Arizona Kid wagon
Clayton James Spaulding (1877-), also known as the Arizona Kid, was an American gunfighter, lawman, outlaw, stagecoach robber, hunter, and vigilante of the late Wild West era. Born in Arizona, he was a petty criminal before working as a ranch hand in Maricopa County. In 1898, while taking part in a cattle drive to New Orleans, he was framed for the murder of Philip LeClerk, imprisoned at Sisika Penitentiary, and sentenced to death, but he was sprung from his prison cart by Samuel Horley a week before he was due to be executed. He went on to become a renowned gunfighter of the American West and American South, first acquiring fame for his role in saving Blackwater at the Stetson shootout. While he occasionally dabbled in outlawry (such as bushwhacking, stagecoach robberies, and gang shootouts) with criminals such as Shaky and The Boy, he more often sided with the law (as a wagon escort, deputized gun-for-hire, and vigilante) and was held in high regard across the West as a man of honor, convictions, and principles. Arizona was a supporter of the liberal-populist wing of the Democratic Party, as he was opposed to big business and its corrupt role in Western politics, the Republican Party's enforcement of civilization in the West, and the transition of the American West from a free and pastoral society to a civilized and settled society. Arizona was motivated by his belief in the uplifting of the common man, justifying his working with the law to protect caravans from outlaws, but also justifying his occasional fights against the law, such as when he robbed wealthy people's stagecoaches, rescued criminals from the overbearing law, and acted outside of the law to kill murderous outlaws.


Arizona Kid

Arizona's prison mugshot

Clayton James Spaulding was born in Tombstone, Arizona in 1877, the son of the Scots-Irish silver miner James Henry Spaulding and his Kentucky-born wife Maria Lockhart Evans. He spent his early childhood in Tombstone, where his father died in a mining accident when he was 4. His mother died of tuberculosis when he was 11, and Spaulding went on to become a vagabond on the streets of Flagstaff and Phoenix. He occasionally ran into trouble with the law for petty theft, but, by the age of 17, he had mostly mended his ways and become a ranch-hand-for-hire.

Prison time

Prison cart break

Samuel Horley freeing the prisoners

In 1898, he took part in a cattle drive to Blackwater, Texas, but, at the same time as his entry into town, Philip LeClerk was murdered. The local law arrested Spaulding and a few other recent arrivals and framed them for the murder, and Spaulding - not wishing for his past criminal record to be used against him at the trial - gave his name as "Arizona", leading to him acquiring the nickname "the Arizona Kid". He was sentenced to death after a show trial and sent to Sisika Penitentiary as a prisoner, and, a week before he was to be executed, he was called up for a work detail near Rhodes, Louisiana. The prison cart was halted by Samuel Horley and a band of armed men, and the guards Blackwell Jenkins and Todd Milliken were forced to throw down their guns, let the prisoners run free, and then escape. Horley told all of the prisoners to disperse except for Arizona, whom he told to pick up the guns and follow him to meet his mistress.

Meeting Jessica

Arizona Kid meeting

Horley introducing Arizona to Jessica LeClerk

Horley took Arizona to meet his boss Jessica LeClerk, where Jessica told Arizona that she knew of his innocence because the bullets he carried did not match the bullets used in her husband's murder. She then showed him the pictures of the banker Jeremiah Shaw, her husband's business partner Amos Lancing, his wife Grace Lancing, the petty horse thief Teddy Brown, telling Arizona that they had murdered her husband in order to steal his land. She then told Arizona that she planned to have revenge for her husband's death, and that Arizona - with her blessing - would return the favor for his rescue by helping her. Horley then had him change into more comfortable clothing, and Jessica provided Arizona with food and wine before he went with Horley to meet J.B. Cripps. Cripps helped Arizona set up a camp in Bayou Nwa, and, while Cripps did so, Horley told Arizona to go to the station and meet with Clay Davies, a horse thief and business partner of his.
Bluewater Marsh shootout 1898

