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Angel Fernandez (died 1980) was a Cuban-American criminal and associate of Tony Montana. He was killed during a failed drug deal with Colombian drug trafficker Hector the Toad.


Angel Fernandez was born in Cuba, and he became an associate of Tony Montana, an assassin. In 1980, the two of them arrived in Miami, Florida during the Mariel boatlift, and Fernandez, Manny Ribera, and Chi-Chi became members of Montana's small outfit. They were hired by Omar Suarez to take part in a drug deal with Colombian drug trafficker Hector the Toad, and Fernandez stood guard outside of the hotel as Montana did business with Hector. However, Hector had his gunman Stefano Godínez García force Fernandez into the hotel room at gunpoint, and Montana and Fernandez were chained to the shower as Hector revved up a chainsaw. When Montana refused to give Hector the drug money, Hector dismembered Fernandez with a chainsaw in front of Montana.


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