Flag of Great Britain.png Thomas Musgrave
Flag of Great Britain.png James Agnew
Flag of Hesse.png Wilhelm von Knyphausen


11,000 troops

9,000 troops


152 dead
521 wounded
438 captured

71 dead
448 wounded
14 missing

The Battle of Germantown was fought on 4 October 1777 in Germantown, Pennsylvania, which is now a neighborhood of Northwest Philadelphia. The battle occurred when George Washington led an army of 11,000 Continental Army troops to attack William Howe's divided army of 9,000 British and Hessian troops as it split into multiple units to attack the United States capital of Philadelphia. The Americans succeeded in their surprise attack, but Washington made the poor decision of launching repeated attacks against British troops in the Chew House, taking heavy losses and wasting the Continentals' ammunition. When the British began to approach the American rear, the Americans began a confused retreat, leading to Adam Stephen and Anthony Wayne's troops accidentally firing upon each other under the fog and smoke. The American attack at Germantown was nearly a victory, earning the respect of the Kingdom of France, and the Americans defeated Howe's attempt to bring Washington to battle at the Battle of White Marsh before the Americans and British settled into their winter quarters of Valley Forge and Philadelphia, respectively. 


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