Arizona engaging in a shootout with the Louisiana Raiders at Bluewater Marsh

Arizona first travelled into Rhodes to speak with the postal agent Alden Carruthers, Horley's contact, and Alden told him of a band of stage robbers who were causing trouble for him and Horley's stage-robbing side hustle. He sent Arizona to Bluewater Marsh to attack the Louisiana Raiders hideout there, and Arizona killed all but one of them - Reuben Hart - who gave him a treasure map which he used to locate one of the Raiders' treasure stashes. After looting it, he rode to meet Clay Davies, who introduced him to his brother Clive Davies, who was also mute. Clay then recruited Arizona to steal a horse from the rival Gray family in Rhodes, and he would then have Arizona take the horse to an associate's stable in New Orleans. Arizona engaged in a shootout with the Grays at the stable, killing several of their guards and stable hands before fleeing atop a black horse. He rode through Caliga Hall, where he killed some more pursuers, and he then delivered the horse to New Orleans. There, Clay received the horse and gave Arizona a wad of money and told him to take any more stolen horses to him for resale; as a show of good faith, he let Arizona keep the black horse, whom Arizona named "Tom" and made his steed. Arizona returned to Rhodes, where he met Sheriff Leigh Gray and an African-American bounty hunter as she delivered the bodies of the Twin Peaks Gang for payment. She told Arizona that, if he wanted to become a bounty hunter, he would need to purchase a bounty hunting license for 15 gold bars, and Arizona then watched as she located and shot the hiding tenth member of the gang, who had attempted to escape from the wagon's open doors.

Arizona Kid 1898

Arizona Kid in Valentine, 1898

Arizona - who needed more money to purchase a bounty hunting license - then rode to Valentine, Nebraska, where he got a haircut before accepting a contract to escort Alden and Hezekiah Poole's caravan from Nebraska to a new homestead in Oklahoma. Along the way, he helped to fight off outlaws who attempted to ambush and rob the convoy, killing several of them before taking the reins of the front wagon and increasing the convoy's speed. Ultimately, he succeeded in bringng the two wagons to the homestead in rural Oklahoma, where he was amply rewarded for his efforts. Arizona then came across a stranded traveller, Sarah Jane Childers, and he gave her a ride back to Valentine as she told him of how her previously-loyal horse had thrown her off and run off, and of how she felt happy for the horse due to its regained freedom. Arizona proceeded to take a stagecoach to Blackwater, Texas, where he planned to rendezvous with Horley.

Man of honor

Cliff Arizona Kid

Cliff Calhoun thanking the gunslingers

Once there, he met with Horley and Old Man Jones, and they convinced him to speak to the Sheriffs of Blackwater, Valentine, and Tumbleweed. Arizona hopped a train bound for the American Southwest, jumping off at Mercer Station and exploring Fort Mercer and much of the frontier before riding to Tumbleweed. There, he met with Sheriff Sam Freeman and the local citizen Terrence O'Dowd, who convinced him and the gunslingers Jebus Foles, Ned Cushing, and Wong Lu to help him rescue his wife Allison O'Dowd from the Twin Rocks Gang in New Mexico, warning them that she was much younger than him. The quartet reached the Twin Rocks hideout and killed the entire gang before barging into the hut and finding Allison and the gang's leader Cliff Calhoun hiding behind a wall. Allison revealed that she had run away from her husband, and Cliff told the outlaws that they were in love, and asked them to have a heart and let them escape. Arizona privately sought to carry out Terrence's contract, knowing that he would pay them more, but the rest of the gang voted to rescue the lovers, and Arizona joined them in protecting the lovers' wagon as they escaped from the town. Arizona, sitting on the back of the wagon, helped fight off Terrence's hired gunmen until the couple made it to a train station, where they resolved to start a new life somewhere hot, such as Mexico or Australia. They then gave a meager reward to Arizona and his fellow gunfighters, but the quartet's honorable choice became widely known.

Arizona Kid Kyle Loach

Arizona carrying a captive Kyle Loach

Arizona was later forced to flee from Tumbleweed due to the arrival of two troublesome and violent outlaws, riding to Rathskeller Fork before returning to Tumbleweed and being hired by Sheriff Freeman as an escort for Bud Hoover and Cal Newington, who rode from Tumbleweed to Fort Mercer aboard two caravan wagons. Arizona helped to fight off the outlaws who tried to ambush them, and, after Newington was killed, Arizona took over his wagon and saw the two wagons to the safety of the fort. He then visited Armadillo before riding to Pike's Basin to meet with the Sheriff of Blackwater Oswald Dunbar, the second of three sheriffs whom he was due to meet. Dunbar recruited him, Cal Hemsworth, Matt Channing, and Dusty Sands to help him capture a notorious conman, Kyle Loach, and the quartet entered the basin and proceeded to engage in a massive shootout with the Basin Gang. They succeeded in capturing Loach, who offered to pay them a large sum of money if they would switch his hat to a corpse's head and write him off as dead. However, the gunslingers unanimously agreed to turn him in, and they proceeded to kill all of the gang's reinforcements before delivering Loach to Dunbar at a nearby church.

