Andrei ''Andrey'' Stepanovich Bobkov (1 June 1969 - April 2008) was a Faustin crime family enforcer.


Andrei Stepanovich Bobkov was born in the Russian SFSR, Soviet Union in June 1, 1969 to Russian Orthodox familiy and he served in the Soviet Army during the 1980s. He befriended the sergeant in the unit in which Mikhail Faustin and Dimitri Rascalov served in while they were stationed in Vladivostok, and Rascalov recruited him as a hitman for the Faustin crime family; he accompanied the mobsters to New York City during the mid-1990s. At some point, Andrei converted to Roman Catholicism at Mikhail Faustin's request as Faustin wanted to subtly change Dimitri Rascalov's dislike of America. Bobkov later kidnapped Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic in 2008 after Niko Bellic murdered Faustin member Vlad Glebov, and he brought the two cousins to Faustin's home in Sea Gate, Brooklyn for interrogation. Faustin was angry that Bobkov rashly brought them to his basement, and he was also angry that he was making their prisoners scream, frightening Faustin's wife. Faustin shot Bobkov in the head after Bobkov gave him a strange look, as he agreed with Niko Bellic that it was okay to kill people if they were "assholes".

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