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Alexius II of Byzantium (10 September 1169-24 September 1183) was Emperor of the Byzantine Empire from 24 September 1180 to 24 September 1183, succeeding Manuel I and preceding Andronicus I.


Alexius Comnenus was born in Constantinople in 1169, the son of Emperor Manuel I of Byzantium. He was crowned co-emperor at the age of two, and he succeeded his father as Emperor at the age of 11. He was dominated by regents who depleted the treasury through granting privileges to the Italian merchant community and the Byzantine nobility. King Bela III of Hungary and Kilij Arslan II of the Sultanate of Rum began raiding the borders, forcing the regents to seek help from the Ayyubid ruler Saladin. An attempted rebellion in favor of Alexius' right to rule was crushed, and, in 1182, Andronicus Comnenus overthrew the capital and oversaw the Massacre of the Latins. Andronicus then restored Alexius to the throne, only to have him execute his own mother before executing Alexius II in September 1183, having him strangled with a bowstring.

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