Arizona Kid hunting Blackwater

Arizona riding into Blackwater with a hunted deer

After failing to find any gang hideouts in Arizona or New Mexico, Arizona rode to Texas and took up hunting for a while. He rode to Blackwater, which he made his home for a few days; for several days, he rode out of the town and into the Great Plains to lasso a deer and kill it with his knife, then taking its body to the butcher in Blackwater to sell its meat and pelt for a good price. One buck which he killed was worth $10, as it was in perfect condition. He continued to do this until the Stetson Gang rode into town to terrorize its populace, and helped the local citizens with killing all of the outlaws near the docks, doing a good deed for the town.

Bob Crawfish tracks

Bob Crawfish on the tracks

Arizona then rode to meet with Valentine sheriff Curtis Malloy at the Painted Sky ranch, where he was joined by fellow gunslinger Wen Chung. They found Malloy arguing with local citizen Clinton Arnsdale about Bob Crawfish's unproven theft of Arnsdale's belongings, and, when Malloy refused to intervene, Arnsdale hired the men to capture Crawfish for him. The two men rode to the village of Limpany and shot their way through Crawfish's guards before Crawfish and his associate attempted to flee upriver on horseback. The two gunslingers lassoed the two fleeing thieves from their horses and delivered them to Arnsdale, who asked that his hired guns leave the men hogtied on the train tracks. He then left, and the two men begged for mercy. Arizona and Chung decided to move them off the tracks, refusing to kill them in cold blood, and the two men assured them that they would not hold grudges against them, and they then rode off.

Arizona Kid beans

Arizona eating beans at Gaptooth Breach

Arizona then rode to Blackwater to meet up with Horley and receive new instructions, and Old Man Jones praised Arizona for his honorable decisions. He and Horley recommended Arizona to US Marshal Tom Davies at Tall Trees, where he could find more work. Arizona went to Tall Trees, but he was unable to find another outlaw to join him in working for Davies, so he travelled to Manzanita Post and then took a train to Gaptooth Breach back in Arizona, hoping to find a gang hideout. He was again unable to find his next shootout, so he again left empty-handed.

Indianola Gang

Arizona fighting the Indianola Gang

A day later, he travelled back to Blackwater via Thieves' Landing and Quaker's Cove, and he met Alden's contact Hector Barlow at the Blackwater post office and was hired to escort a two-wagon caravan to Thieves' Landing. He rode with Mose Waters, and they had a friendly conversation about hunting in the Great Plains before they ran into several ambushes. The driver of the second wagon was killed, so Arizona left Waters' side to pilot the second wagon. However, Mose rode far ahead of Arizona, and he was killed in another ambush before Arizona could intercede. Arizona was forced to deliver the second wagon to Thieves' Landing before rushing back across the bridge to pilot the other one to the port's safety, earning his full payment despite the deaths of both wagon masters. On his return, he soon became involved in a shootout at nearby Quaker's Cove, where he helped a female Mexican bounty hunter fight off the Indianola Gang as she captured their leader Ricky West from the jetty in a moonlit shootout. Once again, Arizona received no great reward for his intercession, but he finally found another shootout to enjoy.

Rough patch

Arizona Kid Thieves' Landing wagon

Arizona Kid arriving at Thieves' Landing with the wagon

Two days later, Arizona met with Hector Barlow at the Blackwater post office and accepted a job to drive a supply wagon to Thieves' Landing, although he was warned that the place had earned itself that nickname for a reason. Arizona, riding by himself, shot several outlaws - including Jimmie Kettles and Cornelius Brockman - and successfully delivered the goods to the Del Lobo Gang. Shortly after, he shot Caleb Van Cleve when Van Cleve attempted to shoot him at the docks, and, shortly after, Arizona spoke with the arms dealer Shaky at the dock. Shaky employed him as a gun-for-hire, sending him to track down and kill his former friend Ian Carmichael for stealing his girlfriend. Arizona tracked down Carmichael to Manteca Falls, where he killed him and several other Del Lobo Gang members; he also fought off several cougars which attempted to maul him.

