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Clayton James Spaulding (1877-), also known as the Arizona Kid, was an American gunfighter, lawman, outlaw, stagecoach robber, hunter, and vigilante of the late Wild West era. Born in Arizona, he was a petty criminal before working as a ranch hand in Maricopa County. In 1898, while taking part in a cattle drive to New Orleans, he was framed for the murder of Philip LeClerk, imprisoned at Sisika Penitentiary, and sentenced to death, but he was sprung from his prison cart by Samuel Horley a week before he was due to be executed. He went on to become a renowned gunfighter of the American West and American South, first acquiring fame for his role in saving Blackwater at the Stetson shootout. While he occasionally dabbled in outlawry (such as bushwhacking, stagecoach robberies, and gang shootouts) with criminals such as Shaky and The Boy, he more often sided with the law (as a wagon escort, deputized gun-for-hire, and vigilante) and was held in high regard across the West as a man of honor, convictions, and principles. Arizona was a supporter of the liberal-populist wing of the Democratic Party, as he was opposed to big business and its corrupt role in Western politics, the Republican Party's enforcement of civilization in the West, and the transition of the American West from a free and pastoral society to a civilized and settled society. Arizona was motivated by his belief in the uplifting of the common man, justifying his working with the law to protect caravans from outlaws, but also justifying his occasional fights against the law, such as when he robbed wealthy people's stagecoaches, rescued criminals from the overbearing law, and acted outside of the law to kill murderous outlaws.



Early life

Arizona's prison mugshot

Clayton James Spaulding was born in Tombstone, Arizona in 1877, the son of the Scots-Irish silver miner James Henry Spaulding and his Kentucky-born wife Maria Lockhart Evans. He spent his early childhood in Tombstone, where his father died in a mining accident when he was 4. His mother died of tuberculosis when he was 11, and Spaulding went on to become a vagabond on the streets of Flagstaff and Phoenix. He occasionally ran into trouble with the law for petty theft, but, by the age of 17, he had mostly mended his ways and become a ranch-hand-for-hire.

Prison time

Samuel Horley freeing the prisoners

In 1898, he took part in a cattle drive to Blackwater, Texas, but, at the same time as his entry into town, Philip LeClerk was murdered. The local law arrested Spaulding and a few other recent arrivals and framed them for the murder, and Spaulding - not wishing for his past criminal record to be used against him at the trial - gave his name as "Arizona", leading to him acquiring the nickname "the Arizona Kid". He was sentenced to death after a show trial and sent to Sisika Penitentiary as a prisoner, and, a week before he was to be executed, he was called up for a work detail near Rhodes, Louisiana. The prison cart was halted by Samuel Horley and a band of armed men, and the guards Blackwell Jenkins and Todd Milliken were forced to throw down their guns, let the prisoners run free, and then escape. Horley told all of the prisoners to disperse except for Arizona, whom he told to pick up the guns and follow him to meet his mistress.

Meeting Jessica

Horley introducing Arizona to Jessica LeClerk

Horley took Arizona to meet his boss Jessica LeClerk, where Jessica told Arizona that she knew of his innocence because the bullets he carried did not match the bullets used in her husband's murder. She then showed him the pictures of the banker Jeremiah Shaw, her husband's business partner Amos Lancing, his wife Grace Lancing, the petty horse thief Teddy Brown, telling Arizona that they had murdered her husband in order to steal his land. She then told Arizona that she planned to have revenge for her husband's death, and that Arizona - with her blessing - would return the favor for his rescue by helping her. Horley then had him change into more comfortable clothing, and Jessica provided Arizona with food and wine before he went with Horley to meet J.B. Cripps. Cripps helped Arizona set up a camp in Bayou Nwa, and, while Cripps did so, Horley told Arizona to go to the station and meet with Clay Davies, a horse thief and business partner of his.

Arizona engaging in a shootout with the Louisiana Raiders at Bluewater Marsh

Arizona first travelled into Rhodes to speak with the postal agent Alden Carruthers, Horley's contact, and Alden told him of a band of stage robbers who were causing trouble for him and Horley's stage-robbing side hustle. He sent Arizona to Bluewater Marsh to attack the Louisiana Raiders hideout there, and Arizona killed all but one of them - Reuben Hart - who gave him a treasure map which he used to locate one of the Raiders' treasure stashes. After looting it, he rode to meet Clay Davies, who introduced him to his brother Clive Davies, who was also mute. Clay then recruited Arizona to steal a horse from the rival Gray family in Rhodes, and he would then have Arizona take the horse to an associate's stable in New Orleans. Arizona engaged in a shootout with the Grays at the stable, killing several of their guards and stable hands before fleeing atop a black horse. He rode through Caliga Hall, where he killed some more pursuers, and he then delivered the horse to New Orleans. There, Clay received the horse and gave Arizona a wad of money and told him to take any more stolen horses to him for resale; as a show of good faith, he let Arizona keep the black horse, whom Arizona named "Tom" and made his steed. Arizona returned to Rhodes, where he met Sheriff Leigh Gray and an African-American bounty hunter as she delivered the bodies of the Twin Peaks Gang for payment. She told Arizona that, if he wanted to become a bounty hunter, he would need to purchase a bounty hunting license for 15 gold bars, and Arizona then watched as she located and shot the hiding tenth member of the gang, who had attempted to escape from the wagon's open doors.

Arizona Kid in Valentine, 1898

Arizona - who needed more money to purchase a bounty hunting license - then rode to Valentine, Nebraska, where he got a haircut before accepting a contract to escort Alden and Hezekiah Poole's caravan from Nebraska to a new homestead in Oklahoma. Along the way, he helped to fight off outlaws who attempted to ambush and rob the convoy, killing several of them before taking the reins of the front wagon and increasing the convoy's speed. Ultimately, he succeeded in bringng the two wagons to the homestead in rural Oklahoma, where he was amply rewarded for his efforts. Arizona then came across a stranded traveller, Sarah Jane Childers, and he gave her a ride back to Valentine as she told him of how her previously-loyal horse had thrown her off and run off, and of how she felt happy for the horse due to its regained freedom. Arizona proceeded to take a stagecoach to Blackwater, Texas, where he planned to rendezvous with Horley.

Man of honor

Sheriff of Tumbleweed

Cliff Calhoun thanking the gunslingers

Once there, he met with Horley and Old Man Jones, and they convinced him to speak to the Sheriffs of Blackwater, Valentine, and Tumbleweed. Arizona hopped a train bound for the American Southwest, jumping off at Mercer Station and exploring Fort Mercer and much of the frontier before riding to Tumbleweed. There, he met with Sheriff Sam Freeman and the local citizen Terrence O'Dowd, who convinced him and the gunslingers Jebus Foles, Ned Cushing, and Wong Lu to help him rescue his wife Allison O'Dowd from the Twin Rocks Gang in New Mexico, warning them that she was much younger than him. The quartet reached the Twin Rocks hideout and killed the entire gang before barging into the hut and finding Allison and the gang's leader Cliff Calhoun hiding behind a wall. Allison revealed that she had run away from her husband, and Cliff told the outlaws that they were in love, and asked them to have a heart and let them escape. Arizona privately sought to carry out Terrence's contract, knowing that he would pay them more, but the rest of the gang voted to rescue the lovers, and Arizona joined them in protecting the lovers' wagon as they escaped from the town. Arizona, sitting on the back of the wagon, helped fight off Terrence's hired gunmen until the couple made it to a train station, where they resolved to start a new life somewhere hot, such as Mexico or Australia. They then gave a meager reward to Arizona and his fellow gunfighters, but the quartet's honorable choice became widely known.

Sheriff of Blackwater

Arizona carrying a captive Kyle Loach

Arizona was later forced to flee from Tumbleweed due to the arrival of two troublesome and violent outlaws, riding to Rathskeller Fork before returning to Tumbleweed and being hired by Sheriff Freeman as an escort for Bud Hoover and Cal Newington, who rode from Tumbleweed to Fort Mercer aboard two caravan wagons. Arizona helped to fight off the outlaws who tried to ambush them, and, after Newington was killed, Arizona took over his wagon and saw the two wagons to the safety of the fort. He then visited Armadillo before riding to Pike's Basin to meet with the Sheriff of Blackwater Oswald Dunbar, the second of three sheriffs whom he was due to meet. Dunbar recruited him, Cal Hemsworth, Matt Channing, and Dusty Sands to help him capture a notorious conman, Kyle Loach, and the quartet entered the basin and proceeded to engage in a massive shootout with the Basin Gang. They succeeded in capturing Loach, who offered to pay them a large sum of money if they would switch his hat to a corpse's head and write him off as dead. However, the gunslingers unanimously agreed to turn him in, and they proceeded to kill all of the gang's reinforcements before delivering Loach to Dunbar at a nearby church.

Arizona riding into Blackwater with a hunted deer

After failing to find any gang hideouts in Arizona or New Mexico, Arizona rode to Texas and took up hunting for a while. He rode to Blackwater, which he made his home for a few days; for several days, he rode out of the town and into the Great Plains to lasso a deer and kill it with his knife, then taking its body to the butcher in Blackwater to sell its meat and pelt for a good price. One buck which he killed was worth $10, as it was in perfect condition. He continued to do this until the Stetson Gang rode into town to terrorize its populace, and helped the local citizens with killing all of the outlaws near the docks, doing a good deed for the town.

Sheriff of Valentine

Bob Crawfish on the tracks

Arizona then rode to meet with Valentine sheriff Curtis Malloy at the Painted Sky ranch, where he was joined by fellow gunslinger Wen Chung. They found Malloy arguing with local citizen Clinton Arnsdale about Bob Crawfish's unproven theft of Arnsdale's belongings, and, when Malloy refused to intervene, Arnsdale hired the men to capture Crawfish for him. The two men rode to the village of Limpany and shot their way through Crawfish's guards before Crawfish and his associate attempted to flee upriver on horseback. The two gunslingers lassoed the two fleeing thieves from their horses and delivered them to Arnsdale, who asked that his hired guns leave the men hogtied on the train tracks. He then left, and the two men begged for mercy. Arizona and Chung decided to move them off the tracks, refusing to kill them in cold blood, and the two men assured them that they would not hold grudges against them, and they then rode off.

Arizona eating beans at Gaptooth Breach

Arizona then rode to Blackwater to meet up with Horley and receive new instructions, and Old Man Jones praised Arizona for his honorable decisions. He and Horley recommended Arizona to US Marshal Tom Davies at Tall Trees, where he could find more work. Arizona went to Tall Trees, but he was unable to find another outlaw to join him in working for Davies, so he travelled to Manzanita Post and then took a train to Gaptooth Breach back in Arizona, hoping to find a gang hideout. He was again unable to find his next shootout, so he again left empty-handed.

Arizona fighting the Indianola Gang

A day later, he travelled back to Blackwater via Thieves' Landing and Quaker's Cove, and he met Alden's contact Hector Barlow at the Blackwater post office and was hired to escort a two-wagon caravan to Thieves' Landing. He rode with Mose Waters, and they had a friendly conversation about hunting in the Great Plains before they ran into several ambushes. The driver of the second wagon was killed, so Arizona left Waters' side to pilot the second wagon. However, Mose rode far ahead of Arizona, and he was killed in another ambush before Arizona could intercede. Arizona was forced to deliver the second wagon to Thieves' Landing before rushing back across the bridge to pilot the other one to the port's safety, earning his full payment despite the deaths of both wagon masters. On his return, he soon became involved in a shootout at nearby Quaker's Cove, where he helped a female Mexican bounty hunter fight off the Indianola Gang as she captured their leader Ricky West from the jetty in a moonlit shootout. Once again, Arizona received no great reward for his intercession, but he finally found another shootout to enjoy.

Rough patch

Meeting Shaky

Arizona Kid arriving at Thieves' Landing with the wagon

Two days later, Arizona met with Hector Barlow at the Blackwater post office and accepted a job to drive a supply wagon to Thieves' Landing, although he was warned that the place had earned itself that nickname for a reason. Arizona, riding by himself, shot several outlaws - including Jimmie Kettles and Cornelius Brockman - and successfully delivered the goods to the Del Lobo Gang. Shortly after, he shot Caleb Van Cleve when Van Cleve attempted to shoot him at the docks, and, shortly after, Arizona spoke with the arms dealer Shaky at the dock. Shaky employed him as a gun-for-hire, sending him to track down and kill his former friend Ian Carmichael for stealing his girlfriend. Arizona tracked down Carmichael to Manteca Falls, where he killed him and several other Del Lobo Gang members; he also fought off several cougars which attempted to maul him.

Arizona escorting Jeb Colton

Arizona then returned to Blackwater and agreed to escort Jeb Colton's wagon train to Manzanita Post, but Hector warned him that the road to Manzanita Post was highly dangerous. Indeed, Arizona succeeded in killing several ambushers, but a rival posse attacked the wagons with Molotov cocktails. Arizona was wounded and treated back in Blackwater, while both wagons were destroyed and he suffered a rare reversal, although it would not be the last in the coming days.

Meeting The Boy

Arizona Kid looting the Bard's Crossing treasure

Upon recovering, Arizona discovered that he had a Bard's Crossing treasure map in his possession, so he rode from Blackwater to the Oklahoma side of Bard's Crossing and found a treasure chest on the northern cliff edge. He looted over $88 from the chest, as well as finding several belt buckles. Arizona then rode a short distance to Flatneck Station, where he met the outlaw "The Boy", who bragged about his achievements as a teenager and offered to make Arizona his paid "lackey". He told Arizona that an associate of his, the stage robber Caden Phelps, had been tracked down by a posse at Limpany, and he sent Arizona to rescue him. Arizona joined the shootout and killed all of the lawmen present, and he and Phelps rode off on the same horse. However, lawmen flooded the area during their escape attempt, and, while Arizona made it out alive, Phelps was shot in the back and killed, Arizona's second mission failure. Shortly after, he had his first encounter with the gypsy Madam Nazar at the riverbed, and, while Old Man Jones warned him against doing business with her, he took an interest in future business dealings; however, at the moment, he had no need for her products.

Arizona hijacking the coach

Arizona then returned to The Boy for another job, but his mission to track down and kill a rival posse failed, as the posse was on a fast-moving train which was impossible to catch up to. Arizona went on to ride to Valentine, where Alden recruited Arizona to retrieve a stolen wagon from the Cumberland Forest. Arizona hijacked the wagon near Fairplay, Park County, Colorado after a brief chase, killing the O'Driscoll Boys Cormac DunleavyCalum O'Kenny, Peadar McRoric, and Archie O'Scully in the process. However, a rival posse again ruined his mission, wounding him and stealing the wagon.

