The Ashikaga Shogunate was a feudal military government that ruled Japan from 1336 to 1573 after seizing power from the Kamakura Shogunate and then Emperor Go-Daigo himself during the Nanboku-cho period. Ashikaga Takauji led the Ashikaga clan to victory when he conquered Kyoto and defeated the Emperor at the Battle of Minatogawa in 1334, and the Ashikaga ruled from the Muromachi district of Kyoto. In the late 1300s, the Ashikaga consolidated their control over Japan by destroying the last pro-Southern Court imperial factions, but the Onin War in the late 1400s and the ensuing Sengoku Jidai led to the Ashikaga losing power and Japan becoming decentralized. In 1573, Nobunaga Oda conquered Kyoto and ended Yoshiaki Ashikaga's rule, establishing the Oda Shogunate.

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