Arizona Kid Jeb Colton

Arizona escorting Jeb Colton

Arizona then returned to Blackwater and agreed to escort Jeb Colton's wagon train to Manzanita Post, but Hector warned him that the road to Manzanita Post was highly dangerous. Indeed, Arizona succeeded in killing several ambushers, but a rival posse attacked the wagons with Molotov cocktails. Arizona was wounded and treated back in Blackwater, while both wagons were destroyed and he suffered a rare reversal, although it would not be the last in the coming days.

Arizona Kid Bard's Crossing treasure

Arizona Kid looting the Bard's Crossing treasure

Upon recovering, Arizona discovered that he had a Bard's Crossing treasure map in his possession, so he rode from Blackwater to the Oklahoma side of Bard's Crossing and found a treasure chest on the northern cliff edge. He looted over $88 from the chest, as well as finding several belt buckles. Arizona then rode a short distance to Flatneck Station, where he met the outlaw "The Boy", who bragged about his achievements as a teenager and offered to make Arizona his paid "lackey". He told Arizona that an associate of his, the stage robber Caden Phelps, had been tracked down by a posse at Limpany, and he sent Arizona to rescue him. Arizona joined the shootout and killed all of the lawmen present, and he and Phelps rode off on the same horse. However, lawmen flooded the area during their escape attempt, and, while Arizona made it out alive, Phelps was shot in the back and killed, Arizona's second mission failure. Shortly after, he had his first encounter with the gypsy Madam Nazar at the riverbed, and, while Old Man Jones warned him against doing business with her, he took an interest in future business dealings; however, at the moment, he had no need for her products.

Arizona Kid Fairplay stagecoach

Arizona hijacking the coach

Arizona then returned to The Boy for another job, but his mission to track down and kill a rival posse failed, as the posse was on a fast-moving train which was impossible to catch up to. Arizona went on to ride to Valentine, where Alden recruited Arizona to retrieve a stolen wagon from the Cumberland Forest. Arizona hijacked the wagon near Fairplay, Park County, Colorado after a brief chase, killing the O'Driscoll Boys Cormac DunleavyCalum O'Kenny, Peadar McRoric, and Archie O'Scully in the process. However, a rival posse again ruined his mission, wounding him and stealing the wagon.

Arizona Limpany coach

Arizona escaping from Limpany with the coach

Arizona then returned to Alden at Valentine, where Alden tasked him with retrieving a lost coach from Limpany. He again faced the O'Driscolls, who had taken over Limpany as a temporary base. After a shootout with the many outlaws in the ghost town, Arizona hopped aboard the carriage and rode to Riggs Station, shooting at any O'Driscolls who chased him. He successfully delivered the carriage, and he was amply rewarded for his help.

Springfield CO explosion

Arizona destroying one of the crates at Springfield

Arizona then returned to The Boy, hoping to succeed in the third task that the Boy would give to him. The Boy told him of a gang of criminals who had stolen from Leviticus Cornwall without cutting him in on the action, and he recruited Arizona to head over to their homestead and smash what they had stolen. He rode across Bard's Crossing and found a homestead near Springfield, Baca County, Colorado, where the criminals had set up their base. There, he ambushed the Baca County Hoods gang and killed all of them after a lengthy shootout, and he dynamited two of their stolen crates while shooting the other ones to pieces. He was amply rewarded, and he decided to head to Riggs Station to take a job from Hector Barlow. He was hired to escort Cody Fallow and his caravan to Blackwater, but he was ambushed by a rival posse and by several outlaws, who killed Fallow and the other driver and destroyed the rear wagon. Arizona succeeded in delivering the first wagon to Blackwater, however, receiving a limited reward.

Arizona Kid Sedona

Arizona recovering the wagon from the Sedona cave

Tired of rival posses interfering with his jobs, Arizona travelled back to Apache County, Arizona to do more work for Sheriff Freeman. Freeman told him that Benedict Rowlands' wagon had been stolen and taken to Gaptooth Ridge, which meant that the Del Lobo Gang was responsible. Arizona engaged in a massive shootout with the Del Lobos around their fire-lit campsite at Cueva Seca, and, after killing all of the outlaws, he retrieved Rowlands' wagon from the cave. He fought off several ambushers as he brought the wagon back to Tumbleweed, and he ultimately delivered it to a waiting Rowlands at his ranch.