Arizona escaping from Limpany with the coach

Arizona then returned to Alden at Valentine, where Alden tasked him with retrieving a lost coach from Limpany. He again faced the O'Driscolls, who had taken over Limpany as a temporary base. After a shootout with the many outlaws in the ghost town, Arizona hopped aboard the carriage and rode to Riggs Station, shooting at any O'Driscolls who chased him. He successfully delivered the carriage, and he was amply rewarded for his help.

Arizona destroying one of the crates at Springfield

Arizona then returned to The Boy, hoping to succeed in the third task that the Boy would give to him. The Boy told him of a gang of criminals who had stolen from Leviticus Cornwall without cutting him in on the action, and he recruited Arizona to head over to their homestead and smash what they had stolen. He rode across Bard's Crossing and found a homestead near Springfield, Baca County, Colorado, where the criminals had set up their base. There, he ambushed the Baca County Hoods gang and killed all of them after a lengthy shootout, and he dynamited two of their stolen crates while shooting the other ones to pieces. He was amply rewarded, and he decided to head to Riggs Station to take a job from Hector Barlow. He was hired to escort Cody Fallow and his caravan to Blackwater, but he was ambushed by a rival posse and by several outlaws, who killed Fallow and the other driver and destroyed the rear wagon. Arizona succeeded in delivering the first wagon to Blackwater, however, receiving a limited reward.

Return to the Southwest

Arizona recovering the wagon from the Sedona cave

Tired of rival posses interfering with his jobs, Arizona travelled back to Apache County, Arizona to do more work for Sheriff Freeman. Freeman told him that Benedict Rowlands' wagon had been stolen and taken to Gaptooth Ridge, which meant that the Del Lobo Gang was responsible. Arizona engaged in a massive shootout with the Del Lobos around their fire-lit campsite at Cueva Seca, and, after killing all of the outlaws, he retrieved Rowlands' wagon from the cave. He fought off several ambushers as he brought the wagon back to Tumbleweed, and he ultimately delivered it to a waiting Rowlands at his ranch.

Arizona drinking at the Tumbleweed saloon

Arizona deiced to lay low in the Tumbleweed area, hunting bighorn sheep and deer and selling their meat and pelts to the town butcher Bush Cosgrove. After spending a whole day hunting and accruing pelt money, Arizona returned to the Sheriff to accept the task of escorting a convoy to Fort Mercer. Arizona joined Harris Cowie and Robbie Donald's convoy, but Cowie was killed when a gang of outlaws ambushed the wagons in a treacherous mountain pass. Arizona took the reins of the lead wagon and continued on towards Fort Mercer, but Donald chose to go down a different road, leading to his own death in an ambush. After delivering Cowie's wagon to Fort Mercer, Arizona returned to Donald's wagon and delivered the second wagon to the fort, completing his task.


Arizona loading the wolf onto his horse

After this relatively successful delivery, Arizona rode to Benedict Station and met with Hector, who told him that a large wolf was terrorizing farms in the Gaptooth Ridge area, and that several local ranchers had collected money to post a bounty on it. Arizona tracked down the wolf after finding the bodies of two ranchers and investigating its tracks, and, after a drawn-out struggle, he killed the dark gray alpha wolf and loaded its body onto the horse. He then returned it to Benedict Point, where Hector verified its death, and he then gave Arizona his $9.82 reward.

The Arizona Kid's portrait

Arizona then returned to his second home of Blackwater, where he planned to resume his usual hunting activities. He walked to the general store and purchased a Mexican vaquero shirt for one gold bar, and he then went to the town photographer to have a photograph taken of him with his hat and his guns. Shortly after, however, he decided to get a haircut, growing out his hair and stylizing his mustache; he then stayed at a hotel in Blackwater for a few days, relaxing from his work.

Going dark


Arizona bushwhacking a wagon

Days later, Arizona was hired to escort Trevor Pauling and Ryder Price's wagon caravan from Blackwater to Thieves' Landing. This time, he and Pauling made it to Thieves' Landing alive, but Ryder was killed in a bandit ambush, forcing Arizona to return to Ryder's wagon, take the reins, and deliver the second wagon to Thieves' Landing for payment. Now that he was in Thieves' Landing again, Arizona decided to speak to Shaky, who hired him to bushwhack a wagon leaving Blackwater for Manzanita Post. Arizona - who had been angry at rival posses for ruining his own wagon escorts - decided to take out his anger by stealing one himself. He intercepted Homer Reeves' wagon in the Great Plains and killed him and his escorts, and he then drove it to Strawberry, Colorado without resistance, delivering it to a woman's cliffside homestead, where he was paid.

Arizona hunting in the Heartlands

While riding out of Strawberry, he noticed six armed men camped out at Fort Riggs, so he entered the fort and investigated. This resulted in a shootout, with Arizona killing two men before taking over a Maxim gun and using it to gun down a few reinforcements. He then cleared the cabin of outlaws, and he looted their bodies and also stole unattended cigarettes and cocaine gum from the camp. Afterwards, he decided to go hunting in the open plains and in the Caliban's Seat valley, hunting California valley coyote and whitetail deer and selling their carcasses in Valentine.

Arizona delivering the wagon to Valentine

While in Valentine, Arizona spoke to Alden, who hired him to intercept and recover another stolen wagon in the Cumberland Forest. He killed the driver Daire O'Farrell and took the wagon back to the Valentine sheriff's office, where he was paid for the wagon's delivery. He then purchased a bow at the gunsmith, and he rode to the banks of the Colorado River to search for animals. Instead, he decided to walk along the rocky riverbanks and even swim down the river, and, whenever he grew tired, he ate beans and apples to replenish his stamina.

Arizona robbing the stagecoach

Arizona later returned to Valentine, where he visited the saloon, drank a beer, and met with the Boy, whom he did not expect to see in town. The Boy hired him to rob a stagecoach owned by Clayne Cardon near town, and Arizona's ambush scared the coach driver and his guards, leading to a chase which took them into the plains of Oklahoma. There, Arizona finally succeeded in killing the driver and his guards, stealing their money bag, and taking it to the Boy's contact on the banks of the Colorado, where Arizona was paid $9 for his help. He acquired a 10¢ bounty in Colorado and a 5¢ bounty in Nebraska for his crimes, but he paid off his Nebraska bounty on his return to Valentine.

Arizona delivering the coach to Riggs Station

Arizona also accepted another job to Alden, which would involve the rescue of a missing stagecoach from the O'Driscolls at Limpany. Arizona shot over a dozen outlaws dead in a gunfight at dawn, and he then brought the carriage back to Alden and was paid $38.12 for his efforts. He then found The Boy at Flatneck Station and was hired to again deal with the Baca County Hoods, who had returned to their homestead with more stolen goods. He killed all of the gang members and shot their looted crates to pieces, and he was given $7.75 as a reward.

Arizona delivering the boat

Shortly after, Arizona met Hector at Riggs Station and agreed to steal a boat on the Colorado River from some smugglers affiliated with the O'Driscoll Boys. Arizona was told that he would be paid more if he did not kill them, but, when Arizona arrived, they began to shoot at them. Arizona lassoed all of them and dragged them into the river, holding them under until all of them drowned; he hoped that this would not count as him murdering them, as he wanted the maximum payment. He then paddled the boat to the drop-off upriver, where he was paid $12.02 for the delivery.

Southwestern shootouts

Arizona fighting off Del Lobo Gang ambushers

Afterwards, Arizona decided to travel to Tumbleweed, where he resumed working for Sheriff Freeman. Benedict Rowlands' wagon was stolen once again, so Arizona was sent to retrieve the wagon from Cueva Seca, where he killed several Del Lobos in a shootout and returned the wagon to Rowlands' ranch at Tumbleweed. He then rode to Benedict Point, where Hector hired him to escort Austin MacGilfoyle's caravan to Rathskeller Fork. They were ambushed by Del Lobos and other bandits from the cliffsides and valleys, but all three of them ultimately made it to Rathskeller Fork alive.

Arizona stalking a stagecoach from above

Afterwards, Arizona came across Shaky at a remote camp in Cholla Springs, New Mexico, and Shaky hired him to rob a stagecoach in Arizona. He tracked down the stagecoach to Round Rock, Apache County, where he killed its guards and robbed Josephus A. Haverhill of his money bag before sparing him. He then escaped aboard the stagecoach, fleeing the law without firing a single shot, and delivering the money bags to Shaky's associate Jesus Robles, who gave him $10.78 as a reward. He then spoke to Robles and was tipped off about a second stagecoach, which he opened fire on near Tumbleweed and intercepted near Gaptooth Breach after a long chase. This time, the occupant fled, leaving the money bag behind for Arizona to take. Arizona then delivered this to Robles as well, and he was paid $16.59.

Midwestern adventures

Arizona finding the Blackbone Forest treasure

Afterwards, Arizona picked up some mail at Riggs Station, discovering that he had been sent a treasure map for the Blackbone Forest in Colorado, and he planned out his next adventure. He rode deep into the wilderness, riding past Owanjila and finding the treasure chest in the woods; he looted $117.83 and several gold nuggets. Arizona proceeded to ride into Strawberry, where he sold a wolf carcass and met with Hector Barlow and agreed to hijack a carriage which had left Owanjila and was riding through Blackbone Forest. Arizona pushed Philip Redcross off of the carriage and attempted to escape without killing the guards, bolting through the woods. However, just as he was descending a hill into Strawberry, one of the carriage's original guards, Shad Cays, shot a wheel off of the carriage, ruining it and preventing Arizona from collecting his payment. In retaliation, he chased down the other security guard, Packer Holden, and shot him dead. However, Cays escaped, and Arizona was unable to take his revenge on him.

Arizona fighting off the pursuers

Arizona then returned to Strawberry, where he bought himself a winter coat and other provisions. He proceeded to ride to Flatneck Station, where The Boy hired him to hijack a government-requisitioned wagon en route to Emerald Ranch from Valentine. Arizona ambushed the wagon near Twin Stack Pass in Oklahoma, and he killed its guards before climbing aboard, fighting off pursuers, and delivering the wagon to Old Greenbank Mill in Bossier Parish, Louisiana where he was paid $13.15 for the wagon. Arizona then ventured into Valentine, where he bought more provisions and drank in the saloon before heading over to the train station to speak with Alden about another job. He was given the simple task of delivering Lovejoy Rainer his mail, and Arizona was paid $2.16 after doing so.

The Rockies

Arizona in Wyoming

As he was now in possession of cold-weather clothing, Arizona decided to explore the Rockies, where he had never been before. He crossed Cattail Pond, rode north along Beartooth Beck branch of the Green River, past Lake Isabella, and into snowy Wyoming. Arizona and his horse rode through freezing weather, and Arizona briefly tried his hand at hunting with his bow and arrow before riding farther north. He travelled to Cairn Lake in Johnson County, where he found a torch-lit lodge by the lake and entered it, searching for any sign of life in the desolate Rockies.

Meeting Flaco Hernandez

Arizona meeting Flaco Hernandez

Arizona was then held at gunpoint by Flaco Hernandez, a Mexican outlaw who had been hiding out in the Rockies for several years. Hernandez figured that he was a drifter in search of work, and he recognized him from his reputation. He entertained himself by keeping Arizona on his toes with several gunshots, and he then decided to hire Arizona to track down and kill off a rival gang near Lake Isabella, reasoning that there could only be one gang in the desolate north. Arizona was sent to track them down, and he used their footprints to find and eliminate the Rock Springs Gang. The last man he killed was their leader Hank Burrows, whom he killed with two arrows.

Meeting Jake Adler

Arizona recovering the carriage

With this job complete, Arizona travelled across the Montana state line and arrived at the Adler Ranch, where he entered the home and found the rancher Jake Adler. Jake deduced that Arizona was not there to rob him, and he calmed his wife Sadie down when she aimed a rifle at Arizona and threatened to shoot him if he tried to harm them. Jake recruited Arizona to retrieve a stolen cart from a gang which had taken it to Lake Isabella, and Jake promised payment to Arizona. Arizona promptly rode the long distance south, crossing through Colter and over Spider Gorge. He located the carriage near La Barge, Wyoming, and he killed the outlaws protecting it before riding through Colter, fighting off ambushers, and successfully delivering the wagon to the Adlers', receiving $19 as a reward.

Continued travels

Arizona at the Pleasance House

Arizona, tired of living far from civilization, returned to the Southwest after briefly visiting the Wapiti reservation in South Dakota, paying $5 for transport to Armadillo and riding to meet Shaky in Cholla Springs. Shaky hired him to steal a horse from the Pleasance House at Torreon, Sandoval County, so Arizona ran to the farm and killed several ranchers in a massive shootout. He then stole the horse and rode it into Tumbleweed, where he delivered it to Shaky's contact Josey McGillis and was paid $11.76.

Arizona shooting a Del Lobo at Solomon's Folly

That same evening, Arizona spoke to Sheriff Freeman and was handed a telegram informing him of a wagon reported missing, last seen at Solomon's Folly (near Clifton in Greenlee County, Arizona), southwest of Benedict Point. Arizona rode to the abandoned farm, which was crawling with Del Lobo Gang members. After a massive shootout, he killed all of the outlaws and stole the wagon, and he was then forced to ride all the way to Tumbleweed. Hoping to avoid an ambush at Jorge's Gap and take a shortcut, Arizona inadvertently rode into rocky cliffs, allowing for the horse to break free, leading to him failing to return the carriage to Tumbleweed.

Arizona fighting the revenue agents

A day later, Arizona became involved in a shootout with revenue agents near Springerville, Apache County (not far from Tumbleweed) after they fired on him, mistaking him for a moonshiner. Arizona killed almost a dozen agents, and he looted many of their bodies. He then headed into Tumbleweed to speak with Sheriff Freeman, who hired him to retrieve a stolen buggy from Gaptooth Breach. Arizona was promised extra money if he would not kill any of the owners of the buggy, and he lassoed the driver from the buggy and a guard from his horse before being wounded by another guard. On recovering, he shot the guard Hogan Peters, ruining his chances of getting the bonus, but he was ultimately paid $6.06 on his return.

Arizona shooting it out with the rival outlaws at Hamlin's Passing

Arizona then rode to Cholla Springs, where Shaky hired Arizona to head over to Hamlin's Passing and kill several gang members there. Arizona engaged in a shootout with the Whitehorse Gang, killing all but three of them at their camp. He chased after two more of them and killed them, but his horse threw him off as he chased down the last criminal. Arizona failed to kill him in time to collect the reward for the contract, but he ultimately shot him several times in the back. Arizona then returned to Tumbleweed, had a drink at the saloon, and rode to Ridgewood Farm, from which he booked passage to Colter, Wyoming, as he sought to return to the Rockies and make more easy money.

