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Antonio Caballero y Fernandez de Rodas (1816-1876) was Captain-General of Spanish Cuba from July 1869 to November 1870, succeeding Felipe Ginoves del Espinar and preceding Blas Villate.


Antonio Caballero y Fernandez de Rodas was born in Spain in 1816, and he served in the Spanish Army during the First Carlist War and in the 1859-1860 campaign in Morocco. He was exiled to the Canary Islands after getting involved in a duel with Nicolas Maria Rivero, but he returned to Spain in 1868 to support the revolution against Queen Isabella II of Spain. In 1869, he became Captain-General of Spanish Cuba, serving from 1869 to 1870. He had a mandate to pacify Cuba during the Ten Years' War and to root out corruption within the colonial administration, but he resigned after a year and returned to Spain. He participated in a failed 1873 coup attempt, and he died in 1876.