Arizona Kid Tumbleweed saloon

Arizona drinking at the Tumbleweed saloon

Arizona deiced to lay low in the Tumbleweed area, hunting bighorn sheep and deer and selling their meat and pelts to the town butcher Bush Cosgrove. After spending a whole day hunting and accruing pelt money, Arizona returned to the Sheriff to accept the task of escorting a convoy to Fort Mercer. Arizona joined Harris Cowie and Robbie Donald's convoy, but Cowie was killed when a gang of outlaws ambushed the wagons in a treacherous mountain pass. Arizona took the reins of the lead wagon and continued on towards Fort Mercer, but Donald chose to go down a different road, leading to his own death in an ambush. After delivering Cowie's wagon to Fort Mercer, Arizona returned to Donald's wagon and delivered the second wagon to the fort, completing his task.

Arizona Kid wolf

Arizona loading the wolf onto his horse

After this relatively successful delivery, Arizona rode to Benedict Station and met with Hector, who told him that a large wolf was terrorizing farms in the Gaptooth Ridge area, and that several local ranchers had collected money to post a bounty on it. Arizona tracked down the wolf after finding the bodies of two ranchers and investigating its tracks, and, after a drawn-out struggle, he killed the dark gray alpha wolf and loaded its body onto the horse. He then returned it to Benedict Point, where Hetor verified its death, and he then gave Arizona his $9.82 reward.

Arizona Kid portrait

The Arizona Kid's portrait

Arizona then returned to his second home of Blackwater, where he planned to resume his usual hunting activities. He walked to the general store and purchased a Mexican vaquero shirt for one gold bar, and he then went to the town photographer to have a photograph taken of him with his hat and his guns. Shortly after, however, he decided to get a haircut, growing out his hair and stylizing his mustache; he then stayed at a hotel in Blackwater for a few days, relaxing from his work.

Going dark

Arizona Kid bushwhacking

Arizona bushwhacking a wagon

Days later, Arizona was hired to escort Trevor Pauling and Ryder Price's wagon caravan from Blackwater to Thieves' Landing. This time, he and Pauling made it to Thieves' Landing alive, but Ryder was killed in a bandit ambush, forcing Arizona to return to Ryder's wagon, take the reins, and deliver the second wagon to Thieves' Landing for payment. Now that he was in Thieves' Landing again, Arizona decided to speak to Shaky, who hired him to bushwhack a wagon leaving Blackwater for Manzanita Post. Arizona - who had been angry at rival posses for ruining his own wagon escorts - decided to take out his anger by stealing one himself. He intercepted Homer Reeves' wagon in the Great Plains and killed him and his escorts, and he then drove it to Strawberry, Colorado without resistance, delivering it to a woman's cliffside homestead, where he was paid.
Arizona Kid hunting Heartlands

Arizona hunting in the Heartlands

While riding out of Strawberry, he noticed six armed men camped out at Fort Riggs, so he entered the fort and investigated. This resulted in a shootout, with Arizona killing two men before taking over a Maxim gun and using it to gun down a few reinforcements. He then cleared the cabin of outlaws, and he looted their bodies and also stole unattended cigarettes and cocaine gum from the camp. Afterwards, he decided to go hunting in the open plains and in the Caliban's Seat valley, hunting California valley coyote and whitetail deer and selling their carcasses in Valentine.

Arizona wagon Valentine

Arizona delivering the wagon to Valentine

While in Valentine, Arizona spoke to Alden, who hired him to intercept and recover another stolen wagon in the Cumberland Forest. He killed the driver Daire O'Farrell and took the wagon back to the Valentine sheriff's office, where he was paid for the wagon's delivery. He then purchased a bow at the gunsmith, and he rode to the banks of the Colorado River to search for animals. Instead, he decided to walk along the rocky riverbanks and even swim down the river, and, whenever he grew tired, he ate beans and apples to replenish his stamina.

Arizona Kid stagecoach robbery

Arizona robbing the stagecoach

Arizona later returned to Valentine, where he visited the saloon, drank a beer, and met with the Boy, whom he did not expect to see in town. The Boy hired him to rob a stagecoach owned by Clayne Cardon near town, and Arizona's ambush scared the coach driver and his guards, leading to a chase which took them into the plains of Oklahoma. There, Arizona finally succeeded in killing the driver and his guards, stealing their money bag, and taking it to the Boy's contact on the banks of the Colorado, where Arizona was paid $9 for his help. He acquired a 10¢ bounty in Colorado and a 5¢ bounty in Nebraska for his crimes, but he paid off his Nebraska bounty on his return to Valentine.