Return to the Rockies

Arizona riding up to the stolen cart

Arizona rode to the Adler Ranch on the Montana border, where he spoke with Jake Adler. Adler welcomed him back, and assured Arizona that Sadie would not interrupt them; he also jokingly asked him not to tell Sadie that Arizona saw him putting his feet up on the table. He then told Arizona that a friend of his went missing near Lake Isabella a week ago, and that he wanted Arizona to investigate and bring back the wagon. Adler warned Arizona that there was no shortage of outlaws in the mountains, and told Arizona to be careful. Arizona rode to the lake and found a group of armed men of the Skinner Brothers gang waiting for him, and he proceeded to kill all of them before hopping on the wagon and taking it to the Adlers' ranch. There, Jake Adler paid him $17.08 for his help.

Arizona destroying the Skinner Brothers' stash

With this task done, Arizona visited the glacier at the source of Spider Gorge, but he was deterred from further exploration by thick black smoke. He rode south to Cairn Lake, where he met with Flaco once again. Flaco told him that the Skinner Brothers had refused to pay tribute to him, so he sent Arizona to Colter to wipe out everything they had. Arizona snuck into a barn, where he killed Martin Soepenberg with a gunshot before butting two outlaws down with his rifle and initiating a shootout. He killed all of the outlaws before destroying two of the contraband crates by shooting nearby dynamite, and shooting the third contraband crate to pieces with his revolver.

Arizona looting the Cattail Pond treasure

During the Colter shootout, Arizona discovered a treasure map for the Cattail Pond area in Grand County, Colorado, motivating him to leave the mountains and search for the treasure. He found it next to a rock on a hillside next to the pond, and he found $94.28 in a lockbox, taking it and some gold nuggets and tonics.

Arizona kidnapping Horace Forester

This achieved, he returned to Valentine and decided to visit the saloon, where he got drinks at the saloon and mingled with the nighttime crowd before meeting with The Boy at his camp. Arizona agreed to help him kidnap a rich old man, Horace Forester, who was en route to Emerald Ranch, and he again laid an ambush at Twin Stack Pass. He killed two of Forester's horse-mounted bodyguards before shooting his cowering guards in the wagon, forcing Forester to exit the wagon and attempt to flee. Arizona lassoed him, hogtied him, and stowed him on his horse, and he was forced to kill two pursuing lawmen before he escaped to Old Greenbank Mill and delivered him to The Boy's associate Clint Weathers. Arizona was paid $14.82 for the job.

Going South

Arizona delivering the coach to Braithwaite Manor

Now that he was back in Louisiana, Arizona decided to ride to Rhodes, where he spoke with the postal clerk Alden. Alden told him that a stagecoach had been stolen nearby, and he hired Arizona to retrieve it. He intercepted the coach south of Rhodes, killing the thieves George A. Pink, Jason Loman Smith, Antonius M. Williams, and Quentin K. Buchanan before delivering the coach to Braithwaite Manor and being paid $10.39 for his efforts.

Arizona riding into Blackwater with a pronghorn carcass

Arizona then returned to Blackwater and engaged in hunting before working for Hector in delivering mail to five mailboxes, including ones at Fort Riggs, in the Great Plains, and in Blackwater itself. He was occasionally forced to kill outlaws who attempted to ambush him, and, on delivering the last parcel to Maybelle Brooks, he was paid $15.06. Arizona then returned to the Great Plains, hunting several high-quality animals such as deer and elk and bringing their carcasses back to the butcher for sale. One perfect pronghorn carcass earned him $6.50.

Adventures in New Orleans and the Midwest

The Arizona Kid escorting the wagon to Rhodes, Louisiana

Weeks later, Arizona returned to Tumbleweed, where Sheriff Freeman hired him to retrieve a stolen carriage from Cueva Seca. Arizona killed the Del Lobo gang members there and retrieved the carriage, but, as he shot the pursuing outlaws, he accidentally crashed the wagon against nearby rocks, destroying it and terminating his job. Disappointed by the results, Arizona decided to travel to Valentine, where he took up a job escorting Eugene Cooper and his wagon down to Rhodes, Louisiana. He ensured Cooper's survival, but the second wagonmaster, Jamie Crowe, was killed by bandits after falling far behind the first wagon in the plains. Arizona failed to deliver the second wagon in time, even despite taking it through woodland and marshland to the outskirts of Rhodes, but he was ultimately paid $16.03. Arizona briefly ventured into Rhodes, where he found the body of local African-American man Reuben Howard, whose head had been shot off by a local outlaw; shortly after, Arizona was surprised from behind by the outlaw, who hogtied him and shot him. Arizona narrowly survived, and he fled Rhodes rather than face his death.

First visit to New Orleans

Arizona Kid drinking at an Irish pub in New Orleans

Arizona then rode into New Orleans for the first time, walking the streets and exploring the city. He visited Chinatown and the French Quarter, and he also stopped by an Irish pub, where he drank whiskey at a pub frequented by Chinese immigrant laborers and white prostitutes (as well as a few African-Americans). After his visit to New Orleans, Arizona then rode through Oklahoma and to Valentine, where he visited the Valentine saloon.

Stay in Valentine

Arizona rescuing the wagon from Caliban's Seat

While in Valentine, Arizona met with Alden at the railroad station and was hired to retrieve a stolen wagon from Caliban's Seat. Arizona arrived in the woods of Thomas County, where he found the gang of O'Driscoll Boys sitting around a campfire with the wagon in town. Arizona killed all of the outlaws before driving the wagon back to Valentine, where he was paid well for its successful recovery. Arizona then stayed in Valentine for the night and also visited Strawberry, Colorado, where he failed to find any animals to hunt, so he instead decided to return to Valentine to continue making money.

The Arizona Kid hunting near Valentine

Arizona returned to Valentine, where he met with the frontiersman and outlaw Magnus Mitchell at the tavern. Mitchell, a hard-drinking, bearskin-wearing gunslinger, followed Arizona around the bar, so Arizona decided to leave the town rather than risk Mitchell shooting him. Arizona rode out and hunted a California Valley Coyote from a nearby bluff, and he mounted the deer onto his horse and brought it back into town for sale. He went on to spend much of his time around the Valentine area over the following days.

Adventures with Little Pete

Meeting Little Pete

The Arizona Kid watching the US Marshals ride out of Valentine

One day, while Arizona was riding around Valentine, he was disturbed by the sound of gunshots. He found the German-American criminal Little Pete shooting a wagon driver and a nearby horse rider, and he was taken by surprise when Little Pete hopped on the back of his horse. The US Marshals responding to the murders mistakenly believed that the Arizona Kid was Little Pete's accomplice, and the two men were driven out of town by a volley of gunshots. They ultimately evaded the law, and Arizona paid off his small bounty. While initially taken aback by Little Pete's murderous rampage, the Arizona Kid saw the value in working with another gunslinger in making more money, and he convinced the mute murderer to join him in recovering a stolen wagon from Cattail Pond on behalf of Alden Carruthers.

The Arizona Kid and Little Pete approaching the wagon's location

As Little Pete did not have a horse of his own, he hopped on the back of Arizona's horse, and they rode to Cattail Pond, where Arizona was expecting to find the O'Driscoll Boys. Instead, they found a deserted campsite with two dead bodies, and they were ambushed by a Grizzly bear, which promptly savaged the Arizona Kid and left him badly wounded. Little Pete attempted to intercede with a shotgun, but he fared no better than his new friend. While Little Pete was being mauled, Arizona rode off with the carriage, taking advantage of the distraction. He rode past an O'Driscoll ambush along the way, but Little Pete, who was trying to follow Arizona back to town, was forced to engage in a shootout with the two surviving O'Driscolls with his back against a rock. Arizona ultimately delivered the carriage, and he and Little Pete were each paid $20 for their efforts.

The Arizona Kid riding with Little Pete near Cattail Pond

Arizona then rode back into the mountains to meet with Little Pete, where he watched as Little Pete miraculously survived a tremendous fall from a cliffside. Shortly after, as Arizona approached the riverbank, he watched Little Pete hogtie a stranger, and, hoping to put the stranger out of his misery, he shot the hogtied stranger once with his rifle, killing him. Little Pete proceeded to procure eleven cents from the dead man's body. Little Pete used this scant currency to pay off his bounty, ensuring that both of the men were now free to travel unimpeded.

Parting ways with Pete

Arizona rescuing a carriage from Lagras

Arizona and Little Pete proceeded to ride back to Valentine, after which Arizona offered to show his new associate the city of New Orleans. The two of them rode across the Great Plains, and Arizona was again surprised when Little Pete ditched his scrawny nag and jumped onto the back of Arizona's horse mid-ride. During the ride through Scarlett Meadows, Little Pete shot several riders along the road, to Arizona's chagrin, although the lack of witnesses allowed the two men to continue their journey without the law's attention. Ultimately, Little Pete decided to stay at a brothel in New Orleans as Arizona decided to continue earning currency through his adventures; while Arizona's first brush with Little Pete had nearly resulted in his death at the hands of the law, he ultimately decided to form an unlikely association with him. While in the city, Arizona decided to meet with Alden's contact Angus Elliston, who told him about a carriage which had been stolen. Arizona tracked the wagon down to Lagras and killed the Louisiana Raiders guarding it before taking it back to the city for payment; he was paid $8.83 for his success.

Activities in Louisiana

The Arizona Kid finding a treasure chest in Southfield Flats

Afterwards, Arizona discovered that he had received a treasure map in the mail, directing him to the woods near Southfield Flats in rural northwestern Louisiana. After a brief search, Arizona located the treasure chest by a tree trunk, looting $131.85 and several gold pieces. While riding through the countryside, he came across the hideout of the African-American outlaw gang leader Anthony Foreman, and Foreman decided to hire the gunslinger to kidnap Jackson James as he rode out of New Orleans in a carriage. Arizona ambushed the carriage between Rhodes in the west and Caliga Hall in the east, killing the guards and lassoing, hogtying, and riding off with James. He killed two pursuing lawmen before delivering James to a building near Braithwaite Manor, where he was paid $10.78.

Arizona shooting his way past the ambushing Raiders

Arizona then rode to Rhodes, where Alden hired him to escort a convoy from Rhodes to Lagras. He accompanied Theo Simpson as he and another wagon driver took their wagons up the rural dirt road to Lagras, and Arizona helped to shoot the Raiders who attempted to hijack or destroy the wagons. Ultimately, both of the wagons were delivered to Callum Dixon at the fishing village, and Arizona was paid $10.78 for the escort job.

Arizona delivering a parcel in Wyoming

Arizona, worried about the presence of outlaws in the area, decided to return to Wyoming after a while away from the snowy Rockies. Having bought a new coat in New Orleans, he rode from the town of Colter, Wyoming to the Adler Ranch in Montana, where he met with Sadie Adler. She commended him for helping her husband Jake and gave him a letter from Jake which instructed him to deliver several parcels to people in Wyoming. Arizona rode his horse through the Rockies and made his deliveries, one of them involving a run-in with a Skinner Brother at his hut, resulting in the Skinner Brother's death. Arizona was paid $14.16 after dropping off the last parcel at Grant Fisher's residence, and he then rode to Valentine after spending a period in the wilderness eating wild carrots, raspberries, and oregano.

Bolt-action rifleman

Arizona watching Cooper McTavish slice his turkey

Once back at his usual residence of Valentine, Arizona decided to go hunting. He hunted a black squirrel and brought it back to town, selling it to the butcher Cooper McTavish. He then returned to the wilderness, where he shot a wild turkey with his varmint rifle and brought it back to McTavish as well. After briefly watching McTavish slice the turkey into filets for sale, Arizona went to the gun store to purchase ammunition, and he also purchased a European bolt-action rifle after finding that it was currently discounted.

The Arizona Kid escorting Benson Dickerson's convoy out of the town

Arizona decided to put his new rifle to use by escorting Benson Dickerson as he led a two-wagon train from Valentine to Rhodes. Unfortunately for Arizona, a mischievous outlaw followed the train into the Great Plains and ambushed the wagon train, wounding Arizona several times with gunshot wounds. Just then, Little Pete emerged from the plains and rescued Arizona, helping to fend off the ambusher (as well as another outlaw) as Arizona took the lead wagon to Rhodes and was ultimately paid $14.17 for his efforts. When Arizona rode back to Valentine, Little Pete was nowhere to be found, as he had ridden off after a series of intense shootouts with the ambushers.

Arizona recovering the stolen carriage from rural Louisiana

Arizona then rode to Rhodes, where he met with the station clerk Alden Carruthers and was hired to recover a stolen carriage. Arizona found the wagon on a rural road, where he ambushed the thieves and killed the outlaws Ellis Cook, Kyle McCallum, and Jasper Dunlop before returning the wagon to Braithwaite Manor for $5.86. Back in Rhodes, Arizona was rejoined by Little Pete (who greeted him by pulling him from his horse and nearly killing him), and Arizona agreed to help Little Pete make money.

The Arizona Kid watching Little Pete murder a passer-by

Arizona and Little Pete rode through the cotton fields and rural roads, with Little Pete shooting several passers-by along the way, lassoing random horse riders and dragging them along the road until they died, stealing several horses, and also shooting several animals along the way. Arizona and Little Pete briefly stopped on the roadside to engage in hunting, but Little Pete was targeted by a gang of outlaws who randomly shot at him as Arizona, who was hunting further up the road, peacefully stalked his animal prey. Upon seeing Little Pete flee from the gang of outlaws, Arizona mounted up, and he and Little Pete rode on out of Louisiana and into Texas.

Rescuing Miguel Fernandino

Arizona investigating the campsite

Shortly after crossing into Texas, Arizona was alerted by Little Pete, who pointed out a campfire in the distance. The two men rode towards the camp to investigate it, and they found a Mexican man, Miguel Fernandino, being confronted by a gang of Skinner Brothers who mistook him for a wanted man and intended to claim his bounty. Arizona and Pete killed all of the outlaws, and Fernandino told Arizona that he was an innocent man, and that the criminals must have believed that all Mexicans looked alike; it was likely that the outlaws had mistaken him for Javier Escuella. Arizona, Pete, and Fernandino proceeded to ride off towards Thieves' Landing, where Fernandino had friends. However, they were ambushed by several more outlaws in the Great Plains, and, just before Arizona could cross the Brazos River, he was ambushed and injured by several outlaws. Meanwhile, Little Pete - who had been seeking a way to maximize his hunting efficiency - visited Blackwater in search of a varmint rifle. When Arizona recovered from his wounds, he killed all of the ambushers, but he found Fernandino uncooperative, as he had been so shaken by his near-death experience that he refused to move. Arizona repeatedly failed to convince Fernandino to accompany him across the river to his destination, and, while they had come so close to reaching Thieves' Landing, Fernandino was ultimately indisposed to accompany Arizona into the town.

