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Abd al-Rahman Sanchuelo (983-3 March 1009) was the chief minister of Caliph Hisham II of Cordoba.


Abd al-Rahman Sanchuelo was the son of the famous Moorish general Almanzor and his Christian wife Urraca (whose Muslim name was "Abda"), the daughter of Sancho II of Pamplona. "Sanchuelo" was nicknamed as such because he had the appearance of his maternal grandfather. When his brother Abd al-Malik al-Muzaffar died of illness on campaign against Castile in 1008 (some say that Sanchuelo poisoned him), Sanchuelo decided to use his family's influence to force Caliph Hisham II of Cordoba to make him his heir. However, the people of Cordoba rioted, as they were angry at Almanzor's family for importing Berber mercenaries to Spain and for usurping power. In February 1009 the people of Cordoba rose against Sanchuelo while he was on campaign against Alfonso V of Leon, and Muhammad II of Cordoba had Hisham deposed and Sanchuelo imprisoned and executed.