Arizona coach Riggs Station

Arizona delivering the coach to Riggs Station

Arizona also accepted another job to Alden, which would involve the rescue of a missing stagecoach from the O'Driscolls at Limpany. Arizona shot over a dozen outlaws dead in a gunfight at dawn, and he then brought the carriage back to Alden and was paid $38.12 for his efforts. He then found The Boy at Flatneck Station and was hired to again deal with the Baca County Hoods, who had returned to their homestead with more stolen goods. He killed all of the gang members and shot their looted crates to pieces, and he was given $7.75 as a reward.

Arizona Kid rowing

Arizona delivering the boat

Shortly after, Arizona met Hector at Riggs Station and agreed to steal a boat on the Colorado River from some smugglers affiliated with the O'Driscoll Boys. Arizona was told that he would be paid more if he did not kill them, but, when Arizona arrived, they began to shoot at them. Arizona lassoed all of them and dragged them into the river, holding them under until all of them drowned; he hoped that this would not count as him murdering them, as he wanted the maximum payment. He then paddled the boat to the drop-off upriver, where he was paid $12.02 for the delivery.

Arizona Kid wagon desert ambush

Arizona fighting off Del Lobo Gang ambushers

Afterwards, Arizona decided to travel to Tumbleweed, where he resumed working for Sheriff Freeman. Benedict Rowlands' wagon was stolen once again, so Arizona was sent to retrieve the wagon from Cueva Seca, where he killed several Del Lobos in a shootout and returned the wagon to Rowlands' ranch at Tumbleweed. He then rode to Benedict Point, where Hector hired him to escort Austin MacGilfoyle's caravan to Rathskeller Fork. They were ambushed by Del Lobos and other bandits from the cliffsides and valleys, but all three of them ultimately made it to Rathskeller Fork alive.

Arizona stage robbery

Arizona stalking a stagecoach from above

Afterwards, Arizona came across Shaky at a remote camp in Cholla Springs, New Mexico, and Shaky hired him to rob a stagecoach in Arizona. He tracked down the stagecoach to Round Rock, Apache County, where he killed its guards and robbed Josephus A. Haverhill of his money bag before sparing him. He then escaped aboard the stagecoach, fleeing the law without firing a single shot, and delivering the money bags to Shaky's associate Jesus Robles, who gave him $10.78 as a reward. He then spoke to Robles and was tipped off about a second stagecoach, which he opened fire on near Tumbleweed and intercepted near Gaptooth Breach after a long chase. This time, the occupant fled, leaving the money bag behind for Arizona to take. Arizona then delivered this to Robles as well, and he was paid $16.59.

Arizona Kid Blackbone

Arizona finding the Blackbone Forest treasure

Afterwards, Arizona picked up some mail at Riggs Station, discovering that he had been sent a treasure map for the Blackbone Forest in Colorado, and he planned out his next adventure. He rode deep into the wilderness, riding past Owanjila and finding the treasure chest in the woods; he looted $117.83 and several gold nuggets. Arizona proceeded to ride into Strawberry, where he sold a wolf carcass and met with Hector Barlow and agreed to hijack a carriage which had left Owanjila and was riding through Blackbone Forest. Arizona pushed Philip Redcross off of the carriage and attempted to escape without killing the guards, bolting through the woods. However, just as he was descending a hill into Strawberry, one of the carriage's original guards, Shad Cays, shot a wheel off of the carriage, ruining it and preventing Arizona from collecting his payment. In retaliation, he chased down the other security guard, Packer Holden, and shot him dead. However, Cays escaped, and Arizona was unable to take his revenge on him.

Arizona Kid wagon robbery Heartlands

Arizona fighting off the pursuers

Arizona then returned to Strawberry, where he bought himself a winter coat and other provisions. He proceeded to ride to Flatneck Station, where The Boy hired him to hijack a government-requisitioned wagon en route to Emerald Ranch from Valentine. Arizona ambushed the wagon near Twin Stack Pass in Oklahoma, and he killed its guards before climbing aboard, fighting off pursuers, and delivering the wagon to Old Greenbank Mill in Bossier Parish, Louisiana where he was paid $13.15 for the wagon. Arizona then ventured into Valentine, where he bought more provisions and drank in the saloon before heading over to the train station to speak with Alden about another job. He was given the simple task of delivering Lovejoy Rainer his mail, and Arizona was paid $2.16 after doing so.