Hunting with Little Pete

Arizona bringing a deer to the butcher in Blackwater

Arizona promptly decided to meet up with Little Pete in the Great Plains, where Little Pete had gone after finding that a varmint rifle was too expensive to purchase. The two of them engaged in hunting, with Pete shooting a bison dead and Arizona hunting a deer. They then took their hunting goods into town for sale, where they sold the animal meat and pelts to the butcher for a meager sum. They engaged in hunting around Blackwater before riding up the railroad track and hopping on a coal train after it stopped at MacFarlane's Ranch.

The Arizona Kid and Little Pete riding through Arizona

During the train ride, Arizona promoted the view of the Cholla Springs desert to Little Pete, who had not yet been to the Southwest. Pete shot at several wild animals along the way, and he later made his way to the frontal car, threw out the driver, and took control of the train. Arizona jumped from the train when it neared Tumbleweed, where he promised Pete employment by Sheriff Sam Freeman. Pete missed the cue and continued to drive the train before realizing that Arizona had jumped, upon which he, too, jumped, and let the train run on without a driver. Arizona then rode towards Tumbleweed as Pete caught up, with Pete ambushing and killing two passers-by and stealing a horse before following Arizona into the town.

Little Pete getting into a barfight

Arizona then introduced Little Pete to the saloon of Tumbleweed; while Arizona drank some whiskey, Little Pete started a barfight with two of the patrons, knocking out one of them before being floored by the other. After Pete recovered, Arizona decided to speak to Sheriff Freeman to find employment for the two men. Pete was busy searching for a new gun at the store, but the varmint gun was too expensive, and the bow was even more expensive due to its Native craftsmanship. Arizona was asked to escort the respected local figure Hugh Gibbons to Gaptooth Ridge, and he ensured that both wagons were protected from the Del Lobo Gang ambushers along the way. Little Pete eventually caught up and jumped on the side of the second wagon just before it reached its destination, and the two men were paid $11 each.

Arizona and Pete hunting near Tumbleweed

Arizona and Pete then decided to go hunting in the desert, where Arizona used his bow and arrow to hunt deers and small animals, and Pete used his lasso to catch animals before stabbing them in the neck with his knife. The two of them would go on to bring their kills back to the Tumbleweed butcher for sale, and they engaged in hunting around Tumbleweed until they were attacked by a mischievous outlaw with a sniper rifle. Little Pete decided to part ways with Arizona during the shooting, and Arizona decided to travel to Strawberry, Colorado rather than have to fight off the criminal.

Arizona returning the stolen buggy to Strawberry

There, Arizona was hired by Hector Barlow to reposess a buggy driven by an acquaintance of Barlow's as it passed through the Blackbone Forest. Arizona lassoed the driver of the buggy after killing his guards, and he proceeded to drive the buggy through the woods from Owanjila to Strawberry while shooting his pursuers. Arizona arrived in Strawberry with the buggy, and he was paid $6.06 for his help. Afterwards, Arizona went on to hunt several animals in the area and sell them at the butcher in town.

Arizona rescuing Clarence Mason

Arizona then met with The Boy at Flatneck Station, where "the Boy" hired Arizona to rescue his outlaw friend Clarence Mason and two of his associates from captivity at the Whiskey Tree. Arizona rode to the campsite under the tree, where he killed the lawmen and rescued Mason, Grayson Douglas, and Summer McCallum from their captors after a brief shootout. They then mounted the lawmen's wagon, and Arizona set out for Rhodes. However, as the wagon descended the steep hill, it was beset by three US Marshals, who wounded Arizona and felled him from the wagon. Arizona, once recovered, returned to the wagon and killed the Marshals, only to find that Mason had been killed. The wagon had also crashed into a tree, killing the horses, so Arizona decided to take McCallum to Rhodes; Douglas would have to fend for himself until Arizona could deliver Summer to safety. He was killed while Arizona and Summer rode into Louisiana. Once in Louisiana, Arizona and Summer were ambushed by US Marshal Jackson Fisher, who shot Summer in the back and killed her. Arizona then chased Fisher down and shot him dead before he could escape; he avenged the deaths of the three outlaws, but he failed in his task of helping the three outlaws escape alive.

The Arizona Kid scouring the desert for prey

Arizona rested in Rhodes for the night before deciding to join Little Pete in Tumbleweed, Arizona the next day. For several hours, the two reunited friends went hunting in the vast desert of Gaptooth Ridge. While Little Pete - using his lasso and knife or just his usual firearms - focused on the quantity of his sold goods rather than quality (his bullets damaged the animals' pelts and meat and thus depreciated their quality), Arizona used the bluff overlooking the desert to spot packs of pronghorn does and other valuable animals and would use his bow and arrow to kill them from afar. Many of the animals he killed slowly bled out, as his single arrow would mortally wound them, but a second arrow would cause their pelts to be less intact and thus less valuable. Arizona raked up over $40 worth of pelts and meat after selling them to the butcher, while Little Pete made over $20 with his goods.

Arizona Kid returning the buggy to Tumbleweed

At the same time, Arizona decided to do work for Sheriff Freeman to make more money. Sheriff Freeman assigned him to recover a stolen carriage from Harrison Butler, whom Arizona intercepted and shot near Gaptooth Ridge, also killing his guards. Arizona then drove the buggy back to Tumbleweed, where he was paid $2.76 for his help. Arizona then returned to take part in more hunting with Little Pete, who occasionally gifted him killed birds or small critters to be taken back to the butcher; they continued to make money together until Arizona decided that he wanted a change of scenery, and he decided to travel to Valentine, anticipating that Little Pete would come with him.

Arizona protecting Eden Gibb's wagon

However, Little Pete decided to engage in hunting as far as Gaptooth Breach to the west and Fort Mercer in the east, so Arizona - rather than wait for Little Pete to arrive - decided to work for Alden in Valentine. He agreed to escort Eden Gibb's carriage from Valentine to Rhodes, protecting it from the O'Driscoll Boys in the Heartlands and from the Louisiana Raiders in Louisiana. He ensured that the caravan safely reached Rhodes and was paid over $18 for its successful arrival. Shortly after, he was joined in Rhodes by Little Pete.

Pete and Arizona's Louisiana adventures

The Arizona Kid delivering a mail satchel to Sidney Talley

Arizona and Pete decided to ride to New Orleans to seek more work, and, once in the city, Little Pete paid off his 10¢ bounty at the Victory Street Trolley Station, where Arizona spoke to Angus Elliston for another job. Angus told him that the postman had called in sick with dysentery, so he had Arizona deliver four parcels across the state; he said that Arizona was lucky, as he was not confined to a small room in a train station like him. Arizona's first drop was in a French Quarter mansion, and he then rode to a shrimper's desolate shack to drop off another envelope, and then to a roadside house where he was ambushed by the Louisiana Raiders. After killing his attackers, he delivered the final parcel to Sidney Talley at his farm, and he killed the Raiders Ollie Baxter and Luke Dixon before making the final delivery and being paid $13.75. It was then that Little Pete caught up with him, and the two of them rode off to find work elsewhere.

Arizona at the Old Greenbank Mill

Arizona and Little Pete proceeded to meet up with Anthony Foreman at his hideout, and Foreman gave Arizona a letter instructing him to destroy the supplies of the racist Raiders at the Old Greenbank Mill. Arizona rode to the mill and engaged in a moonlit shootout with the neo-Confederate outlaws before destroying all of their supplies, two of them by shooting them up, and one by shooting a powder keg sitting next to it. With the supplies eliminated, Arizona successfully sent a blow to the Raiders. Little Pete took part in the scavenging of the scene before riding with Arizona to investigate a nearby campsite, where they found the local official Landry Little being held captive by the Raiders. The two criminals overpowered the Raiders, killing all of them; Little Pete even hogtied one of them before Arizona executed him with a rifle shot. Arizona then set the official free, and the grateful Little gave Arizona $10 for helping him. Arizona and Little Pete then decided to part ways for the time being so that each of them could rest from their work.

Arizona escorting Olen P. McClure

Some time later, Arizona escorted the wagon driver Olen P. McClure to Strawberry, with Little Pete eventually catching up to Arizona and hopping on the second wagon to join him. The two friends ensured that the wagons arrived safely, upon which Arizona suggested that the two ride to Wallace Station to find more work. There, they found Angus waiting for them with a job: a wagon theft in Big Valley. Arizona and Pete carried out the job at night with little resistance, earning $5.86 each.

Meeting Mama Watson

Pete and Arizona rescuing the Russell Brothers

While riding through the wilderness, Arizona came across a mysterious cabin, which he decided to investigate. There, he was greeted by Mama Watson, the brother of the outlaw Watson Boys, and, despite an awkward introducting from the nearly-blind old lady, Arizona received a job: to rescue the Russell Brothers before they could be escorted to prison. Arizona and Pete hijacked their prison wagon while it was still driving through the Rockies, killed the driver Edgar T. Stone to take control of the prison wagon, and took the Russell Brothers to Flatneck Station, where Arizona shot off the lock to the wagon and freed the captured outlaws. The two gunslingers were then paid $13.47 each for their efforts.

Arizona approaching the wagon

Egged on by Little Pete, Arizona decided to continue with his spree of outlaw work. They met "the Boy" at Flatneck Station, where the young outlaw hired the two men to hijack a caravan of goods loaded up in Valentine. Arizona and Pete rode into town and hijacked a wagon parked on the main road, resulting in a shootout escape and a few lawman ambushes along the way. However, they succeeded in bringing the wagon to the farm that "the Boy" used to stash his stolen goods, netting the outlaws $13.75 each. Shortly after, they returned to Valentine to bring the stranded African-American woman Clara Mayhew back to town, where she gave them $3.30 each as a token of her appreciation.

The Arizona Kid overlooking the Colorado River

Arizona and Little Pete proceeded to engage in hunting in the local region, hunting animals along the Colorado River and taking their carcasses back to Valentine to sell them. There, Alden hired the two men to find a missing woman, Elise Weathers, and they ultimately found that she had been captured and hogtied by the Skinner Brothers. The two men located Weathers and killed the Skinner Brothers at their small campsite before escorting Weathers back to the Valentine sheriff's office, where they were paid $11.22 each.

Outlawry in the Midwest

Arizona taking Old Roy back to his camp

Not long after, Arizona and Pete decided to return to "the Boy" for more work. "The Boy" hired them to rescue the outlaw "Old Roy" from the sheriff's office in Valentine, so Arizona and Pete returned to Valentine to cause more mischief. Arizona killed the lawman Hosea K. Jackson in the jail before freeing Old Roy from his cell, and he and Pete proceeded to escort Old Roy to the Saints Hotel, where they engaged in a desperate shootout with the US Marshals as Roy searched for his stash. After he found it, the two men escorted Roy back to his hidden campsite, with Pete holding off the law as Arizona rode with Old Roy back to his camp. Upon Roy's delivery, the two men were paid $10.09 each.

Arizona and Pete delivering the stolen wagon

Arizona and Little Pete then accepted a job from Angus to steal a wagon in Big Valley, killing its driver John Amos Cannon near Owanjila and taking it to a farm to be stashed; there, they were paid $6.97 each for their work. The two men then returned to Mama Watson, who hired them to steal a wagon en route from Strawberry to Painted Sky as a birthday present for her son, Ethan Watson. They delivered the wagon without much trouble, each making $18.12. With a large amount of money made that day, they decided to split ways and lay low for a long period of time.

Shootout at Cumberland Falls

Arizona attacking the Skinner Brothers at Cumberland Falls

Eventually, the two friends met up again at Cumberland Falls, where they came across a Skinner Brothers hideout. The two outlaws gunned down the Skinner Brothers Johnny B. Christian, Ronald J. Curry, Matthew R. Ruppert, Jesse J. White, Joseph Little Feather, Ernest C. Cain, Mark S. Brumbaugh, and Elmer M. Fowler, among others, after ambushing their camp along the side of the waterfall. Arizona and Little Pete proceeded to loot the bodies of the dead outlaws, and Pete then suggested that they ride for the nearest town.

Arizona rescuing Sophia Provencher

The two men proceeded to make their way towards Valentine, but Thomas J. Provencher begged Arizona for help. Provencher told Arizona that, on the cliffside on the other bank of the river, his wife Sophia Provencher had been taken by a gang of outlaws, and he persuaded Arizona to rescue her. Arizona, who had ridden far ahead of Pete, rode to the camp and gunned down the outlaws Howard M. Brand, Gregory M. Birch, Herbert N. Johnson, and William M. Kane. He then cut Sophia loose from her bonds, and she convinced him to take her to Valentine. Arizona rode to Valentine with Sophia in tow, and Pete caught up with him after killing a few pursuers who attempted to prevent Sophia from escaping with Arizona. When he arrived at the Valentine sheriff's office, he was paid $22.45 as a reward for his services.

Terror in Valentine

Arizona and Pete riding past the burning saloon

Arizona then heard a number of gunshots from nearby, and, when he walked to the saloon to have a drink, he found several bodies, including those of townspeople Clarence R. Thompson and Edward K. Meas, dead at the saloon doors. Arizona then ran off rather than engage in the firefight, and Pete arrived in town shortly after. Arizona told Pete of what had happened, and Pete asked to see what was going on; Pete then hopped on the back of Arizona's horse, and Arizona quickly took him past the saloon, which they observed was now on fire due to the use of flaming bottles by the outlaws. The two of them then rode to the post office, where Arizona decided to take a job from Alden in order to get out of Valentine.

Arizona and Pete at the Valentine saloon

Arizona was tasked with delivering mail to Jennifer J. McIntosh at Cornwall Kerosene & Tar, and he had a peaceful ride south and delivered the parcel to McIntosh, who paid him $4.02 for his help. That night, Arizona returned to Valentine, where he met up with Little Pete at the saloon. Arizona ordered drinks at the bar as Pete started a barfight in the corner, and, as the two men left town, Arizona noticed that Pete was being pursued by the law. Arizona watched as Pete engaged in a shootout with the lawmen, killing the lawman Tim L. McDill in the process. However, Pete was wounded and believed dead by the lawmen, causing the lawmen to peel off. Pete avenged his wounding by lassoing and hogtying William T. Blank, whom he brutally stabbed to death.

Pete's accomplice

Pete and Arizona driving into the Nebraska plains

Arizona and Pete proceeded to leave town, and, as they rode near the town of North Platte, Little Pete began a killing spree of random passers-by. He murdered Theodore C. Rosen and Kent A. Williams before stealing a wagon and engaging in a shootout with Henry M. Pelzer. Pete made several passes at Pelzer with his horse-drawn wagon, hoping to trample Pelzer, but Pelzer continued to shoot and occasionally dodged the carriage. Even when Pelzer was trampled over for the first time, he got back up and continued firing. Ultimately, Pete succeeded in running him over and killing him. Arizona then entered Pete's carriage, hoping to keep track of him, and Pete rode all the way to Kearney in central-southern Nebraska. There, he murdered the passers-by Peter S. Hughes, William Freeman Nixon, and Alan M. Hemphill. Pete then decided to part ways with Arizona, as he was growing fatigued from all of his murders, and Arizona decided to redeem himself for his complicity by getting some honest work done.

Arizona returning the wagon to Valentine

Arizona returned to Valentine, where Alden hired him to recover a wagon which had been hijacked by outlaws in Cumberland Forest. Arizona caught up to the wagon near Winner, South Dakota, and he gunned down the O'Driscoll Boys Cillian Nerney, Colm Muldowney, and Aidan Dorgan before hijacking the wagon and taking it back to Valentine without resistance. Upon arriving at the sheriff's office, Arizona was paid $17.72 for his success, and he then went to the saloon to drink in celebration of another job well done.

Arizona delivering Everett C. Nichols' mail

A few days later, Arizona and Pete decided to meet up again at Valentine. There, Alden hired them to carry two separate parcels to different delivery spots, forcing them to temporarily part ways. Arizona outran two packs of wolves who attempted to attack him during his ride, and he managed to reach Everett C. Nichols' cabin in Scottsbluff and deliver the parcel before the wolves could attack him. He was then sent $5.77 as a reward for his help.

Raid on Cornwall Kerosene & Tar

Arizona and Pete at the oil refinery

Arizona and Pete then returned to Valentine, where Arizona, sensing that Pete would be willing to take a job involving murder (he had again been terrorizing townspeople on the road out of Valentine), decided to speak to "the Boy" about a job. "The Boy" hired Arizona and Pete to punish Cornwall Kerosene & Tar for refusing to pay him protection money, so the two gunslingers rode to the oil fields in central Oklahoma to destroy the company's goods. They proceeded to engage in a massive shootout with Leviticus Cornwall's hired guards and destroy their supply wagons by shooting dynamite crates, killing the guards Stephen K. Ryder, Danny E. Webster, Duane J. Sargent, Rex E. Harris, Kenneth A. Graham, William G. Lamb, Robert A. Elliott, and David Greer Thompson and the US Marshals Robert R. Tait, Otis D. Stevens, Roger R. Tea, David A. Fields, and Donald K. Brown in the ensuing battle. The two men were paid $10.09 each for their help, and, as they left the refinery, Pete killed the surviving guard Billy S. Spires, who was attempting to calmly walk away from the refinery.

Return to Texas

Arizona riding across the Great Plains

Arizona then proposed that he and Pete ride west, with Arizona hoping to surprise Pete by bringing him back to Blackwater, where they had previously enjoyed hunting. Along the way, Pete murdered the passers-by David J. Williamson, Jimmie S. Bunn, and Stanley M. Schulze near Paris, Lamar County, Texas, but the rest of the ride to Blackwater, Galveston County was mostly peaceful. They ultimately arrived in the town, and Arizona decided to approach Hector Barlow for work.

Arizona delivering the buggy to Blackwater

Barlow hired Arizona and Pete to recover a stolen wagon from Quaker's Cove, although he asked him not to kill anyone. Arizona caught up to Pete, who had already come upon the buggy as he was hunting in the plains, and Arizona had Pete shoot the escorts Robert C. Bowden and Powell D. Akers as he lassoed and hogtied the buggy driver Daniel F. Elam and rode off with the buggy. He ultimately delivered the buggy to Blackwater, where Hector paid him $7.22 for his efforts.

The Arizona Kid's second portrait

That night, Arizona celebrated by visiting the saloon and drinking down a bottle of whiskey, while Pete returned to hunting in the Plains. Arizona also spent $5 to have another professional portrait taken of him by the town's photography studio, upon which he decided to search for Pete. Arizona rode out into the Plains at night, and he found Pete being attacked by wolves. Pete was severely wounded, but Arizona killed all four of the wolves with his Lancaster Repeater rifle, and he then rode off with Pete, riding through New Mexico and into Arizona that night and reaching Tumbleweed by morning.

Ride to Arizona

Arizona killing the ambushers

Arizona stopped at Tumbleweed's saloon for a beer before visiting Sheriff Sam Freeman, who hired him to retrieve Benedict Rowlands' stolen wagon from Cueva Seca. Pete noticed the smoke signal coming from the camp, so he arrived first; Arizona then caught up to him and made a plan. While Arizona would take the left side and run into the camp to kill the bandits there, Pete would head into the cave to retrieve the wagon. The two proceeded to assault the Del Lobo Gang at their hideout, with the two gunslingers killing the Del Lobos Esteban Carlos Munguia, Frank B. Sutton, Clayton J. Moore, Ronald Y. Chesser, and Douglas S. Bodiford at the camp before riding off with the wagon. As Arizona drove, Pete held ambushers at bay with his pistol, and Arizona also shot the pursuer Donald S. Ingram in the heart with his Springfield bolt-action rifle as Ingram tried to give chase. The two men ultimately made $12.33 from their successful retrieval of the wagon.

Head-hunting for Shaky

Arizona killing the outlaws at Solomon's Folly

With their job in Tumbleweed done, Arizona decided to set a course for the border at Rio Rico, where Shaky had set up a small camp along the Rio Grande. Pete lagged behind, while Shaky gave Arizona a letter from a contact who wanted him to kill a list of people. Coincidentally, Pete was close to Benedict Point, the area where most of the targets were located. Arizona caught up with him at Solomon's Folly, where he engaged in a massive shootout with the criminals Ross M. Tracy, Albert K. Sloan, Robert P. Hampton, Marion E. Dubois, David M. Newman, Robert M. Fletcher, and John V. Patrick, killing a few of his targets in the process.

Pete and Arizona capturing Merlin T. Langer

Arizona then rode on to Benedict Point, where he found that the two targets there, Carson K. McCarty and Mark K. Holland, were under heavy guard in a shack. Arizona killed the outlaws Mike E. Cooper, Stuart M. Ross, and Carl A. Coots before storming the shack and gunning down McCarty and Holland with his bolt-action rifle at point-blank range. He then followed Little Pete to the last target, Merlin T. Langer, who was attempting to escape through the hills. Pete had lassoed and hogtied the man, and Arizona asked him to wait until he arrived before he killed the man. Deciding to play with his victim, Pete cut the man free and chased him with a knife, and, after Arizona hip-fired his revolver into Langer's thigh, Pete slashed the man as he lay on the ground and stabbed him, while Arizona hip-fired a few more shots to ensure that the man was dead, completing the mission and earning both of the gunslingers $13.

Little Pete murdering Claude J. Ries

Shortly after, the law scoured the area for the two gunslingers, who had killed three lawmen during the shootout at Benedict Point. The law caught up to the men in the desert near Hachita, Grant County, New Mexico (in the northeastern part of the New Mexico panhandle, west of Plainview), but the two gunslingers killed the lawmen Leonard A. Harris, Jacob N. Ebert, Lester R. Allen, and Mark J. Wagner, and the law ultimately gave up their search for the two men. However, this did not deter Pete, who, while riding with Arizona near Duncan, Greenlee County, Arizona, decided to hogtie and murder Donald C. Gavin and hogtie Claude J. Ries and leave him for dead. A sympathetic Arizona decided to cut Ries loose and let him run off, but, when Ries unwisely pulled out his repeater rifle and attempted to chase and shoot Pete, Pete tracked down Ries, hogtied him, and executed him with a rifle shot to the back of the head as Arizona watched.

Instigating shootouts

Arizona shooting at the Tumbleweed lawmen

Arizona and Pete rode back to Tumbleweed, where Arizona enjoyed a drink at the bar as Pete - who was sitting on his horse outside of the saloon - started a fight by aiming a gun at the African-American townsman Christoper K. Street, who was standing on the balcony of the saloon. Street attempted to fire back, causing the lawman Emanuel L. Norwood to shoot Street dead. Pete later provoked another fight which led to another shootout between the law and an unruly townsman, but, when Arizona looted the dead man's body, the law turned on him and attempted to kill Arizona as well. Arizona gunned down Norwood and killed around two more lawmen before being severely wounded. Upon recovering, he rendezvoused with Arizona in the center of town, standing near the table where the lawmen Billie J. Brown and Atwood D. Schooley were playing cards. They were surprised when an explosion killed Brown and Schooley, and Arizona himself was then wounded by a sniper bullet fired by another outlaw who had decided to terrorize the town. Arizona was forced to flee, paying for a ticket to Valentine and escaping to Nebraska, and telling Pete to join him in fleeing. However, Pete was bogged down in gunfights with the outlaw and his posse, and he was unable to make it to the "fast travel" stop in order to pay for quick transport to Valentine. Ultimately, Pete decided to part ways with Arizona to shake the pursuers, while Pete, who was in Valentine, decided to seek further employment.

Arizona recovering the stolen wagon from Cumberland Forest

Arizona met with Alden at the Valentine train station, and Alden hired him to recover a carriage which had been stolen before he had been able to tip someone off about it. Arizona intercepted the stolen carriage near Martin, Bennett County, South Dakota, killing its drivers Josh MacNamara and Corey Kilmartin and the escorts Ross O'Regan and Jude Mohan. Arizona then drove the wagon back to Valentine, where he was paid $9.22 for its successful delivery.

Arizona riding out of Valentine

Now by himself, Arizona milled about Valentine, visiting its saloons and buying a stall at Amos Levi's stables for $100, as well as a male Red Chestnut Arabian horse which he named "Cherry". Arizona, seeking further adventure, hopped a coal train to New Orleans, making it there overnight and arriving at sunrise. He then paced the streets of New Orleans to take in the sights and smells of Chinatown, the Saint Denis Market, and the other diverse neighborhoods of the city, and he ultimately decided to rest from his labors in the city.

Back in the saddle

Arizona delivering the wagon to Maclean's House

Weeks later, Arizona decided to take a job from Angus to deliver a supply wagon to Maclean's House. Arizona rode north through Southfield Flats and evaded a Louisiana Raiders roadblock and a pursuing outlaw without firing a shot; he ultimately reached Southfield Flats with the wagon and was paid $11.76 for the delivery. With his job complete, Arizona decided to ride back to his favorite town, Valentine, riding through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska before reaching Valentine.

Arizona and Lorenzo Adkins driving the supply wagon

Arizona then visited Alden at the Valentine train station, where Alden hired Arizona to escort a wagon caravan from Valentine to Carmody Dell. Arizona shared a wagon with Lorenzo Adkins, while Dennis M. Hick drove the wagon behind them. They were able to fight off ambushers at a roadblock near Butte, Boyd County before reaching the farm at Carmody Dell, where Charles Camp Robinson paid Arizona $11.76 for the successful delivery of both wagons.

Shooting of Lester Whitlock

Arizona shooting Lester K. Whitlock

With another job complete, Arizona rode back to Valentine, where he stopped by the saloon for some whiskey and almonds. As he exited the saloon and walked down the street, he came across a new arrival in town, Lester K. Whitlock, who rudely demanded that Arizona get out of his way as he rode past. Arizona grew offended and retrieved his pistol, holding it by his side to warn Whitlock against picking a fight. Whitlock grew infuriated and drew his own pistol, firing potshots at Arizona. Arizona responded by publicly shooting Whitlock in the jugular with his revolver, instantly killing him.

Arizona resting by a campfire in Valentine

Two locals who witnessed the crime instantly ran to the Sheriff to seek help, accusing Arizona of murder. Arizona, who believed that he was justified in shooting Whitlock in self-defense, ran on foot to the outskirts of town, past the tent villages and to a tree. As the deputy US Marshal Joshua D. Holly failed to locate the accused murderer, Arizona was able to strut back into town and even walk past Holly, who patrolled the town's streets by horse. When he found that "the Boy" wanted him to carry out a kidnapping, Arizona was uninterested, and he decided to book a stagecoach to Arizona to look for work there instead.

Working in Arizona

Arizona drinking on his return to Tumbleweed

Arizona arrived in Tumbleweed in the early hours of the following day, where he drank beer at the saloon shortly before sunrise. When the sun rose, Arizona went to Sheriff Freeman for work, and Freeman told him that some local farmers had reported stolen wagons and dead farmers, and that the O'Driscoll Boys had killed a farm hand and a farm girl before stealing some wagons from the locals. Freeman then told Arizona that the wagons were somewhere near the Rio Grande, and he hired Arizona to find them. Arizona intercepted the wagon, driven by Eugene J. Langford, on a dirt road in Snowflake, Navajo County, killing Langford before taking cover behind nearby rocks and killing his two escorts. Arizona proceeded to pull Langford from the wagon and take it back to Tumbleweed, evading an O'Driscoll outlaw who attempted to chase him down. Arizona then succeeded in delivering the wagon back to Tumbleweed, where he was paid $4.40 for the wagon's safe delivery.

Arizona holding a black-tailed jackrabbit

Arizona proceeded to engage in hunting on the outskirts of Tumbleweed to pass the time and make some money, killing a black-tailed jackrabbit and a coyote with his bow and arrow after stalking his prey in the desert. He then took the animals back to town for sale, but he and a few other gunslingers in town came under fire from the Yaqui outlaw Nazario Malave, who fired at them with a bolt-action rifle. Arizona escaped the town, and, that night, he sat by a fire at Solomon's Folly, where he decided to rest for a while.

Shootouts in Arizona

Arizona killing Joseph H. Carlos

A few days later, Arizona reunited with Little Pete at Solomon's Folly in Greenlee County, Arizona, along the New Mexico border. They chanced upon a Del Lobo Gang hideout that evening, and they ambushed the gang, killing the outlaws Robert Lane Barksdale, Laurence S. Hutchins, Joseph M. Brackett, Billie H. White, Joseph H. Carlos, Apolinario Apodaca, Bernardo Anguiano, Adelino Samaniego, Eliezer Alvarez, Elido Morales, and Celedonio Marcos, and then confronting the gang leader Ansaldo Valdés in his bunker. Arizona decided to spare him, but Little Pete chased him down, hogtied him, and left him on the train tracks. Arizona suggested that they leave the man tied up on the tracks, as Arizona had agreed to spare him, but also suspected that Valdés may have been previously involved in several heinous murders; they decided to leave his fate up to chance, and rode off.