The Rockies

Arizona Kid Wyoming

Arizona in Wyoming

As he was now in possession of cold-weather clothing, Arizona decided to explore the Rockies, where he had never been before. He crossed Cattail Pond, rode north along Beartooth Beck branch of the Green River, past Lake Isabella, and into snowy Wyoming. Arizona and his horse rode through freezing weather, and Arizona briefly tried his hand at hunting with his bow and arrow before riding farther north. He travelled to Cairn Lake in Johnson County, where he found a torch-lit lodge by the lake and entered it, searching for any sign of life in the desolate Rockies.

Arizona Kid Flaco

Arizona meeting Flaco Hernandez

Arizona was then held at gunpoint by Flaco Hernandez, a Mexican outlaw who had been hiding out in the Rockies for several years. Hernandez figured that he was a drifter in search of work, and he recognized him from his reputation. He entertained himself by keeping Arizona on his toes with several gunshots, and he then decided to hire Arizona to track down and kill off a rival gang near Lake Isabella, reasoning that there could only be one gang in the desolate north. Arizona was sent to track them down, and he used their footprints to find and eliminate the Rock Springs Gang. The last man he killed was their leader Hank Burrows, whom he killed with two arrows.

Arizona Kid carriage Wyoming

Arizona recovering the carriage

With this job complete, Arizona travelled across the Montana state line and arrived at the Adler Ranch, where he entered the home and found the rancher Jake Adler. Jake deduced that Arizona was not there to rob him, and he calmed his wife Sadie down when she aimed a rifle at Arizona and threatened to shoot him if he tried to harm them. Jake recruited Arizona to retrieve a stolen cart from a gang which had taken it to Lake Isabella, and Jake promised payment to Arizona. Arizona promptly rode the long distance south, crossing through Colter and over Spider Gorge. He located the carriage near La Barge, Wyoming, and he killed the outlaws protecting it before riding through Colter, fighting off ambushers, and successfully delivering the wagon to the Adlers', receiving $19 as a reward.

Continued travels

Pleasance House

Arizona at the Pleasance House

Arizona, tired of living far from civilization, returned to the Southwest after briefly visiting the Wapiti reservation in South Dakota, paying $5 for transport to Armadillo and riding to meet Shaky in Cholla Springs. Shaky hired him to steal a horse from the Pleasance House at Torreon, Sandoval County, so Arizona ran to the farm and killed several ranchers in a massive shootout. He then stole the horse and rode it into Tumbleweed, where he delivered it to Shaky's contact Josey McGillis and was paid $11.76.

Arizona Kid Solomon's Folly

Arizona shooting a Del Lobo at Solomon's Folly

That same evening, Arizona spoke to Sheriff Freeman and was handed a telegram informing him of a wagon reported missing, last seen at Solomon's Folly (near Clifton in Greenlee County, Arizona), southwest of Benedict Point. Arizona rode to the abandoned farm, which was crawling with Del Lobo Gang members. After a massive shootout, he killed all of the outlaws and stole the wagon, and he was then forced to ride all the way to Tumbleweed. Hoping to avoid an ambush at Jorge's Gap and take a shortcut, Arizona inadvertently rode into rocky cliffs, allowing for the horse to break free, leading to him failing to return the carriage to Tumbleweed.

Arizona Kid IRS shootout

Arizona fighting the revenue agents

A day later, Arizona became involved in a shootout with revenue agents near Springerville, Apache County (not far from Tumbleweed) after they fired on him, mistaking him for a moonshiner. Arizona killed almost a dozen agents, and he looted many of their bodies. He then headed into Tumbleweed to speak with Sheriff Freeman, who hired him to retrieve a stolen buggy from Gaptooth Breach. Arizona was promised extra money if he would not kill any of the owners of the buggy, and he lassoed the driver from the buggy and a guard from his horse before being wounded by another guard. On recovering, he shot the guard Hogan Peters, ruining his chances of getting the bonus, but he was ultimately paid $6.06 on his return.