Arizona sneaking up on Cueva Seca

Arizona and Pete proceeded to ride into the desert, where they engaged in hunting; Arizona hunted a pronghorn doe, while Pete hunted other animals, only for his horse to rebel and shake them off as the two men rode to Tumbleweed. There, Arizona sold his doe carcass for $3, and he decided to seek employment from Sheriff Freeman to keep his and Pete's pistols hot. Freeman told Arizona that a wagon had been stolen near Gaptooth Ridge, meaning that the Del Lobos must have been responsible; he noted that the wagon's owner was Benedict Rowlands, whom Arizona remembered as the man with perennial stolen wagon problems. He and Pete proceeded to ride to Cueva Seca, where Arizona arranged for them to ambush the outlaws from two sides and retrieve the wagon.

Arizona and Pete fighting off the pursuers

Pete, hiding in some brush, used his revolver to kill an outlaw who was smoking a cigarette, initiating the ambush. Arizona attacked the outlaws who were gathering around the campfire, while Pete focused on shooting those protecting the wagon in the cavern. The two men succeeded in taking the outlaws by surprise and killing them, including Tacio Espinal, Juvenal Baeza, Richard P. McCants, Stanley E. Benson, Edward B. Dugan, William Blair Ford, and Jason M. Patterson, and Arizona mounted the wagon and drove it as Pete provided covering fire. During their escape, Arizona wounded one of the pursuers' horses and ran over both the Del Lobo and the horse, killing them and causing a short period of bumpy riding. The two men also fought their way past a roadblock, and Arizona himself shot two of their pursuers dead with his bolt-action rifle. Ultimately, they reached Tumbleweed safely, and they were paid $16.42 each for their success.

Arizona and Pete clearing the campsite

While Pete went to visit the gun store to purchase a new gun, Arizona pet a dog next to the butcher, and he ultimately went into the store and convinced Pete to purchase a bolt-action rifle to provide him with an advantage during future shootouts; before then, Pete had only been using his six-shooter. The two men then decided to ride out to the desert to resume their hunting, but Arizona realized that there was smoke rising from Cueva Seca, and that the site had been reoccupied by the Del Lobos. The two men once again crept up on the camp, and they ambushed the outlaws there, killing Zachary L. Conger, James L. Hankerson, Frederick D. Bittner, Howard R. Coffey, Mark D. Ferguson, Fred E. Griffin, Timothy Keen Nelson, Brandon S. Baugh, Olmo Oquendo, Eneas Carranza, Silo Camarillo, and Querubín Anaya, among others. Not only did they kill the outlaws in the camp, but also several riders who attempted to reinforce their comrades, taking cover behind carts and boxes and killing all of the outlaws' reinforcements. With the camp cleared and all of the outlaws dead, the two gunslingers thoroughly looted the corpses of the outlaws before saddling up and riding off.

Shootout at the Tumbleweed stables

Arizona shooting Howard J. Spivey

Arizona and Pete then rode to the Rio Grande border with Mexico, where they met with "Shaky". Shaky gave them a letter from a "funny feller" acquaintance of his, and Arizona discovered that the two men were to steal two horses from a ranch in Tumbleweed and take them to Ansaldo Escamilla at the Scratching Post. Arizona and Pete rode to the ranch that same night, and Pete provoked a shootout after rushing the US Marshals guarding it. Pete grabbed his horse and rode off to the Scratching Post, while Arizona engaged in a prolonged shootout. He killed the Marshals Randall B. King, Howard J. Spivey, Benjamin L. Burns, Thomas R. Evenson, Calvin J. Nash, Jeremy L. McCulley, Scott R. Mack, Joshua D. Cobb, Christopher Webster Smith, David Bailey Hayes, Michael V. Labrie, James Kent Perry, Joseph Packer McCoy, Milton L. Keller, Joshua L. Wilson, and Matthew J. Ward before running into the stable, mounting the horse, and riding to the Scratching Post, where he met up with Pete. He delivered the horse to Escamilla, hitching it to a fence and collecting his $17.22 reward.

Return to Solomon's Folly

Arizona ambushing Chuy Moncada's gang

While Arizona was collecting his pay, Pete went wandering off, and Arizona mounted Tom and searched for his comrade. He soon found that Pete had come across a gang hideout at Solomon's Folly, so he decided to join Pete in ambushing the Del Lobos there. They killed the outlaws Marlon A. Wyche, Larry L. Oakes, Bruce W. Dupont, Dane L. Harris, Jordan L. Joyce, William K. Dozier, Todd M. Gaynor, David J. Swayne, Robert A. Gatewood, Oleguer Bermúdez, Tauro Loya, Mederico Garza, and Atanasio Zambrano, with Pete taking control of a Maxim machine-gun and inflicting heavy losses on the outlaws. After all of the Del Lobos were dead, Arizona and Pete entered the bunker where the gang's leader Chuy Moncada was cowering. Moncada initially raised his hands in surrender, only to attempt to quick-draw the two men. Moncada fired around three pistol shots, grazing Pete's head and injuring Arizona in the gut, but Arizona, using his bolt-action rifle, shot a hole in Moncada's abdonmen at point-blank range.

Mischief with Pete

Pete shooting the lawmen from the train

Once again, the two partners looted the bodies of the dead outlaws, and Pete soon ran off and hopped a train as a tired Tom, carrying Arizona, failed to catch up. Ultimately, Little Pete decided to kill the train's conductor, allowing for Arizona to catch up to him. However, Pete became preoccupied with fighting off the lawmen who came searching for the conductor's murderer, forcing Arizona to drive the train. Pete held off the lawmen as they pursued the train, and the lawmen also sought to kill or capture Arizona as Pete's accomplice. Ultimately, the two of them escaped as far as Armadillo on the train; there, they decided to ditch the train and climb aboard a wagon Pete had stolen.

Pete and Arizona ditching the train aboard a wagon

Pete initially drove the wagon, and, while he drove it off the main road and into the wild, he indiscriminately shot at random does as they pranced past the cacti. When Pete exited the wagon to grab the animals, Arizona took the reins, and, after Pete was unable to load any of his kills onto the wagon, Arizona decided to drive Pete to Lake Don Julio, where he heard that an unknown contact might have work for him. Arizona drove the wagon into New Mexico and then to the lake, where he and Pete were alarmed to find out that bounty hunters had been sent after Pete. The two prepared for a shootout at the Lake Don Julio House, but, after just twenty seconds, the threat passed, and Arizona went to speak with the man on the house's porch.

Meeting James Langton

Arizona and Pete meeting James Langton

The man introduced himself to the criminals as James Langton, who said that he had heard that Arizona was a "proper bastard", and introduced himself as the "biggest bastard (Arizona was) ever gonna meet, James Langton," and warned him, "Mess with me and you'll be begging me to kill you." He then told Arizona and Pete that there was a man who needed to be killed, adding that, if Arizona cared, his name was Ace Burr, and he had murdered a rival gambler in New Orleans before fleeing to the Southwest a month before. Langton cynically said that Arizona and Pete shouldn't care, as it was people who didn't care about what it took to make money who succeeded in the world, according to Langton. He then sent the two men off to Two Crows to hunt down and kill Burr.

Arizona hunting for Ace Burr

When Arizona and Pete arrived at Two Crows, they initiated a shootout with the dozens of outlaws spending time there. They succeeded in killing Amadeo Fajardo, Generoso Girón, Cristian Valladares, Quinton A. Rouse, Marshall C. Belt, and Fred Hill Brown before killing Burr. With Burr dead, the two men earned Langton's respect, and they were able to receive future offers of employment from the bounty hunter. The two men then parted ways for the night, and Arizona headed to his new camp in Cholla Springs to rest.

Southwestern mayhem

Arizona riding up to Rattlesnake Hollow

A few days later, Arizona decided to hunt in northern New Mexico, and he soon came across a gang hideout at Rattlesnake Hollow. Arizona rode up to the outskirts of the cliffside camp and drew his bolt-action rifle, ambushing the gang by picking off one of its mounted sentries. A shootout ensued, and Arizona gunned down Charles I. Russell, Eddie H. Swanson, Virgil D. Hoyer, Wells B. Pendleton, Dwight H. Holt, Derek C. Brady, Stewart B. Barnes, and Maurice C. Pirtle in the ensuing gunfight at the outlaw camp and in some of their cavern hideouts. Arizona then confronted the gang's leader, Jeffrey S. Ross, who said that Arizona didn't look like the type to cut down a man waving a white flag. Arizona decided to let the man go, but Ross insulted Arizona as he ran off, leading to Arizona chasing him, hogtying him, and leaving him to the elements.

Freeing Danny Morgan

Arizona creeping up on the wagon

Arizona then rode to Shaky's hideout in rural New Mexico, where he sought out a job. Shaky handed him a letter containing instructions to help a prisoner, Danny W. Morgan, escape from a prison cart before he could be taken to Tumbleweed. Arizona found that the wagon had halted near Dudleyville, Pinal County, Arizona, and he dismounted from his horse and crept up on the lawmen. He ambushed them with his bolt-action rifle, killing the deputy US Marshals William G. Buscher, Joseph R. Roach, Donald T. Stockton, Curtis B. Quick, Ralph W. Thornton, and Richard D. Newlon in the process.

Arizona rescuing Danny W. Morgan

Arizona then hopped on the prison cart and drove it into New Mexico, evading pursuing deputy Marshals as he rode through a thunderstorm, and occasionally firing rifle shots at them. He delivered Morgan to a remote cliffside camp near Deming, New Mexico, where he was received by fellow outlaw Nathaniel S. Bradley. Bradley then paid Arizona $15.06 for Morgan's rescue, and Arizona rested by the campfire and looked out over the Rio Grande before deciding to saddle up and ride off.

Arizona shooting James Adams Edwards

Arizona mounted his horse and rode through Rio Bravo at dawn. During his ride, he was confronted by two riders from Silver City, James Adams Edwards and Robert T. Henley, who rudely insulted him after coming across him. Edwards told Arizona, "Time for you to get the hell outta here," and he proceeded to ride off. Infuriated, Arizona shot Edwards in the back with a rifle, killing him. Henley responded by drawing a gun of his own, forcing Arizona to shoot him as well.

Hideout hopping

Arizona approaching Fort Mercer

Arizona then rode past Repentance Rock and found smoke from a campfire rising from Fort Mercer, which he knew was an abandoned US Army fort, provoking his suspicions. As Arizona approached the fort, he found that it was occupied by banditos from the Del Lobo Gang. Arizona picked off an outlaw on the ramparts before storming the fort by himself, gunning down several outlaws. He then climbed the ramparts and fired down on the Del Lobo outlaws from above, and he prevented any of the outlaws from accessing the Maxim gun in the center of the fort. During the shootout, Arizona killed Jeffrey A. Bean, Wallace R. Ford, Gabriel S. Bradwell, Douglas P. Robinson, Charles R. Keels, Daniel Ashe Howard, Ordoño Arenas, Maro Hurtado, and Tadeo Nieves. Afterwards, Arizona confronted the gang's leader Alexander Stokes on the ramparts, and Stokes cowered and asked if Arizona was from the US government or the US Army. Arizona decided to spare him, and Stokes promised that Arizona would never see him again.

Arizona shooting Gregory K. Mulhern

Arizona then rode out of Fort Mercer and, while riding past Capitan, Lincoln County (just southeast of Mercer Station), he came across Gregory K. Mulhern and Gene P. Quick approaching the fort. The two men drew their guns upon watching the gunslinging Arizona ride out of the fort with weapons in tow, and Mulhern aimed his rifle at Arizona after perceiving him as a threat, calling him a "peckerwood". Arizona responded by shooting Mulhern with a rifle, and he also gunned down Quick after Quick attempted to draw his own gun.

Arizona shooting William Carn Bowden

As Arizona rode away, he came across another stranger, William Carn Bowden, who also pulled out a rifle at the sight of a gun-toting Arizona riding down the dirt road. Bowden insulted Arizona as well, causing Arizona to draw his pistol and create a tense situation. Bowden threatened to shoot Arizona, so Arizona responded by shooting Bowden in the face and killing him. After the three shootings, to which there were no witnesses, Arizona decided to ride to Lake Don Julio to look for work from James Langton.

Arizona intercepting the supply wagons south of Winslow

Arizona found Langton sitting on the porch of his shack at Lake Don Julio, and Langton greeted him and ridiculed the people who thought that they could run their contraband business under his nose. He told Arizona that two wagons carrying contraband were departing from Silent Stead in northern Arizona, and he hired him to destroy them. Arizona rode past Riley's Charge and into Arizona, and he intercepted the convoy south of Winslow, killing the smugglers Tom E. Rhodes, Robert M. Theis, Richard Daulton Gibson, and Paul T. Dukes and shooting up the supply crates on their wagons. With the supplies destroyed, Arizona was paid $9.82 for his success.

Arizona chasing the buggy at Gaptooth Breach

Arizona then rode to Tumbleweed, where he visited Sheriff Freeman's office. Freeman hired him to repossess a stolen buggy, and Arizona rode out of town and intercepted Gordon K. McDaniel as he drove the buggy through Gaptooth Breach. Arizona first killed McDaniel's two escorts with his rifle, and he then lassoed and hogtied McDaniel, leaving the captive McDaniel in the desert. Arizona promptly drove the buggy back to Tumbleweed, where he was paid $6.82 for the buggy's delivery.

Arizona ambushing Benito Rosario

That night, Arizona decided to travel towards a smoke signal which he saw from miles away, riding across the Arizona desert and into New Mexico before finding a camp at Repentance Rock. He climbed the rocks and ambushed the Del Lobo outlaw Benito Rosario, killing him. He then gunned down Hayes C. King and then the gang hideout's leader, Newell S. Bowler; he found that another gunslinger had killed most of the rest of the gang, and Arizona walked away from the rock in peace.

Arizona shooting Christopher McKim

He then rode back into Arizona, freely riding around the Southwest and visiting Rathskeller Fork before riding along the San Juan Mountains and later walking through the desert and eating prairie poppy. He also looked around for animals to hunt, and, when he walked onto the road south of Hagerman, Chaves County, he bumped into Christopher McKim, who mistook Arizona for a bandit and took out his rifle. Arizona, who was holding a pistol by his side, soon found himself being aimed at by McKim, who called him a "peckerwood". As McKim rode off, Arizona shot McKim in the back of the head.

Arizona lassoing George P. Clark

As Arizona walked off, he grew worried when George P. Clark noticed the dead body and began to ride off to report the crime. Arizona lassoed Clark from his horse, tied him up, and robbed him, and he then accidentally trampled him as he rode off. Joseph A. Muller was alarmed at the sight of the two killings, so Arizona lassoed and hogtied him as well before riding off. A fourth passer-by, Jeffrey R. Kemper, greeted Arizona before riding past him, unaware of the two killings and one hogtying, and Arizona resumed hunting around Venter's Place in peace.

Arizona riding along the Rio Grande

Arizona continued his joyride across the Southwest, riding along the mountains of southern New Mexico and overlooking the broad Rio Grande valley and the deserts of Perdido and Punto Orgullo in northern Mexico. He also rode through the small oil-drilling camp of Plainview after navigating his way past the steep cliffsides of New Mexico, and he then walked along the Rio Grande after riding down the cliffs and to the beach.

Arizona driving the wagon to Ridgewood Farm

Arizona met with Shaky at his riverside camp that night, and Shaky hired Arizona to bushwhack Daniel Rhodes Smith and Andrew Bell Ford as they drove their wagon through the desert. Arizona intercepted the wagon before it could reach Tumbleweed, and he killed both of the drivers before hijacking the wagon and driving it through southern Arizona and towards the arranged stashing point, Ridgewood Farm. The outlaw Matthew H. Peterson stalked Arizona, who anticipated that Peterson would attempt to kill him and destroy the wagon. Arizona shot Peterson and wounded him before attempting to flee with the wagon, but he was pursued both by lawmen and by Peterson, who ultimately shot and wounded him before destroying the wagon. This ruined Arizona's job, so he decided to ride off to the wilderness to go hunting and cool off from this thwarted mission.

Arizona taking a jackrabbit to the Tumbleweed butcher

Arizona hunted a jackrabbit along the Rio Grande after chasing it down and accidentally shooting it with a pistol instead of a varmint rifle, bringing it back to Tumbleweed. He also went hunting on the outskirts of Tumbleweed, killing a Sonoran pronghorn doe with a varmint rifle. Arizona brought the doe to the butcher in Tumbleweed, and the butcher paid him $3.90 for the good carcass. Arizona then decided to visit Sheriff Freeman again now that Freeman had more work for him, and Freeman once again hired him to recover a stolen wagon from the gang hideout of Cueva Seca. Arizona snuck up on the camp and killed the outlaws, Branden D. Moe, Stephen D. Kraft, Thomas M. Slaughter, Charles T. Akins, Tacio Roldán, Magín Guajardo, Cataldo Escobedo, and Uriel Anaya. Arizona then climbed aboard Rowlands' wagon, and he drove it out of the cave and onto the dirt road to Tumbleweed. He was pursued by mounted Del Lobo outlaws led by Tancredo Borrego, and he was forced to multi-task, turning around to shoot at the Del Lobos with his rifle as the horses galloped on their own. The horses ran up the side of a cliff and into some rocks, and the weight of the wagon from above prevented the horses from backing up. The horses ultimately died under the weight of the wagon, and Arizona avenged the failure of his job by shooting Borrego with his rifle. Arizona decided to rest from his work, returning to Tumbleweed.

Arizona carrying the desert bighorn ram

A day later, Arizona hunted a desert bighorn ram on the outskirts of Tumbleweed, and he brought it back to the town and sold its carcass and pelts for $4.05. Arizona then walked into the sheriff's office and met with Sheriff Freeman, who gruffly said that, while Arizona had failed last time, he hoped things would go better the second time. He told Arizona that he had a wagon which needed to be recovered, and Arizona rode out to Gaptooth Breach to recover the buggy. Arizona killed the escorts and lassoed and hogtied James Steele Williams before delivering the buggy to the town, where he was paid $4.64; he was penalized for killing the escorts.

Stealing wagons and contracts

Arizona retrieving the wagon from Coot's Chapel

Arizona then rode to Langton's cabin at Lake Don Julio, where Langton told Arizona that a group of men had developed the "mistaken assumption" that their wagon was theirs; Langton claimed that the wagon was actually his. He then dispatched Arizona to reclaim the wagon from Coot's Chapel, saying that his payment would justify Arizona's actions. Arizona arrived at the chapel at night, and he picked off several outlaws from a distance with his bolt-action rifle; after hearing the gunshots, the deputy US Marshals Clayton L. White and Nelson M. Compton attempted to apprehend Arizona, who shot them dead as well. Arizona proceeded to kill the Del Lobo outlaws Kenneth A. Reilly, Roderick C. Dreyer, Charles Patrick Duffy, Robert Daly White, Floyd A. Spangler, Jerry S. Moye, and John Teague Campbell in the ensuing shootout. He then delivered the wagon to Ralph D. Stringer at Hanging Rock, where Arizona was paid $13.15 for his success.

Shaky telling Arizona about his business problems

That same night, Arizona rode to Shaky's camp in the New Mexico desert, where Shaky lamented how his munitions business wasn't entirely legitimate, and said that, while the government often talked about "rights", the rights of the moneyed class and the rights of "beggars" were different. He also stated his dream of ensuring that all outlaws could receive top-quality weapons from him on demand, and he asked if Arizona would rob a stagecoach for him to deal with his problem. He explained that a government official was heading out of Fort Mercer with documents and contracts, and that he needed to obtain the documents so that he could sell weapons in a semi-legal manner.

Arizona stalking the official's stagecoach

Arizona caught up to the wagon in Benedict Pass, where he killed the security guards Derrick A. Duff, David B. Brady, Alfred M. Gilford, and Jeffrey A. Matthews before shooting the official Michael G. Penton and stealing his shoulderbag. He then took over the wagon and drove it to Ridgewood Farm, evading the law as he rode, and delivering the wagon and moneybags intact. On his arrival, Arizona was paid $12.02 for his success.

Meeting Bonnie MacFarlane

Amos Campbell reporting the wagon's theft

Arizona once again wandered across the Southwest, following the smoke from a distant fire into Hennigan's Stead before discovering that it was coming from MacFarlane's Ranch. There, Arizona came across the 15-year-old Bonnie MacFarlane, who initially asked if Arizona was there to rob her, only to deduce that he was looking for work. Arizona nodded and confirmed that he was, and their conversation was then interrupted by Amos Campbell, who said that Bonnie's father Drew MacFarlane's wagon - which Bonnie had told Arizona her father was planning to use for a brief getaway from the crime-ridden region - had gone missing. Bonnie asked where it had gone, and Campbell suggested that Jimmy might have taken his mother to the doctor on the wagon, although he noted that they had gone through some nasty country along the way. MacFarlane offered to pay Arizona to find and recover the wagon, as the farm was short-staffed, and Arizona agreed.

Arizona recovering the wagon from Brittlebrush Trawl

Arizona rode to Brittlebrush Trawl, a swathe of brushland along the Rio Grande, and he took cover behind some rocks after spotting the stolen wagon, several Del Lobos, and the bodies of Jimmy Cox and his mother Martha Cox. Arizona got the jump on the outlaws, gunning down David B. Coats, Allen E. Joyner, Juan S. Wilson, Laureano Santana, Anquises Sedillo, and Dion Arteaga. He then retrieved the wagon and drove it to MacFarlane's Ranch, outrunning the Del Lobos and delivering the wagon for $9.43.

Arizona returning to the Southwest

Arizona proceeded to return to the Southwest, riding through Hennigan's Stead and into the deserts of the Southwest. He rode down the dirt desert roads all afternoon and stopped at Fort Mercer, where he patted and fed his horse. Arizona also hunted a Sonoran pronghorn with his bow and arrow, and loaded the deer onto his horse and brought it to the butcher in Tumbleweed. Arizona was paid $6.50 for the carcass, and he then decided to visit the sheriff's office.

Return to Tumbleweed

Arizona delivering Jake Aldereny's wagon

That night, Arizona met with Sheriff Freeman, who told him that some outlaws had stolen a wagon from Jake Aldereney near Jorge's Gap, and he hired Arizona to recover the stolen wagon. Arizona intercepted the outlaws Rafael Altamirano and Raymond P. Spear as they rode south of Rathskeller Fork with the stolen wagon, and he shot them dead before retriving the wagon and delivering it to Tumbleweed, where he was paid $7.75. Arizona then went to the gun store and purchased some more rifle and repeater rounds, and he also visited the saloon and grabbed a drink.

Arizona escorting Kenneth C. Curry

Arizona then rode to Benedict Point, where Hector Barlow hired him to escort a supply convoy to Tumbleweed. Arizona sat next to Kenneth C. Curry on his wagon, while William Damm Collins drove the second wagon. Arizona helped fight off several Del Lobo ambushes, killing the outlaws James Charles McLaughlin, Joshua Bell Stone, and Ibérico Marrero, among others. The ambush began when Del Lobo horsemen charged down a slope to ambush the wagons, but Arizona and the drivers gunned down the attackers. Arizona also picked off several Del Lobos at a roadblock at the base of the hill, and shot a marksman who was shooting at the wagons from a cliffside, causing him to fall to his death. During the ride, Curry optimistically commented that, since they had survived the shootout, they would have another story to tell at the end of the day.

Arizona running to the stuck wagon

He then helped Curry and his wagon arrive safely in Tumbleweed, but Collins' wagon hit a rut as he rode into the town, and he was ambushed by the outlaw Katherine Brady. Arizona and Brady exchanged several shots for around eight minutes, wounding each other several times. Another outlaw, Lehi Wilder, also attempted to steal the wagon, resulting in a three-way shootout. Occasionally, the two outlaws would succeed in mounting the wagon, but failed to move it out of the rut, and they were often shot while they were sitting ducks. Ultimately, Arizona sat on the wagon by the time he was expected to arrive in the town, guarding it until he was paid $10.24 for the one wagon's successful delivery. With more money in his pocket, Arizona rode down to the Rio del Lobo Rock, where he took in the scenery before resting there.

Robbing Ridgewood Farm

Arizona picking up the Baja California pronghorn buck

A day later, Arizona rode out from the Del Lobo Rock and hunted a Baja California Pronghorn Buck, which he loaded onto his horse. Arizona then rode through the New Mexico desert, into Arizona, and to the town of Tumbleweed, where he delivered the buck's carcass to the butcher and received $3.90 for it. Arizona entered Sheriff Freeman's office that night in search of a job, and Freeman told him that he had a mysterious, unclear matter at hand: two cousins, Albert and Malcolm, had disputed ownership of a wagon, and Freeman asked Arizona to take the wagon from Malcolm without harming any of his employees, as he still was uncertain about the wagon's true owner.

Arizona escaping Ridgewood Farm with the wagon

Arizona rode to Ridgewood Farm, where he lassoed the sentry Ashton V. Mason and hogtied him. This alerted the other guards, and Arizona was soon shot at and physically attacked by the guards. Arizona engaged in a fistfight with William W. Oliphant and Richard Thayer Robinson before getting away aboard the wagon, which he was supposed to deliver to Fort Mercer. However, as he drove down the winding and tangential roads of New Mexico, his horses struck several rocks and broke free of the wagon, running free and ruining Arizona's delivery.

Arizona spotting David S. Inglis' stagecoach

With his first job of the day foiled, Arizona rode to meet Shaky at his desert camp in Cholla Springs. Shaky handed Arizona a letter with instructions to rob a stagecoach, and Arizona rode across the New Mexico and Arizona deserts before spotting the stagecoach near Holbrook, Navajo County. Arizona rode down a cliffside and ambushed the wagon, killing its guards David K. Keys and Craig J. Ward before robbing David S. Inglis of his money-filled satchel. Arizona rode to the dropoff at St. Johns, Apache County, where he handed over the satchel to Shaky's contact Dionisio Zúñiga, who gave him $12.02 for the successful delivery.

Justin T. Pierce aiming his gun at Arizona

Arizona decided to ride to Lake Don Julio to take on another job from James Langton, and, along the way, his horse crashed with that of Justin T. Pierce on a dirt road. Pierce staggered up from the ground and aimed a revolver at Arizona, believing that Arizona had meant to kill him. However, Arizona shot Pierce dead. Shortly after, just south of Two Crows, Arizona also rode past Sydney D. Jeffery, who drew his gun at the sight of Arizona riding down the same road. Arizona drew his own gun as well, but he decided to de-escalate by riding off. Jeffery also began to ride off, but also taunted Arizona, asking him if he was not so tough anymore. Arizona responded by shooting at Jeffery with his breech-loaded rifle, ultimately hitting him in the back of the head and killing him.

Shootout at Venter's Place

Arizona after the shootout at Venter's Place

Arizona proceeded to ride to Lake Don Julio, where he found Langton sitting on his porch. Langton told Arizona that he needed a horse, but he refused to go to a livery yard; instead, he told Arizona that he would rustle him a horse at Venter's Place, and said that, while there should be no trouble, he would pay Arizona like there would be. Arizona then rode to Venter's Place, and he snuck onto the ranch and behind a shed before shooting the guard Hudson Layman in the forehead with his bolt-action rifle, starting a shootout. He proceeded to kill the guards Ron S. Hardin, Jesse M. Reid, John Fletcher Cooper, Doyle C. Moyes, Steven G. Ormsby, and Patrick D. Wood, and he hopped atop the horse and rode it to Fort Mercer. There, he delivered it to Quintiliano Magana, and he was paid $13.05 for the successful delivery.

Louisiana excursion

Arizona delivering a parcel to Susanna Gladwell

With his job opportunities in the Southwest dried up, Arizona decided to book a stagecoach to Rhodes, Louisiana, where he took a job from Alden making mail deliveries. He first delivered a letter to the household of Terry L. Young at Caliga Hall, and he killed the Louisiana Raiders Jeff S. Parsons and Thomas I. Briggs when they tried to ambush him. He also made a few rural deliveries before making his final delivery to the First Church of Rhodes, where he delivered the final parcel to the ministers Andrew Jackson Gladwell and Susanna Gladwell. With this delivery, Arizona was paid $18.85 for his hard work.

Trelawny hiring Arizona

Arizona then walked to a shack on the outskirts of town, where he met the con artist Josiah Trelawny, who melodramatically told him that he couldn't take life anymore, as he aimed a gun to his head. However, he then switched back to being sensible and expressed his sadness over his unrequited love in town. Finally, he decided to get down to business, figuring that someone had told Arizona that Trelawny could provide him with work. Trelawny hired Arizona to steal a valuable horse from Catherine Braithwaite's manor and "deliver it to these funny horse traders in Scarlett Meadows" at Hill Haven Ranch.