Hamlin's Passing shootout Arizona Kid

Arizona shooting it out with the rival outlaws at Hamlin's Passing

Arizona then rode to Cholla Springs, where Shaky hired Arizona to head over to Hamlin's Passing and kill several gang members there. Arizona engaged in a shootout with the Whitehorse Gang, killing all but three of them at their camp. He chased after two more of them and killed them, but his horse threw him off as he chased down the last criminal. Arizona failed to kill him in time to collect the reward for the contract, but he ultimately shot him several times in the back. Arizona then returned to Tumbleweed, had a drink at the saloon, and rode to Ridgewood Farm, from which he booked passage to Colter, Wyoming, as he sought to return to the Rockies and make more easy money.

Arizona Kid Lake Isabella riding

Arizona riding up to the stolen cart

Arizona rode to the Adler Ranch on the Montana border, where he spoke with Jake Adler. Adler welcomed him back, and assured Arizona that Sadie would not interrupt them; he also jokingly asked him not to tell Sadie that Arizona saw him putting his feet up on the table. He then told Arizona that a friend of his went missing near Lake Isabella a week ago, and that he wanted Arizona to investigate and bring back the wagon. Adler warned Arizona that there was no shortage of outlaws in the mountains, and told Arizona to be careful. Arizona rode to the lake and found a group of armed men of the Skinner Brothers gang waiting for him, and he proceeded to kill all of them before hopping on the wagon and taking it to the Adlers' ranch. There, Jake Adler paid him $17.08 for his help.

Arizona destroying Skinner Brothers stash

Arizona destroying the Skinner Brothers' stash

With this task done, Arizona visited the glacier at the source of Spider Gorge, but he was deterred from further exploration by thick black smoke. He rode south to Cairn Lake, where he met with Flaco once again. Flaco told him that the Skinner Brothers had refused to pay tribute to him, so he sent Arizona to Colter to wipe out everything they had. Arizona snuck into a barn, where he killed Martin Soepenberg with a gunshot before butting two outlaws down with his rifle and initiating a shootout. He killed all of the outlaws before destroying two of the contraband crates by shooting nearby dynamite, and shooting the third contraband crate to pieces with his revolver.

Arizona Kid Cattail Pond treasure

Arizona looting the Cattail Pond treasure

During the Colter shootout, Arizona discovered a treasure map for the Cattail Pond area in Grand County, Colorado, motivating him to leave the mountains and search for the treasure. He found it next to a rock on a hillside next to the pond, and he found $94.28 in a lockbox, taking it and some gold nuggets and tonics.

Horace Forester kidnapping

Arizona kidnapping Horace Forester

This achieved, he returned to Valentine and decided to visit the saloon, where he got drinks at the saloon and mingled with the nighttime crowd before meeting with The Boy at his camp. Arizona agreed to help him kidnap a rich old man, Horace Forester, who was en route to Emerald Ranch, and he again laid an ambush at Twin Stack Pass. He killed two of Forester's horse-mounted bodyguards before shooting his cowering guards in the wagon, forcing Forester to exit the wagon and attempt to flee. Arizona lassoed him, hogtied him, and stowed him on his horse, and he was forced to kill two pursuing lawmen before he escaped to Old Greenbank Mill and delivered him to The Boy's associate Clint Weathers. Arizona was paid $14.82 for the job.

Arizona Kid Braithwaite Manor coach

Arizona delivering the coach to Braithwaite Manor

Now that he was back in Louisiana, Arizona decided to ride to Rhodes, where he spoke with the postal clerk Alden. Alden told him that a stagecoach had been stolen nearby, and he hired Arizona to retrieve it. He intercepted the coach south of Rhodes, killing the thieves George A. Pink, Jason Loman Smith, Antonius M. Williams, and Quentin K. Buchanan before delivering the coach to Braithwaite Manor and being paid $10.39 for his efforts.

Arizona Kid riding into Blackwater pronghorn

Arizona riding into Blackwater with a pronghorn carcass

Arizona then returned to Blackwater and engaged in hunting before working for Hector in delivering mail to five mailboxes, including ones at Fort Riggs, in the Great Plains, and in Blackwater itself. He was occasionally forced to kill outlaws who attempted to ambush him, and, on delivering the last parcel to Maybelle Brooks, he was paid $15.06. Arizona then returned to the Great Plains, hunting several high-quality animals such as deer and elk and bringing their carcasses back to the butcher for sale. One perfect pronghorn carcass earned him $6.50.


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