Arizona escaping Braithwaite Manor with the horse

Arizona proceeded to ride to Braithwaite Manor, where he crept up on the stables and ambushed the guards. He gunned down the Braithwaite family guards Scott J. Miller, Jeffrey L. Wood, Seth W. Ball, Steven M. Davis, James Peter Wade, Robert L. Treadwell, and Mickey K. Neal and he then rode out of the manor with the horse. He also killed the pursuers Kenneth V. Huntley, James C. Ivey, and Eric M. Garrett near Rhodes, and, when he arrived at Hill Haven Ranch, he was paid $12.02 for the horse's delivery.

Arizona purchasing the Navy Revolver

Arizona then returned to Rhodes, where he walked the streets and visited Jasper Feeney's gun store. There, he browsed Feeney's catalogue and decided to purchase the powerful 1853 Navy Revolver, which he read had played a major role in the conflicts of America's westward expansion and the American Civil War. Arizona spent $275 on the pistol, leaving him with $176.61, and he then took a walk around town once again before deciding to meet with Anthony Foreman for more work.

Arizona speaking with Anthony Foreman

Arizona met with Foreman at his shack, where Foreman told Arizona that a few gunslingers had been uttering unspeakable things about both of them, and he hired Arizona to kill them for their insolence. Arizona tracked down the two posse members to the bayou, where he was wounded several times by the gunslingers, who had the advantage of cover and numbers. Ultimately, Arizona was forced to pull back, as he was unable to kill them as ordered.

Arizona stealing the boat from Macomb's End

Arizona decided to ride to nearby Lagras, where he met the Creole fisherman Thomas Coleman as he inspected his crab trap. Coleman deduced that Arizona wasn't there for crawfish, and he hired him to recover his stolen boat from Macomb's End, where some rival white fishermen up the Ouachita River had taken his boat for themselves. Arizona rode to Macomb's End on horseback, snuck around the side of the dock by swimming, and escaped aboard the boat without firing a shot, delivering it to Lagras for $7.07.

Back in Valentine

Arizona drinking next to the masked men

With the work in Scarlett Meadows dried up, Arizona decided to take a stagecoach to Valentine, where he stopped by the saloon and drank beer and whiskey as two strangely-dressed, masked men stood close to him (before they broke a window at the front of the saloon and jumped through it). Arizona then walked the streets and watched as the two insane men climbed the roof of a building under construction and fell from it, and then as they left; he also watched the gunslinger Matthew B. Douglas engage in a Mexican standoff with the two masked men before letting them go upon realizing that they posed no threat to him. Arizona then decided to rest in Valentine now that he had earned enough money to relax.

Arizona observing the O'Driscolls at Limpany

The next evening, Arizona visited Valentine station and took on a job from Alden to recover a wagon which had been stolen by the O'Driscoll Boys in Kansas. He tracked the wagon down to Limpany, taking note of another gunslinger who was likely waiting to ambush him on his recovery of the wagon, and he drew his Navy Pistol and tested it out by shooting a mounted O'Driscoll outlaw in the head. This initiated a large shootout with the O'Driscolls, and he gunned down several of them, including Dominick Dunn, Sam MacNaughton, Mason O'Tierney, Brian Coghlan, Lewis O'Hurley, Toby O'Grady, Mark O'Ferrell, Dáire O'Malone, and Louis O'Henry in the ruined buildings of Limpany before hopping aboard the wagon.

Arizona recovering the wagon from Limpany

Arizona decided to exit along a counterintuitive path to avoid the gunslingers who sought to leap at the opportunity to steal the wagon themselves, and he road along the mountainous Owanjila road, through the Blackbone Forest, and around to the delivery point, Riggs Station. Along the way, he killed two O'Driscolls who had given chase to him on horseback, and the arrived at the drop-off without having had to exchange fire with a single gunslinger. Upon his arrival, he was paid $18.82 for the wagon's recovery.

Setting up camp

Arizona riding away from John B. Nickerson's body

After the wagon's recovery, Arizona decided to return to the Southwest, so he booked a stagecoach from Strawberry, Colorado to Armadillo, New Mexico. While riding to Lake Don Julio to look for work from James Langton, he accidentally crashed horses with John B. Nickerson as he tried to ride off the road and over a hilltop, and Nickerson was killed by the fall. Arizona recovered from the crash, mounted Tom, and resumed his ride to Lake Don Julio, riding through the desert to get there faster.

Arizona standing near Murdock C. Johnson's ambushed wagon

Upon arriving at Langton's hut along Lake Don Julio, Arizona was tasked with dealing with a group of contraband smugglers who were operating under Langton's nose; Langton told them that their convoy was leaving Silent Stead, where the first smuggling convoy had come from. Arizona was ordered to destroy their supplies to prevent them from resuming their contraband business, and he rode across the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona before intercepting the convoy near Show Low, Navajo County. He killed the smugglers Edmund P. Matherly, Kirk A. Anderson, William F. Adcock, Todd R. Shook, and Murdock C. Johnson, and he proceeded to shoot up their supply boxes with his rifle and pistol. With the smugglers' supplies destroyed, Arizona was paid $10.70 for his success.

Arizona decided to spend his hard-earned money on improving his camp, riding to his campsite in Gaptooth Ridge and meeting Cripps. He spent $122.50 on a lean-to tent to replace his bedroll, using a coupon to reduce its price from $175. He also changed his outfit to a Salcedo shirt, work pants, and a yellow woven hat, which gave him the appearance of a Mexican gunslinger. With his camp and wardrobe refurbished, Arizona decided to rest at his new camp for a day.

Arizona and Lindsey Jeffers delivering the first wagon

The next evening, Arizona returned to Tumbleweed for a job, and Sheriff Freeman chided him for the failure of his last job before telling him that he needed to escort a caravan through the wilderness and protect its drivers. Arizona sat next to Lindsey Jeffers as Mitchell Penn drove the second wagon, and they first ran into trouble when Del Lobo outlaws emerged from the hilltops to shoot at them. Arizona gunned down Osmán Maya Quiroz and Nolasco Zamora Paredes before helping the drivers fight their way through a roadblock. Afterwards, Arizona shot the pursuing rider Acacio Cazares Murillo, and the wagons had a peaceful rest of the ride to Fort Mercer, where Arizona was paid $10.78 for the wagons' delivery.

More Southwestern shootouts

Arizona attacking the outlaws at Two Crows

Several weeks later, Arizona once again searched for jobs, riding to James Langton's cabin on Lake Don Julio. There, Langton handed Arizona a letter instructing him to head to Two Crows and assassinate six Del Lobo lieutenants there. Arizona gunned down Cecilio Guerra Medina, Jaime Valles Romo, Gustavo Zúñiga Ruvalcaba, Alucio Martínez Abeyta, Maclovio Negrón Olmos, Jesualdo Quezada Griego, Raymond G. Bolander, David J. Marcum, David Keenum Morrison, Joseph Asher Wheaton, and Robert I. Staten in the ruins of Two Crows, and he then chased down the last Del Lobo, Pepe Socorro, wounded his bodyguard by shooting his horse, and then pursued Socorro further and shot him in the back. Socorro's body fell into the bushes, where Arizona took $2.00 from his body; he was then paid $22.35 for his success.

Cripps telling Arizona about his trading company idea

Arizona then decided to ride to Hennigan's Stead for more work, and, along the way, he passed through Armadillo, where he came across J.B. Cripps and his assistant Willis emerging from a building with cargo. Cripps greeted Arizona and told him of his intent to start the "Cripps Trading Company", as he had worked as a tanner in Wisconsin during the 1860s, and he invited Arizona to bring him skins, plumes, and horns for him to clean and sell. He acknowledged that setting up a butcher station at Arizona's camp would cost him, but he invited him to talk to him once he had the money to start up the operation.

Bonnie MacFarlane telling Arizona about the stolen wagon

Arizona then mounted up and continued his ride to Hennigan's Stead, reaching MacFarlane's Ranch in Girvin and approaching Bonnie MacFarlane for a job. Bonnie told Arizona that the undertaker of Armadillo had reported his wagon stolen, causing the locals to worry; she also said that the wagon was last seen near Pike's Basin, and she told Arizona that he would help a lot of people by recovering it.

Arizona fleeing Pike's Basin with the wagon

Arizona rode to Pike's Basin, finding it shrouded in fog, and killing one of the outlaws as he patrolled the area. In the ensuing shootout, Arizona ambushed the bandit camp and gunned down Emigdio León Juárez, Tirso Díaz Arroyo, Otón Duran Solano, Justo Zepeda Alarcón, Ademar González Covarrubias, Donald Sumner Hutchins, and James Williams Hardwick. Arizona then ran to the wagon and drove it out of the basin, managing his way through the sharp curves and rocky roads, and also killing two pursuing Del Lobos who had chased him on horseback. Arizona was then able to drop off the wagon at Coot's Chapel and receive $24.05 for his efforts.

Arizona riding into Armadillo

With another job done, Arizona decided to ride to nearby Armadillo for a drink. He rode Tom through the dark, decrepit, and depopulated town, passing by a few drunkards as he cantered down the main streat. He then dismounted in front of the saloon and stopped there for a beer, after which he decided to head to the stagecoach station and book passage to Valentine, desiring to visit the Midwest again.

Exploring South Dakota and Arkansas

Arizona escaping Fort Wallace with the wagon

Arizona then arrived in Valentine, where he decided to meet with "the Boy" for an outlaw job. "The Boy" told him that the law had confiscated a goods train, which had been taken to Fort Wallace and kept under US Army protection. The Boy then told Arizona to "confiscate" the wagon back, and Arizona promptly mounted his horse and rode through the Black Hills and into South Dakota, where he came across Fort Wallace. There, he single-handedly stormed the fort and gunned down the soldiers James C. Hardwick, Robert Greene Hill, Henry Gladwell Long, Howard L. Wagner, and Paul Y. Cardwell, and, while he was wounded by the lawman Thomas Myra Brown, he recovered and drove the wagon to Jay Rumley's Concordia, Kansas homestead for his $29.64 reward.

Arizona riding through Roanoke Valley

Arizona then rode to Emerald Ranch, where he met the fence Seamus Whittle and purchased food from him. Afterwards, he checked his satchel and found that he had a treasure map for Brandywine Drop in Arkansas, so he decided to ride deep into Arkansas for the first time and find the treasure. Arizona rode up the Roanoke Valley along steep, forested cliffs, outrunning coyotes and bears before reaching the waterfall. Despite spending a long amount of time searching inside the waterfall and along the cliffs for the treasure on the map, he was unable to find it, and, as night fell, he decided to abandon his search and instead ride to Annesburg (for the first time) and purchase ammunition for his weapons, having depleted his rifle and repeater rounds.

Arizona fighting off the Murfree Brood ambush

Arizona rode into Annesburg, finding it to be a soot-covered mining town whose main street - leading up to the mine itself - was lined with rows of shacks which housed the miners and their families. Arizona visited Jorg Schultz's gunsmith store and purchased rounds for his Winchester repeater and his Mauser bolt-action rifle, after which he decided to visit the local train station, where Alden awaited him with a job. Alden told him that a supply wagon needed escorting to O'Creagh's Run, and he warned Arizona to look out for bandits. Arizona drove the wagon around some tight curves along the hills flanking Annesburg, and he also fought his way through a Murfree Brood ambush before successfully delivering the wagon to O'Creagh's Run for $23.09.

Arizona meeting Hamish Sinclair

While at O'Creagh's Run, Arizona stumbled upon a cabin, and he entered it and investigated it. There, he found the Civil War veteran Hamish Sinclair, who initially thought that Arizona was there to rob him, and showed him his prosethetic leg to demonstrate that he had nothing of value. However, he then deduced that Arizona was in search of a job, and he told Arizona of how, because of his disability, he paid locals to help him with deliveries. He then hired Arizona to recover a wagon which had been met with an ambuscade and had been taken to Six Point Cabin, although he told him not to kill anyone, as unnecessarily killing someone would haunt Arizona into his elder years.

Arizona recovering the wagon from Six Point Cabin

Arizona proceeded to ride to Six Point Cabin, and, along the way, he came across a campsite where the outlaws Robert L. Kimble, John Henry Travis, and Bobby Cooke Toohey were sitting around a campfire and by the tied-up Josie Plumford. Arizona shot all three men dead with his rifle in quick succession, and he then cut Plumford loose. He then proceeded to ride to Six Point Cabin at the edge of the state, where he stealthily snuck up to the stolen wagon, climbed aboard, and escaped through the trees, dodging bullets and returning to O'Creagh's Run. There, Arizona was paid $34.17 for the wagon's successful delivery.

Arizona meeting Joe Bedford

Arizona then rode south to a cabin near Lockesburg, Arkansas, where he heard that the outlaw Joe Bedford offered him a source of employment. Bedford was paranoid on greeting Arizona, aiming a shotgun at him and claiming that he didn't kill "him"; he explained that he was being slandered by a group of men based from Fort Brennand, and that he would be set free if Arizona took them out. Arizona promptly rode to Fort Brennand, where he gunned down Paul D. Singleton, William Harper Bracy, Sullivan D. White, Thomas S. Grenz, Jeffrey A. Gillen, and Donald A. Shelton before chasing down Patrick Howell Ferguson into the woods of North Louisiana and shooting him in the back, causing him his horse to drag his body. Arizona was then paid $19.64 for the successful assassinations.

Arizona clearing the way for Luanne Rives' escape

Arizona then decided to visit Anthony Foreman in New Orleans, where he found that Foreman had set up a hideout behind a bar. Foreman hired Arizona to rescue his former lover (describing her as a woman who was formerly in his "company") Luanne Rives from the Louisiana Raiders, who - according to Foreman - were terribly abusing her by the freight yards; he also asked for Arizona to ensure that she was looked after. Arizona was forced to run to the freight yards, as Tom was unable to find him, and he proceeded to engage in a shootout with the Raiders. Arizona gunned down Jeffrey K. Wilbert, Jones McCloud, Robert B. Hose, Lane Reasoner, and Michael A. Harrell, and he then retrieved Rives from the freight yards.

Arizona riding off with Luanne Rives

Arizona proceeded to escort Rives out of the freight yards and onto the street, mounting her on Tom. However, Tom was injured when he ran into a parked freight car (injuring Arizona and Luanne, who were flung onto the car), forcing Arizona to engage in a running shootout with ambushing Raiders, as well as outlaws pursuing him and the unarmed Rives on horseback. Arizona gunned down Joseph J. Buckley, Warren A. Bailey, Theodore E. McKee, and Henry M. McCaffrey at the bridge, and a scrawny nag answered Arizona's call. Arizona and Luanne proceeded to mount the horse, but the Raiders continued to chase them, and the unarmed Luanne was shot in the back and killed before she could escape with Arizona, leading to Arizona's mission ending in failure.


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